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  • I have tried so hard to see the light

    but I'm so very tired, too tired to fight

    I must give in to the sweet embrace of the night

    To see you with a new love, it simply isn't right

    but to watch you love another, well I guess this is my plight

    and I'm forever darkly dreaming, dreaming of you, holding me tight

    I know I need to move on, to just leave her be

    but it is so very hard because of what she meant to me

    I try to keep my vision clear but she is all I see

    even when I close my eyes, still she's haunting me

    it hurts so bad, it makes me mad, is this all I was meant to be

    I asked you to your face, to tell me right from the start, ortherwise

    I never would have trusted you with my heart

    and now the words echo in my head and all around

    all I ever was to you, was simply a rebound.

    tongues tell lies

    as do eyes

    and so we now must part

    because in you the only

    piece thats true

    is one I can't see

    your heart

    noble acts

    and daring words

    a hero does not make

    and even still he has nerves of steel

    he has also a heart to break

  • I cry FOUL! Icey, MyJourney and QueenBee – do you not all have a warm body next to you at night? Well do ya?? Then don’t you think it’s just a wee bit selfish to not be sharing all that hot pool-boy/fireman action with a sista who ain’t getting any 😉 ???? Oh wait ,there were the group pictures… And I’m definitely with Icey, anything worthwhile has to START with sultry, teasing, flirty little kisses. Oh my, I’d better stop now – ‘’cause I don’t have a poor unsuspecting husband/boyfriend to go pounce on, LOL!

    Bloomy- love the cat reincarnation story! I am very attached to one of my cats – call him Velcro-kitty because if I’m home he’s no more that 6 inches away and usually in my lap. He adds a very interesting challenge to my morning yoga, lol! He was gone for two full days a few weeks ago (rarely stays out at night) and I almost lost it. And for some reason, I like to “lose it” in my car too – something about being alone and having time to think I suppose…

    You are not alone in your feeling less than excited about the opportunity for passion with “T”. I think you need to be totally vulnerable and open to enjoy the physicality, and you have been deeply wounded by him. Plus it’s so much safer to have those feelings surface with someone that can’t really threaten to act. I think part of my letting go and enjoying myself with my cougar cub last summer was that I KNEW he was completely inappropriate for me, so I didn’t have to worry about being destroyed like I had been by my beautiful Libra man. But there IS something to be said for physical fun and D A M N you all for hijacking this thread down its current little dirty path 😉

    DD – pretty please come to our rescue with more poetry before the estrogen in here explodes!!

    Icey – I think I like the Arwyn spelling even better. Love it!! I always feel like a bit of a walking contradiction (What sort of analytical engineer plays with tarot cards? What kind of gregarious talkative social-butterfly needs copious solitude to keep sane? How can someone who is supposedly intelligent still be really ditzy ;-)? ) So I am once again honored by your description: “leadership, courage, language skill and heart within it. It had to show the intellect and yet, a vulnerability to life ... wisdom and sacredness ... mystique and honour” I feel like you truly see me – all of me, and for that I am truly blessed!

    I laugh when I read your descriptions of “the princess” - she sounds so much like my oldest daughter who is a really good kid but also bossy, demanding and queen of her own little world. I always feel a bit sorry for her latest victim, er, boyfriend, because she is quite high maintenance. But she still tells me she loves me and wants me to tuck her in a night 😉 We probably won’t hear back from any colleges until December or so, so the waiting begins…

    And finally you are so accurate in your assessment of the feelings (and perils) that accompany that “other man” walking smack into the middle of your heart when you’re already taken! Funny thing is the feelings with my friend (still happily married) from 8 years ago have mostly faded to a true friendship. I still have lunch with him every couple of months or so ,and although I still enjoy his company, I don’t go weak in the knees anymore! I love the story of your Prince (for he is one as well) trying in his own slightly bewildered way to BE more of what you desire and GIVE you more of what you need. Now, THAT is HOT my dear 😉

    My Journey, love the Bill Crosby approach to cooking for your exchange student – She’ll be cooking for you in no time… Hope you had a fun evening with the Sag. He probably had no idea what hit him, eh?

    Gorgeous Gemmy - thank you for including me and hope I didn't scare away too many animals by giggling (toooo much thinking of the jello covered pool-boys) Promise to behave more next time.

    Sunshine sista - still misssing your rays - come back to us SOON.

    Quote for today: "So often times it happens, that we spend our lives in chains, and never even know we have the key!” Eagles - Already Gone.

    Love to all,

    Arwyn EvenStar Grace –Elfish Mischief Maker Extraordinaire!

  • Oh DD - you came, you came, you came. Thank you sweet prince for rescuing us from ourselves !!! And more phenomenal verse...

    And yes, I know EXACTLY how you feel. My pain was a combination of bone-crushing sadness from losing the person that I thought was "the one," combined with the anger of realizing that all the wonderful words and stories and music that he wove for me were lies (and anger at myself because I believed all of it)! But in the end it was my fault because I was looking to him to make me whole instead of looking to myself. And that my dearest, is the journey that I am on now. So that I will not NEED another person but CHOSE to be with someone else...

  • You came out to play Mr. Pisces ... brave man! Very brave! Come join the jello dripping ... oops, dipping!!!!! LOL LOL I fall for that every time ... ha ha ha ha ha

    When all we have is the stuff inside our heads, and all the time in the world to think about it, we easily become despondent and cynical and trapped, even. You have been hurt deeply and your pain is very real and, you feel at a loss without her. Yes, that is true. However, and this is where both Lady Laie (great carefully considered response by the way Laie 🙂 ) and I have been going ... trying to help you see the greater world around you ... to see that you are a part of something much more wonderful than the sadness in your soul and the thoughts clouding your mind. The only way for you to do that is to get out amongst it. How will anyone ever find you if you are stopping them from doing it?

    If you've really read everything that's been written here, you will see that every soul here battles something ... and every soul here has been tormented by a love that cannot be. It is, kinda, what draws us closer together ... our experiences (and this includes yours) weave us together. Our souls help each other's souls to live; to seize life and to partake in it all. If I could draw the curtains, lock my doors and be alone forever, I would do it. But, what then does my soul have to experience? What then does my mind have to dwell on? What then becomes of this being you call Icey Moonbeam??? Even going all scientific and black and white for a moment ... to every thing there is an equal and opposite reaction yes? In our universe there is balance; it is what the Universe is founded on, how it works and how we work also.

    The prime spiritual premise? What we think ... becomes. What we believe ... becomes. What we experience ... becomes wisdom.

    Carpe Diem Double D ... just look at the brazen floozie Queenie Q ... well, ok ... she kind of overdoses on carpe diem and hose seizing but hey ... she wraps herself in life ... and pool boys and hottie firemen and ..... ROFL BAYBEE ROFL But, you get the idea ... and yes, thinking you'll stay away from her is a very good idea ... come to Icey ... she'll look after you ... wink, wink, wink!

    Ok .. where was I? See what Queenie Q can do???? The flirty force is strong in that one ... and Gemmy it would seem ... who'd a thunk?????

    Back to you Mr. Poet ... take all those pieces inside you and love yourself for them ... then, scoop up some bravery and come join the partay! You'll never know what you gain until you try ... wouldn't it be so much sweeter in life to love someone as you are capable of doing that loves you the same way back? Wouldn't you rather be held in the arms of another who wants to hold you all night long? Wouldn't you rather have the soul of a woman who wants to give it to you?

    Then ... let her come to you.

    Let this lady (who is truly out there ... Lady Laie has even given you a clue about what to look for) find her way to you.

    Then, we'll be shielding our eyes from those fireworks!

    To live in the dark, all torn and afraid is no way to treat a soul ... not your own or anyone's ... souls are designed to SHINE!

    Go shine hottie word man ... go shine!!!!!!!!!!


    Icey x

  • all it takes to turn a hero into a villain?

    a broken heart, a betrayed trust,

    a promise of love that was only lust

    this path was chosen for me

    and follow I must

    a dark knight has fallen

    his symbol will rust

    a new dawn is rising

    yet I embrace the dusk

  • Good morning Icey!! I can't believe I'm on the same time as you.... Hmmmm, seems Queenie, MyJourney, Gem, Laie and Cactuss are all away. You know what that means - we have all the hot pool-boy, fireman AND our own gorgeous poet ALL to ourselves ... TEE HEE.

    nah nah nah girls - you missed out....

  • Arwyn ... my darling Evening Star filled with Grace ... hello there!

    I play to win baybee ... purrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! But, thank you for acknowledging some sense round here ... and telling Q that the kissing BEGINS it all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally, a cougar who knows her stuff!!!!! LOL LOL LOL

    And, just so little miss thinks she knows how to play dirty finally moves the peroxide aside (BIGGEST ROFL and LOL Baybee Queenie Q) ... once the kissing begins ... no need to move away because the promise of what's next is intoxicating! There ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha I WIN!

    Love you Queenie Q ... you can't go play elsewhere ... what means this ..... STAY here ... where you're LOVED!!!!!!!

    Arwyn ... where were we? Time to get out of the jello I think ... sooooooooooo messy that stuff ....... do I really know you? Of course. Hee Hee. Wanna know how I do it????? Each of you brings your SOUL to the enchanted pond. That is the level I connect with you all on and it is in the language that your inner self understands best that I speak to and with. That, and I'm just brilliant! ROFL so much I may never stand up again!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, too right you are ........ life is about risks and living and allowing the self to express from the inside out. Your Summer Fun was a perfect example of that. I actually particularly like the way that you gave yourself permission to live without guilt and fear. Now THAT is priceless and a shining example to all.

    I imagine we'll have lots of moments of swapping "Princess" (that is actually my daughter's nick-name .. true story) stories when we catch up and a definite Rocky Horror night is on! Dress up's anyone??? LOL Can't wait for the day!

    We are very alike actually ... except I am much more ditzy than you and far less engineery or analytical ... h e l l .... less ... actually. It's the balance thing I was explaining to DD ... we each have many facets to our being; and all are worthy of acknowledgement because together, they make us whole. Deny one and we soon drift off course. Your new name needed to be a reflection of everything I saw within you ... even the cougar grrrrrrrrr you!!!!! Arwyn takes no prisoners either ......... lol ............ and her passion with Aragorn IS sweltering ... so you hey!

    I really liked your words of wisdom to our fair, awakening BLOOM! They were all heart and experience talking there. Bloom, I shall be with you soon ... Yes Arwyn ... lots to be said for physical fun ... and, it wasn't me wink, wink, who drove the pond into the murky depths it has sunk to ... t'was all Q's fault ... she made me do it ... the she d e v i l she!!!!!!! LOL

    Hugs to you,

    Icey x

  • Arwyn ... ooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I like your depraved thinking baybee of wild thoughts. Let the FUN begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oops ... forgot to ask DD ..... art thou in darlin'?????? LOL

  • DD? Did you read my post to you just now???? Umm ... errrr. the one before Arwyn took me back down Q's path!!!!! LOL

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  • Here's one for you Icey!

  • Whew, good thing I found 3!! Don't want any cat fights breaking out now do we 😉

    DD - don't listen to either of them - they are both just big flirts (ok I am too!) but seriously come with me away from the crazy ladies...

  • Just warming up the partay Arwyn ....

  • This post is deleted!

  • D A N G Arwyn ... dirty minds think alike!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • forgive me, as i mean no harm, and this may come off a bit angry, and I'm afraid you'll have to forgive me for that as well. I have done as has been asked of me, I have taken all your advice. and yet I have been bitten one too many times. I do not want to have to put anyone through what they would have to go throught to get to me. There is NO ONE in Gods blue Heaven or Gods green earth that I will ever trust with my heart again....Ever. I have walked about this earth in my short time here and observed and been a part of this life and no one is honest any more, no one is trustworthy any more, no one has any honor or integrity. Perhaps it is only the women my age and younger but for the most part they are all greedy,selfish, thoughtless, pointless, trivial, unfaithful, wastes of time. I have put myself out there, I have tried, I have talked , I have made people laugh, and Have entertained and been the life of the party, but no one believes in forever one. I once believed that the only time you didn't get your fairy tale ending is when you stopped believing it would happen......I know that it's true now, it's just that not all fairy tales end with "happily ever after". I have read every post on here, all of them, and in some ways they have only reinforced what I feel in my heart is true..... The future belongs to those who believe in the power of their dreams, if this is true then heaven help me, cause my dreams are so D@mned dark. I can't even escape to them anymore. Please understand this is not just one woman who has made me feel this way, this is repeated, over and over. We are all born trusting, it is only experience that teaches us not to trust. There is no protection for a soul that is already this damaged, and believe me it goes a long way back, longer than you could imagine.I have been in a dark place since childhood, and every step out in the light has simply driven me further into my minds darkness. I appreciate everything that all of you have tried to do here, and If I brought any joy to this place, I am pleased by that, but I believe my time here is over. You are all wonderful people, but not miracle workers, and believe me, I have issues God would have a hard time working out...I have no light to give any of you, no words of comfort, no solace. I do love you all, sincerely. You have treated me like family and for that I am grateful. But the puzzle is missing too many pieces, scattered in too many directions,and I am simply too tired to try to find them and put them back together. I will forever keep my little pieces of sunshine in what remains of my heart, along with one illuminous moonbeam, they will be safe with my own two treasures, but beyond that, I have little room to spare, and it is far too precious to waste. And Dear Icey, I know your dissapointed in me, and I'm sorry for that, but please understand, I just don't believe anymore, not in love,not in forever after....I could see your soul, so bright and radiant and beautiful, but for someone like me, i'ts brightness burned my eyes. I wish all of you all the joys and love and life and laughter you can stand. but i'm afraid even the shade of the trees beside the pond is too much for me now.

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