The Enchanted Pond

  • Blmoon,

    Sorry to hear that you are having back pain. I hope by sending you some healing light that it will continue to get better. Please make sure you are taking care of you before you take care of everyone else. 🙂

    Sending you Light and Love to get you up and back on your feet again.



  • Bloom2,

    Thanks and I am praying that your hub has some difficulties ahead. Praying all will be well for you and him. You have been through a lot in the last year, and you have come through fabulously. You have definitely “bloomed” [ hold you close with hugs and love.

    Well, kids off to school, think I will rest for a while then clean up this house!!! With 2 kids, I am constantly cleaning, sometimes it appears to be quite the waste of my time. Loving being home though. Not wanting to go back to work.

    Blessings to you.


  • SUNSHINE --thank you for your healing energy. I am very sensitive and get attacked sometimes---mostly I am very good at avoiding that but spirit has insisted my high road approach with this person has served it's purpose long enough and it's time to pull out the sword. But it is not wise to do battle while wounded and emotional. Always save your energy and avoid ego war with a hostile person----they only weaken you. i am following my same wise advice I give others and having patience---taking care of myself---accepting other's help and trusting Spirit has not abandoned me---in fact this had to happen and the outcome will be in my favor. BLESSINGS!

  • I'm back my beautiful friends ... I well and truly swoop a lot these days. Good thing my physical lear broom jet (aka ... car) can do auto-pilot as I have gone up and down these roads sooooo much now.

    Well, another night over and another day to face ... and so goes the cycle of my life. I have spoken to my ... what do I call him? Husband? I can't write 'X' yet as I can't reconcile that truth yet ... anyway, spoke with him when I got back here this morning as I need to be able to come home tonight after work. I finish at like 8.30pm and have to be at the Dr's by 8am for blood tests and for this Dr to check my solar plexus area (this is where I feel so sick ... so wrong and is it just stress? Possibly. But I feel 'off', cannot eat as I am physically unwell when I do. Haven't eaten since Saturday.Not sure if it's my liver, stomach, what?) Commuting on top of all that is going to be nigh impossible as my friend is a fair way away and then to get ready for an early work day as well is just too much pressure for me.

    Sooooo ... he was happy about me coming back, wants me to come home and said he will take me to the Dr's tomorrow too. He wants me to do what's best for me. Not lear broom jetting is best for me for today ... and now, I hope I have done the right thing? These last two days have killed me and, I know my soul wants to see him but my head says 'be detached' ... because my very best angels have given me this advice ... right enchanted angels? LOL I see him, though, and my soul wins every time! He told me he is lonely without me here and beyond sad and so sorry he has hurt me like this. I can see pain in his eyes but because of our connection; I can FEEL his pain too and that is why I cannot be anything but compassionate towards him. I don't like how my being feels, how my energy is, when I hold 'hate' / 'anger' / that stuff in my heart. It is why I cannot be mean to anyone or anything ... I only know how to love because that is my core energy ... and my TRUTH, and obviously something to do with where I come from????

    I know, however, that I must protect myself now and do what's right for me. I am learning as I go along and I can't ask anymore than that of myself right now. This IS the hardest thing I have ever experienced and I never care to go down this path again ... not ever. Last night, with my friend, I said I wished I could just jump 6 months ahead ... not live through this bit at all. Do we think that might be possible???? PUHLEEEEZE? Can wishing make it so?

    It's like I am inside a snow globe and he has picked me up, shaken me violently and put me down. The entire content of my being is still floating in a million pieces around me. And then, my globe gets shaken again ... and again. Oh well.

    If I could see the purpose behind all of this ... I would have some perspective as to why I need to go through something as awful as this is. Hence my need, I feel, to receive looking forward messages .... anything to stop me from looking back and trying to cling to what I instinctively am attached to.

    This really does suck. Apparently, he will know either today, or tomorrow, the time-line for his work transfer back home. I am just going to sit in the flow of this as I cannot predict how long this will be and I have to stop torturing myself by wishing none of this would go ahead either. I get that he needs to do this and this is important for his own well being too and I totally accept that, despite all I long for, he is actually going to leave. That will be my reality and I have no choice in it at all. I do, however, have choices AFTER this and I know that those will get made in the manner they are supposed to when it is necessary. For now, I am just letting all this unfurl ... I have to go with the flow or I will go nuts. I can feel that I am walking a fine line as it is ...

    And now for some life irony ... at 9am today, the 21st of November, 21 years ago ... my father died. Today, at 9am ... my husband held me so tightly and said the same words ... "I'm sorry, .... (insert my name here) as I now face the death of my relationship. Oh the irony! Wonder what the h e l l ... I did to deserve this one?

    Sweet Sister Sun ... you are spot on. I, throughout all of this, have seen this vision of him just turning up on my doorstep and, as I open the door to see who it is, he is there, a few slow tears across his cheek, eyes imploring mine. That was what I was shown the very night he told me was leaving. However, who knows, right? Who knows? For now, I can see that he is struggling with the pain he has caused not just me, but his kids and himself. Himself, mostly. Will he regret what he's done? I think he already truly does but on the other hand, he is still choosing to do it. I hope he finds his point of peace within himself. I truly do. I understand the kind of torture his mind is going through as mine is too ... albeit for different reasons ... but we are both tormented. All I can do Sunshine, is give my love wings and let him be free. If he never comes back, then ... well ...

    You, however, need to keep remembering how remarkable YOU ARE! Your Little L's are so very lucky to have you as their mother, and you, yes YOU ... need to believe that! All that LOVE in one place - your home must glow! I wish you successful study moments and sleep ... deep, peaceful and restful sleep. As someone who has lived on maybe 3 hours in 4 days ... I get how hard it is to function without it. I am just in survival mode right now for I don't know how else to be. You, however, need to sit in your beautiful house, where it is quiet and peaceful (whilst the L's are at school), close your eyes, breathe deeply and just let yourself BE! We are very alike in that we both place way too much pressure on ourselves because our expectations of self are too harsh. It is impossible, I am learning, to BE everything ... there has to be a point where this stops. I have hit my wall. Asking for help is so foreign to my being that doing it has made me feel sick inside. But there is a tiny part of me that knows I cannot survive unless I do. I am aware that this is my cup running over moment and I NEED help. I cannot continue this path alone and maybe, in the weird scheme of things, this is actually the reason why I started the Soul Mates / Enchanted Pond thread all those years ago to begin with???? So that I would have a place where help could be found? Big realization that. Enormously big. Just SUCKS that you all live in a different continent than me. Distance is definitely not a help but it is how it is, right?

    The more I think about this, the more I know I will move far away from here. That picture is getting clearer to as time goes on.

    My point? You have reached out for help within our beautiful pond too but, when those overwhelming moments walk in, your expectations of self must walk out. Right now, the grief my kids are experiencing is too much for me. I cannot hold all of them up and keep my own head above water too right now ... but, I am their mother - and I try ... try and TRY! It is simply what we do, right? I have explained to mine that, just in my today, I cannot do this for them fully. I also need to let them explore their own life experience and keep them on their path, too. So, when you feel like your cup runneth over also, take a step back and ask yourself 'What is my priority here?' Nothing more and nothing less ... then deal only with that ... ONLY with that.

    There isn't an enchanted soul here who doesn't admire YOU, Sister Sun. We all hold you in the highest regard for, no matter what life sends you, you always remain the most BEAUTIFUL SOUL! Hoping there is help here when you need it and love to soften life's blows. Holding you close and especially sending you thanks ... bunches and bunches of thanks for your support for me. Adore you Sister Sun.

    Lady Laie ... my beloved angel friend and absent Enchanted Sister ... continuing to hold your gorgeous being in the light and willing the angels to keep protecting and helping you heal. Be well and come swooping back real soon ya hear. You are so dearly missed round here! Love YOU!

    Lotus ... hoping your days are great ones and that your boys are well also. want to hear something funny???? I was discussing what 'action' to throw my energy into last night with the friend I am staying with (because sitting around just letting my mind go is bad ... realllllllllllly bad) and I jokingly said ... "I could take up running!". First time I've laughed in days. She looked at me and we both burst out laughing. Running is what one does when one is being chased; there is NO other reason to run. LOL LOL LOL That has always been my philosophy; probably always will but ... I am going to head back to the gym. A fit, healthy and streamlined Icey Moonbeam will make for a more comfortable lear broom jet ride ... right? I did think of you, though ... and all my admiration for your beautiful self was there too. I have told you before how much I LOVE your energy - the enchanted pond has been given a newness because of you. Hugs and hoping all is well for you.

    Beautiful Bloom ... I keep thinking of you so much. I know all that you live through right now is just heart-breakingly hard. I am waving my magic wand like a lunatic (lol) down here and willing the Universe to extend some kindness to you ... and your family. Please remember that I, as are we all, am here for you every step of the way. No soul here ever leaves my soul. I have said this all along and I always mean what I say (well ... except at 2 in the morning after a whole lot of alcohol ... perhaps? lol). I am placing you and your hub in the pinkest bubble I can conjure. You will both be so safe in there for I would never allow anything to get to you from here. And nor will your guides and angels. Keep all of us close - now that's a force to be reckoned with, right? Keep hanging out with your birds, blooms and animal friends ... and I shall ask the forces of nature to be with you. Huge faerie love to you, Bloom and my bouquets of thanks also for helping to pick me up for I have fallen so very VERY far down.

    LC ... dude! Nice to see you swoop in too. You are so sweet to send me your compassion. You are a GOOD soul you know? Remember how you didn't think so once upon a time? So happy to be yelling "I told you so!" at you now!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooooo, this is "THE" Gemini???????? THE GEMINI??????????????????????? WOW, dude ... WOW! I hope that all is faring well and I truly hope that your happiness is making you stay in the flow of goodness. Remember that your happiness is not dependent upon another, ok? Ultimately, it is about holding your truth and living forward believing the self's truth. Hold the love within you; your lady cannot help but FEEL it. Keep me clued in caped crusader and send me a poem one of these days, ok???? I miss your words - they are extremely moving. Go BE my friend and know that I am grateful for your kindness. Hugs.

    Am going to hit send right now ... before something goes floating somewhere I end up losing this all. Dearest Blmoon ... a separate spot for you ... not because you are separate from us because that will NEVER be the case. You are stuck with the pond now ya know!!!!!!!! Oh yes, you are!!!!!!! if you leave ... we'll find you!!!!!!!!!!! LOL A separate message because I fear my Gone With the Wind meets War & Peace post won't upload and I sooooooooooooooooooo don't want that! Then there will be anger ... well, ok ........ tears first and then anger! Back momentarily.

    Loving Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Beautiful Blmoon,

    What an image that is? LOVE it ... a beautiful blue moon! Yes, really love that!

    Strength ... protection ... assistance. These are my three feelings for you. It is no surprise then, that the card I hold from my 'Angels of Atlantis' deck is ... "MICHAEL'. There are no accidents, right? Only truth. Battle? Swords? No better choice than Michael ... is there. Here is his message to you:


    Michael - The Cosmic Leader.

    Enchantment: Michael asks you to remember the magic of your life by connecting with the path of the enchanted. (OK ... me here ... HOLY GODDESS BLMOON!!!!! Divine intervention, much???? You are meant to be at my pond! Hold that within you! Back to your message ...) is magic missing from your life or are you aware of a lack of imagination in your creative purpose? Allow the divine joy of the child within you to reconnect with the free-flow fun that was once present in your innocence - this is a doorway to the numinous. With this card, the unicorn's magical horn touches your soul with the love of its perspicacity - compelling, eternal, and especially wise about that Divine light within you. When it shines, the charisma of your soul magnetizes all people to you. Chant "Hee" throw your crown chakra to resonate with the higher frequencies of enchantment.

    I Am Presence: This card reminds you that the throne of your spiritual sovereignty is awaiting you, and that you have all of the power of the Creator within you. When we discover our soul's purpose and allow ourselves to be initiated into the world as a spiritual seeker, we are often disregarded by others, simply because the Divine can be missing from other people's lives.

    Michael wishes you to sit on the throne of your true power, in the universal wisdom of the One Mind, the I AM PRESENCE. This is the moment when divine compassion moves through you and alerts you to the fact that what you see without is also within.

    Feel your throne as the seat of empathy and chant "Haw" through your base chakra to support this energy.

    My friend ... have to lear broom jet again for work but, please wear PURPLE today. I shall send you a bigger {{{{{{ HUG }}}}}} from work and write more from there.

    Keep feeling stronger and more aligned with your truth. I am holding you up in the reflection of your own gorgeous LIGHT!

    Your Icy x

  • And now that I have a moment at work, I can finally connect with you again Blmoon ... hope your evening / night / morning / time zone? has been a beautifully healing one. If you intend to do battle, then yes ... your strength and good health is vital.

    I wanted to mention the movie "Michael" before ... with John Travolta playing Michael ... the most unusual angel of all. Know the one? It's one of my favourite pictures and I have a photo of him as Michael on my theatre room wall. When you said, "Battle", I was reminded of his character head-butting the bull out in the field. So made me laugh so, if you are definitely going to draw swords with someone, I am so glad that he will be on your side! Try not to head-butt anyone though ... looks like it hurts! 🙂

    Your situation sounds really sad on one side and empowering on the other. What is absolutely fabulous is your ability to know where you stand, what must be done and that the outcome is filled with blessings for YOU! I so admire that and ... as if Spirit would abandon someone like you my dear ... not a hope. If people like me are drawing cards like Ganesha & Michael for you, then you certainly have VERY high powered friends upstairs looking out for you. I am filled with comfort that you do. Call them to you when you need them most. Nothing like a good sword of protection is there?

    Sometimes, I am amazed by how uncaring and selfish humanity can be. I don't really say this as judgement because I do understand that we are each here to learn specific things, teach even more specific things to each other and then, use our experiences to create wisdom for the highest good of self and the all. However, I have such empathy for you because I FEEL other people too ... lots! Sensitive beings can suffer terribly so I hope that you also can feel the huge bubble of golden/pink light that I am sending your way to protect and heal you.

    It is also really interesting to note that everything I have offerred you (cards / crystals / light) is all PURPLE based. You really need to have purple on you now. Wear it, hold an amethyst (stone of protection and the absorption of negative energy too) and consider that throne that Michael has reminded you of ... that throne of truth surrounded by purple ... lots of purple. I am hoping that all those chords from others are completely removed from you very soon. Let truth hold court.

    I did like your message of returning my heart to myself. Makes me cry that I no longer have someone to give this to that gives it back. That's soooooo sad! Isn't it? Do you think I ever will again? Sigh ... sure hope so. Like to think that I'm not such a bad person that no-one would want to be with me anymore. OK ... tears now so have to stop.

    Once more, I know I speak for everyone here when I sincerely offer you our soul welcome and highest heart thanks for rescuing so many of us here. Beautiful souls are always rewarded.

    Blessings Dear One.

    Icy x x x

  • Good morning Ponders,

    Well I have some good news. My hub's surgery went so well....It took less than 1/2 hour from beginning until he was awake in the recovery room.

    Last time, he was in the recovery room for 6-7 hours, so I was prepared for a long day. He managed very well and on the way home, he said "NOW I can plan the next things I want to do..." That made me laugh, because it was such an uncharacteristic thing for him to say (still under the influence of drugs... but still good to hear!).

    Our son is coming over for a few hours today and our daughter and her bf will come for dinner Friday night. It makes me realize that I need to line up social time with the kids for him, since he does so much better with that. He really got pretty dis-regulated the week preceding the surgery, so I hope he does better this week.

    My heart goes out to you Icey, and also to you Blmoon, and Sunny. Being sensitive/clairvoyant...or whatever term you may use to describe your gifts...has it's price I guess. I never really understood that before, although I do always need to work on protecting myself from my too empathic ways with others. But I'm not in the same realm as you! So sending healing light to you all with my own love and admiration mixed in.

    I had a great walk yesterday morning with one of my dog walking friends. She said she made a choice to be amused by all the leaves that had re-covered her lawn from her neighbors INSTEAD of being annoyed. I LOVED THAT!!! That is my mantra today. I know we have choices, and that is one I can manage.

    Hugs to all, I am off to do my daily exercise program...incorporating Tai Chi - not like Lotus's running but good for an old lady's balance and strength. 🙂


  • ICY---I do love that movie! and I do have a head butting headache today and could cry for a week and I do not even have hormones anymore! I named my first born after Saint Michael and he did indeed live up to that name. I too feel lost without loving to give. But true love is unconditional so yes the people we love will at times not appreciate it---take it for granted etc. But that's life. Love yourself---that's what I'm going to do for awhile---make a shift--be more SELFish--in a good way while this passes---and sometimes we just have to wait for the page to turn. I will take all the prayers and purple I can gather---thank you. I have loved rocks since little---I have stones from all over the world and they fill my garden. I wear a lot of stone jewelry. As for purple, I'm in my purple nightgown right now! One day in the 60's when I was a teen I dyed all my clothes underwear included purple! Remember the boxes of Ritz dye? Or are you too young for that? BLESSINGS!

  • A poem? It seem that I may be making a living with poems soon, i have written so many of late that it actually is growing harder to come up with new ones...hmmm

    When the night is dark and the moon is full

    look at our pond and smile

    for all the stars, reflected there

    are yours for just a little while,

    but the memory of those twinkling lights

    are yours to have for ever

    for memories, unlike so many other things

    can be taken from your heart, never.

  • yeah right---no one makes a living off of poems! thanks for sharing. We should do a chain of haiku's...Sometimes I would do that with other writers---but snail mail---one sends a hiakus and another adds one etc etc. You can also do the added two lines and make a Tanka.

  • Awwwwwwwww ... group {{{{{{{{{ HUG }}}}}}}}}}

    Bloom ... so grateful your hub has come through his surgery so easily (love the power of love ... thank you pond peeps for holding him in the light! I hope that he continues to heal and RENEW! I must say, some drugs are quite good for the soul aren't they???? LOL LOL LOL I've had a few of those and I liked 'em ... nice to have the fuzzies, no cares in the world when one has been so ill.

    I did like his whole NEW lease on life. That was kind of 'wow'. Keep reminding him during his recovery that he has adopted this philosophy ... just to keep him on track. 🙂 So awesome that your kids are visiting and keeping him 'abled'. I think it's wonderful that family can do so much for each other. May they continue to lift his spirits ... and yours!

    You know some interesting people ... liked your neighbour's decision ... was really cute. Would be a challenge to hold 'amusement' if this was not one's normal response. Good for her. It's a great idea. Would love to be 'amused' by things right now; to be sure. Or just to feel amused ... wow.

    I have also done Tai Chi ... it is beautifully relaxing isn't it? Well ... when one understands all the moves that is? 🙂 Took my old brain a few goes but it is lovely. I watched some people do this when I was in China, out in their gorgeous parks and lake areas ... was just lovely and calming to watch too. I do hope you are finding it a wonderfully escapist activity ... one that stills the mind and restores peace to the body ... not to mention the balance and stuff too. :0)

    And it's very good for your health! Or so my instructors at the time said to me.

    Choices? Yep ... we certainly hold those. The hard bit is 1) realizing it and 2) using them. And then, for me, living with them is also hard.

    I am wishing both you and your hub (family too) a wonderfully special Thanksgiving. Remember how one year you & I did this whole gratitude post? Australia doesn't have Thanksgiving but being grateful, and showing it, sounds like an exceptionally good idea to me. Enjoy!

    And, in our Enchanted tradition ... I am very grateful, right now, for all the souls who are a part of my Enchanted Pond ... you are both the enchantment and magic in my life! Thank you.

    Hugs to you LC!!!!! Your poem is simply beautiful! What a BLESSING!!!!!!!!! And in so many ways ... one that honours all of you here and one that so lifts me out of my darkness and reminds me of all the beauty and TRUTH and LIGHT that lives here. You are so right ... this will never leave me ... not ever. I hold the memories of all of you in the depth of my soul as, really, all of you have become who I am today. I do believe we are helped to become who we are by those we hold nearest and dearest ... for we really have agreed to all help each other do the whole 'spiritual wilderness' thing. Love the line, "... for all the stars, reflected there"! I just LOVE that.

    Your biggest blessing to me LC is your great big heart! You have given this lady something to smile about and something so beautiful to hold in my heart. If ever gratefulness was to be sent ... it would be to you. {{{{{{{{{ HUGGGGS }}}}}}}}}}.

    I was, also, extremely thrilled to read that you have been writing so many poems. The fact that you have so much to pour out is so wonderful. Loving how that feels for you. I really am. Cannot wait to read your collection ... but I want a personally signed copy ... of course! 🙂

    Hope all is going well with your Gemini? I am thinking of you always, caped one. Hope she is beginning to see the NEW you ... the one we have known was there all along. Big beautiful blessings back to you my friend!

    Blmoon ... hello you big 'purple' spunk! I LURRRVed your teen story and yes, I am old enough to remember "Ritz" dyes. I am 49. And ... they are still around you know! Some days I think the whole world should be dyed a pretty colour! Might change the energy then! Well my dear ... happy purple nightie wearing in your today! I AM a big hippy ... my daughter calls me the boho queen and everyone else calls me 'flower child'. It is 'my' thing! I draw flowers on everything here at work ... if you sit still long enough, I'll put flowers on you! Can't think why people don't go for this in as big a way as I do????? 🙂 Oh well. Mostly, I add flowers to paper! Everywhere! It's the only thing they'll let me touch! LOL

    Wow ... your connection to 'Michael' is huge! Your son as well. I think that glows! The movie is fantastic isn't it? I cry and cry and cry some more throughout all of it. Wish I could buy a copy ... it's not around anymore over here. Sigh!

    I am sorry to hear that you have a head-butting headache today. I told you this stuff hurts, honey!!!!! LOL Didn't you listen????? 🙂 Clear sign you need to REST more ... and stop thinking! And I mean that in the nicest possible way, of course LOL 🙂 You know that you need to turn inwards and you are ... there is something so priceless about that level of honouring. I hope I can follow your lead? As for crying for a week? Oh darling ... between you & me, I have started my own lake! I didn't know I had that much inside me! I'd like to stop, actually. I am holding you close and hoping that your tears will pass quickly and be the RELEASE you need and then, you will be REFRESHED and able again! At the Dr's today, I actually told him I would take him up on his offer for me to see someone. I have hit my wall in life and now, asking for help is important. I need to stop feeling like I am inside a snow globe that is continuously being shaken and I can't be disconnected from myself either. And I really want to stop crying.

    It is the saddest thing of all to not feel loved; especially in the way you love. I found your image of " sometimes we just have to wait for the page to turn" really beautiful actually! Really heart felt and meaningful. And because of that, I hope that the page turns quickly for you and gratitude for the love you so generously and selflessly send forth is shown. The world so needs more of it doesn't it?

    And, here at the pond, where we each hold our own special rocks ... you will always find prayers and healing and love here. It is why it is the loveliest place to be ... just look at the beautiful souls here!

    I love rocks too ... I have a house full of crystals and am very VERY fond of them all! I have these amazing huge Celestite pieces that make me so happy ... wistful ... but happy. Such gentle loving radiance! Straight from the angels! All crystals are special aren't they? I think a garden filled with worldly rocks would be gorgeous. Perhaps you could spend some time out there with all of them ... soaking up their unconditional love and healings? Happy time off with the faeries then my dear!

    I wear stone jewellery too. We are very alike! Feels lovely, doesn't it? When I need real strength, like lately, I have been wearing a huge garnet silver ring. It's my power piece and, as it is very medieval to look at, I literally FEEL as though it has travelled through time to be with me. Something a priestess would have worn and I love it. It makes me feel stronger.

    Hiaku's huh? Now that would be an interesting exercise round here, wouldn't it? I can just imagine what these pond peeps would come up with ... LOL ROFL Probably something debouched and dealing with pool boys and jello shots!?! LOL Yes, indeed it would! We sisters have been known to go down this path once or twice. So, welcome here, Blmoon, right??? 🙂

    Perhaps we should start one? Bloom is very good at Japanese / Eastern things ... she could kick us off ... or anyone can ... fire away ... but, don't wait for me as I can't string too many words together at all really.

    I'm supposed to be working so ... I best go do some then right?????

    Hoping you feel better soon Blmoon. Please feel free to contact me privately if you ever need me. My enchanted ones are always welcome to do this.

    Be fabulous everybody and FEEL LOVED!

    Merry Magick,

    Icey Moonbeaming Lear Broom Jetting Moonlight Faery of the night x

  • LC, that was a lovely poem, thank you! Putting together a book of poems sounds like a great idea!!

    Icey, glad to hear your 'voice' sounding more positive, I know it is a daily challenge for sure!

    Blmoon, hope that you are feeling better, and that the love you share comes back to you in waves. And yes, I have actually recently used RIT dye to try to revive an old comforter. I had to read the directions a few times to renew my memory! I think I may get a box to see if I can undo some bleach splashes that happened to a pair of favorite pants while innocently laying on the floor as I did something above them using bleach. agggghhhh

    Sunny, hope your day is going well and that you are hanging in there with the studying.

    My hub has been doing better...the kids have been around and that has helped. I have been busy at my part-time job...always a challenge to work with kids (and adults) who are dealing with learning issues so complicated that they fall through the cracks in public school. But I like the challenge and am getting better at it.

    Happy weekend all, and may these days bring blessings to us all!

    Hugs from Bloom

  • Hiya Bloom,

    LC's poem was really special don't you think? I got so much meaning from it ... made me feel the love that exists here in such a tangible, yet etheric, way. I was truly touched by the magic within it.

    So many daily challenges let me tell you but then, we all have those, don't we? I have had a better day today than any in weeks. Not so sure I understand why but for some reason I seem a little more 'able' to deal with my today. Though not this morning when I saw my Dr and I asked for a referral to a Psych. I'm thinking that I've pushed my feelings so far within me that I don't have any left ... or am disconnected from them but ... I don't know. I feel quite odd but maybe that's to do with something else ... and then I almost feel as if someone is protecting me big time ... from what? No idea. My day to day is just so weird right now, I have no clue.

    I have some tablets to take now for my stomach so hopefully that solves all those issues too ... will be nice to eat again.

    So glad your hub is doing better; that's just great! That your family is helping this process for him is wonderful. Hope this goes from strength to strength and that he is living those NEW plans he is making very soon. Holding you all so near. Huge healing light to you both.

    Your part time job shows just how important you are to so many ... this is why you are busier than you anticipated. I really love that you are continuing to give your expertise, healing and assistance to those who need you most for that cycle of serving spirit generates an energy that blesses you in return. You are so lovely, Bloom.

    Time for bed for me I'm afraid ... I have the weekend off (yay) and lots to face and live through still with my man's birthday that he is leaving on. I hope he does use this time to think about himself and his life as he said and, of course he has work (as I mentioned before) so that will occupy his mind a bit too. That will help. He has told me he has thought a lot about me too but, I need to detach now and that I don't know how to do. One day at a time, that's all I ask of myself now.

    Take care Bloom ... of you, your hub and your soul. Sending you light, strength and love.

    Icey x

  • Not working on a book, just trying to get published in greeting cards

  • Well, LC, I am wishing you all the success and the happiness in the world.

    Let us know when you do sell those greeting cards.

    Love and Light to you.


  • And what a SUPER cool idea!

    That's perfect LC! Absolutely perfect and I will keep everything crossed that this manifests for you.

    All the very best to you and I realllllllllly did love your poem. Thanks for writing one for me ... us.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x

  • Greetings Sister Sun,

    How are things in your world love? Have missed chatting to you. Hope the Little L's are ok, too?

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x

  • Icey! Poor Sunshine is struggling with Statistical Analysis class. Having a bad feeling that I am not passing this class this term. I have been trying to monitor things here and told myself I wanted to keep in touch with you. I hope you are getting along well enough, and I pray for you and send you

    the Light energy often. I am mindful of both of our struggles (interesting how we are struggling with life-changing crises at the same time) and I see us getting through all this with flying colors. I’m still working through the anger with Michael. People obviously don’t think about how things they do in their lives could hurt their loved ones when they leave here. My lesson is to be more mindful of how I live my life. Succinct, short and sweet.

    I am looking forward to our Pond gathering, that thought just makes me feel so happy. I am saving my money....

    Holding you with big hugs and healing light. Keep talking to me and we will get through all this.

    Love to you.


  • Hi to all my Ponders. Love and Blessings to you all. I am thinking about you all and sending you all hugs and love.

    I hope you are all doing well and your health is good. for those of us about to experience the is here. We are getting snow as I speak. Fall just totally skipped us, and we are gone from summer into winter.

    My love and Blessings to all of you.



  • Hi Blmoon,

    Hoping all is well with you. You are part of our Blessed little Pond, and we are happy to have you.

    I’m coping well, but still carrying anger issues at Michael for what he left us with. I am sure he has heard me yelling and crying about the awful stuff printed about him in the news, online and on television. Keeping my distance from his mother, but she keeps trying to get me back in her clutches. ringing my phone at 2:00 am and all that. Now I am considering moving to get further away.

    This too, will pass, but the kids and I are “famous for the next 15 minutes”. UGH!

    Blessings and Light to you and hope you are taking care of yourself.

    Do find yourself a nice rock, have a seat and reflect beside our Pond. See it as we do...the most beautiful place ever.

    Love and Light,

    Sunshine (the shine is slowly coming back)

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