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  • Morning Lady Laie,

    Yep still windy and still rainy, never seen so many trees down, we've had to cut and move two big ones now, just so we could get out of the drive going to the road, The neighbor's and I have been pretty busy removing them. I tried to keep up on the debris in the yard and yesterday afternoon I figured I'ed just have to let it go until it's over. But got up this morning and still blowing, so probably be at least another day before I can start over again. LIfe in the country.

    Yep, generator has had it's work out so far in the last few days, I think my husband was really thinking ahead when he did that. Bless him, don't know what I would have done with out it. Plus we had to hook the neighbors up with a water hose so they could have water for their toilets, so it really has been a God send. And it isn't even winter yet. Still in the 40's today but with the wind blowing it feels a lot colder.

    I am doing the best I can to enjoy myslef, my son is calling me a party animal now, I've been lucky enough to be able to go out a couple of nights a week, and we laugh and have a good time. It's all new to me, but I am enjoying it, compared to where I was a year ago, I like this better. And I know, everything in due time. What's meant to be will be, in the mean time, I'll find things to keep me busy. I always do.

    hugs and blessings


  • Morning Gem!

    U Party Animal U !! LOL ! Lets blame it all on Queen Q, heeheee! She has been busy and isn't here to defend herself ...... Lil'devil today, this will bring out the Fiesty Siesta!!!

    Oh boy, sounds like a lot of clean-up going on! On the news, they were showing what was left in the storms wake. Glad you were spared anything too serious. I called my gf in Germany this morning and in talking about our respective weather she mentioned the storms were shown on her news also.

    That reminds me ...... gotta post to Sunshine ....



  • Sunshine,

    Last Sunday, GB, Pitt & NE won ....... Wonder whats in store this weekend?

    OH YEAH ...... PITT & SAINTS! Halloween Eve! Hmmmn ...

    Come on, u know who u should root for .... hint hint .... , ..."come marching in"!


  • Hey Bloom!

    Are you leaving on a jet plane soon? How does one travel by air with a bike? Helmut on or off?

    : ) Will it just be for the weekend?

    Have you heard from the adventurous daughter? I so dislike when someone says don't worry, remember my, relax tale, lol! Anyway, I'm with you, I can't stand that feeling when it concerns the kids, who aren't kids, but can't drop or change the heart of a Mom who loved them before they were born, can we? When does she fly into Heathrow?

    Amazing change in the weather! Back to normal tomorrow. TGIF!


  • Wow - so I open my door today (OK so it was last weekend but it has taken me until now to read the ENTIRE thread, LOL) and what did I see but a most-wonderful sparkly lear broom jet with engines fired up. Who sent for me? ? I can not believe that I haven't been part of this incredible heart-filled, soul inspired thread for sooooo long. So many old friends and, it appears, some new light-filled spirits that have kept the fire burning....

    For those that don't know me - or forgot 😉 I stumbled across the original soul mates threat last year after my devastating break-up with the beautiful Libra man whose poetry/music wrapped themselves so tightly around my heart (which I had thought was unresponsive due to the ending of my 18 year marriage early in 2009). But it turned out that I was just a cosmic nurse to him – patched up his deep wounds, gave him wings, and then he was off (as it turns out into the arms of another, whom he intends to marry from what I hear). I think I posted at the time that I viewed him as my soul mate “cosmic kick-in-the-teeth” ; that deep pain that I felt ultimately led me to crave spiritual growth again. And it led me here….

    Let me pull up a rock and give a brief summary of what I’ve been up to (oh pool boy – where art thou??): After I picked myself up, dusted myself off and started living again (not that I don’t still have my little self-pity parties over the loss of the man who made me feel like I had never felt before), I met the cutest little hottie and spent a wonderful June/July indulging my cougarness! (QueenK – somehow I felt you beside me, cheering me on 😉 ). Not a long-term or serious match (too much youth, immaturity, and partying) but boy did he do my bruised and battered ego some good! It was very weird to give myself permission to have fun and enjoy his company and NOT worry about anything long-term. Spent these last 3 months once again focusing on me and my girls (one is applying to colleges and the other just got her drivers learning permit – might want to avoid any NC roads for awhile, LOL). I did complete a little-bitty triathlon a few weeks ago and survived (note to self: cramming may work for tests, not so smart for training! Should have been reading Cactus’ posts for inspiration) and went rock-climbing on a real mountain (as opposed to the indoor gym) and LOVED it (in spite of the blood and bruises)!

    I did recently go out a few times with a man that I met online who was very sweet, compassionate (male nurse), smart, funny and adventurous (been trekking through Nepal) but he sort of disappeared in the last few weeks ( a couple of emails but very hows-the-weather and no mention of getting together again). Think I overwhelmed his quiet, sensitive soul (he friended me on Facebook and saw a different side than the “me” of deep emails!). Either that or he's run off with a hot new yoga instructor, lol! He is sort of the reason that I came back: he confessed on our second date to have googled “purduemo” and found this thread! So before we even had time to discuss any past relationships, he uncovered all my rambling soul mate posts! See how you people get me in trouble, LOL!

    Reading this thread from start to finish – I have missed so much and seen such incredible growth. WOW. Lots more to ponder and write but for now, the big question is: SO WHEN AND WHERE IS THAT MAGICAL TRIP THAT WE ARE ALL GOING ON?????

    Light, love, and laughter to all…

    P-Mo (been thinking that I might need a name change as well – one that doesn’t match my email 😉

  • OMG!!!!

    P-MO !!!

    I can't believe it, wait let me rub my eyes again! Yup, signed you, reads like you … No, You didn't ……..QuenKath come here! Hurry! --- Couger Mo! Betcha had to explain a boilermaker! LOL! Or was this the bartender?? ; 0 For the summer? We all need one for the summer! heehee, Oh bad girl!! LOL!~ Wait 'til Queenie reads this!!!! ROFL!

    So the Trekker did a little light reading? Poor idjit --- too bad he stayed in the shadows. We could've told him what a great catch he let slip away! His loss! Oh please tell me what Mt. and say it was part of the AT -- was it? Give me that over a pool boy any day! (ouch, ducking!!) Climbing and a triathlon? Go Rockin'Rappin P-Mo!!!!!

    Wow, Mom, the girls are moving forward in their independence and you've got a new lease on life! It is so very, very good to hear! I'm happy you and the girls are doing so well! Seriously, you read all these pages? Oh Baybee, couldn't you have enticed a pool boy instead? : > )

    Pool Boy, a round for all! Really, really GREAT you returned!

    Big HUG!


  • PS> Of course in my excitement, tossing a few back didn't help either, I missed the big question -- The Magical Trip? Well, we had sort of decided sometime next Fall, if I remember correctly, then with upcoming family events that shifted .... k, basically, idk! : )) As for a name, P-Mo has worked very well, but we'll put some thought into it. xxoo

  • Wow, what wonders going on here at the pond!!

    Thanks, Lady Laie for your understanding! my daugher is off on the first leg of her trip. She flies to England on Sat. morning. She is happy and that makes me happy. Hopefully she will enjoy being on a ship for 4 months!!

    P-Mo, I remember you! Don't have time to read everything, as YOU have, wow!! But glad that I inspired you via history for the next triathalon! I can swim and bike but not run...go YOU! Quite a story you have posted! Thanks for all the updates. I can see that Lady Laie is so excited, and that makes ME excited too!!

    Gemmy, you are just plain inspiring !

    Gotta run!

    Love to all, Bloom!

  • Hi my dear Pond family, and welcome back P-Mo! My, my,my! You have been a busy bee all this time!! I bet you have some really good stories to tell us, LOL! I am so glad you came back to us and our beautiful Pond!

    Well, everyone, I have had a bad couple of days. I went to work this AM and by lunchtime I was sitting in the E.R. at Shadyside hospital!! I am not sure what exactly happened, but a couple days ago, I noticed a small puncture wound on the outside of my right hand, don't know if a spider bit me or something stuck me, but it hurt, swelling starting, and I sterilized a needle and popped the head on it, and went about my business. Yesterday at work, it was more swollen and getting uncomfortable, our nurse is watching by this point, I come home, pop it again, and soaked it in the bath while I soaked, had no electricity so the computer was out for me. Today, it was really swollen, Debbie, our nurse could see streaks going up my arm,sent me to call my doctor. By 11:30 I was in his office, he took one look and wanted to admit me!!! Sent me to the ER, they wanted me admitted too, I'm pleading not, who's gonna take care of my kids???? I think once they realized at the hosp that I have no health insurance, that helped them see things my way, lol! The ER doc lanced it after they gave me an IV full of Vancomycin and he deadened it with this huge needle that made me wanna faint. It appears that somehow I have acquired a staph infection from a possible BUG BITE??!! WTH???!! I left after 4 hours in the ER with pain pills and antibiotics. My hand looks like I have a boxing glove on, it hurts like heck and I am still shellshocked wondering how in God's name this happened in a couple of DAYS?!

    Gotta go back to the doc 2morrow for followup wound check! OMG!! MORE DRAMA!!! My life is never boring, i am typing with left hand whilst I soak right hand!! The pond is the only place I can come and whine...........(anyone want to give a bit of cheese to go with my whine??) LOLOLOLOL

    Topit off it is getting COLD!! hope we don't have the winter we had last winter.......

    no snow,no snow,no snow, no snow.............

    No school tonighyt for me,this vicodin is about to knock me out. I will talk to you sweet ladies and our resident poet and caped crusader on tomorrow, when I have my wits about me, lol.

  • Oh Sunshine, poor you! I know those bites can be miserable, and staph isn't something to fool around with. Glad your nurse pushed you to see someone and get good care.

    I read somewhere that staph molecules (?) are always on our skin, and look for an opportunity to get into our bodies. Kind of creepy, but I think usually our bodies can fight off some of the opportunistic germs. Anyway, probably a one in a million chance, or something...a you won it yesterday! Agggggghhhh! Hope that you feel better soon. And I totally understand about your babies! I forget where you live? I keep thinking somewhere with a LOT of sunshine.... :)!

    Sending you love and light!

    Bloom xoxox

  • My JOurney,

    Hope you are doing well! Miss you 🙂

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Gemmy,

    Hope that the falling trees do not do damage to your place. Stay strong!

    Love and light,

    Bloom xoxo

  • This post is deleted!

  • Cactuss,

    I think today is finally going to be a decent day, in the low 30's, but gonna warm up to 40's, so gonna be a great walk. The wind is finally gone, now it's just a gentle breeze. Geeze, that was a scarieeeee, 3 days. Lots of trees down, but no house damage. I think I heard last night that there are still 27,000 people with out power. And in these parts, that's a lot of people..

    Have a good day, It's Friday,,,TGIF,,,

    Love, hugs and blessings


  • Sunshine,

    Wow girl, that sounds wicked. Better do exactly as your told, I've also heard that staph infection can be bad. My daughter had it when she was real young, got it from the hospital. I took her in to have a cut on her leg fixed, and she came out with that. Hard to get rid of,

    Hope you get better real soon,

    Hugs and blessings


  • Morning Lady Laie,

    Yep, a 66 year old party animal, and I will thank QuenK, I owe all my fun to her, well not really, but I have to admit, she makes life sound so enjoyable, guess I had to see what she was talking about.

    All of this from a wind storm, but we are the lucky ones, didn't get much damage of any kind, LOt of clean up work, tree crews and work crews are out in force cutting and cleaning up streets and moving trees. Along with winter comes the winds up here. Have to walk then start picking up more branchs in the yard.

    Have a great week-end

    Hugs and blessings


  • Lady Laie,

    Hey,GB was my pick..remember...My friend gave me a good pick. Now I'm going to have to watch to see how I do..and I don't even watch football,,,hate to tell you this, but I sometimes make a mistake and call it fruitbowl, or fuitball. I get so confused.

    Love Ya


  • DD,

    Where are you friend...Just want to tell you have a great week-end and write us a line or two. Haven't heard from you for a few days. You never did answer my question of what area you live in. Not the address thou, I might show up at your door,,,,BOO. (just kidding) can't walk that far yet. But if you do happen to see a spooky looking thing floating around your living room tonight, it might me me. Don't smack me with the broom, I will leave eventually. Or, maybe not.

    Hugs and blessings


  • Hello shiny pond peeps!! Oh how I’ve missed you all….

    Lady Laie – thank you for the warm welcome back! Yes, I would like to ask some of my angel-spirits to give my little male-nurse a little cosmic thump upside the head please! I actually liked him (not too many runner/yoga/trekkers/novelists out there) but he is seemingly quite skittish…. Sounds like you and the Prince had a most wonderful romantic fairy tale holiday. I was climbing at Pilot Mtn which is only a few hours away – think the AT is a little further west. I’ll see if I can post a pic later. How is your daughter’s house hunting going? I think maybe we should consider CANADA for our trip – in honor of our most special Icey? Whaddya think?

    Sunshine!! I hope your hand is healing and you are feeling better. You are incredible with all that you manage to hold together and accomplish: music, school, job, and most importantly the Double Ls - thank you so much for sharing with us the little lights that the universe has entrusted to you to raise. But I agree with Icey’s advice (is she EVER off-target? 😉 - you need to get out just a little and let your hair down and feet tap! Maybe you can borrow some stilettos from QK??

    Bloom/Cactus – Love the name evolution . Your biking adventures truly inspired me, but I am even more inspired by your “presence”. You are learning to “BE” and that is quite an achievement. (something that is difficult for me due to my bossy little analytic mind/ego , LOL). Love that your daughter is jetting off to see the world – is this the one who’s getting married or the older one? And you live near the Bershires??? I am sooo overdue for a trip to Kripalu (have been probably 8 times over the last 12 years or so).

    Rooster – wow what a journey for you!! I remember feeling your overwhelming sadness as we started our gatherings by the pond - sooooo happy that you have found love again 😉

    Gotta run but have sooo much more to say....

    Angel Hugs and Fairy kisses to all.

  • Queenie –baby!! Goddess of jello-shots, dancing, and parrrrrtay ways…. Your spirit carries so much enthusiasm and FUN. Oh, how I carried you with me this summer as I learned to let loose a little! Such a light-filled being who constantly reminds us that spiritual growth is best accompanied with roll-on-the-floor- belly-shaking-laughter !! I hope your handsome little football star is not breaking too many hearts these days…

    MyJourney/Sheila – so nice to meet you! Your words of love and kindness and your glittery pictures have brought so much warmth to our enchanted place! Your journey (lurrrve the name) has been more than most people could handle, and yet you march forward and shine so brightly! You are, I think, the one that most reminds me of our loving Icey. So much wisdom, kindness and love emanates from you. Thank you for the smiles! Enjoy your Sag (hey we’re a little confused sometimes, but we have good souls!)…

    Gem – so nice to meet you! Out of all the stories I read in this thread, your growth amazed me the most. In spite of your tremendous loss and sadness, you have offered so much love/support to the folks here – especially DD. What a wonderfully sparkly lady you are! Love your increasing social network… Like you, I love playing cards – still enjoy Pinochle with my 92 grandmother (who will swear at you like a sailor if you play the wrong card, LOL). Euchre eh??- oh, that brings me back to my Midwestern roots tho’ I haven’t played it in years! I am soooo with you on the animal thing – don’t get how anyone could find pleasure in killing another being! How wonderful that you’ve continued to hold our dear Icey’s hand during your walks…

    Tanya triple 3: Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! And so is your family… I hope that you will find your way back to the pond more often to grace us with your wisdom and humor. And also hoping that you and your SM will be together very soon!

    Mr. Dark and Handsome – OK add me to your ever-growing fan club – what incredible poetry!! And oh the picture with your smile just makes my heart go a little pitter-patter… You found this enchanted pond for the same reason as most of us – to find healing/growth. I know the dark hole seems comforting, but when you look up don’t you see all the loving hands reaching down for you (Laie, Sunshine, QK, Cactus, Icey, and especially Gem)? Come out into the light for a spell – when it gets too much we’ll let you go back (promise!) but ever so slowly, your eyes will adjust to the sun. I love Icey’s suggestion of cultivating gratitude. Along those lines, I actually have a very specific request for you: grab a notebook or journal and put it next to your bed. And EVERY night, I want you to write down 3 things that you are grateful for. They don’t have to be big or important (hey sometimes mine is that I have a comfy bed to climb into!) but you have to write them down every night. Do this for a few weeks and I promise that your heart will start to feel a little lighter…

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