The Enchanted Pond

  • Sheila,

    haha, you are too funny!! The ride was El Tour de of the sponsors was Perimeter Bicycling, you should be able to google it. there may be photo's...not one of me though. Most bike racing photo's seem to be five riders striving to get to the number one spot...and I wasn't riding with a pack. I didn't kiss my medal but that's an idea for next time!

    I loved your description of your purple robe and the fingers cut off your gloves, hahaha! You must keep your house down in temp!

    Thanks for your encouragements, I'm going to check out your other forum.

    PS I did the free tarot reading this morning...I don't do them too often but wow...very accurate. I got my marching orders!!!

    Namaste to you dear My Journey

    Bloom xoxo

  • Gem,

    woo hoo, you finally got snow! Glad that you enjoy it! For real, don't get lost out there in a blizzard! I hope you bring your cell phone with you so that people can find you if you get frozen to a tree. Today we have a lot of wind, but I'm going to try to ride, since I have the day off and need to get to the next town for a brief appointment...facial waxing! agghh! does anyone else have to do that? I am useless at tweezers, so this way works well. My hairdresser does it for me. She won't mind if I show up in my riding tights, lol

    Laie, good for you for singing in a chorus! We have a Messiah sing locally in December. I love going and singing with all these other amateurs. They have a little pick up orchestra, which some years is better than others, but always good. They have it in an Episcopal church, so the organ can carry the music if needed. We bought our own scores, so we are ready!! I love to sing and miss that part about not going to church. Anyway, your post made me check the internet for the date of the Messiah sing, so THANKS!!

    When I am working outside I am a bag lady too. Lately, I wear very old pants, and they slide down..ewww! Nice in a way that they are too big, but hard to keep hauling them up. I still have to dig out my dahlia's and get them in the cellar. I will do that today!!

    The cruising daughter texted me from a Starbucks in Puerto Rico, lol, where they have free Wi-Fi. She has to pay 10 cents per minute on board for computer time, so this was a bonanza for her. She is doing okay, but working on a cruise line is not the same as being a guest. She likes the music part a lot, but doesn't do well with the military type structure. Well, for her, it's always live and learn, black or white, so these are the things that happen to her to learn. She's an 8, just like my Picses...I'm surrounded, lol,...and I find them inspiring also. I'm hooked.

    Icey, hope you are doing well!

    Sunshine, glad to hear about your blood test, and hope the results are good for you so that you can go back to work. I hope this felt a little bit like a vacation for you. I am SOOOO enjoying the music on my iPod. Give me the name of another piece you're working on, and I'll cheer you on while listening! Hugs to the L's on their little holiday vacation! Do either of them show any interest in the piano? Just wondering...

    DD, hope your holiday is a good one, and that you will have some fun with family and friends. I'm going to try to really be 'present' this year to every moment with my extended family...cousins from my mother's side. It will be good to see them all. I'll be thinking of you 🙂

    Arwyn, sending you love and peace!

    And..Hugs from Bloom x0x0

  • Queen Q,

    Glad that you are keeping us in high heels! Hope your hubby had a great birthday and that you enjoy your holiday meal. Who is cooking?? Do you have extended family around, other than your MIL? I am trying to imagine a Thanksgiving with jello shots and looks like a lot of fun, but only if you have someone to clean up all the left-overs from dinner. LOL

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Cactus sista!! Well, MIL and other in laws will be at the big game out of town for Thanksgiving day, so we will be with friends, and yes, I am sure plenty of jello!!!LOL!! I just had a friend text me asking for the recipe,haha!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  • Good morning all,

    Adding my best to you all for a great Thanksgiving Day...and for Sheila, hope that your day is filled with thanksgiving, even though you don't celebrate on this day!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxox

  • Just wanted to wish everyone Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for finding this wonderful family this year. Sorry I haven't had the chance to post recently please forgive me. I do miss you all very much but I am still working on straightening my life out and that is taking most of my time now. I hope all are doing well. Sending you all lots of LOVE!


  • Hi Tanya,

    Really happy to hear from you, I have been worried about you!!!!! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!! I am praying that everything goes well for you, I miss you!!! Hug the kids for me and yourself!! Come back soon!!

    Love, Sunshine

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! If you don't celebrate, have a wonderful day anyway!! I have been so fortunate to have gotten to know all of you this year, my life has been greatly improved by just learning from all of you. Each and everyone has given me a different perspective on life and a camaraderie unmatched because we all came here for pretty much the same reasons. Being able to talk to people who understand broken hearts and the issues that come with it is the best medicine, and seeing all the people who come in low and seeing them blossom in here is an experience unmatched by anything outside of here. My favorite music to depict what this Enchanted Pond means to me is this lovely piece by Claude Debussy, called "Reflets dans l'eau" This link I tried to download from youtube is the version by Claudio Arrau, he's 80 when he made this, but the beauty reflects our Enchanted Pond.

    Love you all, I hope it worked right......

  • Hello all you enchanted Angels,

    Happy Thanksgiving lady laie, Bloom, Gem, sunshine,DD, queen of the jelllllloooooo shots hehehe..P'mo, moon beammmmmmm, me lol...

    and I See Tanya dropped in, hugs to you and the children Tanya,Elaine also if you are reading this...




    Yes, Bloom i get my mustache waxed along with my chinnny chin, chin and yes my perfectly shaped eye brows...which reminds me almost time...:)

    I am watching the snow fall as i type such a beautiful site, when you don't have to go out in it...

    Then by tomorrow they are calling for rain, which now the beautiful snow will be slush...This is early for snow for us and the temperatures have broken records again for this time of year..I am not used to this, time to add other piece of clothing to my wardrobe!

    Bloom i found the site and i noticed that one person was from Africa and one from Europe..

    but the funniest thing i was doing...SHHHHHH, DON'T TELL ANYONE THIS, but i was looking for bloom,"ON THE LIST OF RIDER'S" and looking at pictures,






    OK to all of you "The wind beneath my wings",just love that song:) and all of you!

    May this day bring you beautiful moments of light,love,hugs,blessings,new beginnings,hope and lots of laughter...

    Namaste to all of you


    your "Canadian" Siesta

    Sunshine thank you for that beautiful piece of music and mine also, again...thank you...

    when are you going back to work?

  • Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stay away from those happy thanksgiving day JELLLLO SHOTS, MY SIESTA FEISTY QUEEN QQQQ


    happy thanks giving to you my dog kidnapper

    love ya siesta

  • sunshine, wow absolutely beautiful! Claudioh's hands move like a butterfly or maybe a hummingbird. oh my gosh so graceful, and i have never seen a piano that large in my life!

    what a gift..just like you:)

    namaste "T"


    hope you like this sunshine,you might need to scroll down a bit. to get the video on the page...I just happen to come across it.

  • Dear Iceria, Quenkath, Laie,Sunshine, Gem, Journey, DD and all my frineds at the Pond,

    I decided to visited the Pond during this Thanksgiving Holiday to wish everyone a day to give thanks no matter what journey we are traveling on this Thanksgiving.

    I have found my worn out rock by the Pond. I hear the warm breezes from the trees beyond the clearing by the Pond whisper gentle signs of comfort. I can put my barefeet in the Pond and watch the ripples travel over to the other side of the Pond.

    I remembered whne I first came to the Pond. I was so hurt. So much in pain. My heart was in a thousand broken pieces because I loss my spouse, Keith of twenty years.

    I asked God and the archangels to help me through this difficult period in my life. My plea was answeed from the Universe.

    I found life again. My pain was gone and reabsrobed into the Universe. My heart had felt no more pain. I was able to let go of Keith and hope I will see him one day.

    I am so thankful I was able to go through the grief and finally come out as a new person. My spiritual being had convinced me to travel the Universe by trusting my arch angels and God.

    In the months to follow I was given another chance to live and be happy once again.

    But a new development had taken place along with the spiritual transformation. I had left the North to marry a wonderful man in the South who was filled with love, knowledge, and understanding of my complicated self.

    It is now Thanksgiving Day and my spiritual self has gone through a great transformation but I am going through another physical transformation also... I am expecting in the Spring.

    This little person will be a special child for the both of us. It is like the rising of the Phoenix from the ashes.

    I am at peace. I am happy my journey has came from sorrow to happiness.

    Looking back on my journey and looking forward to a bright beginning,


  • Oh we are shining here at the pond, and wonderful visits from Triple 3 Tanya and Rooster! wow! how exciting to hear from you both. Tanya, it is good to see you visit, we keep your rock ready for you. And Rooster, how sweet that you are bringing new life into the world. You and your beloved have a wonderful story. Thank you both for dropping by. Tanya wishing you the best and the safest journey! Hope your balcony garden is growing well.

    OMG, My JOurney, you made me laugh so hard!! I would post a pic of myself if I knew made me laugh so hard. I think all the time about how well we know each other here, how we reach across the universe in this technological code, and yet, if we were all in a large room with others, we probably would have NO IDEA who we were...except if some shouted "Otis" or "jello shots" we would all instantly know!

    I had a really great day and was totally 'present' for most of the time, very very fun. My cruisin' daughter is very sad and lonely...I feel badly, but hope that this too shall pass. Send her some love, she can use it from you light workers!! <3<3 thank you all and good night!!

    Gemmy, write in and let us know you are ok!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi All,

    Sounds of happiness rise from the pong this morning, and it is such a sweet sound.

    My journey, no more excursions yet, but I 've heard word around town that the "out of the woods sale" that I stumbled into, was a private sale...So, that just adds to it. Like Lady Laie said, she would have told her mom, let's go, everyone is still in their jammies, but oh no, not me. I couldn't figure that one out. So far thou, I haven't heard any stories of me, the bag lady, walking thru a private sale.

    Cactuss, it's snowing here, been snowing most of the night, gonna really enjoy the walk this morning, I think it's about 18 out right now, and we're supposed to get a lot more snow today. Lake effect snow.

    Sunshine, haven't listened to the music yet, will when I get back from the walk, will listen with a good hot cup of coffee and just relax to it. Thank-you for sending it. I suppose we all need a little relaxation today.

    Rooster, honey, so glad to hear from you and your great news. Now your world is complete once again. I feel so much happiness for you. God is truly great, isn't he.

    There were about 6 of us here for Thanks-giving dinner. I cooked it, but couldn't get into it. There were about 6 more supposed to show up after dinner and play cards and visit, but the weather turned for the worse and they all decided to stay where they were, I don't blame them a bit either.

    P-mo, arwyn...hope you had a good Thanks-giving, if you had any of those cute little waiters serving you dinner and there are any left, you can send one up to snow country. I'll keep him warm, nawwwww, never mind, guess I'm just not in the mood for that anyway. Gonna have to find my own "oldie" up here.

    Lady Laie, I know you enjoyed your holiday, you just seem like you go with the flow and love every minute of it. I'm still way out there trying to gather myself back together again. Don't know what rocked me like this, but I shall return.

    Queenie. awwwww, the stories we will tell someday, if we can find someone to listen, love you girl..Now had you been around, it would have perked me right up. Forget the food, just bring on the the form of jello, now that's a private tray for us only. One day, we're gonna meet and just tell it all. Well, maybe not all of it. Some things are better left to the imagination, HUH?

    Got to walk now, and yes I do take my cell with me on these walks, in case of emergency, not my stupidity. Can't take pictures of that.

    Love ya all,

    hugs and blessings


  • DD,

    Didn't forget you, I hope your Thanks-giving day was a nice one. I hope for awhile you were able to step out of yourself and enjoy all around you. I think you did. Stop in and let us know your still with us.

    Love, hugs and blessings


  • Hi Gemmy,

    Glad you came by and posted. I have had many Thanksgivings like the one you mentioned...doing all the cooking wears me out!! This year was easier, going to someone else's house, lol

    Oh snow snow snow! wow...we have a really chilly morning this morning here, I guess no biking for me. My knee still hurts from my 'resistence biking' a few days ago, lol...

    Wishing you the best day!

    On the drive home from Thanksgiving dinner, I proposed my favorite pushy topic for my son and hub...and that is, that they write a book together. I think it could be SO good, they had a weekend together about 10 years ago, a while after my hub had his heart attack, when they decided to hike and camp in the Adirondack Mtns. They did a lot of preparation and practice hikes before they left, but when they were about 1/2 hour into the first day, my hub couldn't manage, so they had to turn around and go back. My son was so gentle and caring with him. They ended up just renting a camp site and canoeing and talking. I think it would be a great vehicle for them to tell stories about each other, and very therapeutic too. My hub would tell stories/chapters about his dad, and my son could tell stories about his dad. I think it would be a great coming of age book.

    Oh well, that is the director in me coming out!!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Cactuss,

    Thanks-giving was nice, and everyone did bring a dish, I cooked two turkeys, so we all would have left-overs.

    It's pretty cold here this morning too, in the teens I think, haven't looked yet. Might try to walk outside today, Did yesterday, but didn't get to far, it was snowing so hard at times I couldn't see where I was going, I just made it to where I leave the chipmunks and squirrels their treats and had to turn around.

    Really good idea about the book. Are they wanting to or not wanting to write it. Seems there is so little time for parents and children and even for each other anymore, maybe it would remind people of what life really is about. I bet they would have some very touching stories to tell, and some funny ones. I hope they do it.

    O.K. Cactuss the director, keep pushing, might just work.

    Have a good day,

    hugs and blessings


  • Wow, it is flurrying this am!! OOOOHHHHH MY!! Snow is going to get me before I get the snow tires for my truck!! Well, guess I better stay home until I get paid on Friday!!!

    Very cold, went to clean our Chapel today, it was our week to do so. Have really had all I can take of Michael now, ready to boot him outta here. I appreciate the help he has been while I have been sick, he's been really stepping up, but the near constant spatting and grumpiness is driving me nutso. I always tell myself "Just because you are invited to a fight doesn't mean you have to attend", but the only way I can choose not to attend is to leave home and go somewhere.....But, this is MY HOUSE!!! He can get his derriere out!!! Hey, enough of that, back to work on Friday for me!!! Praying it isn't snowing! Hope all you ladies are having a great day.

    MyJourney, please let me know if you hear from Elaine.

    I am so happy for Rooster, having a new baby....

    DD, Why has thou forsaken us all? At least let us know that you are ok, and just being invisible on your rock..........

    Icey, are you back from China yet??

    Laie, hugs to you.

    My other Pond fam, Blessings to you all, and enjoy the various holidays coming up in the next month or so, whichever ones you celebrate.

    Love you all.


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