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  • And Sister Sun...

    The thing that helped me with with statistics was always to go back to examples I understood. The ones (of course) that I 'got' were the experiments with plants...we are NOT surprised about that!!

    For example, in one example, plants were grown from seeds. When they were x days old, they were divided into groups. One group had.....(fill in the blank...) no sun, or limited water....or extra fertilizer...whatever the interventions were. After a certain time had passed, measurements were taken. Then that data was compared to see which intervention was the most effective. Once I understood that simple process, I found it was easier to 'get ' the rest.

    Then you have all the tests...T test, multiple regression etc. I was fortunate that I had a great professor in grad. school who made us up good study guides with examples. If you want, I could try to search for that notebook from long ago....but I am wondering if you are having difficulty with a certain concept if you can google an example of it on-line and see if there is a good lesson out there, in another voice, that will help you?

    when I was helping my Pisces's kids do homework in high school one time, I was really surprised how much help there was on-line. I am wondering if that would help you to break off at a certain point from your on-line teacher, and just check out another way of looking at the same thing? Sometimes someone will say something that will unlock the concept for you.

    The worst experience I had was in college, when I took an advanced math course by a professor who also wrote the book we had to buy. ALL OF HIS EXAMPLES were the ones he used in the if you didn't understand the book, you weren't going to understand the daily lesson. Dang it. That's when I should have used the internet, lol...but it hadn't been invented yet. I don't know what I did...just scraped by I think. But at least you have options now.

    Good luck girl!!

    Hugs from Bloom

  • Hello Angels,

    I have spent my day in the emergency department of a hospital today. Not doing so well my lovelies. I've been given some heavy duty drugs and have an appointment next week with a specialist. Hoping to make it through another day ... sigh!

    I shall be back tomorrow night with you all. I have to get through work tomorrow and my night tonight.

    Would like my life to get easier now ... please.

    Thanks Bloom; will respond when my head is a tad clearer. Hoping you and all enchanted ones are happy.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x

  • Oh Icey!! Feel better soon....sending you healing light and love!

    Hugs from Bloom

  • Icey! I am worried about you. like Bloom, I am sending you healing light and love! Whatever it is, it can get better. Keep a positive mindset and keep resting.

    Looking forward to talking with you again soon.

    Take care of yourself, right now focus on your healing and health, let the other stress stuff go for now. Focus on yourself and help yourself heal.

    Light ans Love,



  • Thinking about and praying for you Icey!!! I would like to let everyone know, I will be proposing on the first of January....I have finally found my soul mate 🙂

  • Happy Thansgiving!



  • HAHA--MY ThanKsgiving had

    a lisp!! A grateful lisp!

  • Happy thanksgiving to you Blmoon. Have a wonderful day and Thanks to you for being there for us.

    Love and Light,


  • LC!!!! Congratulations to you and Happy Thanksgiving to you. I wish you all the happiness and love in the world and give the lucky lady a hug. You have a lot to be thankful for, it seems. Much success and joy to you and your family.



  • To my fellow Pond family,

    Happy Thanksgiving to those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving. May your day be joyful and full of love with your families. To our other ponders, have a wonderful weekend and do something to make yourself happy, and tomorrow, think of something that you are thankful for.

    As for me...I am thankful that I am here to be a Mother to my precious children. I am grateful to the higher powers for making the way for me to learn more about myself. I am also grateful for any Blessings I get now and in the future.

    Blessings and much love to you all.


  • I am thank FULL for, and to, ALL of YOU!

    Those who hold a place around this gorgeous pond are beings who truly notice the 'little' things in life ... those little things that mean so very much and those things that make all the difference. Pondees give and share and give some more. There is nowhere I would rather be and no-one I would rather be with. In my today, I hold gratitude by the bouquet fulls. My soul does too.

    For each of you ...

    Blmoon: I am grateful and THANK FULL for all of the light you have brought here and to me; especially. Words are so inadequate in their expression when one is so moved by kindness. I hope you can feel how I feel about you and all you've done? It's important for me that you know that. Thank you for your insight and your gifts of spirit. They are needed, by me and our world. My soul holds you near and wishes you pure health and happiness. I hope your purple wearing is continuing and your head-butting isn't. 🙂 You sweet angel, thank YOU!

    Lotus: I am grateful and THANK FULL to you for your gentle energy, balanced thoughts and caring soul. You have been the resident flower within the pond ... always beaming your beauty out to all of us like a beacon of love. Thank you for all the reminders about the 'little' things.

    Lady Laie: I am grateful and THANK FULL for your wisdom and gorgeous soul. You are an absolute shining angel for me and I love you more than words can say. Keep being well my Sister Queenie and thank you, so very much, for YOU!

    Sister Sun: Wow ... I am grateful and THANK FULL for so many things about you. Where to start??? 🙂 For your unwavering positivity and your open loving heart. For your gift of music to your appreciation for others. I am honoured to call you my friend and thank you for EVERY LITTLE AND BIG THING your soul has given me of late.

    Beautiful Bloom: I am grateful and THANK FULL to you for your strength and kindness. For teaching me the way to hold the self in the light whilst darkness settles like falling snow around me. I am just so grateful that you are here and I have had an opportunity to count my blessings knowing you. Peace to you my friend.

    LC: for every word of love you have written here, I am so grateful and THANK FULL. You have made such a difference to my world and I hope that your new life, with your special flame, burns as brightly as you do when you are here. I couldn't be more proud of or joy filled for you ... you have my heart's gratitude. Now, don't you dare not keep me posted ... our 01 01 2014 will be forever changed because of you. And thank you for holding me with you during all of this, too.

    May the enchanted pond continue to glow ... and grow ... with love, for love and because of love.

    Angel Love,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • LC!! GREAT NEWS!!!!!! wow wow wow!! Thanks for sharing and that has made me want to jump up and click my heels! So happy for you and your intended!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    Hugs from Bloom

  • Icey, good to hear that you are at least 'on your feet' symbolically and writing to us. I hope that you will continue to feel better....for truly, we wouldn't be here at the pond without you! Thanks for your kind words!

    Hugs from Bloom

  • Happy Thanksgiving to all Ponders!!

    Bloom where you are planted!! Stay warm 🙂

    Hugs from Bloom

  • Hi Bloom,

    Am not feeling flash and, yes, I am barely surviving my days and nights right now. One of these drugs has given me the tremours ... so now I'm an icey-shake LOL. It's actually not good to be driving a car but hey ... I have to do all those things I have to do. I am in need of a very BIG rest. I can feel it. I need to get away ... far away and just sleep for like a century I think ... hang out in my pj's, watch a movie or two and do not much of anything. But, that is wishful thinking and not my reality so suck it up for another day and keep moving, right? Sigh.

    I understand the space you, Sunshine and anyone else are coming from in relation to my 'alone' comments. We each hold a level of truth about this that is our own and that is glorious. In spirit, there is no right or wrong, no comparisons and no judgement ... only what is. For me, and how my soul feels, being 'alone' would be unbearable. I am simply not built that way and do not 'want' to live that way.

    As I said earlier, I don't need to have someone, do not need a man to define/etc me and do not NEED anyone to do anything for me ... I "choose" not to be a single, lonely individual, that's all. That doesn't mean I would have to re-marry (if my Sagg does divorce me) for I doubt, in my now, that I would EVER do that again. I never say never because look at me now ... I would have said this would never happen once upon a time also ... and it has! My soul wants company and it would be pretty nice just to have someone to talk to who wants to talk to me too. I want someone to hold me when I have yet another nightmare and I want someone to love me for who I am. I, like many people, can get by on my own. I just don't 'want' to and that's the distinction ... for me, being without someone would be the most awful experience because it isn't what I want for myself. I also never thought I'd be in a position where I would have to contemplate being alone. This wasn't, in my mind, supposed to happen to me. I had the love of my life-time ... I was living the dream.

    So much for that, right?

    I truly do want him to come back to me but for the 'right' reasons. Will this ever happen? I hope so but, it may not. Do I continue living by being 'hopeful' or do I continue concentrating on the 'he won't' side? I am literally torn in half over this ... on one side I have something hopeful and the other, an emptiness that I cannot explain. I am trying to look forward; I really am ... but what am I looking forward TO? Or, FOR?

    I don't want to live the rest of my life by myself. I would like more from my life than that. Many 'psychic' people I know continuously tell me that I am not supposed to be living the life of the spiritual hermit this time round. That is a path that is not only appealing to me but natural ... I am meant to share this life-time with others (something not so familiar to my soul) and I am not meant to hide away. Part of this, for me, would be sharing my deep self with another ... in a way that I wouldn't with the many. That is actually so important to me that I probably can't explain it fully. It just 'is' and that's why I am so very LOST right now. I had this. I actually had this and now ... well, I'm facing a whole lot of what?

    I'm not hopping on any bandwagon Bloom ... it is a statement of fact, for me, that I do not want to be alone and that if this is the 'bigger picture' for my life ... I will choose not to do that. I only have control over 'me'. In my life, I cannot choose anything other than my thoughts and, eventually, my actions. I can only choose how I respond to my experience in my here and now. Everything else is beyond my control. Am I giving my Sagg my power? Everybody will hold their own opinions on that I suppose. I don't feel as though I am. I do feel like I am living with little control over anything right now. I cannot make him love me, I cannot make him stay, I cannot keep living out of my car and I cannot change what is. Do I want to work on 'me' ... yes. There are things I plan to do and they will definitely help me. I have an appointment with a psychologist on Monday afternoon so that I can learn HOW to live through this mess that has become my life. I have recognized that I cannot do this alone. I have no idea how to detach from my husband. I have no idea how to take my love and put it all inside me. I have NO IDEA HOW TO DO MUCH OF ANYTHING really for it has NEVER been a part of my experience. I also DO NOT WANT to do any of it either. I don't want to watch what I had leave for good. I simply don't want that, Bloom but I have no choice ... do I? All I can do is learn how to cope with it all ... how to put up with it all ... and that is just so unfair it fills me with sadness. I don't want a life like this ... at all.

    I think your 'dog walking' friend is an amazing being. I think you are an amazing being. I think all the enchanted souls here are amazing beings and I love you all so deeply. But, I am not your dog walking friend and I am not any of you either (please don't take that the way it wasn't meant, ok? ) and I am doing my life and for whatever flipping reason, my reality has been turned around and around and around and I do not know which end is up anymore. All I know, is my SOUL ... and I do mean my SOUL ... is shattered and I choose, because it is so very important to my core, not to live alone. that would, I believe, propel me into a path that I really wasn't meant to be on. I just want to love .... and be loved and that is the full simplicity of all of this.

    I want to love and be loved.

    And why is that such a big ask?

    Holding you near and thank you for your wisdom, guidance and kindness. I hold you high, Bloom.

    Icey x

  • Happy thanksgiving to everyone who celebrated it. I kept it quiet with me and the kids only, I wasn’t feeling very festive and just wanted to be alone.

    Icey, I have to admit, I am just a nervous about you driving as me driving. We are quite the cast of characters, aren’t we?

    I feel just like you...I have the ability to be and live alone, I would choose not to do so if I had the choice. I have had to make that choice for a number of years, I know whereof you speak. I certainly don’t judge you in any way, shape or form. Being alone isn’t all it is cracked up to be. I just really hope and pray that you can find your way through the muck. I want you to be happy again, and I know that it will happen for you...good people like you are too good to be kept down. Take my word, it will happen, and it will happen sooner than we all think. You and I have the same mission, love and be loved.

    Remember, I have your back and I think you may have my e-mail address if you need to.

    Love and Blessings to you, my friend.


  • And because my life is just sooooooo wonderful ... today ... I LOST MY JOB TOO! Blmoon ... I tried drinking alcohol and taking pills today but my Sagg came home and stopped me. He's still leaving me. So, do we know what it is I'm trying to look forward for? or to? I give up. Today, I quit! No more.


  • ICY----I gave you an excellent warning long before this train wreck PLEASE STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP! You can not hurt yourself without hurting others. You are turning anger inward---you have a right to be angry---to be devastated---confused etc but there is a difference between feelings and actions! First positive choice--do not drink! By not dealing with your pain or confusion you are doing the same as your husband--both of you are running away! He is not confronting his issues by letting himself be seduced by distractions---that have now blown up in his face---he ended up hurting many people and your challenge was to rise above to give him and the others he hurt a better way to rise up too. I get pain!! I buried a child five years ago---don't get any more painful then that. I wanted to die. How selfish is that? I regret how that must of hurt my other sons! Alcohol is a depressant and clouds the mind and it's like writing a check with no money in the bank---there IS A PAY DAY DUE! Going numb for awhile is temporary and only makes pay day cost more---that's where you are at. Meds can be a godsend but only with restraint--if you can't keep only two in your purse and bless them for helping you walk through each day then you must not take them at all. You are not allowing the future to unfold! You are stuck in this event as if it is forever. You want to hurt him as much as he hurt you. Burn his freaken clothes and change the locks already---at least you''l get a laugh out of it later. How nice of you to help him pack. This is a healing situation if you can open your pain to that----walk through this one day at a time and you will have released a deep well of life long hidden pain that has finally somewhere to go!! It has held you back and him. If you are spiritual you know life has much deeper meaning than most know. There is no sugar coating this reality---but it will have a harvest if you stop fighting it. You say you do not need a man---yet you are not in awareness with your shadow side who is killing herself over a man!! Be kind to yourself and be honest and real---he did make something easy for you--what was it? Take long walks---long runs---get outside. Get outside of your own head. Find your blessings!! It's easy to be spiritual when all is good. These are the times when faith must prevail. ONE DAY AT A TIME. Being self destructive is an energy that draws further destruction. You are confusing giving up and blowing the ship out of the water with SURRENDER. Life's true tragedy calls for SURRENDER---The gift it brings is to LIVE IN THE MOMENT. Isn't it all we really have. Only this moment is real. That's it! Sorry to be so blunt but there is nothing wishy washy about your situation---this grief is kin to pushing a boulder up a mountain and getting drunk will only take you longer! LOVED ONE'S DEPEND ON YOU!! BLESSINGS BLESSINGS BLESSINGS!! YOU CAN'T CONTROL LIFE---ONLY HOW YOU CHOSE TO REACT.

    PRAYER FOR ICY----Dear Saint Michael, lend this broken spirit your strength during her darkest moment. Hold her up and move her towards her next step in her journey. Call on her Guardian Angel to join you in filling her with God's Light so she can see her way through the darkness of her own fear. Angels and guides and passed over loved ones, please join hands in a protective circle around her so she may feel the safety of your power---calm her fear---return her to her faith. Whisper in her ear she is loved---she is safe--this too shall pass. AMEN, and thank you for hearing this prayer.

  • Icey

    Oh my Dear friend how hard this struggle is for you. Again I say be kind to yourself, let go of the struggle for control. Heartbreak is painful, I can relate to feeling your soul's pain. I felt that when Jack died, I wondered how I would mend. I also understand your desire to not be alone. As Blmoon said so well, listen/feel deep inside yourself & reconnect with your spirituality. Over the last several yrs I have had many moments I wondered what to do or how I could face a problem alone. My solice comes from reminding myself I am never alone, the Universe is always with me. The answers come & I find peace. That is different for me than being lonely, I SO get that & it is hard at times. It gets easier, the pain fades, hearts heal & each day you can move forward-babysteps if thats all you can handle. You are a VERY important person to yourself, your children & friends.....we all are here gently guiding & holding you in our hearts. Its time to face the music, stop hurting yourself & be the woman we all have grown to love here at the Pond. Hear the words you would say to one of us if we were hurting ourself, let go of the struggle.

    Its a bit scary to read your words & feel your pain, I wish I were there to hugs you , but as I said we are all holding you in our hearts

    Be Well Icey


  • LC

    Congrats!!!!!! How wonderful


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