The Enchanted Pond

  • O God Bloom!

    I know that the collective force of light from the Enchanted Pond will be surrounding you and your hub (& family) for as long as you need it. May it heal, protect, love and assist you all; empowering your own spirits and souls.



    Hold onto each other, hold onto us and hold onto your own strength and light dear friend.

    Circling you and holding you near.

    Remember to ask all Angels to be by yours and his side! They will fly.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey xxx

  • Awww...THANK YOU My Journey and Icey!! I appreciate the support and care 🙂

    I will ask the angels to be by our side. He is doing well and has no more symptoms nor any long lasting effects. It was stroke-like but not a stroke. Hopefully he will be coming home today.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Thanks for the up-date Bloom - we shall be sure to continue holding him (& YOU) in our light.

    Remind him that he isn't allowed to scare you like that! LOL Or .... us! Bigger LOL!

    Sending you both all the love in the world,

    Icey x x x

  • The Hub update...he is home and has no long lasting effects from the physical event. Technically it was a stroke, but he is doing well considering all he has been through at the hospital. We have a bunch of appointments scheduled and but he has been 'grounded' driving for a while. We shall see what comes next but right now we are appreciating every day.

    My Pisces has been a good friend and supporter for me, so YEAY!

    thanks for all your love, prayers and support. I truly appreciate it, you all make a difference in my life! THANK YOU!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom i'm so happy for you, T and the rest of your family

    I'm glad you have a dear Pisces friend who has been a support for you:)

    How are the children doing with all of this?

    Life is so preciouse and i know you know me if you want to chat ok...not sure if i can get back to you right away, i am still without a computer but please know you are always with me ok...i'll check back here for and light to all my dear sweet enchanted Angels.




    ps, no pics:(

  • Never say never:)

  • How many times do I have to try to tell you

    That I'm sorry for the things I've done

    But when I start to try to tell you

    That's when you have to tell me

    Hey, this kind of trouble's only just begun

    I tell myself too many times

    Why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouth shut

    That's why it hurts so bad to hear the words

    That keep on falling from your mouth

    Falling from your mouth

    Falling from your mouth

    Tell me...



    I may be mad

    I may be blind

    I may be viciously unkind

    But I can still read what you're thinking

    And I've heard it said too many times

    That you'd be better off


    Why can't you see this boat is sinking

    Let's go down to the water's edge

    And we can cast away those doubts

    Some things are better left unsaid

    But they still turn me inside out

    Turning inside out turning inside out

    Tell me...


    Tell me...


    This is the book I never read

    These are the words I never said

    This is the path I'll never tread

    These are the dreams I'll dream instead

    This is the joy that's seldom spread

    These are the tears...

    The tears we shed

    This is the fear

    This is the dread

    These are the contents of my head

    And these are the years that we have spent

    And this is what they represent

    And this is how I feel

    Do you know how I feel?

    'Cause I don't think you know how I feel

    I don't think you know what I feel

    I don't think you know what I feel

    You don't know what I feel

  • Very powerful Crusader

    I was in a tormented place such as this

    lasted for many years

    all originated from fear

    that was not mine

    but came to be

    A light began to shine that changed my life forever

    and never

    have I looked back in regret

    for making a change

    to grow

    to live

    without fear

    without the pain

    of this nature

    life will be eventful enough 🙂

  • So good to see you MyJourney


    the love that you share among yourselves has been a great gift in of itself

    Thank you for The Enchanted Pond!

  • Hi Patchlove,

    Nice to have your comments here on this forum! Yes we are very supportive of each other, and it's been a great learning experience for me!!

    I see that you may have a lost pet? I hope that story will be resolved soon 🙂 I am a big pet person, so I know what a worry that can be!

    Have a great day!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom,

    So glad the hub is home. Rest, rest and more rest! We shall continue our circle of light so that it surrounds and supports both of you.

    Woohoo to Mr. Pisces stepping up and BEING a friend. I am really happy about this actually for I know just how important he is to you. Hope he continues to walk beside you, holding your hand when you need it most.

    Always a pleasure seeing you here.

    Angel Hugs and Love to you, hub and the family.

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Hey Patchlove - welcome to the pond and thank you for sharing of yourself. I am not surprised to read that you know our fabulous sister of soul ... My Journey ... she does spread a beam of light everywhere does she not? Glad you have gotten to love her as we all do.

    On a different note, I hope you were able to make contact with the one you needed to and that this worked out well for you.

    Thanks for your words to our beloved Last Crusader. I am sure he feels your support. That's very kind of you. I was sorry to read, amongst your words, that you had also felt such pain. I shall hope that life has been kinder to you since then. I did like your proactive choice coming through. Go you.

    Well, welcome again.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • So lovely to find you at the pond (where you belong LOL) Last Crusader,

    Thank YOU for using your gift!

    Although your message is pain filled; there is a huge light above it and one that I hope you come to see (as I have always hoped for you). When we use our gifts, we are making the best use of our own light. This is the meaning behind being true to you and it is such a huge thing to do. When you place yourself in the flow of your own inner truth, the light within you grows. So, although you are feeling dense and dark, you are in fact, the opposite within you ... in your soul. You have come here to express through words (song too) and the more you do this the more releasing you can allow yourself. The more you stand within your light and acknowledge it, the more positively the world views you also.

    If you have never heard of Rikka Zimmerman, then I strongly suggest you do. She uses an "access consciousness" technique that is VERY valuable, for anyone. Put in its most simplistic form, we hold light and heavy vibrations - feeling light means we are on song with our soul, being heavy means we are working against our personal truth. How we feel is a choice! How we feel is OUR CHOICE. She turns every 'heavy' thing into a possibility by ASKING THE UNIVERSE QUESTIONS. "What if ..." - the two words of pure possibility. Check her out if you have five minutes for I believe the conflict within your being (much like the two fish chasing the other's tale right?) is a battle between wanting to step into your light and wanting to hide from it. Her stuff will help change how you think; you have the Icey Moonbeam seal of approval on that one. Choose lightness and keep expressing yourself in words / images / stories / songs / anything that moves you.

    You are in an extremely unique position my dear friend, you have the ability to place feelings (and very deep held ones) into a form where you can visibly see it, acknowledge it, release it. I hope you can become aware of that process of healing for you - many out there would love to be able to do what you can do. YOU ARE THE GIFT. Do you know that? Not, you have a gift but YOU ARE THE GIFT!

    When we use what we have, we are using our beings fully. It is all of us that glows and becomes of service to humanity. When we stop trying to 'do', we just 'be'. That is the point.

    As always, I am wishing for miracles for you too.

    Really lovely to hear from you dude!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • And to all Enchanted Souls,

    May your today be magickal!

    Holding you nearer!

    Your Icey Moonbeaming Friend x

  • Hello Enchanted Ponders,

    Hope you are all enjoying time at the pond, whether you are posting or just reading. We have been enjoying some quite fabulous weather here in New England. I am trying to be squirrel like and make preparations for the coming cold weather by cleaning my garden and the garage so that I will have a seamless glide into the weather changes.

    My husband is suffering a bit more from his stroke-like activity, but it is all about the same manifestation, so we are hoping that, in time, these attacks will abate.

    I had made an appointment with my non-traditional healer this weekend, so I am hoping that my energy will be cleared so that I can be more helpful with a clearer light to help him.

    Thanks for any good energy you can send to us, and sending some right back at you all!!

    Love and light,

    Bloom xo

  • Hi Bloom, hang in there sweetie and just know i am with you and T and the rest of your family with my prayers daily.sending lots of love,healing light and many Angels your way.



  • Hi Icearia, Thank you for the welcome.There are yes, many special people here, My Journey included. Wonderful beautiful souls.

    It was not my pet...but yes...the pet is once again home with her beloved master. I believe there was a reason for it all...interesting twists along the way...I saw her posting for her Cocoa only after my husband had come home one day and mentioning a dog with the same markings and bobbed tail. In all the excitement of thinking we had found her baby I made arrangements for her to come and get the dog. Turned wasnt the dog. Same markings...I was horrified. I made a determination to give of my time and resources until we brought her dog home to her..(was at least going to give it the best shot!) ..she did a fabulous job placing fliers and ads everywhere...while out last Thursday evening driving around an area which was given by Captain..I had forgotten to turn my lights second time- newer car has day running lights...I forget I have to turn them on sometimes. A police officer stopped me...whoop whoop siren and son said " forgot to turn your lights on again" lol..this was the last thing I needed..a ticket.

    I was honest with the officer..told him it was the second time..but all I had on my mind was finding a dog....he was gracious enough not to give me even a warning ticket...yes! the power of goodness was strong.

    Well..last Sat morning the dog owner called and said an officer came into where she worked and took a flier...and later called to say he had her dog.!! The joy and gratitude in her voice was so very very uplifting.A wonderful happy ending for all.

    Except for the dog who resembled her Cocoa...still working on trying to find it's owner.

    I am happier than I have ever been in my life Icey. I have no regrets for making the life changing choice I did. Well...almost none. I wish i had done it differently...but if I had...there may have been a horrible outcome I couldnt live with; so all in all...I did what I thought was best.

    Nothing but love and personal growth has become of it.

    I do have a contact that I know I need to develop....when I return from my trip I will.I hope she is patiently waiting.

    Am leaving for the airport in about 3 have things to do...but had to check in before leaving.

    All of you have a wonderful day...week...forever!!!

    Keeping prayers for LivingOnaPrayer...something tells me she needs them now..not sure why

    love and light and peace to her and her family

    To others who have health issues, peace and love and light refresh your souls...strengthen them..may the One surround you with care.

    Love and blessings to you all,


  • hi enchanted ones, hello to you Patchlove its good to see u also at the pond:)

    Bloom hope hubby is doing better by the minute sweetie...hugs to you both.


    hello dear sweet moon whacker boy i could have used that whacker of your these past few months lol.Hows your health dear friend and any sighs of a sold house yet?

    Me, while after three moves in less than a month, know fault of our own we are finally settled once again,Krista and I..

    we moved into our new apartment yesterday and it already feels like home to feels like i have lived here before in a strange sort of way all my belongings fit into place. I'm very comfortable and so is krista:) I'm using sags computer still not sure when i can get one, but for now i am grateful for the time i have with his and also my internet connection. We have been staying with my sister her two cats that ran the house and also 2- 19 teen year olds. my sister wanted us to make her home ours but it was impossible at times with rude comments.., i won't get into it because the past is the past but i will tell you this much, it has been a humbling experience, also i went back to allot of people pleasing characters. I felt dirty and very uncomfortable...i just wanted peace and that was the only place that was familiar to me...i have worked so hard over the years to not allow the old character behaviour to ever resurface, but it did...

    So once again, i will put this behind me and know there will always be work to be done. when I allowed my spirit to be dragged down by negativity, no matter how hard I tried to be positive, some people just don't like to be happy i guess.

    I don't know if i will be around tarot much it seems to be feeling empty, except here at the pond of spirit has taken a small beating but i will survive this go around once again, one thing for sure i would rather be happy and keep my spirit strong, Than to have all the riches in the world.

    Sag and i, well i wish i could tell you everything is beautiful but we have lost something along the way its very sad, because we could have a happy,loving life together which really sucks,especially when its right in front of you but the ties that bind us together are stretching day by day:( ok sweet earth angels its wayyyyyyyyyy past my bed time its 12:10 am.

    i just wanted to give you an update and let you all know that i keep of all of you close to my heart ,dear sweet earth Angels, and you keep me alive with love, hope, and peace. please take care and i will pop in again


    love Shee


  • rrrrrrrrrrrr,picture did not work...once again mj will try...

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