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  • Morning Ladies of the Centred Pond!

    Thanks for posting this article Bloom and for your thoughts as well.

    Nice to see a round 2 explanation Lady Laie (LOL)... the lightbulb is dim at best most days (ROFL).

    Hoping everybody finds peace today.

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Centred? Hmmm?

  • Swooping in and finding .............. myself at the pond .............. well, myself of like the ghost of 6 days past.

    I shall begin with a hope that all is well in your worlds.

    Our lives, I am learning, are taking us all over the place - sometimes inwards but often just into the busy-ness of the outer reality. I shall wish that weddings long in the planning are unfolding delightfully, that new homes are making young hearts happy, that employment opportunities so desperately longed for are manifesting and that loving commitments are resting in the hearts who need them.

    Amongst the rush of your world, I send you a little piece of PEACE! Never forget to breathe, ok?

    Now, although I am currently just speaking to myself (of which I am at Genius Master Level Status I can assure you LOL), when you all unwind, sit beneath your waterfall / tree / rays of sunshine and replenish your beings with enchantment, I hope you might consider the following gems illuminated souls have shared ...

    From Jacqueline Joy: switching our perspective (thoughts, beliefs, ideas) from a box to a diamond and allowing this multi-faceted, brilliant light reflecting entity to infuse our systems with its CLARITY ... the gift of illumination.

    From Eric Pearl: the only way to change is to let go of the past, to let go of the reprocessing, the re-experiencing and the continued reprocessing. All this serves to do is multiply that experience and all its pain. If we plant our feet firmly in the present and look for the qualities that we admire and keep those in our attention, THEN OUR INTENTION TO EMBODY THEM BECOMES MORE REALIZED. We are working on turning 'fear, lack and limitation into love, prosperity and abundance' ... that is the meaning of transcendence.

    From Patricia Cota-Robles: There is not a more destructive or more inaccurate belief for us to empower than that of duality. To say that with peace we must have war, or with good there must be evil and if we love then we must also hate is to hold ourselves in separation ... separation from our truth, our essence, our real purpose, of our connection to all that is. Living in duality, regarding anything, only separates us further from that which we seek. When we say "I AM ..." (fill the gap with anything, like tired, sad, sick, grateful, unemployed, healthy, loving etc) we are doing two things ... one is connecting with our divine and highest selves, the other, is manifesting. Any word / feeling / thought / emotion etc that follows I AM becomes manifested very quickly for these two words activate everything - they are a direct link to the divine. Be certain you are saying I AM (whatever) with clarity, intention, love, light and for your highest good, for it shall come to pass. I AM CONNECTS US.

    And, as there are infinite pages to this thread, so could I fill them all just from these three speakers alone. They held so many answers to our puzzles and shone a light into the furthest darknesses. Carry their hope for humanity, their LOVE for all things and their wisdom with you this week. Allow yourself the opportunity to co-create with mindfulness and with love in your hearts. Send forth the same love, hope and belief to our earth and all who inhabit her in our NOW.

    Live awakened.

    May love bless you all and be the magic in your todays.

    Until we sit together again,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Good morning/ evening Icey and others,

    I have not been able to log onto the Forum page for about three mornings, not sure why. I am happy to click in this morning and find your message. I haven't been able to listen to any more of the Masters, but thanks for summarizing them.

    Our wedding plans are nearing completion...and we are still alive and breathing, lol! Looks like it might be a day with some rain for our daughter's wedding, but it should be fine because I bought 7 white golf umbrellas just in case, lol!! So many cosmic overtones to this occasion! Holly just chose one reading from Shakespeare for her ceremony and our son will read it. Tim remembers that his grandfather, who used to teach English literature at Harvard University, would take a nylon stocking and put it over his head, and recite Shakespearean sonnets at dinner. It sounds like you would have liked that man, Icey!!

    So onward we go with great rejoicing!! Thank you for your blessings to all! HOld us in the light on Saturday around 6pm our time (if you are awake!!)

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hello to the Enchanted Pond...hellllllloooooo!!

    Hope everyone has been busy zoom zoom zooming around their lives and are doing well.

    Our wedding was wonderful and awesome. My husband and I each had little meltdowns before we left the house on Friday and then, we were good!! The bride was lovely, all the bridesmaids were sweet and helpful, we made all of our deadlines and managed not to lose anything or make any big boo boo's.

    The father -daughter dance went so well!! I did a little gliding around the room on my husband's arm too, And had a very sweet few dances with my Pisces, who behaved admirably well. I got lots of compliments from him and others, and really did enjoy every moment. It was just fab, and I hope, Lady Laie that your daughter's wedding will also be fab.

    Thanks to you all for all of your encouragement over the past year and your visions of me as Leo rising and gliding. I did feel like that and had just a blast dancing, not my usual self at all.

    Laie, I got an email from Don with some dates...I will pass it along - none are on a Friday, so, if we are quick, we might be able to find one that fits. I am sure they will go fast! I'll forward it to you.

    Hope everyone is enjoying getting up to and through our next equinox!! Blessings 🙂

    Hugs from Bloom

    LOTS of x's and o's

  • Good morning/ evening Enchanted ones,

    Hope people are still doing well and living their lives to the fullest!

    Best wishes to Lady Laie this weekend for her daughter's wedding. Hope the weather holds - we had torrential rain last night in our area, so hope it is all rained out for our state. Enjoy your delightful day Laie, with all the love and light that you bring!! ❤

    A sad state for our Red Sox baseball team...hopefully the Patriots will do better for us here in the North East!

    I am still 'in the glow' of the wedding, and am getting ready to move on to more watercolor painting, as that gives me so much pleasure. As on painter friend said to me "our easels are out alters", and I have never forgotten that.

    Sunshine, hope you and the little L's are settling into your new apartment. It's so hard to move, esp. with younger children. Hope that all is well.

    ForestWalker!! The summer has slid by and we are looking into the cooler days of fall. I bet your woods will start with their fall colors soon. Are you still walking and drinking jello shots (not at the same time).

    Icey, I think of you often. I listened to one broadcast of the Masters that spoke about food allergies - which turned out to be timely, since I just found out that I have quite a few. Hope that you and yours are doing well on your journey. I hold you all with love!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Fair Greetings One and All,

    I, too, hope that everyone is having the time of their lives and journeying towards oneness with the speed of light.

    Dearest Bloom ... congratulations on the wedding and my love and best wishes for a life filled with pure happiness and joy for the bride and groom. I am glad that YOU are still glowing ... that is a very special feeling. I hope hubby is too. So lovely to read that your Pisces was charming and considerate - there's hope yet LOL! Long may you continue to bloom and glow!

    I did like your painter friend's words ... all art / creativity is extremely sacred and the easel as an altar is a fabulous analogy really. You have a switched on friend there. Hope the painting flows and fills you with everything you love the most about being in that now moment.

    I have managed to catch most speakers but, due to busy-ness, have missed quite a few unfortunately. Perhaps they will one day be replayed? Or, perhaps I was not meant to hear them? Either way, there have been some brilliant lights shining in this series and some strong egos too. It is so very interesting to listen to everyone's individual messages from within isn't it? There is a definite bigger picture of such hope though, isn't there? A timely thing given how much it is needed. Good luck with all those allergies getting sorted out - hope it places you in perfect health very soon.

    Hey Lady MOB Laie ... you will be having this wedding today yes? My Monday = your Sunday? In that case, I send thee the most magickal of wishes for a romance filled, swirling and loving time of YOUR life! Hope you glow forever after too. My love and enormous wishes to your bride and groom for a life filled with everything they can dream of. Hope the Prince has a beautiful time also. May a circle of love be yours!

    Sister Sunshine ... hope the moving has gone as smoothly (& quickly) as possible. As someone who has moved A LOT, I can truly empathise. I know, however, from all our time together, that you will be held ABLE by your guides and lovingly encouraged to remain the extraordinary Mom you are. Hope the Little L's are having a blast discovering new spaces to call home. Sending you my very best for a peace-filled transition.

    My lovely Forest Walker ... how are you Gem??? I have been thinking of you heaps too and wondering how the world is looking where you are now that coolness has come back to you. How is that magnificent space you walk within? I hope that you are still feeling comforted and loved out there in the forest. I imagine you surrounded by the reds and burnt umbers and yellowy golds and think that is just the prettiest thing ever. Hoping you are in fine spirits, still sitting beneath your special tree and having the time of your life too!

    We have been fore-warned by our professionals that our Summer will be "the worse yet" and to prepare for major fires and searing heat. I thought last year was horrid, so not sure what to make of this new warning yet??? I am not looking forward to it at all. For now, I am enjoying our coolness and will bask in it for as long as I can.

    Know that my love goes with you wherever you are. Stop by and let us know how you are when you feel you want to ... the Enchanted Pond always waits for its beacons of light!

    Hello My Journey ... hope you have sunshine both where you live and in your heart! I do miss your gorgeous words and pictures for within them is YOUR ESSENCE ... your very SPIRIT. It is beautiful beyond measure. Know that! Hope your kids are doing super well and that hippy Saggi of yours is sharing his heart with you. Wishing YOU deep peace, loads of abundance and a chance to see the beauty in your world! Angel Hugs to you Shee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey Last Crusader ... I have also been hoping that your life is turning around for you. I hope that lessons have given way to understanding and that you are now celebrating your new journey. Sending you an arm load of wishes for peace, happiness and inner strength. Keep seeing the 'good' we see in you friend, ok? Hugs and Love to you and your little caped crusaders!

    And wherever our Enchanted Angels may be and whatever they may be up to, I hope they are happy and filled with love ... open to all the beauty and sunshine and joy in their worlds. May the moon bless you all and be the light you need to move forward. In my heart always.

    Have yourselves a very merry time Enchanted Ones. Let those Loving Winds combine here and send forth such abundance of light everywhere.

    Holding you all near ...

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Dear Icey,

    so good to hear from you and read all of your messages!

    Sending you love and light!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • I just coppied and pasted this email to the ones that i have the emails for, i don't have much time but i wanted to fill those in that don't know why i am not playing at the pond right now, oh God i miss it sooooooooooooooooooooooooo...Bloom congrats sistah, may your daughters and new son-inlaws life be filled with so much love,peace,health,laughter and many blessings of course that goes for you dear sweet bloom heres my email love to all the enchanted ones who are never away from my heart...

    just wanted to say hello to all of you...i'm going through too much stuff that it is out of my one month i have moved three times, the third time my stuff went into storage..i am staying with my sister and i won't even get into that one, though i'm trying hard to be greatful for a roof over my head for krista and i...talking about practicing my spiritual principles i have enough light that i have asked for to surround me and all of the countries combined yes thats how i feel...i have not drank in 14 years,last month was the 14th and the thought of escaping has crossed my mind but then theres a little tape that plays in my head go ahead shee shee you will have no one and you will die!!!!!!!!!!!! well that tape says it all...good news i have found yet another place i will be able to move in on the 15th of this month, maybe sooner but if it happends i won't have the finances to move in early so the 15th it is...i miss all of you..i miss so much the beautiful light that you all send me and the feelings i get when i'm in contact with you...

    I have been in touch with dear sweet ramonita she knows my story and is holding on to my hand as i walk through this chaos...krista is stressed poor little girl plus she is going through the difficulties of puperty and she has become an alien to me minute she loves me the next minute well lets just say i have ruined her life, which i know she doesn't mean it, but it still feeds the mama guil button!...

    Laie, hoping your daughters wedding was everything that she hoped for, hopefuly i can see some pictures of her beautiful momma,prince and the rest of your family.not sure when i will get internet service at our home krista choose cable tv instead of internet, i don't have a computer so in a sense she never had a choice.ok, my time limit is up, but not before i thank all of you for being in my life, sending you gigantic hugs across the ocean along with love,light,peace health and laughter..

    aka my journey

    Iceyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, missing you,thank you for your loving words angel:)


  • Glad to see you too Bloom!

    It's amazing how much peace comes back to one's soul after swooping in here. I do so love you all!

    Keep being fabulous my friend!

    Icey x x x

  • Dearest Shee ...

    I know not if, nor when, you will read this but I trust that the timing will be perfect for you and that your soul will know for you when you do not.

    Your email was like a punch in my stomach - I felt your pain and displacement and sense of loss most profoundly and I am holding you in the biggest light I know ... my soul. I am saddened by your upheavals; deeply so. Oh how I wish I could stretch my arms around the globe far enough to pull you close and tell you everything will be alright. For now, feel the love that is here for you and take it with you always.

    Although there was so much icky stuff going on for you, there IS AN ENORMOUS SENSE OF STRENGTH AND HOPE LIVING AMIDST YOUR WORDS ALSO. Yes, you ARE filled with GREAT LIGHT and you ARE FILLED WITH GREAT COURAGE and, as a Leo ... the sun never sets ... remember that. You can see 'hope' because the Sun inside you glimmers with it; even when all else seems as though it isn't. You WILL rise above circumstance because it is only a lesson that must be passed through so that the newer, more refined source of oneness can be stepped into on the other side.

    When we are challenged (& all our challenges are HUGE right now because all the negativity and karmic gunk is rising to the surface to finally, once and for all, be transformed by light and replaced by the most glorious sense of peace and love we have yet to experience), it is much harder to see the light at the end of the tunnel or the bigger picture we are a part of ... but your soul never forgets Shee! Your soul knows exactly what your physical self must walk through so that it can be expressed. Our ego tells us all the bad stuff; and it does so VERY well. We have become experts at allowing it to rule us. Awareness of this occuring is the key. We don't have to break a spell or climb Mount Everest to transcend this aspect of being human, we just have to become AWARE and to continue to let LOVE guide all we do; especially when our challenges are the hardest. All of us here at the pond understand, intrinsically, how mammoth a task that can be but we are capable of it and so much more and that is what we need to hold in our minds the most ... that we CAN.

    I was listening to Patricia Cota- Robles the other week and I'd like to share some advice she had for how we go about being aware and facing our challenges ... she says that when we become comfortable, we stagnate forever. Our life lessons are the central point to help us evolve and transform into the beings we are in truth. Without them, we have no awareness, no chance to become our potential.

    In practice then, Patricia made reference to two words ... "I AM". These two words are our point of manifestation ... so, anything that follows this (eg: I am sick, I am poor, I am ugly ... etc) is what we manifest. Think about that. Each time we use the words I AM, pay attention to the words and feelings that follow this. Hence, the more we say ... I am BLESSED, LOVED, HAPPY etc; the more WE BECOME THIS / HAVE THIS / CREATE THIS. Her big thing was that we need to FORGIVE OURSELVES. Everybody is doing the best they can with the wisdom and understanding they have in their now. Keep reading that statement. Then, apply it to SELF! Then, keep applying it to self.

    My sweet friend across the seas, your little Angel has agreed to have you as her biggest teacher in this life. Her level of anxiety about life right now is something her soul needs to live through so as to come through on the other side a brighter, lighter and more loving representation of her divine self. I know, it can be a challenge to accept this as truth but, I assure you with all that I am ... it IS! We connect, in our life-times, with those souls (be they wanted or not) that will allow our souls to express what we came here for. We NEED these other beings to support our life lessons just as they need US to do the same for them! Our relationships are not haphazard; they are extremely well planned ... and by US. I know what it is to feel guilt my beloved friend and especially about the lessons we believe we are unfairly placing upon our children. Oh how I know this one ... my ego plays this tape ad-infinitum and it's a tape that is strong and believable and easy to fall under its spell. However, my physical self is doing the best it can with what is available to it in my now and, if this means my children are learning lessons, then they are learning lessons they agreed to learn. Together, our wisdom is borne from this. We need life experience to give us wisdom; kids included. It is our ego that gives us the moral should's, would's and could's ... not our hearts and souls. Release yourSELF from the heaviest, most destructive pattern I know ... guilt and regret. I certainly came here this time around to learn how to do just that which is why my experiences hold so much of it ... hopefully, I'll get it finally. LOL! You cannot blame yourSELF for anything. In the divine plan for your life, everything is perfect. We just don't see this because we aren't looking at our lives from a fluffy cloud perspective ... but, if we listen to our inner teachers and shake the ego's tapes loose, then we do. Use the power that lives within the I AM to create what you long for ... even if it means saying I AM >>> (fill in with what you wish) a million times a day. The words "I AM" are a direct connection to our divine selves which is why it is so powerful.

    I liken your desire to drink to my desire to smoke and giggle ... these things were our crutch if you will ... the objects that we gave our power to so that we could believe we felt better. It was always my instinct to reach for the ciggies the second something put my being out of balance. I drank too ... you would always see me with a can and smoke as soon as my day became too hard. Let me qualify ... I only had one drink but I drank almost every day. I saw those as my escape. Much like you are revisiting now. I often say I would be a smoker again in a heart-beat if it wasn't so b l o o d y hard to give it up again ... and if I could afford it (it's hugely expensive now). Like you, I have had to re-train my brain. Giving up anything that is addictive requires serious re-training of the mind. Instead of just reaching for something to feel better, one has to find an alternative method to cope with it all. That, my dear, is the true power of resilience and rising above the ego. I hear ya sister (so loud and crystal clear) on wanting to shut out life and numb the senses from having to go through anymore pain. In fact, that aspect of your post made me the very saddest. Your sadness is not unlike my own. I am, however, not only proud of you but in awe of you and the extreme measure of courage your being holds in this life-time. You ARE a magnificent beacon of everything good in this world My Journey and I hope you come to believe that as I do. Your little girl is learning so much more than you even imagine from you and will become a remarkable young lady because of it and that's all because of you, your experiences and your spirit. God that's amazing! What a shining moment!

    Take heart that you have friends across this fair home of ours that respect and honour your inner and outer self tremendously. Use the strength and conviction that lives within this pond any time you need to. Breathe deeply ... at all times ... you draw in your own life force much more acutely this way and it will help to keep you grounded and able to do today, today. Take as much knowledge as you can regarding Deepak Chopra's mantra of ... "stop listening to our minds and start listening to our guts". It will help.

    And ... lastly, but by all means MOST IMPORTANTLY, ask for help. Universal law states that no help and assistance may be given unless it is asked for. So ............ ASK! Spend some time with your guides and angels and inner divinity and ask them to make your path clearer for you then, become masterful at watching for those signs.

    I love you My Journey.

    We all do.

    Cannot wait till you are back here where you belong all the time.

    Holding you in my soul dear friend.

    I know we're not supposed to do this but any Enchanted Pond Angel will always have a direct link to me on so use it ... any of you!!!!!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Dear Icey and other ponders...

    I loved that response to My Journey and found it helpful to me to read as well.

    I am also on the journey of moving through my life lessons that I chose. What I am concentrating on now is learning what gives me joy, saying I AM an artist, I AM a dancer, I AM someone who lifts up others, I AM a person who receives joy.

    All messages from the 'masters' seem to center around that!

    Light and love to you all,

    Bloom xoxo

  • Namaste enchanted Angels, just a quick stop in to post an email from sunshine...



    Hi Shee.Nice to hear from you. I cant go online i moved into an apt and my internet isnt hooked up yet. I am doing the meditation circle on Sunday but i cant access the forum on my phone. Tell everyone on the circle and pond i am tbinking of them all. Will be back soon. Love to all.Tam

  • Icearia, can you help me' i am opssesed in some way.......I was with the guy last year and we were madly in love.With Andrej Veresky(21.February 1982.Belgrade 00:15, I am Ana 16 july.1979, Novi sad-serbia ) We met over internet, and fall in love a lot before we even saw each other. Everything was fairy-tail beautiful -he lived on the green, sunny hill, where the Sun raises first, he huged me with that gently hands long enough to wrap me as physicaly so forth my soul and my heart.I helped him overcome his depression. He gave me the sense of being protected. But, as it always is, there were two problems. I was in relationship ( in which I am still, 2 years, almost), and I had hard time beind explicit-even I already lived with Andrej- to tell my ex that he is ex, so he continued fighting for me. He was coming(like a friend), calling, and it was obvios that, apart jelaousy, Andrej felt intellectualy, educationaly, artisticly inferior and even began to forget about our delighted love, but focused himself only to fight,against, partly imaginary enemy that was my ex.On the other hand, I noticed early on that his unusual relationship with his mother.30 old man, had had to always respond when she called,to listen without a word her marathon-long criticism over the phone, to obey whatever she said. If we went to his parents in his native village, I would notice that his mother was opssesed with control, that she was jealous person, through which I passed, but the fact that she was furious and condemned Andrej of using drugs,being again mentaly ill (what he never was), and all that because he was happy and joyful-that I couldn't ignore. And one night, my ex was in our house on the hill and called me to back to him . Andrej began to cry, even though I told him that I will not go away, as if he was not convinced he repeated that he wanted children with me,that he was going to call the parents to tell me how much he loved me, like in some kind of delirium. The scene was going on and on, and in the meantime, I fell asleep. When I woke up, Andrej's mother stood over me , and with very unpleasant tone told me to pick up my things and to disappeare from that house.

    During that time Andrej was begging me to stay, his mother to hurry up, my ex to go,I was trying to say that I do not want to go but that the woman makes me to , while Andrej did not say a word his mother,not even a look. I went because I had to. To this day, Andrej think I left him and keep telling all the other people the story that I had tortured,played and hurted him. We don't communicate.. When it occures we to meet, he doesn't want to talk to me because how he says, his whole body shaking and his heart jumps out of his chests-it's terrible feeling. He just pleases me to move away from him (and first time we met after we broke up was 8 months later). What happened? What happend to love and to this man? How to, and should i communicate, or try it with him?

  • Hello Chagrine,

    There is a lot in your story and I thank you for having the courage to express it. I can feel your sadness but mostly, your confusion.

    I am, however, not sure I can help you very much. I do not do psychic readings for people - others at can do so if you are looking for that kind of thing. I will never tell you what to do for you are the only one who can do that. I do not judge you, your relationships or your life - that is not my place. What I can do is offer you some things to think about ... see how you feel ... let yourself just feel because I think you are too caught up in the thinking actually. The only way to understand things we experience is to feel it first. As long as we are honest about our feelings, we can sort through each layer and discover what is really going on. Listen to your FIRST response - this is your point of honesty inside you.

    This is a series of very complicated relationships. I have read this a few times and hope I can do your tale justice ... hope I understood it all clearly enough.

    To understand why I am going to write what I will write ... you will need to understand what perspective I am approaching your life from. This is it ... we are ONLY given people who can HELP us in our life-time. This includes people who hurt us, confuse us and make us sad just as much as we are given people who love and support us unconditionally. There are non accidents. Our true self (the one that is spirit) knows that we need to learn something and that we need to do this through experiencing a human life; complete with all the emotion, reactions, philosophies, beliefs and understanding that makes up our world. So, it sets out to encourage / guide us to meet with these people. Sometimes we move far away, sometimes we just bump into people, other times we go to schools to meet them and just as there are billions of people so too are there ways to meet them - but meet them we must.

    This includes our ideas of what a soul mate is too. They, especially, are souls we are meant to meet. (If you have read any of our forum topics you will know so much more than this).

    When our life is great and everything seems to be happy and going smoothly - that's when we understand this but when our life becomes filled with challenges and problems and sadness and pain ... we instantly forget and plunge straight into all the reactions and emotions. In light of this, my first advice is to step back from the emotion for as long as you can. To do this, you have to shift your thinking ... concentrate not on what has happened TO you but on what is happening FOR you.

    I understand that there are many reasons why people choose to be in one relationship whilst beginning another but I do not quite get why. This seems so damaging ... for everyone. Honesty is the only policy isn't a platitude ... it is the only way to live in your own truth. Lies and deception create more lies and deception and, in the end, who wins with that? I would, personally, consider why I wanted to do that to myself or to another? I know that your response right now is "but I didn't plan for this to happen ... it just did" and mine will be ... "oh but you did; you really did - you just don't remember it". I am smiling here so please know I say this from a loving space.

    Knowing that you planned to meet this man (I shall call him A) changes how you view what your relationship was based upon. Love is always real, a soul cannot fake love BUT ... a life cannot be built upon fear. Let me explain a bit further ... A has a relationship with you that is very "victim / saviour' in nature. Basically, your purpose in coming together was for you to offer him a chance to see himself differently - to know what love feels like and to be supported whilst learning independence. However, what happened was that you went into rescue mode. You saw him playing the victim role and you became his saviour - in recognising his soul, you abandoned your current life and rushed to this man's side. What you didn't see was his relationship with his mother - where the struggle for this man's identity came from. None of this is bad. Do not judge yourself, him or his mother ... instead, as I said before, shift the way you are seeing these relationships; everything changes then. You didn't do anything wrong because your life is playing out the way it was meant to. Judgements are based upon people's values - highly subjective and not what the heart is all about at all.

    The only enemy this man A has is with himself. His life is about learning perspective ... what are real fears, what are imagined ones, what control and what being controlled is like and what independence means; especially in terms of freedom of spirit. You are but one player amidst many to help him do this. However, a victim / saviour role can play on for all eternity if it isn't recognized. Awareness is your friend here.

    There is a saying, "to all things there is a season" ... this includes people. Some souls have agreed to be with us our entire life here, others for a few years, and then others for one brief meeting only. Once our purpose for meeting them has been achieved, our souls move on ... though we never forget them, for how could anyone who makes an impact in our life be forgotten, right? Part of your 'time / season' with A is to have this time away from each other. It can take five minutes or ten years to learn why we were with someone. We have to work out, for ourselves, what we have learnt from our experiences.

    I really like the way you have asked your question: What happend to love and to this man? Can you understand the answer now? By looking at all I have said? It is so very easy Chagrine to want someone to save us ... to be the one to save us from what we don't like about our life but can someone really do that for someone else? We all live with the longest relationship we'll ever have ... the one with ourself. Love can often be confused with the strength we believe we need from someone else. Love can be anything we want it to be. Love doesn't leave people, people think it out of existence. Are you feeling where I am coming from? When you do, you will know what feels right for you in this situation.

    Before I leave you, I will address one other relationship ... the one you have been in for 2 years now. Personally, I am surprised anyone would stay with someone who has deceived, lied and been unfaithful to them but, as I said before, that is my value and hence, my truth. It may be helpful to ask yourself a few questions Cahgrine and then ... keep asking more.

    Do I want to be in this relationship?

    Do I want honesty in this relationship?

    Do I LOVE this person?

    Am I responsible for my actions?

    Why am I in this relationship?

    And so on. FEEL your responses to these questions. What does that show you? What do you make of your feelings? Do you need to be honest with yourself?

    All of life is a question, my friend. What we choose to do, be, see, act upon, stand up for, rely upon, question, think ... is our choice! Remember that. However, it is my belief that our INTENT is what we question when making these choices. If we are mindful as to why we are doing something, then our choices become clearer.

    I wish you much happiness Chagrine and I hope that your entangled relationships become easier to feel your way through. I hope you never stop loving and being loved.

    Thank you for feeling safe enough to ask this of me and thank you for allowing me to respond to your call.

    Many blessings to you always,


  • Dearest Bloom,


    Go you.

    Go your spirit!

    You have ushered to us some brilliant advice and remarkable wisdom. I shall be sure to personally remind myself of my I AM today too ... joy is a fabulous start! Love that!

    Wishing you all things wonderful Bloom.

    Happy creating!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • My Journey, my love ... thank you so much for passing on Sister Sun's message to us.

    Your kindness never ceases Shee!

    Dear Sunshine ... our Enchanted Sister ... we send you our love and hold you able in this time. Settle in, attune your spirit and know that all is perfect. Our pond always awaits with wide, open arms. Whenever is perfect.

    Hugs to you & The Little L's.

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Ahhh...hugs to all.

    Please lift up my husband T who is currently doing well in the ICU due to a brain bleed. It is small and may not need any surgery. One of those late night hospital deals. I am tired and....well, just tired 🙂 I asked my kids to be with me today, that is a biggie for me.


    Bloom xoxox

  • Dear Bloom, i had time to pop in i'm so glad i did,,,big, big hugs to you and T..and the rest of your family..please.please know i'm lifiting you up and praying. Take care sweetie.

    love and light


  • 🙂

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