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  • Morning Bloom!

    Oh you sounded so wonderful, a teeny bit nervous, but wonderful! Fall-- the perfect time to spruce up. The house/ yard shouldn't get all the TLC! You'll breeze through the nine 'events' today. : ) What's really nice about doing the hair now is that you have time to play with it a bit before September sneaks up on you. & Floozy earrings!!! : ) AZ is two weeks away, please be careful, especially with your legs/ankles. (left side?) Has the youngest phoned home since boarding? Does she have to be in port to call? If so, hope she picks up a local cell phone at a store one she can roam with it. She's staying in the Mediterranean area, isn't she? Good advice to DD about the enneagram!

  • Sunshine,

    Might be annoying but ya know the office staff made the right call and by now they've all been tested. It use to be quite upsetting to find out a patient I was caring for was Suspected and we were never warned until AFTER the results wer found positive. Two years ago when we almost lost my son, I raised holy heck when the quarantine/univerasal precaution sign Wasn't posted! never want to make someone a feel bad, but you never want to infect others either --- hard line to walk!

    You wonderful woman, you! I love the music you posted and have tons of it! We talked about it before around the pond --- I'm wacky for all music! I'm glad a younger generation has been exposed to it by recent movies ... I use to drive family nuts with 'classical" and especially old jazzy blues! I started only putting CD's in on Sundays, but drove the Prince cuckoo so haven't done it in a while. Going to start up again ---- a pleasant Reverie! ; 0 Thank you! For our Magical Adventure -- I'll pick you up just to hear you play for us!

    Enjoy the timing offered to you to slow down ..... have fun with the cuties and catching up on things at home. Glad you're back!

  • P-Mo,

    I got a kick out of you description of yourself. don't remember what is was in ref. too, but you aptly described both of us. ; ) in my head i could hear my kids' laughter! they're brutal! Glad you were honest and concise in your first post-- 'talking to'-- to DD. I joked about paying a psychic to get messages through to my children----From now on, I'm coming to you with any messages I get --- you can translate and write them up! Integrity .... or Oneness of spirit (reads foolishly, but ya know what i mean) always gets me! Love the beautiful name from Ice, think it needs to be punched up a little. Its sweet and loving (fitting!) but lacks umph!, fire, joie de vivre .... think on it.

  • DD,

    I think life takes most of us downa path that we would not choose, my first marriage lasted 16 years, I knew my husband was a cheater after the first two years.. It happened so often that it was a joke to most of our friends.. I found out after the divorce that his average was a new girlfriend every two years. So when you do the math, it was 8 girlfriends in 16 years.We had two children together. Talk about being a door mat. Unfortunatly, I think I invented it. Believe me DD, I do know how it feels to be betrayed, and not be able to trust. God sent me another chance, but it took me 14 years to agree to marry him, I was just so afraid, and now I've lost him.

    All of this is true DD. All of that happened before I was 35. I think we just got married way to young to begin with. At my age now, I could write a book or fill up hundreds of these pond pages just telling the things that happened to me. The hurt, the sorrow, the mistrust, and OMG, the tears, Billions of tears. I was raised dirt poor, because of that I didn't develope social skills either, poor people in my time and area, so many things happen to us, it is heart wrenching now when I look back on it. But that was another person then, I tell myslef that I am a new person now. I was going down DD. I mean I was so far down that I started a thread on Tarot, don't know why, but I was looking for someone to help me, as you are. I couldn't even leave my house except to go to the grocery store, I would sneak in and sneak out. To make a long story short, I go out a couple of nights a week now, laugh and have fun, I think I would be dead now if I hadn't landed here, and I really do mean that. MY life was totally in the dark then, and from early childhood I learned what lives in the dark. And believe me DD, in that truly dark world, it's not Batman. Batman would have been a blessing.

    Stick with us DD, I can feel your ready for a different path. I was ready, just needed a shove. You will more then likely take a bit longer. People think I'm weird too, they really do, but H E L L, I think I am too. I just tell myself that the rule I set is, I am what I am. like me or leave me alone. I can't and won't change me for anyone again. In here you don't have to, No fakes in here, just lots of love and encouragement dear one.

    When we say we love you DD, we really do. Not "In Love" with you, but the kind of love that will not leave you, ever. You will be loved and if and when you feel strong enough to leave, that love will go with you, and you will truely be missed. Just write it out, and read the things that are written, we are all human. I have a strong faith in God, and I know he never gives me anything more then I can handle..And as for you, You wouldn't have made it this far if he wasn't watching over you. Remember the song, "You Can't Fly Like An Eagle, On The Wings Of a Sparrow".

    Love you DD,

    Hugs and Blessings


  • Cactuss,

    AWWWW, the pictures,,,lots of memories, lots of tears..I had to shut the office door and just have a good cry while looking. Still get tears this morning.

    This morning walk will be a very thoughtful one. The mind is working hard today trying to figure out what is first to think about. I guess first off is the usual talk with God...and awaiting the answer. Although, he usually just throws me hints and then makes me figure it out myslef.

    Have a good day

    hugs and blessings


  • Icy.

    Thank you for you sweet comments, I guess if I had been raised any differently, I would not be here, so I would have missed the greatest times of my life. My husband and the pond. So I do not regret any part of my life. It has made me what I am and led me here to the most wonderful people I've ever met.

    As for that beautiful picture you posted, AH HA, not your husband,,didn't get it. But he could be mine if I were a few years, O.K., lots of years younger. I can only assume he is married thou. seems all the good ones are...don't need another one of those. All they make are good internet friends.

    As far as the Chief of the firedepartment, the beautiful retired one, that doesn't exist..Hate to say this in public, but I could use a good hoseing down,,,,LOL And I am a good learner, so if you find him, tell him to teach me. Never to old to learn.

    I used to collect anything with a butterfly on it...I really did, you should see all the butterfly stuff I have. From jewelry to t-shirts, pruses, had to stop. I could be a butterfly. I also collected the dragonfly things...don't have a lot of that stuff thou.

    Love ya sweetie, have a good peaceful sleep, that seems strange because it 's morning here.

    hugs and blessings to you


  • Attention all Ladies, and Dark beautiy,

    Bundle up, we are going for our walk, it's around 30 degrees and it's supposed to snow this morning, I hope, would love to walk in the first snow of the year. Probably won't stay long thou. Temps are supposed to go back up for a few days towards next week.

    You all have a beautiful day and I will try to make sure you all stay warm.

    Love, hugs and belssings.


  • Laie, are you ignoring me because you are still angry with me? I know you don't agree with me on lots of things (which is more than fine) and you are very diplomatic and considered with what you do and don't respond to but I really haven't done anything to you. Have I? My word, as we all know, is not gospel or concrete round here and I certainly don't have as many life experiences or skills or talents as you do and I don't ever tell anyone they are wrong either. Not sure what I did but I'm happy to apologize for it if necessary.

    If you want to change Purduemo's name, go right ahead ... I'm sure she will welcome and value your insight. Everyone does.

    Hoping your health is better too now and I can stay away from the pond if it means you'll spend more time with everyone there. I know how much they love you.

  • Hey Gem ... I trust that you are walking quickly in this very cold weather you are telling me about. Brrrrrrrrr ... lady ..... brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Glad you got through today ok too (always thought you would) and some things made you smile. I shall leave the fire chief alone ... but am wishing you one!

    Hmmm ... no, the man I posted wasn't my hubby (sigh) ... it was Bryan Adams ... the heart=throb that he is. He's soooooooooooo beautiful. Glad you could appreciate him from afar ... and that is all you're doing lady ... lol ... nobody comes near my Prince Charming! LOL LOL LOL

    Wishing you a day of fun ... and mischief!


  • Bloom, how kind ... but I am not a tour de anything really ... just what I is. Yes, you ought to chat with Laie ... she IS the talented, more knowing one. Learn lots from her.

    I hope you're off having a great day.

    Nice of you to check in.


  • Sister Sunshine ... I couldn't believe I saw your name and another post long after you should've been in bed. LOL Naughty you ... funny but naughty ... LOL

    May you get better every day and find something FUN to do with your enforced time off.


  • Do you know what? I have monopolized this place enough. LOL Wayyyyyyyyyyyy too enough! Will give you all time to breathe ... and grow ... and be.

    Sending you my love.

    C ya.

  • Icy,

    Yes, got thru the walk, the temp. out was 27, and believe it or not it did snow, not alot, just enough to say on my parka for a bit. Was a beautiful walk.

    I guess I might have missed something here, but I hope you don't go anywhere. You and Lady Laie are my idols. Not that I worship either one of you, but I love and value both or you very much as friends.

    I'm still going thru pictures, and probably will for a long time to come, the tears are tears of sadness and memories and happy that I have both. My husband was a good man, but he was human, that much now I know. We have all made mistakes and have some regrets, of that I am sure. He was good to me, I think sometimes much more then I deserved. But I tried to be a good wife to him, and now I guess that chapter in my life is over. Time to put things in order and move on..

    Love you Icy...

    hugs and blessings


  • Icearia ---

    Wow! That post just made my heart race. Literally, not kidding one little bit.

    Last night when trying to type to DD, hubby kept vying for my attention and I couldn't concentrate. This morning the same thing. He stayed home so we could travel to our appts. together and attend a function this evening which I'm suppose to be getting ready for currently. I thought of you on our drive about wishing you well with all ( he gabbing to me now --ugh!) the imporatnt Nov. dates. haven'yt had time .... What am I suppose to be mad about? How could I be mad? Not a clue as to what you're thinking let me know when u can. Things ar insane 4 me now hope 2 hear back. L

  • Okay, ladies!!!!!!! We are all friends here, and no grumbling in the ranks, LOL. Everyone loves you both and value everything you BOTH have to give us, and you both have been very much an influence in my life and I bet i can probably speak for everyone when I say that. I have gotten a real education from you both and I am really glad that I have had the privilege to grow and learn from you both.

    Listen to me, sounding like a Mom.........LOL !

    Love you both, you are my dear friends. Hugs and Love to you both.


  • I have been blessed (cursed) with a wonderful (dreadful) memory. I remember everything, and I have the very worst habit of holding on to those memories. Even (especially) the bad ones. I live in the nostalgic world of the bittersweet. These things just stay with me, and I cling to them and love them dearly, even though they hurt. I rember my first date, my first kiss.....even my first grade school crush. I can recall them as easily as what I had for breakfast. I can smell a fragrance and see the person it reminds me of in my minds eye. little things that can bring you so much joy, and so much pain. Sometimes I wish for a spotless mind, but then I would be so empty. You can't look ahead if you are always looking back. I just can't seem to stop looking back. THer was so much there I try to analyze, so that I don't make those mistakes again. And there is safety in those memories, I can relive them and detach from them all at once. See how those things made me who I am. It is hard to let go..... I can't understand how a relationship so very brief brought me to my knees so easily. Maybe because I didn't see the end coming? I literally had no idea it was over until a week after it had already ended. I fall in love soooooo easily, and yes I trust instantly. you would think I would have learned by now. I guess you are all stuck with me now. I don't really have anywhere else to go.

  • HI Lady Laie,

    Yes, our youngest has emailed but not phoned home yet...she has to pay via a phone/internet card on board. I think they are in the Azores now and then a 6-7 day crossing to Miami. She is looking forward to being in the Caribbean and loves the music and entertainment people they work with. She says it's still a very disorganized ship, which is why she experienced so much difficulty even getting vetted to get on board. There were rough seas for a day or so and she toughed it out. She is TOuGH my girl, so I'm sure she will be okay.

    YES!! I was the big excitement at my school yesterday...people came RUNNING to see my hair cut when they heard and I also wore some pants that were called "skinny pants' on the tag...they said I looked 10 years younger. I SO enjoyed it, lol...seldom am I the center of attention and I just let it roll over me. very nice 🙂 I found myself smiling a lot!

    My meetings went quite well, I enjoyed the slower pace and tuned in more to the school 'breathing'...most of the time I am tied to my own schedule and sitting at the computer writing reports. It will be a ton of paperwork for me next week, but oh well...I work my b u t t off doing what they want to earn my pay. It's okay.

    Laie, I'll be thinking of you with your reiki. Thanks for the warning about my left leg and ankle. I haven't gotten out this week to ride, but will go this afternoon when it warms up and then again tomorrow morning.

    My Pisces friend and I are going to an AIDS Chocolate benefit and auction tomorrow afternoon. We enjoyed going last year. I told him we have to sample all the truffles since we are thinking of having those for favors for my daughter's wedding. a big job, esp. when I have to weigh in to WW the next day. I will be taking lots of small bites...

    I had a fabo dream last night, only can remember parts of it, But apparently I was quite a gifted ice skater in my dream, being able to skate in a red evening gown. I was putting my skates away and a tall African-American man (probably some hunky football player if I knew their names), looked under the table at my legs as I was taking off the skates, and came over and gave me a huge embrace and tried to give me a big kiss. I only gave a little one, but pulled back, saying I was married. He looked at me like I was crazy, and said "No other women can resist my kisses." I think I started laughing, but not sure. I did wake up 🙂 I will have to think about that dream's message!

    HOw is your daughter doing with her new house process? Is she living close to you and the Prince? Have a wonderful day!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Good morning Gem,

    Good for you for going through all the pictures...not always easy is it? But I imagine there are some happy memories in there. It's a good lesson for me to keep focused and conscious on the here and now, and make a choice to live and love every minute we can.

    I was thinking this morning that you are walking every day but I am not riding every day. Hopefully I will catch up this weekend, as my Tucson ride is coming up quickly. I do walk my dog every day but in my neighborhood, which is not woods and chipmunks, lol!!

    Sending you light and love, beautiful Gemmy!

    Blooom xoxoxoooo

  • Icey,

    I'll speak for myself to say love your posts...I don't think you are monopolizing!

    Hope your weekend has begun and that you will spend some time near your ponds and think of me this morning 🙂

    Lots of light to awesome you!


    Bloom xoxox

  • DD,

    Glad that you will be here with us! You sound like an intense and caring man!! I don't have a lot of advice for you, sometimes I feel the same way about my day. I think some of the activities I do for ME, such as painting, gardening and biking, take some of that intensity of memory away. They help me live in the moment, which is I think what our mission is here on earth. I enjoy reading Buddhist writings because they talk about suffering and how we are in control of our own suffering.

    So thank you for your posts and your honesty. Lifting you up, hope you have a fun weekend!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

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