The Enchanted Pond

  • Sweet Gem ... Hello!

    You give me way too much credit ... way too much. And you do so, because you are so sweet and loving. I believe that what you are doing is seeing the real you and because of this, the real world around you ... not the illusions created by the ego. What a wonderful way to 'be'. Keep shining Gem!

    Do you have enough time to begin a new life chapter? H E L L YES!!!!!!!! If you can think it; you can begin it. I really love your picture idea and the way you are embracing and holding close that which is most important to you. You are truly creating an image of the soul and I think that is beyond priceless actually. Brava sister! Also really loved that your name means 'wolf' ... how absolutely cool is that? Beautiful! Perfect fit really. Hoping you post a picture of your picture when it's completed. I am certain that all here will feel your beauty for the rest of their lives.

    Have to get my kids to school right now, but I promise to pop by later.

    May your day be filled with happy reflections of YOU!

    Huggggs Gem!

    Icey x

  • Gotta fly ... really ... but saw your post Mr. Pisces and had to say G'day! Catch you later too and may your day be filled with love, too!

    Me x

  • My dear Icearia!!!

    I was absolutely ecstatic to find you at our Pond, but of course, I wasn't here yet, one day, I will be here and you here at the same time......LOL

    Thank you for the wonderful things you have said to me and everyone else. I know you know we miss you here, and it really isn't the same without you, but it is always wonderful when you come and spread your beautiful words of wisdom to us. You keep the enchantment in this place, so that's why it keeps calling you from afar..... ((((((((((((ICCCCCCCCEEEEEEYYYYYYYYY!!!! ))))))))))) (((((((((((COOOOMMMMMEEEE)))))))))))) (((((((((((BBBBAAAACCCCCKKKKK!!!!!!!))))))))))) LOLOL!

    Even people with the name Sunshine can be silly even when the sun isn't shining. ROTFL.

    This morning, I had a rare treat, I got to play my piano before leaving for work, a rare treat indeed!!! Chopin's Ballade in G minor (made me think of you), and my struggles to play Rachmaninoff's Concerto # 3 (Rach 3) My talents have long plagued me, never reaching the place where I want to go.......maybe in my next life, I will be the concert pianist I keep "remembering" myself as being, didn't get there this life, though, but that desire to play has been there my whole life. My dear Mother is sad because she was too young to recognize the gift and the wish of a small 3 yr old who wanted to learn the piano, but if it had been meant to be, I believe it would have happened despite everything else.

    A man, eh????? And I have to go out????? Funny, I have never been a nightlife type of person, that would be so out of character for me, LOL But I will make the good old college effort to get my fat bum out and about, but unless 50 lbs happens to fall off me right now, I hope that won't run him off, ROTFLMBO. I'm actually poking fun because I am nervous about finding another person and getting into the social thing again. Too easy to be home with my children...... But we'll seee....

    Thank you Icey, I'm going to go play Chopin again, hope you hear it!

    Love Sunshine

  • DD,

    For you, I will play Rachmaninoff, Prelude in C# minor,you make me think of that piece.


  • I think it is really sad that you believe in the reverse of who you are DD. Really sad but ... this is your choice ... and your use of free will.

    If you really want what you say you do ... why don't you try? It is only fear that you fear, nothing else. If you want a heart to love, why don't you start in here? Start GIVING to everyone here and then see the changes both in, and around, YOU my friend. That way, you are truly using the gifts you were given - those ones meant to be shared.

    The CARPE DIEM message was not in jest; I meant it ... meant it a lot! Remember Einstein ... he said ... Insanity is doing the same thing all the time but expecting a different result. Tis true. Really true. There is a new woman waiting for you to seize your life, you think I'm kidding but, I don't joke about things like that. Don't let life, and her, pass you by. Why would you want to do that?

    Cheery thoughts, chin up, look life in the eye and allow people to show you HOW to live if you find it so hard to do on your own.

    Holding you close Mr. Thinking Himself Into Sadness ...

    Ice Ice Baybee ... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    PS: Like that you opened up your heart though ... BRILLIANT START!

  • Hello Sunshine! How nice that you are playing your piano more!! I am impressed with your repertoire!! You are AWESOME for continuing to practice such wonderful music. I find that when I am able to sit down and paint that I get closer to Spirit, that this special time is when I seem to truly worship the divine and acknowledge it inside me. Hope that this might also be true for you. And, of course, I do NOT do it often enough...

    Hello My Journey, you are posting so many wonderful pictures. Icey is right, you do add so much spirit and energy to this forum, it's wonderful!!

    Miss Q, hope your anniversary plans are moving ahead, and that you find a wonderful place to celebrate! I wanted to ask too if your hubby does painting or drawing now?

    Lady Laie, look at you posting such a great pic of your wonderful view! I love it too, you can sink right into that. I love walking my dog also through such beautiful woods. I think of Gem when I do too!

    DD, I was thinking of you when I pulled my animal card last night, as I always do when I go to bed. It is just a little exercise for me to include messages of the spirit in my life in a very gentle way and I thought it might be something you would enjoy. It is hard to feel that you have lost the one you love, but I like that Icey has given you a vision of what could be. Inside each of us, no matter how broken we feel, there is a core of spirit that is unsullied and perfect. I know it is difficult for me to center in there and find it, but we all do have it. I hope that you find a way to move to that center, beyond fear.

    Gemmy, glad that no snow has reached you yet. I was thinking of you last night as I FINALLY got the last of my new plants into the ground. I was pleasantly surprised that the places I dug in were so friable and moist. I was anticipating a huge fight to get in my ever-blooming lilacs. I will have to water them in this morning, since, for once, we are not having rain. I also finally finished spreading organic lawn fertilizer around on my grass. Some little animals had been chewing through the bag to eat whatever was in there...something good I guess!

    Icey, my love! It is so great that you are here. I am sad for you that you live in such a dry place...but happy that you have your ponds and water lilies to support you. Would you consider adding koi? I know they are expensive but the little ones are cheaper and they do grow! I have re-read your messages to me. I have copied them into a Word document so I don't have to keep scrolling through here. Please feel free to let it fly, or you can email me if you wish. I would be interested in what you have to tell me 🙂 I am feeling that things are good with my Pisces guy AND I am beginning to slowly allow the positive affirmations I do receive from others to percolate into my interior...that is big inner work for me. Thank you.

    Rooster, great to hear your news. So glad that you are happy in your new locale!

    Triple T Tanya, hope that things are going well, wherever you are!!

    Wedding news...I am enjoying this special time with my daughter. My mother planned everything for our wedding, as we were still in college. I don't remember ONE thing about it, except going into Boston to select the material for her to make my wedding gown. We were really babes in the wood at age 21. However, I am trying to make it different for my daughter, she and her groom are making almost all of the decisions. We are still moving ahead with more plans and experimenting with new things, including the wording of the wedding invites. We are thinking of having both sets of parents on the invite, since we so honor his family.

    Hopefully, my daughter has crossed all the 't' s and dotted all the 'i's so that she will be able to fly away next week to Paris to join the cruise ship. We will hopefully know about her last medical test on MOnday that has been holding back her appointment to the band. We had no idea that you have to be supremely healthy to work on a cruise ship. It makes sense but wow, stringent rules abound.

    Blessings to all this day/ night...may light and love surround us all!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Dearest DD,

    A few, well more then a few now, years ago, when I was a younger version of myself, I was so shy, so introverted, was afraid to go to the mailbox to get the mail. If anyone knocked on the door, I would hide. Have been alone most of my life, wrapped in a little shell, my husband said he couldn't blieve it. I would jump 4 ft when anyone spoke to me. Most thought I was weird too.But a man came along and rescued me. I had been married before and that only added to my shyness and handicap, I call it a handicap, because it is. A mental one. But ya know, deep inside I had wanted so badly to be like everyone else, just didn't know how to do it. My husband nurtured me, put up with me until one day I just knew I could do it. I had the will then and the way. I had someone to stand by me while I was working so hard to become a human being. My first husband, like your first love, pushed me backwards, not forward. At times now, being alone again, I can feel the sorrow of being what I was, just like you do today. So, to start with, I would just pretend I was another person, a happy lively one, who had everything to live for, and to make a long story short, it worked. I eventually became that person. I smiled, I laughed and enjoyed, just like regular people. I guess in some ways I'm still weird, but now it doesn't matter anymore, I am what I am, people will have to take me as that, either like me or leave me. The death of my husband set me back, to far back. I started to become what I used to be. I have been thru things in my life and seen things that I wouldn't wish on anyone, not even my enemies. Then one day while searching for some where to land and start over, looking for a way to find me again, a beautiful young lady, rooster5, lead me here. And I listened and I learned, I wanted to live again and I knew I needed guidance, as you know now. that you do too. And I am back, full force. It's not easy DD, it really isn't, but it's worth the fight, I have to fight it every day, and sometimes when I think of loosing my husband, I cry and cry and cry. But I don't slip down into the bowels of h e l l anymore, I think crying is a way of cleansing the soul, and it's good for you. Crying and loving deeply and heartbreak is not just for women. It's a human thing, and if your friends are against this, then they are the weird ones. Your a deeply caring and sensitive man, that's to be proud of,not ashamed of, and any woman, if she's truly a woman, would love to have a man like that. I had one, and he was also all man. I seen him cry, and hurt and feel just like I did.

    I guess what I am saying is maybe you should first work on your way of thinking, be what you really are deep inside, think positive and take a good look at yourself. You will not ever find anyone else until you find you, she is there, like Icy said, don't shut out the world and her, there is a love for everyone, look around you, go to the mall and set and watch people, see the different types and sometimes you wonder, how did that guy get such a beautiful woman, or how did that woman get such a handsome man, it's not all looks, some people really do want what a person is inside. The kindness, the depth, the gentleness, so much more to people then you are willing to look at right now. I know if I ever find anyone else again, I will want a man just like you. Because at my age now, I've learned that is what is really important. And you can tell your friends that you are what you are, take it or leave it. She is gone DD, let her go. If you really loved her, you would do that for her now, and work on loving yourself. Sad but true, she just wasn't the one.

    As usual, I'm on my soap box again, but listen to Icy and Lady Laie and all of us DD, we all have a story and these people in here are pretty darn wise, they can see what you can't yet. We've been thru it, done it, lost and lost and loved again, we've lost grandchildren, husbands, friends parents, and we're still going, So can you. Self image and attitude DD, work on it.

    If you lived by me, I'ed let my son take you out on the town and show you how to have a good time. He doesn't make fun of or put anyone down, and he would punch anyone in the mouth that did that to you. And he's a good man too,lost a lot of loves, cried a lot of tears, and we've held each other in the bad times, but he's walking tall. If we can, you can. If you need to ask us questions, any one of us will do our best to answer. Talk it out.

    There is going to be a band up town tonight at the place where I play cards, if you were here, I'd be proud to take you with me, and we could dance, and maybe I could find you someone younger to dance with. Ya just never know where she is. Can't find her if you don't look.

    Love ya DD

    Keep writing and reading and learning, I still am, and loving every minute of it

    Hugs and blessings


    Now Icy, lets go for our walk,,,,beautiful day, suns out and it's 27 degrees...

  • Cactuss,

    I don't mind the snow, in fact I love it. Wow, still planting, well like I said, I'ed like to pick your brain if I ever sell this house and get settled again..I love flowers, of all kinds, and I also love the time it takes to plant them. So much thinkin' time. Would love to see your's in full bloom.

    I have the little chipmunks coming into the garage now, must be getting a little cold for them, they are so cute, but they do eat thru things, When I walk I put a little doggie treat on a tree stump for one and that little guy jumps right up there and eats it. Seems like the walks are getting longer and longer now, to many animals to talk to, squirrels, and chipmunks mostly now.

    Have a good day Cactuss

    hugs and blessings

  • My journey,

    Love the pictures, yep, those are wolves, beautiful aren't they. I am concentrating on the different angels now for the picture. Hope your day was a little better, I've had those days, thank God I don't anymore, wow. The emotions sure run high for those years. Just cry and let it out girl, or scream or roar, gotta do what ya gotta do to make it thru. Lock yourself in the bathroom and pout. I used to do that, never knew what I was pouting about, but it felt good just to pout. Ya know, poor me thing.

    Love ya my journey

    hugs and blessings


  • Icy,

    Anyone who gives and helps someone else deserves credit. And I love to give it when it's due.

    I was planning on trying to take a picture of my picture and post it, I think it's going to be beautiful, it is something I will cherish too for the rest of my life. I was going to put the wolf you sent in the center, but Lady Laie suggested I put a picture of my head and I kind of like that idea too, so I'm going to put both, side by side..

    I'm flying dear friend, gonna keep it up until God make s me stop. How ever much time is not important, it's what I do with it now. And I'm not wasting it. Gonna dance the night away tonight, or until midnight, LOL.

    Have a great day

    Hugs and Blessings


  • Dear 10Gemini6,

    I got up this morning and a thought of you came to my mind.I remembered the first time taking you to the Pond. It brings me back to the Pond and the day we were both sitting on our favorite rocks. It was unusally quiet that day by the Pond.

    My dear friend thank you for the prayers. I have met this new horizon with so much peace, joy, and happiness...I hope you can do the same one day.

    But no matter how much happiness is in my life I will always be a friend. I will always have a listening ear and an open mind.

    Reflecting in the South,


  • Rooster5

    Thank you dear friend, I also think of you quite often, and am so happy for you. I also remember you directing me to the pond, and I remember how hard it was for me to vision it and get into it, but remember when I did, I found the rock next to yours, a rock for two. My husband stayed with me for quite awhile, not saying anything, but eventually he started to smile at me. He too, is gone, like your Keith. Not gone from out minds or our hearts, but the image for me is only a light that sets next to me now. He is at peace and so am I now. For I learned to let go there, and found peace for him and courage for me. Thanks to all the Angels that are there to talk to and help us all.

    I know your Keith is so content now and happy for you, God bless you and your new husband.

    Happiness always to you Rooster5, and I always await a word from you and to feel your warmth come across the still waters. We have shared a lot of sadness with each other, and I hope now we can share a lot of happiness.

    Blessings and Hugs


  • DD, sweet handsome, if that doesn't move you...then I'm going to take you for a ride with otis haha....

    Gem, oh my you brought tears to my eyes, our stories are so similar with are x"s and our partners who have passed, but look how far we have grown...on the inside:)

    Icey,you made me want to look at myself again..Thank you! moonbeammmmmm

    DD all i can add to these beautiful words above is open yourself up...and if people can't except you for you ,then they are not worth being again,laugh up the door inside even if its a crack, at least you will allow the light to come in...Love your self again 🙂

    sending you hugs as always...



    Peace,light,love, healing and laughter being sent to you

  • Rooster!!!! You're BACK!!!!!! Love to hear that you are happy!!! Keith is so happy for you!! As are we all!!!

  • Hi everyone, Popping in to say hello to all, got schoolwork to fight with, must keep nose to grindstone!!!! Graduation better come up really soon, my brain is ready to grow a new appendage, LOL

    Have a great day everyone, or night, love all of you!!!


  • MYJOURNEY!!!!!! I do love to play, but school and life keeps me from it as much as i

    would love to spend every moment possible playing. Maybe someday........

  • 27 degrees? Are you serious? Is that like total temperature or is it like mine where it's in celsius? Dang that's cold honey!!!!! Bet our walk went real fast!

    Dearest Gem ... I hope you dance till the end of love and back again. I would be dancing beside you all night, too ... what FUN! Have an amazing time, my friend.

    Your letter to our poet was incredible actually and so filled with truth ... the kind of truth that only one who has lived, and loved and risked, can know. Thank you for blessing DD and in turn, all of us, like that! I was so deeply moved by your baring of your soul. Yours has been a wonderful journey because look at how it has allowed you to become. WOW! I love you! Thank you ... thank you for opening my eyes too.

    I am so jealous you have squirrels and my favouritist creatures ever ... chipmunks. Too cute! So amazing! Totally fantastic! LOVE it LOTS! Happy trails Gem and remember, speak as if you already have what you seek and the universe will respond in kind. That is in regard to your home. Will you ever meet someone else? H E L L YES!

    Thank you for all the very special gifts you bless us all with here at the pond. I am so grateful that you wanted to stay with us - we are the lucky ones to be sure.

    Blessings and Joy Sweet Gem,

    Icey x x x

  • Dear Mr. Pisces ... I love you. Know that. Ice x

  • Sunshine you big spunk ... how are ya? So lovely to hear you are playing. I am not familiar with Chopin so I shall have to go check the song out but thank you so very much for gifting me with a song ... that is sooooooooo special. I am really touched. Thanks babe.

    How are the Little Ones? Big HUGS for them.

    Hope your schooling goes smoothly for ya too ... you are seriously an inspiration my dear friend. Go you. I look at all you are achieving and just celebrate YOU with the Universe. It takes a remarkable soul to walk as bravely as you do. No wonder there is so much LOVE inside you ... amazing lady.

    Sorry I keep missing you too but one day we shall catch up at the same time ... like when I move right? When I finally get a place in the mountains ... you are all soooooooooo staying with ME then! We'll have to call it Moonbeam Hotel!

    Or something like that? LOL

    Thank you also for spreading your beautiful light around this place - together, we all make the most lovely rainbow really!!! Luv that!

    I am so proud of you. Going out is perfectly 'right' for you ... he is so there honey ... woohoo ... here we will all sit holding our breath awaiting the new Cinderella love tale. Oh yes we shall! I am so excited for you I can't sit still. Holding you close as you reach out and also reclaim your life Sister Sunshine ... keeping you real close!!!!!!!

    Much Love,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Beautiful My Journey ... hello to you!!!! What a wonderful moment it always is when you sweep in and shoo the sadness away with your art that leaves our hearts wide open. There really is something sooooooo special about art. I have stacks all over my house and you ought to hear the Oh MY God's when I bring a new piece home. My daughter, especially, thinks we don't have enough walls for all my stuff. My response? Well, the printable one ROFL, is just like my response for animals, plants, all creative things too ... IF THERE IS ENOUGH LOVE FOR SOMETHING, THEN THERE IS ALWAYS ROOM!!!!! Pretty much my philosophy for life, really. If you LOVE it with all you are, then it's right for YOU! Always room for a love.

    And, speaking of love ... hoping Saggi and you are filling your home to the brim with it all. Gosh I am happy for you.

    Keep kissing those mountains for me. I am sooooooooooo THERE with YOU!

    You too, like Gem, have awakened me lots ... this pond has enchanted my soul.

    Love you,

    Moonbeam Ice x x x

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