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  • Happy Mother's Day to all the mummy's at the pond! The love is huge around here!!

    Sunshine, lifting you up!! Stay present to each moment, I hope you can relax into it and ease into what spirit is telling you...I heard a speaker call it "divine cooperation", and I liked that. I'm thinking that "Today is a really beautiful day, life loves you, the day will be great!" Breathe deeply. I hope that today has moments that you can get outside and enjoy nature!!

    I will be enjoying a Mother's Day bike ride, weather permitting, with two of my kids (their idea :))) Yahoo, I love it.

    Love to you and all visitors to the pond today. Enjoy every moment of your day angels!

    Hugs from Bloom xo

  • Happy Momma's day enchanted ones...

    Namaste to all


    ps i'll catch up soon...

  • Happy Mum's Day to all my lovely Ponders! I sincerely hope the day was marvelous for you all. I'm finishing my midterm exams, did an awesome job, and am really needing to spend a few moments on my piano. I shall be popping back here soon and sitting on my rock to meditate.

    Love you all, And Last Crusader, hope you are having a marvelous time as well.

  • Hello Enchanted ones ,just thought i would pop in and sit for awhile!

    Not much going on with life right now...though i am grateful and very blessed.

    I am just taking life one day at a time...I'm really trying to focus on the good in my life...I had fallen down into that fear once again, "that is such a familiar place for me."

    Someone gave me some wise words and the ability to be honest with them and myself.

    My all time favorite quote ," When the student is ready, the teacher appears":

    I'm not happy nor i am sad . I'm more in a state of Limbo:)

    Do i turn to the right, the left, or keep going straight on this path of life? The big question of the day 🙂 for me.

    Sag and i are still hanging in,though it seems like the relationship is changing, or could I be changing?

    It also feels like the Universe is on this huge shift, with so much going on in our world today.

    So as i ponder my thoughts for the moment, i am sending all of you many hugs,love,light,hope,abundance,healing and laughter today and always,

    Namaste' Angels


  • My Journey,

    I think we all have times in our lives when we slow down and reflect...I think they are natural moments when we breathe and appreciate what we have. I'm glad that you and Sag are still together. As I recall, springtime is always the time that school ramps up for kids, with projects, commitments and many times when Mummy has to drive to get to people and places. So it's good that you can take some moments to get ready.

    I have always liked the image of me being in a little canoe that is bobbing down the river, going downstream easily. Sometimes, the water around us is flat and wide, moving slowly, and then the river narrows and gets faster and rougher. As my husband says, then there are times, Bloom, when you get thrown up on the shore, and EVERY TIME, some medicine man or great spirit walks out toward you and greets you and turns you around, brushes you off, and pushes you back into the river. And off I go! One of those great spirits for me has been Icey, who I met with you on this very forum. I'm telling you, that little canoe of mine has brought me some great GREAT connections!

    I see that you often post water pictures so hope that this little image makes sense to you.

    I had the great privilege of meeting Marion Ross, one of the "Shift Doctors" this weekend at a "Vibrant Health Expo". I met her on a social network related to a message I wrote to Arielle Ford, who had posted on Another little water journey!

    Marion was wonderful, and funny , and light giving. I can't express how much this boosted my soul and spirit. Maybe, going to some festive soulful fair will give you the boost you are looking for, IF you are looking for one 🙂

    Sunshine, hope your piano playing was YOUR boost, and that you are bobbing closer to your new home! Sending you all light and love!


    Bloom xoxo

  • Hello.

    No time to write today but wanted to send you all 3 pearls ... some affirmations and thoughts for your today.

    1. Healing is coming your way - open yourself to it.

    2. Deep in the soul, below pain, below all the distractions of life, is a silence vast and grand - an infinite ocean of calm, which nothing can disturb; nature's own exceeding peace. That which we seek with passionate longing, we find at last within ourselves. R.M. Buck

    3. No act of kindness is ever wasted.

    That was my power of 3 for today .. not so random selections from 3 decks ... for nothing in spirit is random, right?

    May you all find your moment in the sun today.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x

    Oh! Bloom ... what a sweet and kind thing to say about me. Happy floating in your canoe!!!!

    Moonbeam x

  • He,He, moon beam popped in at the same time i was posting my post and i lost it purrrrr.Hellooooooooooo dear iceyyyyy.

    Bloom, oh yes indeed that little canoe image of yours connected to my spirit. Thank you, that was beautiful. I also googled Marion and signed up to the news letters. I did a quick tour around the site and read a few Blogs. Though the one i read was almost a year old was perfect timing for me...I'll post it here...Thank you again Bloom for your compassion and love and yes sweet spirit Icey has been an incredible loving Earth Angel who has touched my heart forever...Now don't blush my moon whacking friend lol..

    To the rest of the Enchanted pondies,I hope you know that you are apart of my heart also:)



    The Magic of Miracles – How to Believe and Receive, by guest blogger Jane Terry

    May 17, 2010 by docmarion

    The Magic of Miracles – How to Believe and Receive

    By: Jane Terry

    Why do we find it so hard to believe in miracles? They are actually all around us and yet we often fail to see them. Well, some of us at least. The thing about miracles is they are not always the awe-inspiring, gargantuan affairs of epic, biblical proportions that people expect them to be.

    If you are expecting a fridge full of bottled water to suddenly turn into wine on the appearance of unexpected guests at the door, you are probably setting yourself up for disappointment. Oh no, miracles are often small, unassuming little affairs, but miracles nonetheless!

    For instance, you are running late for an appointment and immediately find a parking space conveniently close to where you need to be, when usually you have to drive round for ages looking for one. Or, you lose your wedding ring and search high and low for it, eventually giving up all hope of ever finding it. It suddenly appears in a place you have looked in a dozen or so times. You are totally lost while out driving, take a turn and then find yourself right outside where you want to be. These things are all too often taken for granted because they are not huge miracles, just happenings that help you along.

    Of course bigger miracles can and do take place. Someone coming out of a coma, just before the life support machine is about to be switched off. Someone else walks practically unscathed from the wreck of a car. These are the miracles many people would describe as real miracles and yet they are unaware of just how important the little miracles can be. And once you learn to accept these “happenings” for the miracles they are then bigger miracles often can and do follow. We just have to be open to receiving and acknowledging them.

    One reason why people are not able to see small, everyday occurrences for the miracles that they truly are is that, in general, society’s expectations for bigger and better things has been growing rapidly over the past 25 years. Whereas in bygone eras people were taught to be happy with “their lot,” the dawn of Thatcherite Capitalist values has led to an explosion of consumer greed and the striving to attain a plethora of things we could never previously afford.

    I am not for one moment suggesting here that we should endure aspects of our lives that are making us miserable. However, in buying into this consumer culture, we are merely being encouraged to use money we haven’t got to buy a multitude of goods that we don’t really need in the mistaken belief that it will bring us happiness.

    This has led to an overall dissatisfaction with life as we are driven to keep up with others and in the process have lost sight of what we truly desire. We allow ourselves to be driven by our ego’s and are constantly in pursuit of a false happiness. We expect miracles, but yet are unable to see them for what they are.

    Sometimes we are so fixed on the outcome to a certain situation that we fail to look at the bigger picture. If a solution to a problem doesn’t fit our expectations, we are immediately tempted to dismiss it.

    A colleague of mine, who is a fellow healer, recently told me of a couple of experiences she has had during the course of her work. One involved sending distant healing to a very sick, quite elderly man in the hope of giving a miracle cure. A few weeks later he died, leaving her wondering why she hadn’t been able to successfully heal him. She began to question her life purpose, wondering why on earth she was sent people to heal if she ultimately couldn’t heal them.

    On speaking to the man’s daughter-in-law some time later, my friend apologized profusely for not being able to help, expecting her to be very upset. However the woman hugged her and thanked her. Apparently for his whole life the patient had been a very difficult man, given to cruel verbal outbursts and extremely mean with his money.

    In the weeks leading up to his death, while receiving the healing, he had suddenly undergone an amazing transformation of character. Not only had he made amends to various family and friends he had upset over the years, but he had also changed his will and left generous amounts of money to each of them. “It was a complete miracle” the woman told her.

    Another client of hers had terminal cancer and she was giving him intensive distance healing to hopefully shrink the tumors and reverse the disease. This was a young man who at the time of receiving healing was unable to walk, or for the most part even sit up. Again, he died several weeks later.

    As with her other client, my friend was devastated that she had been unable to help him. However, soon after his passing she received a letter from the man’s fiancée telling her that during the last few weeks he had actually been able to leave his bed on several occasions and enjoy days of near wellness that enabled them to spend precious, quality time together.

    The fiancée was certain that without the healing he would have died much sooner and not be able to do any of these things. Another miracle. You see, it is our attachment to a result, our inability to be open to other possibilities that closes our minds to accepting miracles for what they are.

    However, a miracle can come in disguise and not be revealed for what it is until some time after it has occurred. We may be in a job we actually hate and that bores us to death, but would never leave because it pays the bills and we have responsibilities. We are then made redundant, and, after worrying how we will make ends meet, a chance meeting leads us to a complete change of career that brings us real fulfillment and better money.

    The miracle here is that without the redundancy we would probably have plodded along forever. Even if our hearts had told us to leave the job, our heads would have probably intervened and told us not to because logic and reasoning teamed with fear would have crept in and prevented us from following our true desire.

    Social conditioning and fear have exacerbated over generations and the majority of us have become misguided by logic, reason, norms and values. We have quite simply lost our ability to ‘feel.’ In short, we have forgotten that we are in fact spiritual beings in physical bodies. And yet, if we could once more get in touch with our ‘feeling’ nature and think more with our hearts than our heads, we would soon be able to recognize every single miracle for what it is, however small, and enrich our lives in ways we never dreamed possible.

    If only we could allow ourselves to trust our gut instincts more, we would have infinite sources of wisdom and fulfillment at our disposal and kick-start our most valuable and powerful tool of all; our higher self, our inner Angel, the supra-consciousness that binds us all to the eternal life force that flows from the universe and can bring us unlimited gifts and miracles. It just takes a little faith.

    Of course, it is not always easy to have faith in something that is not tangible. Look at it this way though. Every time we go to sleep we are placing our faith in waking up the next morning. Whenever we go out of the house we have faith that we will return home safely again. If we can apply that same level of faith to accepting the spiritual element of our nature we would have the infinite power of the universe at our disposal.

    I am tempted to add here that this isn’t exactly rocket science, but funnily enough, this isn’t quite true. Many scientists are now realizing that to acknowledge the scientific effect, one must also acknowledge the spiritual cause. In other words both quantum physics and meta-physics work in synergy to produce a cornucopia of endless possibilities.

    There is no beginning and there is no end, so we can quite simply attract anything we want into our lives. All it takes is a shift in consciousness. The more people that open themselves up to a belief in miracles, the greater the number of miracles that will be experienced, and the bigger and better they will become. This in turn will raise the spiritual vibrations and help to bring about abundance both individually and collectively through the spiritual law of attraction, so the whole world will benefit. It truly is a case of believe and receive. And that is no small miracle.

  • Hey My Journey!!!!!

    I think your inclusion on 'miracles' is perfect. Thanks for doing that. Glad you have FELT its power in your own being and been able to realize self empowerment because you came across this. Just as our Bloom pointed out ... we are each met by someone / some thing that points us in the direction we NEED to be pointed to. Within all our journeys exist these MIRACLES ... these BEINGS OF LIGHT who, often unknowingly, gift us with so much! The Enchanted Pond is proof that beings of immense beauty exist upon Earth.

    I wish you what you wish for you!

    I also quite liked Bloom's reference to the amount of 'water' your images contain. It is interesting that a Fire sign is so surrounded by Water ... being that water is the realm of emotion, of feeling, of nurturing and of the MOON! Tells me plenty about the being you are deep within. So much perfect beauty within YOU Shee!!!! Adored the Unicorn picture ... as beings of magic appeal to my soul enormously.

    Bless you for always giving us something so lovingly creative and gentle to sit with here. It is a true GIFT my lovely friend. Know that!

    Glad to hear you & your HIPPY SAGGI (LOL) are still playing together. The more we each develop, the more obvious it becomes that we are often NOT on the same wave-length any longer as another. This is not to be judged as bad. Just, what is. Often, we move into greater understanding faster than those we adore and all we can hope to do is accept where they are at and lovingly, and PATIENTLY (ha ha I know, right ... from one Leo to another) wait for them to move deeper into their self awareness spaces too. It is our sense of compassion and love that is required here, not "I'm leaving you". Does that make sense to you love? We are NOT someone else, we cannot be anyone else and hence, we cannot completely understand what it is to BE someone else. Nor can anyone else do that with us. Part of being in a combined journey is choosing to accept the differences whilst learning from the other.

    Each of us that enters a 'togetherness', does so because this particular being of light has something we do not. They are the corner-stone of our development spiritually - just as they are instrumental in our physical lives too. Although each being holds a unique life path, the traits and energy and soul of the other fills the lessons and journey that we are undertaking. Your Saggi is teaching you (and sometimes in the most challenging of ways!!!! LOL) what it is you need to be aware of in the here and now. Respond to him / and this, with love and witness what truly is a 'miracle' being returned to you. Accept his help to become what you hold dearest within you by opening to possibilities to learn. Here, you are leading by example. Saggi's I find are slow to pick up on this cue ... lol ... and I mean that with LOVE ... they are too busy DOING to see that BEING is infinitely more beneficial to their journey.

    Consider if what you are seeking from him is actually able to be given to you. I sense you long for 'commitment' and may be feeling extremely and personally disappointed that he cannot do this. If being together is what is important to BOTH of you; then, my beautiful friend, it matters not that official papers be signed ... it is in the being together that your lives unfold. It is in being together that, in fact, you both come ALIVE! If not wanting to live one moment of any day without this being means something to your soul; then live as if it is. Is it not more wonderful to spend 5 incredible minutes with someone who moves me to tears with feeling than to spend a lifetime worrying about their commitment to you? This, of course, is not to say that someone who cares not for you should be hung on to, right? Flick that and bless that lesson for what it was but ... if two are joined in life through love and choosing, then nothing is of concern. I would much prefer to be with someone than to not be with them because they wouldn't marry me; for example.

    Anyhoo precious one ... to love and to be loved and to know this is the miracle.

    I wish you an abundance of it!!!!

    Angel Hugs,

    The Moonbeaming Whacking Iced One x x x

  • Oh! And I AM blushing My Journey ... what beautiful things you have said. Thank you.

    I think the stars of you also my spirit buddy!!!!

    Icey x

  • Great post Bloom!

    I loved your vision of self. It is empowering, profound and personal. It was a thrill to have you post it here!

    Wisdom, in its many forms, is always welcomed in the lives of the Enchanted!!!!!

    So pleased you enjoyed your Expo. Sounds like it would have been filled with ENERGY! Nice to be around that isn't it? I've forgotten what that is like; I've been in solitary wilderness for eternity out here.

    Keep being YOU and keep being PRESENT in your canoe!

    May the waters always cradle you lovingly.

    Ice x

  • Sister Sun!

    Awesome child you have there my dear!!!! priceless photo of an even more precious memory huh? Naturally, at his 21st ... it must be brought out!!!!!

    Now, I also wanted to touch on something about your post.

    Within all you have put here (and not said), lives fear. We can all feel it. It is real and it is ok. Within this experience (that we all share) is the turning point of spiritual evolution. When we can recognize that our ego is controlling our being and all fears are founded, manifested and the domain of our egos ... then we can push beyond this and turn towards what is real ... the soul's voice.

    I had an absolute anxiety attack a day ago. Like you, I was overhwlmed and trapped within my fear. My physical heart became a great concern and I was genuinely, as were you, concerned about my well being.

    I completely recognize your fear.

    And mine I might add. LOL!

    What I do not accept is that you (or I) are helpless, disempowered and only physical beings. To all things comes the Universe, offering us an opportunity to become our potential. We then choose to accept it or, fall victim to our ego. Do NOT give in.

    Instead, breathe deeply ... I had to do this for almost an hour before my heart came back to normal. I truly understand great fear my love ... and financial, security fear is incredibly hard to deal with ... especially with kids. Know that I hold your hand, in this very moment, on that. You are NOT alone.

    You do have the love of your Enchanted Souls here but you also have the Universe on your side too; even if it appears otherwise. This illusion is the fear; the reality is that your path is about to undergo change ... changes that will bring you what you need ... not always aligned in our minds with what we want. How we respond, not react, to this spiritual challenge paves the way for the next moment of our life.

    Do what you can, not what you cannot.

    Expect the Universe to provide your miracle.

    Banish fears that it won't.

    Place your energy where you need it to be in your here and now. What if ... completely undoing words for those living challenges ... to be replaced with now it is ...

    Do what you CAN!

    Let the Universe work with you.

    Fears block this.

    If you have to play your piano for an hour to get your head in silence; then DO IT! I had to have a shower for 15 minutes, standing under hot water, to make my system calm down. Just DO whatever you need to. Then, look at the other perspective of the situation ... one where empowerment leads the rest of you.

    You will never, and I mean NEVER be foresaken Sunshine. Not now, not ever!

    Believe that!

    Really believe that!

    Now, my other message ...

    ASK for help.

    Keep asking.

    Know that the Universe, although it is in a constant state of movement, cannot interfere (unless it is a life or death scenario and only then if it is part of the divine will) with your life. It continuously sends forth opportunities. To receive, we need to learn to ASK!

    There is nothing I wouldn't wish for you Sister Sun ... or any of us within the pond. Take our belief, love and wishes for you and combine it with your own and then direct all that energy towards the Divine.

    Allow the doors of receipt to open.

    I love you Sun!

    Icey x

  • Wow, Thank you, Icey! I have been having a moment of fear, and having the kids' dad sitting around being unhelpful and angry doesn't help me. Hoping my changes includes dropping excess baggage,LOL! I am taking steps to roll with the changes, I am better today, just doing what I do. School is keeping me occupied as well as work. Definitely need piano time, not fitting it in right now, that's my next priority!

    Being here is such a calming influence. sitting on my rock leaves such a serene state for me.

    Blessings to you Icey, I certainly love you too!

    And to all my other Ponder peeps, I certainly think about you all! Blessings to everyone!


  • Hello Sunshine!

    Your energy 'feels' in a much better state - more together and less in fear. Great to feel. It is a difficult line to tread; this fear Vs love path ... were we not such heavy, physical beings, we would realize there is another way; an easier way and a more gentle way to be whilst all this swirls on around us.

    Losing excess baggage is always part of change! LOL! You funny girl!

    We must always honour our experiences for they are present in our lives to teach / guide / make us aware of not only what the experience is all about but to highlight OURSELVES to ourselves, mostly. When we consider our RESPONSES to others, situations, even ourself, then we see what we are operating in: love? fear? illusion? perception? compassion? anger? etc; Once we refine our responses, the dynamics of reality change! Never underestimate that power baybee ... it makes a huge difference. It is within the UNEXPECTED events of our lives that we actually can discover what we have agreed to learn to understand; usually, it is the cumulative effect of NOT paying attention in other lives, or earlier moments of this one. From a human view-point, it's a tad sucky ... from the spiritual aspect, it's the experience of a life-time. Shifting our consciousness is vital to bringing that which we must learn from to us. In this, lies change ... in you, around you, for you and because of you. Knowing that assists us no end for it places the empowerment back within us - where it has always been all along.

    As I said in the other post, stay present in your SINGLE MOMENTS and not in what will next week bring. Stop everything and go play your piano. Really, in the overall scheme of things, 15 minutes away from study will NOT hurt you ... the benefits far outweigh the downside. It is NOT 15 minutes wasted but a whole day GAINED in being a more centred and calm individual. If we fail to make time for our own needs, we cannot complain that we have no time or that someone else isn't filling those needs for us. There is no-one who knows you better than YOU do. Honour that well of wisdom by not always doing ... sit and just be. There is no guilt to be found within a silent moment to breathe, ground and align the self!

    You are an extremely courage filled soul Sister of Sun and hence, your support network upstairs is extensive. No-one undertakes a journey alone. Keep learning to ask for guidance / assistance ... both in the here and now and from your Guides and Guardians. Hold the knowledge of being supported as TRUTH.

    Now, give those gorgeous Little L's a hug from the Moonwhacking Iced One and know that those hugs hold hugs for you, from me, too.

    Go play that piano!

    And that IS an order!!!!!!!!

    Blessings do surround you and I am sending you many, many more.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x

  • Dearest Enchanted Ones,

    Please find a few moments in your today to chat with your Guardians. Thank them, bless them, work with them, know them, ask them, teach them ... whatever feels right in that single moment. Then ... be completely quiet and FEEL them speak back to you. You may feel cool air, a touch on the cheek, have your hair stroked, your hands may suddenly tingle or go warm, your being might feel as though it is expanding into the infinite, you may see a flower, or be given an image of something that you adore. Whatever the special and unique response from them is for you; know that it was a GIFT JUST FOR YOU for your today!

    I am wishing that you find this LOVE FOR YOU reach you today!

    Keep realizing that signs, messages and signals are all around you from your Guardians and they WANT you to notice them.

    Holding you in my soul,

    Icey x

  • Thank you Icey! I will try to engage with my guardians today....I think I have felt them more around me since last week. Loved what you wrote to Sunshine, right on!!!

    today is the only day of sun predicted for next week, so I have a long list of gardening tasks to do. I enjoy getting my hands into the earth and breathing deeply. The balance for me is taking the time to enjoy it and not get all pushy to get everything done in my limited time available. Fortunately, my hubby is available and will help with a few projects, so that will be good.

    Hope the cooler weather is coming your way, dear Ice queenie. Love the pics that you posted, esp. the last one!

    Hugs to all from

    Bloom xoxo

  • Icey, dear sweet earth Angel, what beautiful words you write. Your words touch my heart each time you write, not only to me but to everyone. Thank you,thank you...your words spoke to me differently this time, yes, I'm finally getting it lol. Thanks for using your moon whacking broom on me with such love:)

    May this day bring you love,healing,light,along with many hugs and laughter

    Namaste' spirit buddy:)


  • Hi Shee,

    Nice to see you, I am always happy to see you where ever I happen to be looking! I hope you are having a great time. Our weather is getting much better, really warm today, i am going to take the little ones outside for a nice neighborhood walk in a few minutes.

    Blessings to you!

  • Hi to everyone!! Beautiful sunshiny day here, I am going to go out with the kiddies and refill my sunshine meter, LOL!! Love to all you Pond peepers! I love you all, and look forward to seeing you in here! Out I go to enjoy the sun!!!!

  • hey sister sun enjoy your day with the L's..our weather is still like winter its just crazy...lots of rain, then one day of sun and 6 days of rain, I'm so over it lol...then i tell myself its happening everywhere and to be grateful its only raining... Thats when my Leo roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr comes out lol...

    love and light sunshine



    Bloom sounds like your having the same weather as us...

    love and light to you also Bloom and to the rest of the pondies



  • Good morning My Journey and other Big Pondees!

    Yes, we have had the same weather...although last week we had a couple of good days with mostly sun. I think the rain is needed for us, right now it's a gentle patter, but probably will rain harder soon.

    Yesterday was supposed to be our only 'sunny' day for about the next 7 days, but it was only sunny in the sense that it didn't rain until about 5:30 pm. Nevertheless, we were happily engaged in the yard for most of the day, with little side trips to walk the dog, get iced coffee, go to a plant sale at a historic home and purchase on-sale items from Pier 1 for raffles for our daughter's wedding shower. lol...we did get a lot done in the yard, but we are slowing down a bit in our physical stamina, so we needed those breaks! LOL

    My Journey, thinking of you and your spring. My daughter is living in the Seattle area now and says it rains almost every day. I guess she is getting used to it.

    She is practicing her saxophone about 5 -6 hours a day to prepare for a big audition for a military band in Washington DC in June. She will fly out to be with us for a few days, so we will work on MORE wedding never quits!! But we are enjoying it. Later she and her dad may drive her car cross country...hopefully a very bonding experience.

    I don't know if it's my age (soon to be 64) OR the upcoming wedding, but I think often now that either one of us (her parents) or my older sister, or my husband's siblings, may not be here a year from now. But, it's not a morbid feeling but rather a desire to CELEBRATE that we are here now, and can be loving and supportive to the young'uns. Does that resonate with anyone else? Lady Laie??

    Okay, sending light and love your way, especially to Queenie Q, Sunshine, Mr. Crusader and Icey, who might be very busy these days with their young'uns!



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