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  • Sister Sun,

    I am not mad at you and nor am I upset with you. None of what I said applied to you at all. Please know that. None of what I said applied to anybody - EXCEPT ME, for I only ever speak about myself. You have been a wonderful friend. I am truly sorry that you have such a difficult path ahead of you ... I can't imagine how sad it must be to sit with someone's things ... from a someone you loved and bared your soul to. I don't pretend to understand that but I do support you in your tough moments and I do try to let you know you are loved and cared for here at the pond. I hope that being away at Christmas time and then returning to a fresh start makes all the difference for you. I will be holding that thought for you. Good luck my friend ... we are all here if you need us.

    Sending you courage across the enchanted pond, Sister Sun x

    Hi Bloom ... I was getting worried about you as you haven't popped in for a little while. Glad to see you. I also hope that YOU are healing and holding wellness and finding your strength again. I think what you have endured is just awful but I have so much admiration for the being you are inside ... you are WOW ... just WOW! I am inspired just to know you, I think. And bouquets of thank you's for your kind words. You know how much you all mean to me so you will know how genuine my thanks and gratefulness are. Thank you. I truly do believe that this space is a collective soul ... each of you has brought your own light and together, it has filled this world of ours with beaming love. How amazing are you all!

    Yes, I wish Forest Walker would swoop back in too. She is dearly missed round here and I would love to know how she is ... and where she is ... and how those spirit walks of hers are going? I don't know how to reach her either ... if I did, I would ... I guess we just have to keep doing a collective shout across the pond until she hears us? 🙂 So, Forest Walker, we love you ... please come back!

    Your Pisces certainly has a life full also, doesn't he? It is so sad when we watch people cut themselves off from those who do love them ... I feel for him and what he is going through and hope that soon, he can gain some perspective and clarity and put his pieces back together too. He is so fortunate to have someone like YOU as his friend. So so fortunate indeed. I did love your voice of self empowerment sweet Bloom ... that you don't have to 'fix' everything for him. Wow ... have you come a lonnnnnnnnnnnnnnng way hey? BRAVA! Flowers tossed in your honour! Bet that took a lot to make your '2ness' whole? I am so lovingly proud of you my friend. I just love that you can be his friend and yet, allow his soul the opportunity to help itself. Just love that about you. Your voice is very needed here ... you have so much wisdom and such a healthy, proactive perspective to offer. I learn so much from you. Thank you so so much!

    Wishing you a miracle my Bloom. Hugs x

    Blmoon ... I am sorry that you took my post the way you did; the intent I held was far different than that. Good luck with all those new achievements and successes coming your way.

    To the Enchanted Ones ... I will not be speaking about myself here anymore. I will always be here and I will always be here for all of you. My soul will never leave yours - how could it - for we are journeying together. This is a beautiful place ... as I wrote; it IS MY HEART MADE MANIFEST. We all need somewhere in life to just 'be' ... to be free to be our truth and to explore the mystery that is us and to help each other hold some understanding about our lives and its meaning ... on so many levels. The pond will always be this kind of space. It is a good, safe and loving energy that has been created by good, kind and loving souls. I am honoured to be in such wonderful company.

    Angel Hugs All,

    Icey x

  • Just saw your post Lotus ... you beautiful soul! I hope you enjoy your 3 day course and I hope your weather is kind to you as you travel. Enjoy your time away ... you will be missed but we shall hold you here in our hearts.


    Icey x

  • Icey, I was hoping you wouldn’t feel that feel as if you were being bashed and that isn’t it. 😞

  • No Sister Sun ... all is good. I am just choosing to keep myself to myself ... it seriously has nothing to do with you ... I told you this.

    I am here and not going anywhere and my love for all of you is very real and pure and honest and coming from the depth of my soul self. You must believe that.

    It's all good.


    Ice x

  • off to the neurologist to get a head check.

  • sunshine

    I see an improvement in your injury that will be noticeable and steady. You are starting to adjust to how much you can do before over doing it. There is a supplement called coconut oil that will help. Look for the capsules not the jar full---although you can cook with that. The capsules are common now and popular---I believe Walmart even has them. They aid brain function and muscle control related to brain commands. I first read about it in blogs for people with diseases like MS or tremors and even seizures. I t also aides weight loss . Keep up your vitamin c and magnesium and E----they are the muscle repairers----that's why doctors advise soaking sprains in Epsom salts as it is really magnesium. Magnesium is best absorbed with calcium, potassium, and vitamin c. If you are nervous about dosage look up foods rich in these vitamins. Vitamin c is safe ---you will p whatever your body doesn't use but the others can effect you if you do not get it right. I mostly get that the coconut oil will help you heal faster---and it is safe. But if your nervous do your research---I'm no doctor! (that's my public disclaimer ; ) BLESSINGS!

  • Does it make sense that even when I think I am making progress i still feel as though I am taking missteps? I feel as though I create traps for myself no matter how carefully I try to plot the course...

  • Crusader--hello again.

    how are you? did the reading I gave you awhile back work out for you?.

  • Blmoon,

    I will head out today and get that coconut oil. not surprised that you know I take magnesium and the vitamin E. I take a lot of supplements. Neuro doc has restricted my driving and said I shouldn’t be living alone, can’t help that. Whatever helps weight loss is okay by me...I haven’t lost anything in ages! I hope it does get better, my piano playing is affected and I am discouraged enough to drop it.

    Hope you are doing well, feeling better and enjoying holidays.



  • Hi Pond family. I miss you all. Saw Neurologist today, getting MRI and EEG of head soon. Can’t drive and they are taking my symptoms seriously.

    I hope you all are having a nice holiday and enjoying your weather.

    It’s been a roller coaster, but I see good for all of us in the future. 2014 is going to be a great year for us all.

    Talk to you all later. going to sleep now.

    Love and Light,


  • sunshine---I still see an improvement----it will be steady. Right now it's just too busy for you---Christmas is hard on healthy people. Do not get discouraged---you will notice the improvement soon----it really is according to adjusting yourself to know before you cross your limit. Please DO continue the piano! It helps like physical therapy inside the brain. That's why after strokes now they start therapy immediately. Do not try to do the same as before or get sad by the loss---approach it like a brand new thing and just sit down and play around like a child. Listen to music and dance some---it builds pathways in the brain You do not need to dance dizzy but it's the process of KEEPING TIME that builds the brain extra pathways. Nursery rhymes are helpful---that's why they used to use them to teach children things. When I taught little ones--we used rhyme---it helps grow the brain connections that combine memory with word rhyme. Music is very good for growing brain connections. If you have headphones---wear at sleep. You can also buy cds or mp3 recordings that take you into healing meditations. When I was younger I used them for different issues. In college I had 4 sons at home and and starting my writing career very late in my late thirties!---I started having anxiety attacks and got a tape---no cds then!---for anxiety. They work! most of them have a guided side and a subliminal side. I used them and they work. I would get that at a spiritual camp but now they are in big bookstore and online. I liked Dick Sutphen not sure of spelling---but have had other good ones. They make them for specific issues----healing the body---healing emotional trauma---learning to love yourself---etc. I haven't needed one in awhile but probably should do it anyway as they really feel good. I had one that took you into past lives---one for finding your inner Goddess---I even found one for writing and increasing creativity! I feel you are like me and really get off your but and take charge over your challenges. But you are also like me and take for granted you are super woman. I had several life interventions challenge me to slow down. I have had several concussions in the past. Right now you need to feel before you've done too much. And listen----you are "very responsible ; )

    " I too just do things myself but I finally learned to let others do for me or just let things go. I do get the doctors concern about driving---the last concussion I had I did not go out much and thank God my kids were grown. Just slow down and you do not have to be the responsible one always! BLESSINGS! ps--remember being a kid and playing chopsticks on the piano and thinking it was awesome?!

  • hahaha they bleeped his first name--Dick!

  • Oh Icy I'm so sorry you are going through this! Just know that we all have our issues. You aren't alone sweetie. And as for what the hell our purpose is here on this earth, I know none of us here really have a clue as to what that is. Good luck with that one. I always say my purpose was to have my fabulous, sweet son who I know has and will make this world a better place and , really isn't that enough? We don't have to save this sad sorry world on our own now! It's a pipe


  • I must remind you of the soulmate you said you couldn't be with! Remember him? A Gemini? I think! Well, we all have those ! I say put your hottie ass back out there and I know you will meet up with the one you are supposed to be with forever. We all have that special otherworldly creature we are destined to be with; but that doesn't mean we end up with them. I have one, it's sad knowing I can't be with him. He's not married, by the way. I am!!! Anyhoo I bet a case of Jell-O shots if you get your gorgeous game on, harbor salon! And make it a young cut and cor please! And get the wardrobe out of the marry mama look and into hot but not hoochie mama, and get your ass out there chicksa! You will find the one! The one that is your real love! Not the soulmate you had kids with! There is such a thing as a twin soul! Go for it! I'm raising my glass of Pinot noir to you now! Love you Icy!

  • Quenkath is here in the nick of time. It is good to see you and I wish it wasn’t such a hard time for us in here. I hope that you have been doing well, and enjoying your holiday.

  • Thank you Blmoon, I am studying for finals in the 2 classes I am not going to pass, 😞

  • And sunny, I did have a message for you but the damned thing erased it! Ugh! I know you have had a horrible time and I am so sorry for you also! We all need to realize that life just kind of sucks sometimes! It's harder than we want it to be! Ugh! You, sunny have truly been through it and have come out like a lightening bolt! You will be fine, my dear sista! We all need to remember that all is not roses and Jell-O shots! But... If we decide to control our own lives we will all come out on top! I mean that! We are strong, smart, sensitive, and ever so endearing people and souls ! We will be with the soul that matches ours one day! Promise y'all that!! Just don't know when!!

  • Sorry for the typos but I'm am doing this from my phone and it keeps erasing everything! Love y'all! No time to proof read

  • sunshine

    maybe during finals

    Michael will whisper in your ailing but lovely noggin all the right answers! haha! BLESSINGS!

  • I also want to say I have always kept up with y'all on this beautiful pond but have kept quiet because I really don't want to be recognized here. Just worried about privacy. It's not y'all !

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