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  • JoyLily

    your mother says no regrets! It was her time. She was seemingly doing better because deep in her being she knew freedom was near! It is a burden to her when you feel guilt. She is happy! The pain is on loved ones left on is a celebration to be with God. She suffered enough and it was her time and you could not change that. Did your mom wear slippers? swishing noises? She stays near you

    trust the little things she does to let you know she's there. On the days you feel down for no reason is when she leaves for awhile as she spends time with different loved ones. When she returns you feel it! BLESSINGS!

  • Hi JoyLily,

    I hope you can work things out with your guy. IT is sooo hard when you feel what they don't. Being hurt by someone is really hard on a person's psyche. I've been there. My ex-husband left me for another woman, and even though it has been literally 15 years,sometimes I still think about that. It's something to get over a hurt like that. I hope that he can get over it and realize what a gem you are.

    I understand your feelings about your Mom, and how guilt gets in the way. We Cancers are good at that, aren't we? I felt the same guilt over Michael's death. I was talking to him on the phone 15 minutes before he died and I kept thinking that if I had just talked to him a few more minutes, maybe what happened wouldn't have....I still haven't completely had a good hard cry and let the grief totally out, I keep so much bottled up, and I know one day it will eventually come forth.

    Listen to BlMoon about your mother. Just as she brought to me Michael's message about what happened, she has brought your Mother's to you. She is a great person and has helped so many here.

    Blessings to you and you have a great night/day, depending on where you are.


  • Hi BlMoon,

    I am hoping you are having a great day. Thanks for talking to JoyLily. It is wonderful how you can bring comfort and clarification to people like us who haven't totally opened up to all that is around us. I still am working on and trying to find out what all my gifts are. Letting too much of life's shenanigans get in my way. I am still laughing over Michael's razor and him telling me to get rid of it. Now that I am in the new place, I have to find it. forgot where I packed it. That made my day, gave me a good well-needed flash of humor. Hugs to you and talk to you soon. Have a wonderful day.


  • Icey! Are you still in here? Haven't heard from you in a couple days. You sitting on your rock being invisible? I hope you are doing well.. Been wondering about you, I know you have a lot going on.

    Did you have your procedure yet? Keep me posted.

    Tuesday, I am going to get another MRI and have that spot on my brain looked at again. I am trying to be poswitive and not think it is something to worry about. That is quite the feat for me. But, I have two munchkins to care for, I cannot afford to have something getting in my way. I have enough going on.

    Let me know how you are, my friend.


  • Blmoon,

    She has appeared in my dreams. I do have this ability to sense when something big is about to happen, and I had been feeling it in the months leading up to her death. I couldn't even hug her, and I couldn't remember the last time I hugged her. Then not long after she died, she appeared in a dream IN the spot where she died in the house, gave me a big smile and a hug that felt so real. She's appeared to Dad in a dream too (and so did her father shortly before she died).

    The swishing noise you're hearing is her coming down the hall to my room. She often wore a house coat in the mornings and was wearing one the morning she died. I did have what I thought was a dream at first where I heard someone walking up and down the kitchen and hallway into my room. They were almost running, and their clothes definitely made that swishing sound. It was mid-morning, and I was home alone at the time, half asleep with an arm over my eyes. I remember hearing that noise and froze because it felt like they were leaning over me. I took a peek and saw part of their blouse, one that I knew Mom wore at some point, and I quickly shut my eyes again. I'll never forget that.

    I wish she were here to help me right now. I need her advice in dealing with the man I'm involved with (I'll call him "Paul"). I never had the chance for her to guide me when she was alive like she did with my sister because I've never had a boyfriend before. Paul said something similar about letting my guilt go. He also said that I should take joy in the life she had (I kind of laughed because that was my mom's name, "Joy", and it's my middle name). I keep going back to that conversation, wondering how things would've been different in my love life had she survived her illness. I always seem totally unprepared for a relationship, yet it's what I crave. I want companionship, but all that guilt and worry weigh me down "like a stone around my neck" like Paul said. I don't want to be too old to raise children before I finally get my chance.

    Thank you, for your message, Blmoon.


  • Sunshine,

    I'm afraid it'll be a while before "Paul" gets over it. Every month he seems to reminisce about some milestone he hit with her the year before (in late January, he had broken up with her, in mid February, they were talking but there was no chance at the time they were going to get back together, and he had given her tickets to something that she really wanted to go to, etc.). It's like he's reliving the heartache, and I just can't seem to break through it. This is something that I also want to talk to him about. This girl really messed him up. I know he's not perfect, but he does not deserve what happened to him. He shouldn't beat himself up like that. I don't know if I'm really qualified to give him that sort of talk though. Us emotional Cancers can have a hard time talking about letting go, lol!

    Wishing sweet blessings for you,


  • Hello dear ones at the Pond,

    I tried to catch up on all the postings this morning after being in Seattle.

    Hi JoyLily82, it's nice to see you on this thread. You certainly have had some powerful experiences with your Mom. I am a Cancer as well, and understand falling hard for another person. What helps me is to see my own behavior as mine and give my love freely without expecting something more in return. Although, as I say that, I realize that this is more than a full-time job, lol!

    Blmoon, glad you liked the website I posted. I have found the enneagram to be the best tool for understanding and growth in my life. I also liked the fragment of poetry you posted from your friend Gwendolyn. I loved that! Well, February is drawing to a close, so that is good for all of us from what you said! Hope you stay well.

    Icey, hope you continue to maintain your spirit as you move toward your surgery date. When I have tests, I always close my eyes, lol I can't deal with any views of what is going on, either on the screen or between technicians. It's sometimes hard to see that these people are real beings who have feelings that some of us read or misread....I just hope they are professionals. The well trained ones know to keep their faces and body neutral. Sometimes I wonder why they do what they do as well, and what it means. From my own professional experience, I know that sometimes one must follow protocol and continue to ask questions, or repeat views, in order to rule out different hypotheses. So, sometimes the person being evaluated can misinterpret that. I used to try to explain that, however, before beginning the examination. Deep breaths! And I hope that your weather is cooling down...I know that will make you happy.

    Man, I just thought of Bob...I hope at least he is doing well!

    Sunshine - YEAY on your move. You are going to really be in shape if you have to go up and down 3 flights of stairs, good on ya!! No workouts at the gym needed. This is definitely a pain however, with a sprained ankle. So GLAD you are done with the move, that must have been an epic effort in such bad weather. I hope you have good news from all of your tests and that, if you need more treatments, they will help. You have a lot on your plate as well, considering the little L's. Sending hugs to you!

    Lotus girl....deep breaths. More snow predicted...oy vey. Hope you enjoy the sunshine today!!

    We had a good time in Seattle and our daughter SO nailed a very difficult solo - she was shining up there!! I have to run now to get ready for the day but I am sending lots of love and light.

    And LC? this includes YOU!

    Hugs from Bloom2 xoxo

  • Greetings Everyone,

    Hoping that life is being kind to you all and that things you are wishing for are coming true.

    Blmoon ... I adore feathers too and this picture is kind of magical isn't it? I love the old fashioned quills and ink ... remember using those? I have often thought of many animal spirit things as messages and signs; feathers amongst them. Here's hoping our miracles arrive. Hopefully your dreams are leaving you less exhausted now and that you were able to receive clear guidance and understanding during your meditation. Tiling huh? That's cool. You a welcome to hop on a lear broom jet anytime and do some here! 🙂 I am not technical like that but I am learning many things I never thought I'd need. Funny how life can do that to us, right? I just NEED to change everything around me constantly. It's why I think I would make a great rolling stone ... never staying in one place too long. I suppose we shall see what life has in store for me next. I would LOVE you to post a Blmoon original in here. That would be so special. I do miss LC doing that. The world needs all the beauty in people to come shining out so please feel free to do just that. I think we have much in common actually ... the photography (I have been really fond of wildlife photography & have done portraits and nature too), the writing of course, crystals and many movies obviously too. I am grateful that your appointment wasn't for something really serious and hope that your fair skin stays protected. I have been looking at 'enchanted' names for you and so far .... love AURORA and our lovable WHIRL(WIND). I am still looking. 🙂 Looking forward to connecting with you when you can. Huge BLESSINGS and many pretty FEATHERS to you.

    Welcome back Bloom ... so great that your daughter did so well with her solo. What a heart swelling time for you all. Hope you and hub enjoyed the rest of your trip too. Hoping he coped ok? Thanks for your thoughts my friend. Bob is fine and is doing well and thank you for caring about him. It is weird him not being here anymore. Sometimes I wonder if he would ever remember me? My surgery was delayed the other day and I wasn't very happy about it at all. He pushed it back to May but I insisted something be done sooner and now it' going to be April 14th. I keep thinking all things happen for a reason. My eldest son (the Taurean) received his notification in the mail the same week my surgery dates were changed to say he had qualified for his Degree so maybe his Graduation ceremony will fall when I was going to be off my feet????? Don't know. Blmoon's earlier message said that I would receive an invite that was out of my comfort zone end March / early April and I would be pushed to go as it would open up a door and it was NEW. If I had surgery on the original March date, this would not be possible. So, who knows? I would like to NOT be in pain and on pain killers for this long and delaying surgery delays my finding a job too and that is actually super important. Yes, I just close my eyes too when specialists and medical peeps run tests and stuff. The mind is a dangerous place to be sometimes, isn't it? The positive? This tumour will get removed and that whole health chapter can get closed and a new page turned. NEW is NEEDED. So glad to see you back Bloom. Hoping you are happy. Look forward to a chat. Hugs and Love.

    Lotus ... hope your recovery is going well and that you are ONLY peeking in here. LOL Hope it won't be too long for you now to be up and about. Yes, Bloom mentioned snow and storms and I saw on my news that the Polar storm is headed back your way. Please be safe and sound ALL OF YOU! Good thing you are in enforced lie down really .... keeps you out of this weather and all warm and cuddled up. Sounds perfect. Hoping all is going well with 'G' ... and that you are feeling empowered and able. Being emotionally true to the self is hard. Always here if you need us. Keep healing and when you are not being naughty, but healthier, I shall be VERY happy to see you here again. Blessings.

    Am going to post this and do a Part 2. Don't want to lose this and I also have grocery shopping to do. Be right back .....

  • And hello and angel hugs to ...

    Sister Sun ... awesome that the move is over! Such a huge job isn't it and must have bee infinitely harder with the whole ankle thing going on. You poor love. Hoping your ankle is better now also. So ... you are in YOUR new space!!!!! NEW space!!!!!! NEW, NEW and NEW. The old is no more. Keep remembering that. There is only right NOW and moving FORWARD. Hoping the Little L's are singing and dancing in their OWN rooms. How fun! I'm with Bloom ... 3 flights of stairs multiple times a day ... who needs a gym????? What a butt and thigh workout ... go YOU!!!!!!! My treadmill is not my friend LOL ... well ... ok ... it is realllllllllllly LOL Just don't ask me when I'm on it!!!! 🙂 Would be so much easier if it wasn't so hot! (oh Bloom ... wish it was cooler ... oh how I wish! It will be hot like this till April at least!). Thanks for your thoughts and positive vibes towards my putting my pieces back together. So kind of you.

    As for your future, Blmoon has given you all you need to know. Please re-read her message to you and look at all the positive, JOY filled, wonderful things awaiting you. Annnd ... you don't have to wait too long. That's fabulous. Your kids are very small still and it is YOU who will make the difference in their lives; that's a huge thing and to do that, your focus must be on your little family unit; on their todays and the days to follow. Your time is approaching and when your kids are ready, you will have the space and freedom to do your 'other' life work. I think that's simply wonderful. Hold onto all that good Sister Sun! I completely understand how hard it is to get through all this other stuff before what seems like your real life kicks in - but all of It is the journey and all of it will help REFINE you. I have so much FAITH in YOU... sending my Sister Sun my heart.

    Your shared heart with JoyLily has been very sweet. It is very hard to let go of someone we lose ... really, really hard and it takes time ... lots of it. Keep being kind to yourself please. Blmoon has spoken many times of how Michael is and that is such a comfort for you to know ... why would you rather hold onto the guilt? My beautiful friend, you are not responsible for what happened. Another 5 minutes on the telephone is a torturous mindset. Please don't do that to yourself.

    LC ... dude, wherefore art thou??????????????? Am missing you round here. Miss your words, your imagery, your stories, your thoughts and your beautiful enchanted soul! Come back ... ya hear! How is the greeting card industry breakthrough going? How is your love? How are your sons and how are YOU? I always keep you in my thoughts and always end you moonbeams to light your way. Am looking forward to seeing you here. Angel Hugs x

    Sister QuenKath .. my sweet floozie! Hope those high heels of yours are klicking away and that life is being wonderful for you. I miss you my jello swigging friend! Always holding you near. Hugs and Starry Love x

    An to my beloved Lady Phoenix ... I owe you a huge apology ... cannot believe the time of Aquarius came and went and I missed your birthday! I am just so sorry. Here is my belated, yet extremely heart-felt birthday wish for YOU ....

    May this year mark a turning point in your life ... may it be the moment when everything your soul needs comes forth and majestic light falls gently across your beautiful heart, filling it and allowing it to glow. May sweet and wonderful surprises be yours all year long and may your blessings be abundant.

    Happiest Birthday Wishes my magickal friend. Angel wings always touching!

    Your Moonbeam x

    Now! Witchy-poo pointin wriggling finger ... come out and play!!!!!! 🙂 LOL Miss YOU most! Be happy, ok?

    And to JoyLily ... hello. I must say that Lily is one of the loveliest names on Earth. Just saying it is a pleasure .. beautiful sound this name makes. Now ... our gorgeous Sister Sun has already embraced you by her welcome, so that's good. I am going to just say a few short things because they are what I wish for you to think about. Please receive them how they are intended ... as loving words designed for thought.

    I don't know if Lily is part of your name (and we don't need to know - protect your privacy) but as I said earlier ... it is beautiful by sound and by nature. Wear it well. As for 'Joy' being your middle name (and the heritage connection to your Mum) ... consider what this means. Names are a reflection of who we are; they both carry and convey soul energy and are given to us for a reason. So, how does 'Joy' fit in with who you perceive you to be? No need to answer anything here ... this is just food for thought and personal. 🙂

    As for your man ... I hold a few thoughts ...

    Are you aware that he is WITH you?

    Are you aware he ISN'T going anywhere either?

    Is your relationship dependent only upon some commitment he makes to you? Why do you only want a all or nothing?

    Why are you expecting someone to be something they cannot ... just yet?

    Again ... please don't post any answers though you are free to respond in our pond as much as you wish. These are things to just consider. If I was you, I would be counting my blessings you have someone who WANTS to be with you. If, however, you think he is just sucking the energy out of you and doesn't love you, then only you can make a choice here. Perhaps look at your expectations of this person ... he doesn't sound very emotionally together (and with good reason) and it is unfair to think he could be back together again so soon. Deep wounds are just that ... deep. If you are not prepared to wait, then you must decide what is best for you. His reality cannot be the same as yours right now. If you truly LOVE him, rather than terminate the relationship, why don't you explain everything to him first?

    I'm sorry JoyLily but the fact that you have someone who obviously love you and wants to be with you is being seriously overlooked. Count some blessings here my friend. Think about the alternative? Only you can choose here. This is YOUR life. Just be honest and open and come from a compassionate heart space when you speak with him.

    All the best to you.

    And to all our Enchanted Sisters of the Loving Winds who haven't been here in like forever ... you remain in our hearts and souls. May blessings flow to you all.

    Starry Magic,

    Icey x

  • And my apologies for typos ... my computer only types every other letter and no spaces and I missed a few ... sorry folks ... took forever to do. 🙂

    As for me ... forgot to mention ... yesterday was hard. Was my Pisces' son's birthday (20 now!) and the first time I have ever given my kids a card from just 'Mum', sang happy birthday without someone by my side and spent a birthday as a new family like this. So much to get used to I guess. The first everythings are going to be tough aren't they? I just did moment by moment. Lived through speaking to my Mother and the Sagg. Most importantly, my son told me this morning it was the BEST birthday he's had in forever ... the most fun and the most special and he was really REALLY happy. And that's what counts, right? So glad he felt loved and special and HAPPY.

    Other than that, I endure rejection letter after rejection letter and cannot find work yet. Unemployment is rising quickly and dramatically in this country ... alarmingly so. I also am being fairly philosophical about it all as ... getting a job and then saying by the way, I need at least a month off because I'm having open surgery isn't going to fill employer's with confidence is it? Kind of lessens my chances of finding work. That, and obviously, the 'right' job hasn't presented itself yet? Whilst I hold a real NEED to keep this family afloat (am selling things to get by now), I hope the Universe will look after me.

    My friends are very supportive and I couldn't be more grateful. I tell them how much I love them and what they mean to me ALL the time. One of these days, the tears will stop flowing.

    All good. Loneliness is a challenge but what part of doing a lie isn't right? One day, my heart may just have somewhere to go.

    Am sending all of you much love and STARRY MAGIC! x

  • See what I mean????? LIFE ... I meant LIFE ... came out 'lie. Now, if there really is no such thing as accidents ... boy! ROFL I'm in trouble!!!!!! 🙂

  • Hi Icey,

    When I was posting to JoyLily, I was telling her how I was feeling the guilt about Michael and our last moments, and I was feeling guilty then, but I have gotten past that part of the feelings I had. I still have some grief and some regrets about the rocky, on again-off again relationship we had for the last 15 years, but I have come to terms with the idea that it was his time to go. I hate the way he went, but I know I didn’t contribute to it. THat has made a difference in my ability to move on in my life. I feel like he is still around, and watching over the kids. That is comforting. But no, I am not feeling the guilt about his death anymore.

    The kids seem to have come to terms as well, more so Lauren than Logan, though he seems to be wetting at night more than he used to. I have to keep reminding myself that many “regular” kids wet their beds until they were older, especially one of my brothers, and not to get upset with him.

    On Tuesday, I have to go get that new MRI with and without contrast to address the mass in the back of my head. I am thinking positive things and I went to Church Sunday and got a Blessing from a close friend. That will really help me curb my fears and doubts.

    I must admit that even if I didn’t have these issues going on, I definitely don’t want to work for a while. I am going to gear myself up to help my kids as much as I can. I had spent lots of time working with and teaching Lauren in the past, but I let Logan’s Autism and my work/school schedule hamper my doing the same with Logan. Going to try and change that.

    I am trying not to stress about the financial part of my issues, but will hold faith that if I am meant to be home with the little L’s then that will be taken care of. Going to keep in perspective the things the doctors will be telling me.

    Icey, I hope you are doing better. There are going to be some bad times. I feel that your son’s birthday was really a bittersweet moment for you. I felt that way when my oldest daughter got baptized in our Church 2 months after my ex-husband and i separated, and when we had our first christmas alone without Vail. It was hard to reconcile all this for a while, but I did. Having Michael come into my life about that time really took my mind off all the hate and anger I felt towards Vail. Keep moving forward, and you will see things get better. I admire your strength and your aplomb in keeping your head above the water as you forge a new life out for yourself and the kids. You know I have your back.

    BLessings to you and everyone else in here.


  • What the heck?!? My posting disappeared!

  • LOL! The new posting brought the other one back.

  • Hi Sister Sun,

    So happy to hear that you are not holding any guilt. It's a huge thing to move past; no matter what he circumstances. I spent quite some time fighting this one myself of late. I guess, if we use what we've learnt from our experience with guilt, then we are now a little wiser and further along our evolutionary spiral ... so that's a plus. It is very hard for our ego to get out of the way on this one ... so brava YOU!

    Then there's that other biggie ... 'stress'. Yep, sure know what this one feels like too. The more I think about it, the more I believe there is a much bigger plan in store for us. Truly; there has to be a reason WHY we experience everything we do ... be that the people we become involved with (including friends), our financial life, our work, etc ... nothing can operate in isolation. So, let the bigger design unfold then. Let's have that manifest ... please! Think we've been patient for a very lonnnnnnnnng time! At least you know your bigger story is going to be your experience really soon. I have not got a clue. Wonder what it is? I have spent a life-time wondering about this.

    All will be well with your health, Sun. Hold that truth because you know that you are going to be with your kids and that you have important life work to do. Blmoon told you that ... so, by believing her, you can believe in your future and that tells you all will be fine. Put your mind at rest now.

    Often, as you will know, children exhibit slips in development when they are stressed or there has been a major change in their life. Littlest L is also a special and sensitive child who will respond to even subtle changes in routines and in YOU. Kids often exhibit regression styled behaviours so perhaps some extra reassurance and cuddles with Mum will be received well. And yes, some kids just have bladder control issues longer than others - all very normal. You are doing all the right things Sister Sun ... you give both of them all the LOVE in the world and there is nothing more valuable or important in our world than that. It's all about love. Be proud of the loving being you are ... and continue to be. It is so much easier to just become hard and cynical and bitter when life throws lemons at us. To love ... despite all that ... well ... that's an AMAZING thing to be able to do.

    I am certain I will be fine also and I do thank you for having my back. The first everythings are always a challenge and I have many many of them yet to be lived through ... but ... by the same token, I am not in awareness of what 'good' is around the corner either. You found Michael amidst your hard times. Who knows what my 'good' will be? Or who? Nothing can be all one thing .... this spiral we call life is a dance between the light and the dark. I drew a card from one of my decks the other day ... "ROCK BOTTOM" came forth. My first response was ... 'you got that right!' LOL and then I read the message. The picture was like a trap ... 4 long walls with a brick pit at the bottom - something you'd see in the movies where they trap animals or people so they couldn't climb out. The message was "Surrender and acceptance are the keys to freedom". It went on to explain ... "As difficult as it may be to accept, it seems you've reached a point where you can go no further in the same manner in which you've been doing things. Perhaps you've hit a proverbial brick wall, or experienced a deep sense of loss and don't know where to turn. The od ways of doing things must be discarded fully in order to move forward and upward. A new direction and a new strategy are called for. The only way out is through surrender. Accept things as they are and admit that you have no idea what to do next. If you wait in that heartfelt moment of release, then a stairway will appear, like magic, and all manner of synchronicities will show you the way to higher ground. The 'Rock Bottom' card is a sign that a miracle is about to occur, but only if you let go completely."

    Well huh? Tailor made message much? I can see the parallels between this card and Blmoon's messages to me. I am now allowing Spirit to send me whoever and whatever and for my next experiences ... my miracles ... to come to me. I have NO control over my present life and, as my LOSS, as spoken of in this card, has been vast and across every key facet of my life, I have let go of those areas because I very honestly have no idea what to do next. Tough for a control freak I know right? LOL But I really don't. I am just staying as calm as possible and asking Spirit to guide me because I haven't got a clue about what to do at all. Hoping for my 'miracle'. Believe that I am worthy of this miracle.

    You should too.

    Sending you my love and STARRY MAGIC,

    Icey x

  • To Bloom2: Yes, it is more than a full-time job! LOL! I keep telling myself to simply enjoy what I have, but then those little fears creep in. I've been told repeatedly not to expect anything, but love can make people go insane sometimes! LOL!

    Icearia: Lily is usually part of my usernames on the internet. A lot of people know me by that name, and yes, I agree that it is lovely. It’s the reason why I chose it. The name Joy is definitely something I treasure, yet it seems very elusive in my life. I’ve been through a lot and tend to dwell on those things in the past, though I know I shouldn’t.

    As for “Paul” I often wonder where he is with me emotionally. I enjoy what we have very much, I just wonder if there’s something he’s not telling me. He tells me he can’t promise long term, yet he has no problems planning to meet me months into the future. I don’t know if Paul loves me, and I’m afraid to ask him while he’s not emotionally put together, as you described. He already knows I have a large crush on him and has warned me about that (back in December). I want to wait and see what happens, but would it be worth it? Would he get tired of me and date other girls? He isn’t someone who would do that without saying something to me first, after everything we’ve done. What makes this so hard is that I can’t be there with him physically, so there’s a lot left out in communicating with each other. I hope to talk with him soon. It’s been a busy few days for the both of us, and our ability to talk at length is erratic at the moment.

    Thank you for your thoughts. It helps to have others to “talk” these things out with. I pray you find a good job soon. I know what it’s like to be in that position, in fact, I was recently until my current job. I even thought of selling things to get by (probably will still do it to clear the clutter and get extra money, LOL!).

    Sweet blessings to you all,


  • ICey,

    Just keep that hope that things will get better, as they must. One can’t stay down forever, that is for certain. I feel you will start seeing things happening soon. You have reached the rock bottom. Nowhere to go except up. Just keep reading your messages from BlMoon and your cards. I read my messages, but I can’t find my Angel cards. They are buried for now. Anyway, I know to be positive.

    I will be doing that a lot. going to get the portable EEG machine tomorrow. I will be fine.

    I am trying to figure what I am going to start with in the things I want to do with and for my children.

    Today and yesterday, I started cleaning he walls in here. I realized the painter didn’t paint the walls, he made a stab at it, but you can tell the walls aren’t painted. I started cleaning the walls with cleaner, but have decided to start cleaning them with epsom salt and sea salt. 3 floors?!? That will take a while. But I need to do this, I don’t like the feelings I feel like someone is in here.

    going to get some sleep, got a busy day tomorrow.

    Talk to you later Icey.


  • Hi JoyLily.

    It is nice to be able to talk with people in a place where you can be comfortable, isn’t it? I love being here, it is a great place to be. THere are wonderful people in here to talk to. As a matter of fact, I am going to follow your lead and get rid of some of the stuff I have in here. I was astonished at the amount of stuff I have. It is time to get rid of some of this stuff. That is a great idea. Maybe once I start to get rid of all this stuff, I will feel free and maybe get to lose some of this weight. I think it is a shield of sorts, and it is time to get out from behind the shield.

    Anyway, I am praying that things will work out for you. Keep the faith.

    Have a great day,


  • Hey Sister Sun ... cleaning walls? On three floors? GO YOU! Mammoth task but you will feel o much better and so glad you did. I used to do that in every house we rented ... one home took me 3 weeks to scrub from top to bottom! I still wash walls now but only small marks etc ... bit different in your own home, isn't it? I use 'sugar soap' ... do you have that there also? The other thing I use are those 'magic erasers' ... they're fantastic! Good luck with it all.

    Yep ... I am going to be fine. As are you. We enchanted souls are all going to be just fine. I have truly hit rock bottom and the only way is up now ... and it will happen. I do believe that. Thank you for your thoughts.

    Clearing the clutter is a great thing. I love doing this and have gotten rid of so much already. It's awesome living LIGHTER. Good luck with this also. One room at a time and only what you can live without and will not need to re-buy down the track ... that's my rule. Would like mine to be for fun things but, when it comes to survival, we just do what we have to do, right? The kids have to eat. My turn in the Sun will come too one day.

    Holding you near. Blessings Sister Sun.

    JoyLily ... hi. You sound like you want to control this relationship. On that note ... ask yourself what it is you want. What do you need from him? What kind of relationship would work for you? Once this is clear ... talk to him. Decisions about anything cannot be made if you don't know what it is you want. Like I said before, be grateful for your now. All the best to you x

    Everyone ... HELLO and STARRY MAGIC Enchanted Ones. Thinking of you all.

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Good point 101.....WHAT DO WE WANT? INTENTION. Now match that up with what do we choose? If they do not match then INTENTION is coming from a dark place we can not see. Our shadow side must become part of us and work together. If our shadow is into self punishment it will make choices our side of healthy desire can not bring to reality. No victims. fair or not. It sucks the life out of our inner power. WHAT DO YOU WANT? It takes many small choices to get there....not just a big one but little ones everyday that are more powerful than we acknowledge. JoyLilly.........choose LOVE! It is what it is. You can not change this situation, short of moving next door to him. And then you would be tested for truth. Everyday you hang on to the LOSSES of this situation you choose to feel loss. Choose more AVAILABLE joy....choose to live in the now. NOW is all that is REAL. You two ARE not a committed couple......go live a joyful life. He may decide to join but that is his choice. Your choice is to be loving to yourself. LOVE IS AS LOVE DOES......BLESSINGS!

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