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  • Hi All!

    I've been eagerly looking forward to the start of this month having been laying plans since Aug/Sept. As a few of the Peeps have done, a clean sweep of the cobwebs--- swish! I tried to clean up my computer desktop this weekend a little and found all these old notes, some should have been posted here, some elsewhere. I tossed the majority of them. I generally jot simple notes and round out when I have time. I also found some images that should've been posted but I never got around to re-sizing them …. that was too much of a chore on this busy weekend. Friday night we attended a fundraiser --- wine & beer sampling paired with a variety of foods. The Prince won a tasty bottle of a Portuguese almond liquor. Almond -- mm mm good! BTW, I'm not totally caught up, just skimmed.

    Here's something that spoke to me about The Prince IF the gender pronouns are swapped. For Soul Mates, entitled Possible Love:

    She learned to love him before he thought it was even possible, so he didn't have a chance to hide & mess it up & while it was a little scary at times, mainly he could not even imagine the world without her there.

    Another for just the Pond Dreamers & Keepers: this is the exact center of the universe which explains why none of the usual rules apply here.

    Okie dok .. remember some is a few pages back and I've yet to catch up ... : )


  • Cactuss, Could you believe it---Phones service lost due to this election! Good grief! I was tuning out every single ad and not answering my phone so I had no idea who was running for what. The night before I did my 'homework' -- ROFL! How sad is that! They drove me so crazy I couldn't even listen to them sling the mud nor answer my phone! From the sound of your post we voted the same way ---- YIPPEE!!

    Pool boy ---- I'd like a sip from Blooms private reserve please. Excuse me? What do you mean there's drinking age? Let me make sure I understand this correctly …. I haven't Earned it because of my age, therefore, I couldn't HANDLE it. Its Far Too Potent. Seriously??? Ahhh, thats why the label reads Reserve. Please pour, Gem one then. What? oh, you're right. She Obviously has some and is doing just fine with the Fire Chief!

    Bask in the attention!!!!!!! You've worked hard and not just on a physical level! I love that this is carrying over into your psyche>>> No other woman can resist my kisses … heehee! The new You ---svelte skinny - panted hooch Mama even raised the bar in dreams ---- Skating in a red evening gown, being pursued and maintaining virtue too! I'm envious, you multitasker, You!

    I'm biased and partial to your way of doing things too! heehee. I should come your way --- Alone, : ) for weekend. Between us, we could get your side of the garage cleaned out for your "Sporty Gal" & bike and take a trip north the following day. I'm so intrigued by your 5 healer/therapist!

    Did you get a few flakes of snow?

  • Sunshine --- We were able to chat while you were cooped up so there weren't any left over posts. ; ) Hee-- I thought baout this later --- I must've driven u cuckoo by including the page numbers along with well wishes! Hope I didn't, sometimes things out of context, like the peeps singing sunshine on my shoulders to u don't make sense without seeing the rest. LOL! Glad to read their Dad pitched in with you not doing well and baked a special cake for Logan. "All done" …. that was precious & must've been cute to see! Man of few words, but gets his point across! Happy Birthday, Logan! ( & Mom!) Get well soon! BTW----football…. U really, really should root for the Eagles if it can't be the Saints! Does you're Mom know who you root for? : ))) U mentioned somewhere using a Mac. Have u ever used the TextEdit app. Reminds me of Post-It notes. Its what I had to clean off my desktop actually all these 'post-its' which were left unposted. I'm hoping u can help …. I don't know how to stop the app from mis-spelling and/or changing the word Completely if I mis-type a letter. Any suggestions? Ex. I typed Mac correctly and looked back and it was corrected to Mc.

  • Icey & Quen, Girls Gone Wild, lol! You two started and ….. poor Gem! Gem who was walking the edge was left to fight over the boys you didn't want. And Bloom, OMgoodness! She's been riding the edge--- Already!!, zoning

    hitting ghostly blinkers--lol! and look what you did to her! You two are deadly femme fatale vixens in 4 inch red heels!! ( those words should Not be used in 1 sentence : >)) We're Sooo going to get kicked out of where ever we go and it won't be YOU TWO---Release the Cougars! It'll be Gem & Bloom!!!! Quen: Didn't u say u were looking for an island anniversary spot? Find one? Icey: How's the driving going? With all the date-keeping in Nov., I hope (and pray) the end of the month is a blast! And, begins a new song for you &yours.

  • DD -- Run from the cougars! : > ))) Will you be the Pond Treasurer? We're going to need to start collecting Now for Gem & Blooms' BAIL $$. Who IS David? This is driving me nuts! : > ) I once had a name for Cactuss and it drove me crazy until I asked.

  • MyJourney --- Haha--- I read it as skinny jeans too! I read Gem's post about looking at the pictures and realized both of you, having had a partner pass at about the same time are such loving amazing role models. If someone didn't read the painful story about your life partner they'd never know. Honestly, I'd be a basket case ---- PINKY SWEAR--Fiesty Mama Lion!!! You breeze in and spread love and laughter wherever you go! Thank You for being such and Example to me. And Angel images! I finally bought some Strathmore paper to do a pastel. Haven't done one in ages! I taped the paper down to the drafting table and now --- stumped!! LOL! Too many choices, need one to take hold in my mind! That reminds me ---- we bump into each other all over tarot, if u don't see me for a bit --- I'm working on Angel, k? Your German sentence of the day which shouldn't cause a strange look:

    Heute ist ein schöner Tag. Meaning: Today is a beautiful day.

    Heute = HoiTuh (like in Koi (fish) empahsis on T)

    ist = iSST

    ein= ine (like in FINE, )

    shoner= this one is more difficult because of the umlauted over o…. Try saying it like shurnah as in burnAh. or turnah.

    Tag =Tog. (like in FROG )

  • Gem --- Brr! I love the first snow fall though. You reminded me that I haven't raced to beat the kids in being the first to announce --- We have snow! I use to call them or they would call me --- who ever saw the first flakes, 'won' ; ) In the strength department, pat yourself on the back! I always get this impression that your not only heart & mind strong, but also physically hearty/strong. (with dark hair, heehee) Duh, as kids say, : ) You must be hearty with all the yard work! Ditto on being an amazing and loving role model! (posted about u in MyJourney's note) Pictures are the toughest. I'm very sorry and can really empathize. In a way, your seeing through his eyes with these photos of u, his love for you in every shot.

  • purduemo -- Berkshires. You rec'd a gift cert.? What a fantastic gift! Ages ago I did look into it, quite pricey. You're right! We'd giggle all night and burst at the seams during the yoga class. Remember Moonbeam's gym class descriptions? We'd never get through the yoga! LOL! I've a super hard time keeping a straight face when I'm suppose to be ' serious' about stuff like that …. I can see us all trying to help each other pose and bend like Barbie!! Yes, the yard has a beautiful view, but its a lot of work.

    That was the last one so at some point I can catch up but not today, too much piling up.

    Love to all! Laie4

  • oh were,oh where can the enchanted ones be

    oh, where, oh where can they be

    with bloom here, with here hair cut short

    and Gem here to tell her stories so sweet

    oh where,oh where can the rest of you beeeeeeeee

    oh where oh where can they be

    with sunshine here,and her hand getting healed

    oh where, oh where, can the rest of you be.

    oh where, oh where can you beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

    thank you,thank you, thank you very much






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