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  • Thank you for the welcome Sunshine~ I have been reading ya'all for quite some time now staying in the shadows... peace prosperity and love to all...

  • Hi Cat Flash, glad that you are here! It's great to have you and your good wishes for the pond!

    Hope you enjoy your extra hour of sleep today if you live in a place where a time adjustment is made. Unfortunately MY cats did not get the memo, so I am up early today, lol!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi my dear sweet Angels of the earth, just poping in to let you know i am safe...I haven't really had a chane to catch up but ICEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY thank you again...You always seem to give me something special that touches deeply into my soul...

    I will always be with you all and thats a promise, even if i'm not here on the threads i carry a place in my heart for all of you...

    This picture is called 2nd begginings...or is it first lol...for me maybe my 1000th beginning.Love and light to all of you..



  • Love that pic Shee! And second beginnings are always GOOD!

    I had my first sound healing session yesterday. It was amazing...lots of insights slowly rolling in this morning. Thanks for keeping us in your heart and thanks for checking in when you can.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Beautiful Q's of All the Gentle Winds! And, To the newer Pond Dwellers, Welcome!

    Things have been… well, for lack of a better explanation --- Go,Go,go, here since mid-September. I've gotten wonderful e-mails and haven't found time to respond to each of you individually, but a big Hello & Thank You for writing! Lately, the little time I have to sit with the computer involves just deleting junk mail so I haven't kept up with everyone.

    Daughter's wedding went off beautifully and after I had the pleasure of spending time with the grandson while they went away for their honeymoon. Youngest son moved in with us so he could accept a fantastic job opportunity. It's been a good experience for him and us, but I want to see him get his own place and grow more. The other two and the grand-children are doing well.

    It was fun to meet Cactuss in Vermont! We had a wonderful day together! She mentioned the long over-due, but ever dreamed of gathering of the Queens … I think I'm going to just start traveling to meet all of you! Due to the session with her "healer man', I easily recognize what/why the Prince does things and that enables a response that clarifies things for both of us. This new learning goes to show that those who gather at the Enchanted Pond are really special, genuine angels! Love U Gals!

    That reminds me, of the Ascended Masters talks … I only was able to catch the first two when things became crazy and I saw this morning I'm still getting emails from Jennifer. There's still the possibility to listen and learn more.

    The early snow storm knocked our power out for only 24 hours, but unlike the hurricane we froze! This morning's news stated there are still many ( too many!) without power. The only minor inconvenience was Friday the power company finally came and cut fallen trees off the power line that blocked our road. We live on a one-way so we drove in the 'wrong' way to get home. (one night a police officer followed the Prince the wrong way to hand out a ticket : > ) until the situation was explained.) I've always loved the seasons with Winter being my favorite …. before I got old and cranky … this year, that is! We have a reprieve this week, temps in the 60's. I'm going to take advantage of it and get the X-mas lights on the shrubbery, ugh! Don't even like typing that!

    Mom and an old friend of hers, old as in they've known each other since junior high, not age, 🙂 stayed with us for a few days. We had a good time browsing the outlet and buying out the State Liquor store --- lmbo! They introduced me to ChocoVine. A way-too-yummy chocolate wine that tasted like that bottled Yahoo milk. They're too much!

    Be well, be joyful, be love.

    Catch up soon!



  • Lady Laie!

    Great to see you back. YES! so fun to get together in Vermont!!

    things are busy busy here too, trying to catch on all the work at work, since our school used 5 snow days during the power outage. yikes!! we will be going to school probably until the end of June!

    Hugs to all!!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Blessings to all of you! I'm still around, just had 2 sick kids this week, and of course they shared with me....Finally able to get up and be vertical for a while. Planning to get back to work tomorrow, well, have to wait and see....

    Laie, haven't seen you in ages, hope all is going wonderful for you.

    Love and Light to all.


  • Hello All,

    I have only checked Tarot a few times recently, due to heavy workload, and I am wondering if anyone has news or heard from Elaine, "Notshy". I have emailed her a few times but no response. I know she was having a rough time and I would appreciate any update anyone can give. I have always wished her well as with all on here. Thanks.


  • Hello Red Petals...nice to have you stop by.

    I don't recall having heard here from Notshy but would she have used another name here?

    Hope that she is doing okay.

    Hi Sunshine,

    Glad you have approached vertical. There seem to be a lot of germs going around already at my school too! I wash my hands a lot so hope that will help. Hope you and the little L's feel better soon!

    Hugs - Happy Veterans Day to those who celebrate the tireless and selfless efforts of the men and women who help to protect our liberty.

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Cactuss!

    Sorry to read of the added school days and we haven't even hit true winter. The storm seemed to have created more of a mess in your neck of the woods. Hope you were able to clean things up. I've heard of sound healing -- glad it vibrated with your energy! : ) Hope hubby is doing okay & has stabilized.


    ~ Laie

  • Hi Sunshine!

    Sorry to read you and the sweeties have been ill. I've had a touch of something too and haven't been feeling well.No one in my immediate circle has gotten anything, but I've heard of others catching this from the kids.' Tis the season.

    I'm glad you got a place and hope everyone has settled in nicely. As long as the three of you are together wherever you are you are home, thats all that matters. How is your Mom and oldest doing?

    xoxo ~ Laie

  • Hi RedPetals!

    I thought of Elaine later on Monday after I posted here so now your post has me concerned. I will ask around also. If you hear anything, please re-post, k? I'll do the same.



  • Triple 3 T,

    I thought of U on Monday also. I hope all is well and your situation has improved all around. If you read this let us know you and the children are okay.


    ~ laie

  • Hi Icey!

    We had a beautiful clear night and the moon rose early in all her glory. Found this poem for you not sure of the author.

    Hail to you, moon of the seasons.  You are the most beautiful moon of moons.  You are the guide of the stars, the companion of the clouds, the dear one of the heavens, the jewel of gentleness.  You are the joyful maiden of my love. I lift up my eye to you. I bend my knee to you.  I bow my head to you. I lift up my hands to you. I raise my voice to you. You are the jewel of the night. You are the beauty of the heavens. You are the mother of the stars. You are the child of the sun. You are the majesty of the night sky. You are the moon of moons and of blessings.

    May the blessings of this new moon flow through you and reflect all her glory.


    ~ Laie

  • Redpetals,

    I sent out some feelers .... No one has heard from Notshy in quite some time.

    She is in my thoughts and prayers.


  • Hello Laie!

    Great poem about the moon! I did hang out with her for a while last night with a four pointed star and wow...felt a lot of energy pouring into me. Today we have off from school, so will take a long walk with the dog and maybe set up a time to paint.

    One of my best friends from high school days is coming to visit for a few hours on Sunday. We haven't seen each other for about 29 years...I am pretty excited to see her and catch up with all the news!

    Hugs to all xoxo Blooom

    I found this quote online and thought it was a good one for today in USA (Veterans Day) "As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them." ~John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  • Hello Cactuss and Laie,

    Thanks for the response about Elaine. I wish someone would hear something. I have emailed her a few times but nothing. She did give me her phone number quite some time back on the Faith and Love Forum, I will have to go back and see if I can find it. Anyway, thanks for checking around, if I have any updates I will post 🙂

    Happy Veterans Day! I Thank each and every one of you.

    Many Blessings to All! OH, I think Elaine is a Veteran!


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Last Crusader!!! Glad you popped in! I know everyone will be happy to know you have been here. I pray that all is getting better for you in this 11/11/11 time of new beginnings. Great blessings to you my friend. Things will turn out great for you, be patient, my young friend.

    Laie, the kids are recovered, I still have a really stiff neck and headache, but am doing okay. I have been having a lot of trouble with my quickbooks course, I am trying hard not to fail this class. It's insanity!! I am glad that your daughter's wedding came off great. Some snowstorm we had, eh? We didn't get much, but I have had to get on folks in this apt complex, the heat has gone out again. Can't have this going on with kids getting sick and all. I'm glad to see you back, I've missed you. Dang, we should meet up one day, it wold be great to meet you.

    Icey!!!! I hope you are having a great time and not being ill. Love it when you swoop in on your lear-broom to see us. I just said to Laie that we should meet up one day. I actually thought us Ponders were gong to do that. Maybe we can sometime......

    Still looking for a house, plan to find one by spring, and even earlier if it is possible.

    Hope you all had a great 11/11/11. Mine was a regular work day, but I took time to think of all the vets who have placed their lives on the line and given up their lives for us. There's a special blessing for all of them. Many are in my own family, and many relatives.

    To all of my Ponder family, I hope you all had a great day yeaterday and today is even grander. I had my own speculations about what would happen or not on 11/11/11. LOL, 11/11/11 has been a strange day. You will never believe this!! Yesterday, suddenly out of the woodwork comes the person that sent me to the first soulmates' thread in the first place. Peter. ?? Those crazy, white-hot, intense feelings still exist between us, their intensity hasn't diminished for either one of us, even with time and distance between us, and though I put mine aside. Ultimately, that is what drew him back here. According to him, his life has been meaningless without me in it, but I remember the all the foolishness that went on before, and I intend to keep him at a very long arm's length. HIs ill and dying wife is apparently very much alive, and not all that well, but that just reminds me that he needs his attention to be elsewhere and not on me. Being here has helped my put all that in perspective. There's obviously some kind of connection or bond with us two, I can't/won't deny that, and it is intense and powerful, but his wife and kids need to be his priority at this time in his life, in my opinion.

    LOL, enough of that!! Taking my kids out in the sunshine today while it isn't too cold. Blessings to you all, my wonderful loving family. Everyone have a wonderful day/night. Looking forward to talking to you all again soon. Have a Blessed Day!!

    Love and Light to you!


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