The Enchanted Pond

  • Hello and Happiness to each of my special Enchanted Angels!

    May your today be filled with BLESSINGS!

    Merry Magick,

    Icey Moonbeam x

    Choose your doorway ... possibilities are calling us!!!!!

  • Hi Queenies!

    Last weekend we were out to dinner with a friend. The Prince started talking about visiting you again, Ms Moonbeam. We were discussing our freeze/your melt and I checked your weather. I don't remember the temp reading now but I was surprised to see 'smoke'. It was listed where sunny, cloudy or whatever description the weather is labeled that day. Never having seen or experienced this, hubby filled me in. Extreme temps. and fires --- no, thank you. Give me snow any day! The princess must've been anxious And you too! Be safe and cautious.

    Right there with you -- Good people deserve great things And wonderful kids!! Isn't it nice to view them as adults and know you had a hand in it? Makes ya feel good inside. (even on the days they get on a nerve, LOL! ) I'm glad they are helping you! The cleaning out is going to take quite some time here but we have set a two year goal, right now anyway : ) , to sell this place and move to New Hampshire. BTW, Vermont is amazing! Years ago, I almost moved there. It reminded me of Germany so much I cried! I've backpacked the state also so I've seen it and the people from different vantage points. You would find the southern and eastern portion more artsy.

    Getting out and dancing is the best rejuvenator/stress reliever ever! Be your gorgeous self! xo

    Don't tell me flooding has come to your area, Queen of the Sun? We are not having problems here and fingers crossed it stays that way. Crazy extreme temps have left very, very little snow in our area. Tomorrow should be sunny and 50* so I plan on getting in a long walk with the pup. She is overdue and wanting to play continuously. Glad to read a friend brought you back home!

    I hope the new year is already bringing LC, Bloom and Lotus, abundance in unexpected ways!

    Swoopin' out ... Lov to all,

    Lady (Laie) Phoenix

  • Earth to Enchanted Pond ... come back, Enchanted Pond.

  • Gorgeous Lady Phoenix swoops in to fill my heart with JOY! How beautiful to see you here. Love your swoops ...

    WOW ... a visit???? Yay ... clapping hands with glee. Yep, I would wait till the BIG melt (& smoke ... LOL ... never seen that before either!) was well and truly over, too! Way too HOT in this part of the country. Apparently, and not for he first time, where I live was the HOTTEST CITY IN THE WORLD this weekend! So not a fun thing! Yep, the Princess (who should be back in Vegas and San Fran, her dream place, at some point this year - think October-ish?) was extremely anxious and it was a very close call annnnnd ... we've only just BEGUN with our hot weather. We have scarily been warned about blazing temps yet to come but on their way. All the more reason to move I say!

    Hoping you guys do get to visit here ... April / May is lovely. Holding the vision .... come partay with the Moonbeam ... GREAT idea!!!!!!!

    And speaking of movement ... you also!!!!!! New Hampshire??? I was looking there online just before the Sagg left. It is gorgeous! I am really quite in love with this side of the world! That, and I can still feel the call to Canadian soil ... oh yes I can!!!! Wouldn't it be so cool to be so close? Finally!!!! Imagine the regular Enchanted Get-togethers then? WooHoot!

    I will need to 'chat' with you about places .. the whole artsy vibe sounds very appealing. See ... we met for a reason ... right?

    It is wonderful that you have so much assistance open to you and yes, it definitely is great to know that you did something right when on sees their kids helping out and being kind. Am so happy to have the help here ... and the company from time to time, too actually as being completely alone during this would definitely have made for a different experience ... at times, very helpful and at others, I am grateful for daily life going on around me. Hoping that everything you desire comes swiftly and easily for you all.

    Good people are so deserving of great things! Yes, yes and YES! Holding this belief for ALL OF US!

    Dancing the night away was fun. Looking forward to many more fun things this year.

    For each of us!

    Sending you BLESSINGS of peace and abundance and immense JOY my Swooping Phoenix of Life!

    Moonbeam x x x

  • Hi to my Pond friends!!

    Laie- great to see you here. Having moved from my family home of 20 yrs I think your 2 yr plan is perfect....lots of work but worth it once you're in your new place... I love NH

    Sunny -glad you enjoyed the trip. Sorry you & your children have been sick. Are you returning to school or taking a break?

    Icey- So sorry you have had to deal with the gov't depts. I remember when Jack died having to speak to so many people, some sympathetic & kind others inhumane at best. Holding you in my arms while the struggles end & better days come over the horizon for you.

    Bloom2 A dog! Truely a dog can be a wonderful companion. I thank Bella every day for being with me...a friend, a warm snuggle, a reason to move & at times a reason to clean!

    LC hope your romance continues

    BLmoon so thankful you are here & helping my friends

    Be well my friends

    Blessings, Lotus

  • Greetings Lotus,

    What an enchanted swoop ... happy to find you here spreading your special Lotus heart around.

    How were your 'pines'? How is your lake home? How are your boys? Did all these arctic chills keep you trapped? Hope you were (and still are) safe, well and happy. Have you made any plans for this new year of ours? Is there something you would like to do?

    Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and for holding me up ... it is certainly a time of great change / upheaval for me and who knows what will come of it all? I appreciate your support and friendship; means so much to me. Thanks.

    Sending you great wishes for great JOY, Lotus.

    Icey x

  • Hi Lotus, Nice to see you. I am starting school today. Still have some time to go. Missing my family. Hope you had a great holiday. Did you get the cold too?? I bet you are as ready for spring as I am.

    Thanks for thinking about us. I love your beautiful heart, and wish for you a happy 2014.

    Icey, let’s see the new hairdo! Hope you are doing well. want to talk sometime. Maybe I will email you. Thinking about you a lot these days.

    All my Pond family, love to you all. I am holding you all close to my heart. You are all important to me. Hugs.


  • Morning Sister Sun,

    Back to school is GREAT! Know why? It gives you purpose, direction and stimulates that exceptional mind of yours. It is a pathway to a better future and something extremely positive. Consider the alternative? Like, the position I am in ... what you are doing is incredible! I understand how draining, hard and, at times, pointless everything can seem but 'EYES ON THE PRIZE' my beloved Sister Sun! Just remember that!

    Every morning when I jump on the treadmill, that is EXACTLY what I tell myself also. Always .. 'eyes on the prize'.

    I would love for you to email me - feel free - any time. I am in need of good company these days ... getting tough being alone with no-one to chat to or even just share my day with. The Sagg has been gone for 2 weeks today and I miss him. I really do miss the 'him' he used to be. I would love someone to hang out with and someone to share life with ...

    I often re-read all of the messages Blmoon wrote (I printed them out so I could spend time with her words and Spirit's messages) and hope that she is right ... especially that this year will be filled with surprises, connections, discoveries and goodness. I NEED that ... I REALLY need that. As she hasn't been here for awhile, I hope that she is ok? I would love her to swoop in and be with us ... but, mostly, as I do for everyone here ... I am wishing that she is well and happy and surrounded by love and filled with peace.

    Bit more cleaning up cupboards today and some outdoor stuff to do and then, that's that for now. Without money, I can't do anything else really - but I am going to write a bit today, I think. Tomorrow morning I have the specialist appointment to discuss all of the results of these tests ... what will be, will be .... right?

    Hoping there is some 'wonderFULL' in your today and I am praying that you & the Little L's are healing and getting stronger each new day. Keep being 'the Sun'.

    Sending you love,

    Icey x

  • Oh ... Sister Sun ... for both of us ... to remind us that we deserve love ....

  • Love it Icey...beautiful picture, and it is a reminder that we deserve and will get the best the universe has to offer us.

    We have some cold weather and more snow due in a day or so...Lauren is still sort of sick and Logan is better, but flu is running rampant up here, I am trying to keep them in the pink in a flu hotbed. Almost ready to run back South till it blows over.

    I know that lonesome feeling. I have been through it for quite the long time. I am hoping that things are brewing for us both right this minute. I hope that we will have the wisdom to know when it is the right thing and not to let it get away from us.

    I can literally feel you over here in the northern Hemisphere, enjoying the beauty the North American continent has to offer. I think something is here for you. Even if it is having a reunion and jello shots at the pool with us Ponders. I know you have something on the horizon, when you are ready to go after it.

    I am hoping that Blmoon is okay as well. I am hoping we hear soon and know she is well and doing fine. Hear that, Blmoon?!

    School is designed to keep me busy. I need that, and it will be keeping me from getting anxious over this EEG I am getting friday. It isn’t the standard EEG, this one is a waking/sleeping EEG. I have to cut my sleeping time short (like it isn’t already) and I have to be scanned while I am awake and also sleeping so they can scan and see if there are any seizures. I think I will have to get someone to get my children and keep them just in case I am not done before they are done with me.

    Anyhow, better go finish my paperwork.

    Talk to you again.

    Love and Light,


  • Sorry to hear that Little L (No 1) is still unwell Sister Sun ... keep her in that lovely pink bubble you have going and pop your beautiful self and the Littlest L in as well. Good thinking!

    Your EEG does sound like it will be very time consuming and quite draining for you my friend. Make sure that you keep that pink bubble going around you. I will be right here making sure that everyone 'upstairs' keeps you safe and looks after you. I know all tests are stressful and that saying not to worry doesn't stop worry but, you and I need to hold an energy about our medical stuff that doesn't attach more fear than necessary to it. I am holding your hand throughout all of this and sending only good vibes your way. Together, we can discuss our results and face any challenge together ... I want you to know that I do find so much comfort in knowing that any time I need help, you and my gorgeous angel friends are here at the enchanted pond doing just that ... helping me move through something and into something else. Cannot say thanks enough!

    One of life's ironies ... when I finished High School (though, I went to a Lady's College so it was different than you guys), my Year 12 English Literature teacher gave each of us a poem and a prayer ... personally chosen to reflect who she saw us as. I still have both of mine ... the poem is about the dancer ... the dancer who spins beauty and my prayer? Well ... it is the 'serenity prayer'. I know, right? Irony. Your comments about having the WISDOM to see what is before us reminded me of it. The whole " God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference" is so perfectly apt ... for my life anyway. I did not realize that there was more to this prayer ... this part took me by surprise ... "Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace; Taking, as He did, this sinful world as it is, not as I would have it; Trusting that He will make all things right if I surrender to His Will;That I may be reasonably happy in this life and supremely happy with Him Forever in the next. Amen." Amazing what we discover sometimes, isn't it?

    Sooo ... YES ... I DO hope we have the wisdom to know when it is the right thing and I DO hope we have the courage to go for it. You are completely right.

    Lonely is not a nice space to hold, is it? When one's preference is different, then feeling lonely is a very difficult path to hold in life. I (like you), am happy with my own company but, not as my ONLY source of company. There is just so very much to miss about a relationship when one no longer has one. I miss so much and realize, painfully, just how much I took having someone in my life, for granted. Makes me quite sad and I hope I won't feel like this for too long ... it's not nice.

    School ... study .. the great DISTRACTOR ... am so very PROUD of you and everything you achieve Sister Sun. Just LOVE your commitment to your life. It is inspiring.

    The Northern Hemisphere? Me? Connection? Lots to consider there but H E L L Y E S to the get-together with the Enchanted Folk!!!!!!! Does one need a better reason than that? LOL Thank YOU for keeping the hope lights burning. You are so very lovely Sun ... I am holding all the goodness in your (and everyone's) hope for me deep within my soul ... am truly holding onto it. I just want to feel something other than all I do now. I'd love this loneliness to end.

    Thank YOU!

    Sending you all the wonder full and magick my friend. Here's to brighter days for you and nothing but LOVE in your world.

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • You all won't believe this ... even I can't get my head around it anymore ... but my claim with the Govt Dept was rejected today! They said I didn't complete a form that I actually did ... TWICE! So, guess where I get to spend my time AFTER the hospital thing tomorrow? Yep ... back in humiliation land!

    I have completely broken down tonight.

    Why must everything be soooooooooooo hard? Why am I having to live through so much stuff? Haven't I done enough already? It just seems that EVERY step I take something else just gets harder? I so don't deserve any of this and I certainly don't expect my life to get more complicated by the minute either. Why?????? Just why?????????? I AM a good person .... why???????

    Will see you all later. I just keep crying.

    Icey x

  • Where's my post? Why is this soooooooo hard too?

  • Govt workers...par for the course. Losing paperwork and then saying you didn’t fill it out is a common way to place the blame on you rather then on their own inefficiency. I am in the middle of filling out papers they sent while I was down south and deadlines are looming. Govt....gotta love them. 😞

    All you can do at this point Icey, is to calm down, go in, square your shoulders and fill it out again. It’s ridiculous. But unfortunately, they hold all the cards. 😞

    You are getting to see the thing that most people never see, and thus are naive poorly govt workers treat people who are in need. You hit it on the head, who in their right mind would go through that abuse if they didnt need help?

    Keep your chin up, it will get better. Things always seem to get worse before they get better. See this as the gateway gauntlet you fight through to get to the best year ever.

    It will be better....I promise.

    Love, Sunshine

  • I spent years dealing with assistance for one of my sons---while waiting for disability he needed medicaid. It will make you want to kill! First, the weak are invisible in our society! They do not get treated fair. Agencys want you to go away---government is slow unorganized and full of minimum waged workers who hate their job and resent others getting anything. They know they can be b itchy and rude as who will listen to complaints---no one. They are not held accountable. Imagine my first visit to have my son told rudely when he had questions to go get the pamphlets on the table----then she dismissed him and yelled next. On the table were only pamphlets in Spanish. No offense Spanish folks but really? I could write a book on this subject---I put my voice into my poetry for these folks. I found it's best to use websites but after midnight as websites freeze up during the day. And always try to get a fax number if you get a person to help you. And once I finally got my son medicaid----no decent doctor will take it!!! Good doctors make room for a few but mostly the medicaid docs are so bad they can't keep enough patients to sustain a practice. I have taken my son to see medicaid docs who were so creepy we left! It took my son 4 years to get his social security disability and in that time medicaid never did find him a specialist who would see him. My advice is to document everything--get names and dates because talking on the phone means nothing. If you are seeking child support go directly to department of rev---skip the middle man as they often fill out the paper work wrong!!

  • Blmoon, any feeling on my current situation?

  • I did not get anything so looked up my reading for you months ago. A lot depended on taking advice as at the time you were very distracted by a Gemini you regretted letting go. I still see the reading as not changing. Right now I sense you are closed off. Are you depressed? In the reading spirit predicted possible health issue and family stress. Your energy is low right now. Being good to yourself and avoiding isolation will help right--- or Feb. could be hard on you.. Your self esteem is low. Avoid regret and going over the past. I remember spirit encouraging you to take advantage of the Nov. energy to focus on goals and achievement. It is your nature to need to feel worthy, at times it's all or nothing for you---you either force not caring at all or care too much but for you achievement is important so do not neglect that drive. The Gemini is still undecided. She is frustrated at men in general right now so expect mood swings----sometimes she can almost just be in the moment but then she gets snappy. There's really nothing you can do. She doesn't trust men right now. I still feel the man she decided to date will not last. I get that she is isolating herself as well and both of you share this pattern. Something about Christmas is bothering you but you suppressed it. You have a hard time expressing hurts. You turn anger inward and it manifests as depression. Are you afraid of your anger? I feel a male presence in your early life has affected you and you fear losing your temper. On a positive note this energy gives you much creative power if you choose to channel that. You have patience to teach or guide others. Again, take care of yourself, get outside your head, focus on a goal and avoid guilt gathering. BLESSINGS!

  • Hi Blmoon,

    I was concerned that you were okay. I hope you had a nice holiday and everything went well for you. I hope you are in good health. You were certainly missed around here.

    Things are getting better for me and the little ones, though we spent the holidays sick, particularly my poor son. Moving at the end of the month.

    I think we all are beginning to come to terms about Michael. Lauren can talk about him now and she likes to think he is cooking dinner for everyone in heaven. She no longer mentions seeing cats, and my son Logan is sleeping better. So I think we have all turned the corner.

    I enjoyed being with my family and meeting my grandson for the first time. However, I had a frightening experience with my eldest daughter, and I ended up saving her life. I still think she has no idea how close she was, but obviously it wasn’t her time to go. Sometimes young people can be foolish. Now I have to decide whether to go home and be close to the family, or continue where I am. I have a lot of good reasons to go home, and just as many to stay here. I tend to over analyze a subject, lol just like my mother.

    Anyway, I am glad to see you are back. I hope you have a prosperous and happy 2014.


  • Hello Everybody,

    How gorgeous to see you Sister Sun, Blmoon and LC ... a triple delight round the pond.

    I hope that each of you are in wellness and happily floating along life's stream.

    Without boring you all to tears ... Govt thing all sorted. Mentioning the manager's name saw me jump a 5-6 hour queue. All paperwork re-done and payment going through tomorrow. Now I just have to prove my job hunting so I can keep being paid each fortnight.

    Hospital Appt: I have a tumour. It is growing and it is causing the pain (I didn't think I was wrong ... I KNEW something was not right). It is benign. Huge relief. However, blood tests galore and more ultrasounds to establish how it is going. Surgery if it: a) grows bigger and b) causes high levels of pain.

    Also today ... my mother rang whilst I was out and one of my sons told her about the Sagg. Great .... NOT! I am not phoning her back as she is the last person I wish to discuss things with. Not happy she knows at all. Blah!

    I know that I a preaching to the choir on Govt agencies as you must be soooooooooo OVER this process Sister Sun. My best friend back home went through so much grief doing things with Govt peeps when her daughter was born with a brain tumour and diagnosed with a whole range of problems ... that she gave up. Although she was entitled to so much, it was killing her so she just stopped beating her head against a brick wall. I understand why. This is not my first meeting with Govt Depts ... it is lunacy at best.

    Blmoon .. you have lived a life, yes? More than one rolled into one by the sounds of things. 🙂

    I know that this won't make anything better but my heart does go out to you for all you have suffered through and faced. I am just so very sorry (with compassion, not pity my friend) that it has been this way for you. And yes, you most certainly ARE a Goddess who grows ROSES! You are an adorable teacher and I am honoured to know you. My thoughts and love really were with you over the Christmas season .. all wrapped in the biggest PURPLE bow my soul could imagine. I would still dearly LOVE to speak with you in private as there are things I would rather keep out of ... so, please? If you can find time, and only if you want to of course, I would dearly love that. Sending you {{{{{{{{ HUGGIES }}}}}}}}}} and Angel Love.

    Dear LC ... I am so sad to intuit that the proposal's rightful moment is still coming. Blmoon has given you beautiful advice and lovingly shown you a direction for your soul (and, importantly for us head-cases, your mind lol) ... please follow her leads .. she truly does know what she's talking about. Trust her. I do. She has the "Icey Moonbeam" seal of approval. LOL Perhaps learning that you can't control others / circumstances (seems to be a popular lesson here hey? LOL ... Me included) will help you focus on you more ... that stuff we can kind of, sorta control, right? I am coming to terms with this also as sooooo much of life is not up to us ... is it? Surround yourself with what you love and CREATE ... I have always said that your words are your saviour ... pour your soul into that if it makes you feel good about YOU. We are all holding you near and sending you as much wonderful energy as we can. You are loved here.

    All the very best for tomorrow Sweet Sun ... I am thinking of you and holding you within a very BIG protective PINK bubble. Let no-one upset you ... lest they deal with the Moonbeam! LOL And this Icey is scary!!!!!!! LMBO Hoping wellness fills your home and peace comes to you so you can be still and calm. Love you ... always touching fingertips, OK. Angel Hugs x

    Dearest BLOOM ... how is Boston settling in???? Cannot wait to share in all that new JOY! How are YOU also? And the hub? And your health? And a million Icey styled questions .... LOL

    Pop by and share your blossoming self with us when you are able - miss you.

    And wherefore art thou Lady Phoenix???? To where did you swoop? Come back!!!!!!! I tell thee!!!!!!! Come back! Keeping you in my heart SOUL SISTER. Sending wishes as bright as the stars to you x x x

    Gorgeous Lotus .... hello petal! May your today be super happy and may surprises be there for the taking!!!! So glad you swooped in earlier - please stay longer!

    Hey Floozie .... reading from the side-lines!!!!!!! I salute thee Ms. Loving Sister of the South Winds ... bubbles in one hand and jello-shots in the other and pool boys all round!!!!!! Hope your beautiful self is just glowing!!!!!!! Love you QuenKath!!!!!!

    Sending all the Enchantment here to each of you,

    Icey Moonbeaming Witchy-poo of the West!

  • Hi everyone. Wow! I have to get a waking/sleeping EEG on friday. I am quite nervous about this...It is supposed to check for possibilities of silent seizures or other issues that explain my post concussive symptoms. I have been out of work for a year now because of this, but I must admit that I am enjoying that I was able to stay down south with my kids until they were better instead of having to rush and bring them home while very ill, which I have had to do in the past because of my job. I am trying not to worry about finances and how to keep things running. My thing for 2014 is to stop stressing myself and try to “be still” more. And learning to ground and protect myself more. I am hoping all this will finally help me to lose this weight I have been trying to lose for a long time. I keep feeling it is “protection, or stress weight”. Whatever it is, it needs to be gone.

    I finally bought another car. An obscure one called a Ford Taurus X. It is a cross between a station wagon and an SUV, but it is definitely heavier than a station wagon. My brother found it for me, and it seems so far to be a good buy. Now I have to start driving more consistently, no more excuses. I still have some fears about it, because of the accident, and the idea of driving my kids and having a blackout/blankout, but time to get past all that. I have to stop making myself an invalid, and get honest about the fact that I just want to be home with my kids and be done working for a while. I have had a job since I was 13 and I could use some time away. I will finish my degree and then see where I go from there. In my opinion, many things are changing for the better for us in 2014. There are quite a few things going on in my life right now, and I have to take time to digest it all, get over emotions and feelings, and make some decisions that can/will be life-changing. Sunshine is starting to stress again. Think I will stop here and go calm myself down.

    Love and Blessings to everyone and have a wonderful day.

    Love you,


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