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  • Hi Bloom! Looks as if we are the only ones peeking in here. Or maybe just the visible ones.

    Happy Holidays to everyone, Happy New Year 2012 for us all...

    Love and Light to everyone at our enchanted Pond..


  • Hi Sunshine,

    Yes, it looks like we are the only visible ones here, but perhaps others are just resting by the pond. Hope you have been able to enjoy some fun times with your children and family. At least, no snow yet! We have had a LOT of rain though.

    My married daughter and my son-in-law have been staying with us for a week, and we have been having a lot of fun together. Today we are planning to do a big hike across 7 peaks here in Western MA called the 'Seven's pretty windy today though... I hope we don't get blown off the mountains!!

    My husband and I just celebrated our 43rd year together, it's been a good run, through thick and thin!

    Hope all ponders have a great holiday and have a happy 2012!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Cactuss

    Happy Anniversary To You & Hubby!!

    Hope you all had a great time on your hike! (And, everyone bundled up --- fierce wind lately!)

  • just stopping by the pond it has been a rough year!!! that is wonderful news cactuss 43 years is awesome congradulations and many more anniversaries to come

  • Swoop ... and sprinkles ... of moonbeams ... not snow, unfortunately!!!!!

    Merry Happy Christmas Holidays to All! And, as tonight is New Year's Eve where I am, a blessed and abundant wish for the most magical new beginnings for you all. 2012 is the light at the end of the tunnel - hold onto the good!

    Everytime I swoop, I need to apologize for all I've missed ... my world is not so kind to me right now (my health just hit a new low) but my heart is big enough to hold all of you in it and to keep you close so that only love fills your worlds. May the blessings and promise of newness be upon each of you.

    Sister Sun speaks so well when she sends her love across the keys. The words "I love you" are not trite, or flippant or casually expressed. These are words that each soul here understands as truth. I, of course, follow her lead and send my I love you's across the pond too. May each heart feel truth and peace.

    I am sad to still not read any words from My Journey, ForestWalker, SpiritSeeker, 3XT, Last Crusader, Queenie of High Heels and Jello, Namasteleo or Africanqn. To each sparkly Enchanted Sister and Brother ... the road to a friend's home is never long. Please remember that! Hoping you are surrounded by love! Let happiness be yours.

    Dear Shadowmist (nice name) ... you are sooooooo right ... it has been a long, hard, trying year but tonight (tomorrow for ya'll LOL) it ENDS! If you have been with the pond for awhile, you will have seen my end of 2010 address as it spoke and wove it's way through potential and new beginnings. But, this year, it's different. My focus is not forward at all; it is on endings.

    Lady Laie is a very smart angel. But you all knew that right? LOL The ONLY THING WE EVER HAVE CONTROL OVER IS THE PRESENT MOMENT. Now, really and truly, is it. Each singular moment becomes another one and another ... that's what 'now' is ... this very moment ... and only this very moment. If our later on's and our futures are determined by what we are doing right now, then boy! We'd better start paying attention, yes? If your single now moment is shaping your next moment? Then what kind of moments shall we fill ourselves with?

    Now, what has this to do with endings, right? 🙂 Good question my pretties! We all know (but not necessarily understand) that nothing new can begin until something has ended first. We all know that what closes, new openings are made from. We also know that 'now moments' are the most important. I am sensing that before we can have the kind of now moments we have been seeking, we must be prepared to let go of everything else. Hanging onto hurts, past loves, regrets, sadness, emotion, loss, anger ... fear ... all of it; binds us so tightly to it ... whatever that 'it' was for you. To embrace the new, the old must make way. To establish a now, one cannot live in either world ... no past, no future. Now means now ... not next week, next month or next millenium. Now is simply, now. Endings. Good-byes to what has been. It is too difficult to be positive all of the time. Life is not perfect and it truly isn't what we all thought it should be either, not this year anyhoo ... but what has been has lived its time, served its purpose and is not needed anymore. Your next now moment doesn't need it. Kiss it good-bye ... not hasta la vista ... but just see ya later!

    Gather the wisdom from each ending. Hold onto that. Then bless everything else away.

    If we wish for this year to end ... and we have all done that one ... then, let it leave you. I am not going to relive a moment of 2011 because it won't be 2011 anymore. That was then. Anything I did not well, not clearly, not lovingly, will vanish with the clock. It will not be a part of my new now moment. Instead, I shall deal with what is before me when it is before me. I know I am going to have medical things to face; huge challenges in fact, because I know what my results were. I know some of what to expect because it has been explained to me. I also know I don't want to do any of it. But I also know that isn't an option. However, it hasn't happened yet. It isn't a part of my now. Now is. Now is just me, the computer and my Enchanted Soul family. Nothing else. This moment is about gifting myself with your presence as I sit here and gather you all close to me. It's a now filled with real love for all of you and enormous respect for this mammoth journey you have agreed to walk whilst here. It is a now moment overflowing with honour for beings who truly know what it is to be brave. It is a moment of embrace.

    So, gather your 2011 butterflies and lovingly open your hands, raise them towards the Moon and gently honour them as they fly away from you. Let all of the emotion from this year leave you at that moment.

    Now ... smile.

    This is your new now moment.

    The happiest of Endings to each one of you.

    With all my heart I hold you in my soul. May you gather understanding from all that is presented to you so that its purpose, and yours, are made crystally pure for you.

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • PS: Happy 43rd Wedding Anniversary Bloom & Mr. Bloom! That is such a gorgeous thing! May that happiness be with you both always!

    Icey x

  • PPS:

    Sister Sun ... can hear those ivories and I'm smiling. May each note surround you and rest your soul!!!! Happiness to your Little L's. Wishes for healing to your Mum and Sister and my biggest wishes are sent to you for all your dreams to come true!

    Lady Laie & your Prince ... blessings, love and a four leaf clover! I hope the wedding ceremony surrounds your soul in peace also. It is so very 'you'. LOVE, LOVE and LOVE your photos (your England trip)!!!!! You are a shining star and a very special being and I am grateful beyond words for YOU! Many happy moments to you & yours.

    Dear ForestWalker ... I really do miss you but I know that you have your reasons for staying in the pond's shadows. Not a soul here doesn't miss you and your joy for nature and all life. We miss your wisdom and thank you for every moment you gave us ... YOU are special!!!! Happily walking amongst the trees with you!

    Arwyn Grace ... my beautiful faerie ... long may you skip and play in life's calm spaces. I am wishing only wonder-full and wonder-filled moments to light your way. Have missed your sparkly, serene presence here but always see the light you have left behind. Thanking the Goddess for a Sister like YOU! Love to the Little Arwyn Graces too!!!!

    Bloom ... if ever there was someone to admire, it would be YOU! You have gathered your pearls of wisdom this year and allowed each of us to be a part of them. What an honour! I am hoping that you, Mr. Bloom and all your little Blooms realize that home is where love is and love is home. May it bless each of you greatly!

    SpiritSeeker ... up where the eagles fly ... and I am reminded of you daily now as I have moved to a place where there are many of them. I never see 'bird of prey' but elegance and courage. I am wishing you deep peace.

    My Journey ... Shee ... my beautiful visionary! I am missing you in my life but also understand the call within. Any time, any where ... you know how to find me. Remember that! Please! I have truly come to understand the beauty and power and healing that an image chosen with a soul's love can leave lingering. Know that although you aren't posting here, all of your soul has ... all of the time. Wishing you and your cute ski bunny a truly beautiful season. Here's to LOVE!

    Last Crusader ... Mr. CatFish ... my poet. Weave only words of light. Weave only words that fly. Weave only memories that inspire and weave only that which you are! I cannot thank you enough for your courage, your presence and your beautiful soul. May you let go with just as much courage. Always holding your hand across the pond. Happy wishes and love to your Little Crusaders also.

    To All who have found my Enchanted Pond ... whatever led you here did so you could find an answer, feel a feeling, embrace an idea, gain courage for a quest and leave footprints of love behind. Thank you. Thank you for embracing us all in your beauty. I am sending wishes to each of you for a life that is yours to do with as you will. In each new now moment, seize it, live it, LOVE it!

    Bound by the magic of love,

    Icey Moonbeam x

    The Home of Faery-tales and happily ever afters ...

  • Isn't that a mighty snowy enchanted pond with big windows and pointy rooves????? LOVE IT!!!!!

    Merry Magic!

  • Beautiful !!!!! Beautiful Words of hope & love and images!


    The crew is coming today for New Year's celebration & our third Christmas celebration. I'm flying around getting things done, but wanted to wish all the merriest of times! And follow Moonbeams note with this:

    "The world will turn 'til Time doth stop,

    And stop shall Time, when offended.

    Madness will leak through the cracks of the mind,

    But for sanity to transform when it's ended.

    A rabbit, the arrow, as the compass turns,

    Will point where the imagination lies,

    And trapped, ye'll be, until the caterpillar,

    Finally grows wings and flies."

    Be trapped no more by the toxicity of painful PAST Moments. Let wisdom, humor and beauty carry forth into 2012 and transcend all the tough stuff we've been working though. Flutter gently forward, SiStars, stronger in Self, ...the next few months will reveal how well we've done in dealing with 'Now'.

    Raise my coffee cup : > ) and wish you a soft breeze, health, love, joy and prosperity of Spirit!

  • Hello all,

    I pop in for a shoutout and find lovely words of wisdom from Icey Moonbeam,and Laie! What a way to make my day! I am happy to see you both here and I am holding prayers in my heart for both of you, and for all the other Ponders.

    Icey, I have had an inkling that you have some serious issues though I have refrained from asking, but know that you are in my thoughts and prayers, and will send you White Light energy and ask Archangel Raphael to bestow his healing light upon you as well. Like we tell everyone else, The POND is a place of love and healing for all, that includes you as well, lovely. :~) Happy New Year 2012 to you. It will be a great year and many Blessings for you that you didn't expect. 😉

    Laie, it sounds as if you have a lot going on in your slice of the world. I pray for you to have a Happy New Year and a wonderful new 2012. Three Christmas celebrations!!! Wow, the excitement is still going on! that is a lot of work and a lot of fun as well. Happy days to you and the family. I send you lots of happy thoughts, health, wealth and love for this new 2012 year. I will be sending lots of White light and energy to you as well to hold up under all the things you have going on...Blessings to you.

    Bloom, WOW! 43 years is a long time, and still going strong! That is fantastic. I send you and your husband many Blessings and Light to start this New Year. This New Year I greet with much anticipation for what it holds. I am really astonished how so many people are greeting it with trepidation because of the intense speculations about what it means for us all. No fear needed, just anticipation for the future and what it holds...Sending you and your family my love....

    For all our other Ponders who are absent, I am wishing all of you a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2012. This is a new year that will have many surprises for us all, and is a time to celebrate where we are and where we came from. The growth and the knowledge I have gleaned from being here at the Pond and from all of you is absolutely priceless. I have gotten to know so many of you and have cultivated a great love for you all. I have learned a lot about unconditional love from each and every one of you. Each of you has contributed to making my light shine a lot brighter and my Blessings more precious. Let us continue to collectively let our lights shine from this magical place we have here, to draw the other souls who are seeking what we all have sought, peace, acceptance and love from other like-minded souls who are ready to lead them to the well of knowledge, love and light from which we all drink. I have chosen 3 lovely musical pieces that in my heart and mind represent the coming New Year so aptly:

    1. Camille St. Saens, "Piano Concerto #2 in G minor"

    2. Frederic Chopin, "Etude op. 25 # 11" (Winter Wind)

    3. Sergei Rachmaninoff, "Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Variation 18 "

    I'm sure there could be more, but i have been feeling these three quite intensely, and my goal for this new year of changes is to finally slay the dragons that hinder me and my piano playing. Still speculating upon whether this is related to a past life issue or not, but I intend to find out.

    Many Blessings to you and I love you all.

    Love and Light,


  • Happy New Year!

    How lovely to see Icey, Laie and Sunny here, gracing the pond. Shadowmist too! Thanks for your good wishes and the many blessings you all bestow upon this magik-al place designed by our most beloved Icearia.

    so many wonderful words here...I will have to re-read them all again.

    Icey,! I feel like you ARE far away, but so thrilled that you were able to swoop over the pond so many times, lol!! I like how you and Laie have kept us focused on the present moment, peaceful moment, wonderful moment. That is the true blessing and breath of each moment...may this moment be wonderul and may you link many wonderful moments together in a chain of non-attachment and abundant life. (mixing my metaphors here...) Sending you lots of light and I too will pray for freedom from suffering and moving toward health

    Laie, sounds like you have been having some magical moments of the season. How fun! Hope your daughter is feeling better and that there is much happiness spreading out from your family.

    I too miss Forest Walker/ Gemmy! I think of you walking in your woods and enjoying one-ness with your animal friends. I hope that Christmas was a deep pleasure for you.

    LC, Triple T tanya, Arwyn-Grace, Spirit Seeker, My Journey, Queenie of the high heels and hot pool boys....we are less without you but still send out our cozy and enchanted pond vibes to you and keep a welcome warm in our hearts for you!

    Oh Icey, what a place you have built here. We all send our love and appreciation for what you have created and hope that it will continue to nourish you in this moment as we all flutter gently forward!

    Many hugs from Bloom


    Sunshine, love that you have included some piano pieces in your good wishes. I am glad that you have found time to play and that it so richly blesses all of us.

  • WOW! Double Wow! It does my heart good to feel love so freely given coming from all of you! I ended up in severe pain yesterday, the remnants still lingering .... Reading your words this morning has lifted my spirit into a dance of delight and happiness -- Thank you, each and everyone!

    This site has a free 11 card spread available --- please take advantage of a reading for this new year. Seriously. Mine matched the closely the good vibes and support I found here in your words. 2012 will be another year of wonder and I'm glad you are all here to share in it ---Many blessings!

    New Year's Eve, daughter, husband, grandson and eldest Son came and we played games, chatted,, ate & toasted in 2012. The next morning I cleaned up, cooked a large breakfast, and got the meal set for our third Christmas celebration. Everyone was a bit subdued, but happy and it will take more than a week to get through the whirlwind mess. : > ) Mom slept over last night and I hope her and the Prince sleep in this morning.

    well, time for another cup of coffee and to put my blinders back on to ignore the mess for another few hours : )



  • Hi everyone!

    Looking in on everyone to see what's shaking for you All. Hope the New Tear is off to a great start. Lauren's birthday is tomorrow, the 5th. She's going to be 11. Hard to believe she is so old. A tween!!

    Anyway, I went to the bakery to get her a cake for her Church class to celebrate her birthday tonight.

    While we were inside, a nice man came in to purchase a cupcake for his son, and of course Lauren excitedly is telling him its her birthday. His son's birthday is tomorrow too. She was in her element. Anyway, just as I was about to pay for the cake, this man stepped up and said he would like to pay for Lauren's cake. I was so astonished and really touched by this gesture of kindness to a little girl. Something like that really places my faith back in the human race, everyone is not selfcentered and thoughtless. I thanked God for this special gift. What a wonderful thing to have happen. I will return the wonderful gesture by doing it for someone else.

    Love and Blessings to everyone.

  • Wow, Sunshine, what a very nice story! Isn't that a wonderful gesture. that warmed my heart. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lauren! how fun for her 🙂

    Lady Laie...hope that you are feeling better. That is not a good effect from the holidays 😞

    Icey, thinking of you and hoping that your health is also better in this moment.

    Shadowmist, hope you are doing well!

    My married daughter and son-in-law made it home safely to the West Coast early this morning, so I am relieved! I am enjoying learning about the new bike my son built for me. I haven't tried to ride it yet, but he came over and adjusted the pedals for me the other night. Their is a POEM by Wordsworth on the frame...who knew?!! It is a poem about a mother's love for her son (who is an idiot, LOL! the old sense of the word though). I got a little misty reading it the next day. So I can't wait until the weather improves and I can get out on it. We committed to riding a century ride together this year...that's 100 miles in one day. It's a big plan 🙂 I'll be 65 then, ho ho ho!

    Sending lots of love and light to you all who post and all who gather around the pond!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Morning Sunny Queen!

    Happy Birthday Lauren! awww, that was so sweet! You painted a great image of an 11 year old and birthday enthusiasm. It is often hard to receive something like this. Your gracious acceptance was like a gift to him too, allowing him to fulfill the "better to give than receive" thingy. : ) Thanks for writing that …. two lessons: be enthusiastic as a child about birthdays (even if five- o is looming) and be thankful for Every gift. I needed a reminder.

    I started packing away decorations yesterday and trying to organize everything. What a mess! : ) But, I did get quite a bit done, even packed some in my car to drop off at the other place. Yup, finally got it together ( as far as This is concerned!) and instead of tearing apart very bin next year, it'll be there and ready to go. sweet! I wait for 'little Christmas' to do the rest. There should be warmer weather on Saturday so hopefully the tree will be done and hauled off and the exterior lights packed away.

    Wishing everyone a great day/ evening!



  • Morning Bloom! I've been in a morning daze --- just realized it took me 45mins. to write and post that little note to Sunny. Another cool goal you've set and some inspiring words to ride by--Yeah! Forgive me if I missed it, but how was the hike? Gotta go -- have a great day! ~ L4

  • Bloom! Glad to see you are up and at 'em. A new bike? Yay!!! that will be so exciting to ride. what a wonderful son. I am assured that you will achieve that 100 mile ride. you are truly awesome!!

    Laie! Hope you continue to recover. It is absolutely wonderful to be a part of the New Year. and to have wonderful people around to help make it great. Lauren has had a great couple of days, she had the Church party with her classmates, and then she had brownies and punch with her daycare friends. I was going to do brownies with her class, but I think she has had more than enough celebrations to go around. Expecting to get out and find my house this early 2012. Starting to look tomorrow.

    Blessings for a wonderful and prosperous 2012 to everyone on our grand Pond! I send each and every one of you my Love and White Light. Have a wonderful rest of the week! 🙂



  • Hey Queenies! Missing all the ones who haven't been to the Pond lately .... Where are you? Yoo hoo ... time for a major sister swooping!

    Ive a question ..... Any thoughts on how people get on when they have natal charts that have the same houses (cusps)? In other words, the overall picture is that the outside wheel has all 12 house in the same order when you start from the 1st(asc)? Yup, I'm poking around in stuff again.:)

    Hope everyone got the rest they need this weekend and are able to honor 2011 with this full moon. Bloom & Sunshine --- hope this Cancer moon has you lit from within!

  • Laie, I would like to help but have no idea about your question!

    Yes the full's beautiful! I think it jazzed me up a bit at work and I made a somewhat snide remark to my very unprofessional principal and her cohorts who sit around and gossip right outside a room where I was testing. They do this very often, no matter who is using the room, but I have never said anything before. I may not have said it, but the principal made an unwelcome comment about how s e x y I looked at the holiday party as I was running into the room. I just now she has banned me from using that room. Aggggghhhh...

    .today I am going to concentrate on being positive. I am still thinking about making a comment back to her about how that made me uncomfortable should I ever get the chance...but I think it's better for me to just let it go. I already know she has no boundaries so you never know what her response will be. Obviously, she loves hanging out and joking around....and I work my buns off!

    And damn, I did look good at that party!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hey Bloom! I just wrote and lost everything accidentally --- here goes again, hope the other doesn't show up.

    Good for you for knowing exactly who you are ---- hotly-totsy Queen! You had me L M B O !! The rest of them acted like a donkey's behind and that kind of illegal stupidity needs to be addressed immediately. Unless, you feel it will cause you further heartache and its not worth it ( example--given your time until retirement) do something. I think she struck ( taking the room away) to head you off from further action against her, even if you blurted something --- what she said was wrong. Personally, I can't stand the gossip/backstabbing that goes on behind the scenes at a school or anywhere else for that matter. Standing outside a testing room gossiping is wrong on so many levels!

    I'm all for staying above the fray and maintaining a positive attitude. Keep in mind though---- From what you wrote of her personality, being positive won't change the situation and may open you up to more comments, but taking action against wrong-doing can make you feel more positive, no matter the outcome. Just be sure of your motives.


    ~ Laie

    PS My question is lame and sort of generalized. I'm poking around again and starting from scratch leaving out the details that make each an individual as we go through life.

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