The Enchanted Pond

  • Ride LIKE the wind and not INTO the wind Bloom!

    We shall all be holding your tyres up and flying you through the air on Saturday my friend! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the new scenery ... when safe to do so! Hope your sister has a great ride and time out in the elements too.

    Praying for CALM for you both!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam ... not Icey weather ... right Universe!!!!!???!!!!

  • To all Enchanted Souls I send thee a wish for discovery, adventure and happiness today! Find a moment to play.

    With heart,

    Ice x

  • And ... alone again (???? wherefore art thou all???) ... I send thee another wish for your today.

    May you see yourself reflected in all you do today.

    Hugs across the pond,

    Ice x

  • ICey,

    I popped in, found myself alone and popped out. I looked at a house in the same neighborhood just about 2 blocks away from me last night. It was beautiful!! Still a small house which is great, but it has 3 bedrooms, a lovely kitchen, BEAUTIFUL backyard with a deck/patio, and a basement that was made over into a den/family room. I LOVE it! Problem is that I would be struggling to get financing and he wants to sell. I was thinking to negotiate rent to own, the owner's Mum, who was the person thagt showed me the house, had no real clue what her son wanted except he wants to sell. I could see myself in that house, and I am praying for all the obstacles to be removed if this is the place for me,(and there are a few obstacles I'd need to overcome, money, money, and more money being my biggest bugaboo) Sudden move, no time to amass funds. If I had known this was coming, I'd had time to plan. I will look at a couple more houses, but i love this one. HAHA! this and school will keep me in grey hairs for sure.

    I Hope you are doing well, keep getting healthy. I know winter is coming your way now, keep warm. Big hugs and Blessings to you and yours.

    As for the rest of my Ponder Peeps, Big hugs to you all!! I am thinking about you all.

  • Oh boy ---- lots to catch up on ...... I've skimmed the posts and thinking good thoughts for all. Hope to return soon, Sistah Pond Keepers!

    Happy May Day!

    I'm off to see the youngest graduate today. It looks to be a beautiful start to the day!


  • Laie!

    Happy Graduation to your youngest new adult. Wow! You have really cleared them out, eh? That will clear out your nest, eh? I hope that whatever your dear one desires in life is the best and I wish Blessings and happiness to you all! I miss talking to you!.

    Have a great day!!


  • Good morning pondees!

    Sunshine, I will hold that house in a vision for you...what color is it?? Is there still any program out there for first time home buyers? If you still have a relative in the military who has an account with a military bank, my daughter told me that you can get a lower mortgage rate. something to check out!

    Icey, sounds like a fun movie...Thor, I'll have to look it up. It's fun to go with your kids to a movie...still a special treat for us that we go on holidays, or sometimes Tim and I take our friend's boys to see a!

    Laie, hope you are enjoying some nice sunny weather with us, love it!! Wedding coming soon?!

    My bike ride for MS was good! Cloudy, no rain, cool temps and hardly ANY wind...just in places by the ocean, which we expected. Thanks to all of you for any help you gave to hold back the winds. My sister and I had a lot of fun (mostly when we were done, lol) but she was happy to have done her first ride. I am going to sign up for another one this afternoon for cancer. That will be in a month. Then, mostly just trying to behave and get skinny for the wedding in September.

    Got to run to get ready for work, I have spent a lot of time outside in the garden and not so much inside getting stuff done.

    Hugs and love from Bloom xoxo

  • Hello Sisters and Brother of the Loving Winds ... hoping your today is a dream come true moment for you all!

    Sister Sunshine ... GO FOR IT! Take all that positive energy you hold about this home and channel it into the manifestation of itself. YOU CAN DO THIS! Think abundance and not, lack! Expect the Universe to provide for you and the Little L's. Keep holding that vision and energy. We are all willing it for you also. Winter is a lonnnnnnnnng way off for us ... we are only just dropping our temperatures to 84. I am loving the cooler nights and warm days. It's positively heaven after all the insufferable stuff we lived through. Thanks for your well wishes. Sending the same your way!

    Oh! Funny aside ... after I tell you NOT to burn candles at both ends ... I came home from work around 11pm and, after a chat with hub for about an hour, I was dying to finish my book and stayed up till 4am doing so. It's an amazing read (started it yesterday and could NOT put it down) ... called "A Discovery of Witches" by Deborah Harkness. LOVE IT! Cannot wait for the next book. OMG it's FABULOUS!!!!! I believe I am in love with love! 🙂

    Hoping your son's Graduation ceremony was wonderful Lady Laie!!!!! I can feel your pride ... and relief ... lol!!!! I hope he had the time of his life and felt fantastic about his accomplishments. Onwards and upwards for him now!!!! Look at the great job you have done with your brood my sweet, loving friend!!!!! You are amazing!!!!!! Hugs and celebratory cheer to all of you!

    So happy to hear that the sacred winds behaved themselves Bloom!!!! Glad your sister enjoyed the ride also. It's so lovely that you got to do this together. Great memories! Good luck planning for the next one ... what a busy inspirational soul thou art! Yes ... the movie was great ... again, in love with the love thing!!!!! I'm such a sucker for the fairy-tale! I must've invented it!!!!! LOL ROFL LOL Movies are a once in a blue moon treat in this house also. It's expensive so we don't go. Birthdays, however, are an exception.

    May enchantment fill all of your hearts today.

    Come back to the pond and play dear ones!!!!! Looking forward to sharing your lives and loves!!!!

    The Moonbeaming Ice x

  • Hi everyone!

    I still haven't heard from the owner about the house, so I will call him tomorrow and see what is what. But I haven't totally closed my options. I see another house that I would love to be in too, but I am listening to Spirit to see what is out there for me. I however did receive the short, terse letter from the landlord reiterating that the house is to be sold and they are not renewing my lease. 2 (two) whole sentences! HA! That just means it will only take me 2 (TWO) weeks or less to find a house, preferably OR LESS! I have been missing my piano lately. not much time to play, maybe I better try and make time, I must keep my waning skills afloat, you know, use it or lose it.....

    The kiddos are great, Lauren has really been enjoying her new haircut, loves to switch her head back and forth in the mirror! I am so glad I took her to get her hair done, she needs so little to make her so happy! Have a great day, Love you all!!


  • Lovely to see you following your intuition Sister Sun! Hoping your dreams come true! No doubt, your bond money will be returned to you and that will definitely help with the new place ... newness surrounds you ... and it's a good thing. When we fail to move forward, we cease living.

    You know what ... often, when we believe our lives are too full, making time for self is needed the most. Get your energy right and more will align. Play that piano like no tomorrow Sunshine and put yourself in a good space! Stay IN your flow ...

    Yes, sometimes, the smallest things we can do for others holds the biggest impact! I am delighted that your not so little lady was as delighted as she was! Such happiness is genuine happiness and that makes everyone who feels it, genuinely happy too. I am glad you have all had this experience. Here's to many, many more!

    And you are LOVED also!

    Remember that!

    May the Goddess be with you Sister Sun and may she guide you gently to your next stage of happiness!

    Always thinking of you.

    Icey x

  • Sending happy greetings to all who dwell amongst the Enchanted Pond!

    May the winds of fortune bless you all!

    Magickal Love all,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Remember that it is within everything that we find ourselves!!!!

  • Ooh Icey, I love that ice princess painting. I actually met the artist once and bought that print. I think her last name is Sanderson, I will have to look it up!

    Sunshine, you are on the move! I hope things go well for you and that you get help with the packing and moving.

    Haven't read backwards here...Forest Walker, I hope you have been able to begin your walks again, it is getting lovely around here!!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Love to hear from you Icey, I shall keep pushing forward. the house seems to be a no-go, he wants someone to put cash into his hand, he justs wants the money and get out. Don't quit have over $100,000. in my back pocket, but

    i say dream on dude! With this economy, houses aren't going fast. Another house i am eyeing has been up for sale for at least 3 years!! It's much bigger and nicer than this one! Well, onward and upwards. I could certainly use some good energy from my dear Pond peeps, thanks!! 🙂

  • Yikes, I wasn't trying to close that yet, maybe someone was trying to tell me something....LOL

  • LOL, that's Lauren after her hair was cut and washed, LOL That is the house around the corner from mine. It looks near the same outside, but lots nicer inside. The $100,000. + house.

  • O Sunshine, love the pics! Look at that Lauren girl shining there in her cape! That is so fun that you are able to give her those moments in the sun. The house looks pretty, but hope that you find the one you really love that is open to you!

    Keep up the clear thinking and ever onward girl!!

    Thursday....I feel like we need to send more love into the world after all the bin Laden madness, at least in the USA, the love for violence is really wearing me down! So I am visualizing a higher vibration of gratitude and appreciation for what we do have and what we can make together!

    Peace and love from Bloom xoxo

  • I agree Bloom, I feel like there is just more hatred going on and it makes for more ugliness in the world. We need a peace chain to stretch across the world!

  • Wow! Tonight I am feeling really overwhelmed by all the happenings going on right now. Despite my feelings of faith that this will work out right, I have felt actual fear today, and have actually been on the verge of tears a few times today.

    I am going to go look at another house tomorrow morning, not in the same school district, but the area is a nice area, and there is a friend who lives around the corner from the place, she says it is nice. Therefore, I have come in to sit on my rock and pull myself together. I will sit here until I purge these bad feelings from me.

    Hugs to all of you from me. I am in a bummy mood, but I still feel great being in here where we all sit at one time or another.

    Here is a pic I took of Logan last night. He heard the bath water running and before I looked around, he had plopped himself into the tub clothes and all!! LOL Silly Logan!

  • Sunshine 7959 so adorable I'd like the stolen shot but anyways what ever angles that shot it will comes beautiful and lovely cos they are naturally angels in our life. Luv to have wonderful angels like everyone had Happy Mothers Day to you. You do a job well done kisses ...

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