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  • Welcome Back Bloom,

    So incredibly beautiful to find you here. Have you been in Italy????? Do tell; we are all very anxious to hear your news. Cannot wait to share in the JOY that you so deservedly had. I am so glad, that despite the year you have had, that you did this wonderful trip. Your spirit must be just floating on air ...


    You are so sweet to dive right into my mess and send me comfort and love. I am truly the lucky one round here ... must've done something right in some life-time to have drawn such incredibly inspiring, and loving, angels to my side? I am grateful for this EVERY day!

    I cannot believe that you, too, have lived through a husband leaving you. What the???????? My how this Universe moves in the weirdest of ways. That is so positively awful there are no words for it all ... AT ALL! So glad that you are together now. That just renews faith in love, doesn't it?

    Most days, I truly have no words for really ... what can one say? Platitudes at best and not much else. Honestly, in some moments, I am really ok ... in others? Well, I have created rivers of tears. So much hurt, so much confusion and so much sadness but, like everything else I have lived through, I will survive and I will go on. Only doing now has actually been a good thing for me ... being fully present in this moment is, after-all, the only thing I have. I figure, if I can survive one moment and then another moment, collectively, I'll make it through the day. As I said, some are infinitely harder than others to get through. I have faced things before, extremely unpleasant things but this makes those look like wisps of paper floating in the wind. Although I am not sure HOW to do anything anymore, as Blmoon said ... the pieces will come back together. Eventually, this hole in my soul will re-seal itself. Till then ... well ...

    Awwwwww ... how kind of you to offer to come stay with me when he leaves. You are soooo sweet, Bloom. We shall be in touch. However, my plan to head over to see all of you is the ONLY definite I have right now and, the more I think about it, the more cemented in my heart this becomes. It will be so much better than FABULOUS! So much more than anything really ... it will be nigh impossible for me to drag myself away from you all. Then there will be tears! Again ... LOL! Life did not bring us together without purpose, that much I do know ... so let's all make the merriest magick we know how! Oh, Sister Queenie Quenkath is our infamous high-heeled jello shooting sister queenie from the South. I shall definitely clue her in. Cannot wait to meet all of YOU!

    And how are you feeling, Bloom? How are YOU? I hope that your hubby is doing well also. Would love to catch up on all of your news - you have been missed round here.

    Well, almost time for work ... yippppeeeee ... not. Do treat yourself kindly my dear friend and may love be the all in your today.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Huge healing love to Lady Laie ... may each day bring you closer to wellness. keeping you in my heart and wishing you full health soon.


    Moonbeam x x x

  • Hi and Happiness to all my favourite angels.

    Sending you my love.

    Keep shining!

    Icey x x x

  • Hi, Icey,

    I hope you are weathering things a bit more steadily. I thought of you a lot today. Sending you love and hugs. I am never far from you in my heart.

    The memorial service was very nice. Many members of my Church drove all the way into Pittsburgh to attend the memorial and support me and my children. Some members of my Church also sang a beautiful hymn I love called, “God Be With You Until We Meet Again”, I played piano accompaniment for it, and 2 beautiful ladies played the cello and the flute with me, and it was a beautiful backdrop for the choir. My little L’s read the words to the Schubert/Liszt “Des Madchens Klage” (The Maiden’s Lament) . There was much more to the service and it was absolutely beautiful! I also played my own made up version of “Variations on ‘How Great Thou Art’”. It was quite cathartic to do so, I lost myself in the music and barely remember playing it, but everyone said it was beautiful. I’m glad. Because of my head injury, I don’t play piano with my hands together well anymore. I play hands separately perfectly fine, and can execute difficult passages with ease, but when I put my hands together, I get a total mess.....It is a struggle, and I am beginning to think I may have to shelve my dreams of playing in the amateur competitions. :-‘(

    I have been made to remember that Michael’s mother is a toxic person, and reminding myself why I had broken off contact with her before all this. I need to rethink where I need to go with this, because though she is the kids’ paternal grandmother, I have too many bad feelings associated with dealing with her, I understand why her children have/had kept their distance from her. Personality issues have created her own personal isolation, and I just can’t deal with her and the shenanigans any longer. --feeling torn...

    Well, Michael is cremated and she has his ashes, I hope he is resting in peace. The way he died makes me wonder if he is totally at peace, however.

    Anyway, ENOUGH!!!!

    Bloom2, I am so happy to know you are doing well and feeling great! I have prayed for hat for you, and I pray you keep getting better.

    Laie, I am praying for you to become healthy and strong too. Blessings and my love to you and your family. thinking about you.

    Lotus, HOpe you are feeling fabulous and enjoying your home. It sounds like a place I would love to be in, you are sooo fortunate. Love and light to you.

    BlMoon, I never saw a message from you to me...maybe you can try again. Thank you for your thoughts for me, I appreciate that very much. You help so many and I appreciate that you took time to share with me. 🙂

    LC! Hope you are planning a great Halloween with your kids, though I bet they might be growing up and being too big for Halloween anymore. Sending you love and Blessings from me and may the Universe bless you with your needs and desires. You are special to us at the Pond. Keep in touch.

    To all our other Ponders, light and love to you and I hope to see you all soon.

    Icey...Looking forward to your visit. I shall keep a spare from my 401k to make sure that i have the money to fly wherever you are coming. Won’t miss this for all the world.

    Love you all!!


  • Well, trying to upload something...

  • Hiya Sunshine,

    I have been thinking of you also and hoping that you were able to get through the memorial. So pleased to read that it was beautiful and how special that you played the piano. That's just sooooo WONDER FULL my sweet friend - just LOVE that you shared the most intimate part of your soul for others ... and for Michael, whom I'm sure was showering you with love and thanks. I did truly like that the Little L's were included and that, although you were both separate beings, your lives were entwined in spirit. So proud of YOU! YOU are amazing.

    Being aware of energy that is life zapping and 'toxic' (very good description by the way) allows you to detach from it. And that IS healthy. Now is not the time for you to take on what is not yours ... hold your own vibration, feel what it is like ... be with it, sense it, close your eyes and feel it ... then, unhook anything else that latches on to it. Keep your energy as purely your own as you can. You need to build up your own strength and reserves and diving right in and absorbing the dramas etc; surrounding you will not help clarify your being for you right now. Always easier said than done, I know ... but your awareness is your greatest gift. Keep your light burning bright.

    May peace come to you Sister Sun ... and may it fill your being. Love & Hugs to you and the Little L's ... always.

    Icey x x x

  • Oh ... my trip to see you all ... won't be till some time next year as I have some work ahead of me here to get this new house ready for sale ... AGAIN! One merry-go-round I'd love to hop off now ... honestly. So much for me to live through yet but, this is in motion and all my energy is going into it ... will be INCREDIBLE! Hopefully we can all pick a spot that is as close to a central point for all of you as we can get. The more we all apply our energy to this; the more it will manifest.

    So here's to the enchanted get together!

    Sending angel magic to you all,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • With everything going on, i really hate to ask, but could everyone please send some positive energy and prayers my way? I have a lot going on at the moment and could use all the good vibes I can get. I am trying to reconcile with a person I am deeply in love with and I also just got almost scammed on a property I am trying to develop for television and have to start all over trying to find an agent and get reconnected with the business, so any good thoughts would be greatly appreciated. thank you

  • Dear LC,

    Wow ... of course I will send you all the wonderful our Universe holds ... here's to you, your reconciliation (of which I, naturally, shall expect more details dude ... come on ... fess up!!!! LOL) and to your tv business ... may MAGICK BE YOURS!

    You know that, around here, it's love all round and whenever one enchanted soul NEEDS anything, ALL enchanted souls are there. This includes you, you sweet man ... always has, always will. I am so grateful that you asked for support and it is with an open heart that you have mine. No matter what is going on in my life, I am always there for you. Please remember that.

    Hold all the goodness inside you and bring it into the light; surround yourself in your own light and believe that you are protected ... you will be. Use the absolute power of your own truth to keep unwanted energy at bay. It is the strongest magick of them all ... next to love, of course. 🙂 I am compelled to give you just a snippet of Icey Moonbeaming advice LOL - be careful about projecting ... in terms of energy, thoughts and expectations; especially negative ripples. In view of the scamming; do what is truth filled, not vengeance ... keep negative thoughts towards others out of your heart area as this is how manifestation comes about and be mindful of projecting expectations on your lady love. And that's enough Icey lecturing ... from my soul to yours and only ever with love.

    I grabbed a deck (actually, I grabbed two ... Inner Wisdom Guidance Cards and The Enchanted Map) off my bookcase and have drawn this message for you - may it support your journey and shower kindness on your soul:

    Inner Wisdom Card: Your life is a journey of enlightenment and growth.

    From me: consider this truth in light of this relationship. Reconciliation requires deep personal growth there simply is no other way. Your mindfulness, your gift for words and your absolute truth are your tools for enlightenment ... try and bring this trio into harmony here. if your life is a journey like this then you must use what you have in order to achieve this. remain loving and open and commit to your grand self. Oh, the number vibration of this card is an '8' ... all about money, growth and finances. The most auspicious number to have when dealing in this area of life.

    The Enchanted Map: Mountain - you have the capacity to flow around any obstacle. This is the time to adapt.

    Sometimes you'll come across what appears to be an insurmountable obstacle, like a huge mountain that separates you from your success. You might think that climbing it or chiselling at it is the answer ... but why take such a treacherous and tedious approach? Be like the rivers that flow around mountains naturally. You'll move past this obstacle relatively quickly if you choose the easy way around. This is the time to adapt to your circumstances. If you decide to climb, remember to take one step at a time, opting for the next right action.

    From me: There are two things I focus on here for you ... one deals with 'perception', the other with 'free will'. Firstly, appearances are just that ... appearances. Whatever mountain stands before you is one of appearance and perception only. Remember that. This means that all outcomes are perceived also. Plot your path the easy way, as this card suggests by not focusing on the obstacle, but the reality. Then, know that you always CHOOSE your own path. Each 'right turn' is 'your right turn' ... whatever you choose for you will be the right action to take. Use your free will and respect the free will of others.

    I am always wishing great things for you LC. Thanks for asking for our help ... hoping our love holds you strong and keeps you safe.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x x x

  • Hey Pond Peeps,

    Currently at work ... almost home time (yay) and it's Halloween here. Made me think of all of you and just in case I miss wishing you a very Happy Hallowed Time ... here I am doing it now! Halloween is not big in Australia as I have explained before ... it's a tradition lots of little kids like but not one perpetuated; I only ever think of it as American actually.

    So, my wish is for our shadow side to merge with our lit side and for both to send forth the most spectacular light show possible. May you feel whole, at peace and special.

    Make Merry Magick Galore Enchanted Souls!

    Always, your witchy from the West,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Good morning to all pond peeps the morning after Hallow'een,

    It was a night of cute kiddo's coming for their candy grab, we had quite a few this year. My hub enjoyed handing out the candy but sadly needed some back-up, since once he just talked to the kids with the bowl of candy in his hands. I had to remind him to give out the candy. So there are days like that around here, and other days when he seems better.

    LC, sending you thoughts and support for your new ventures. It's great to hear that you are moving on your creative projects and also with your relationships! You sure have our support and I hope that you next moves become clear to you. As far as asking for hits us all in ways we can't always predict! That's why we are so good for each other I think, all of us here have had their challenges...and originally (correct me if I'm wrong Laie, Sunny or Icey), this discussion board revolved around soul mates or soul related relationships.

    The cooler days seem to be moving toward warmer days for us, after we have had a very mild frost this week!

    Sunny, so glad that things worked so well for you and your spirit during Michael's memorial service. The support you received from your friends was awesome...and that sure is a time we can use the support.

    Icey, still thinking of you! You sound good and living your life moment by moment.

    Italy was a great idea for us....the implementation of it took a lot of planning, but most of it worked well. I think travel to another county is always a little tense due to worry about making connections. But we made it through most of it okay. My hub has never been a great traveler, and with his lower cognitive functioning, things were often very confusing for him. What I kept thinking was it was good to go together now, since maybe next year, he would not have been able to enjoy it.

    Anyway, we did a group tour to southern Italy, along the heel of the boot, landing in Bari and staying in Polignano a Mare, right on the Adriatic. Many old towns dot the shore there, with more modern apartments inland. It is mostly a farming country there, and Puglia produces about 80% of the olive oil in Italy! There were many historic sites and harbors to visit, and old Roman arenas and ampitheatres. The weather was alternately sunny, cloudy and rainy, but we continued with the tours in all weather. The food was great - I got used to sipping wine at lunch and dinner, although I seldom drank a whole glass!! Still not much of a drinker 🙂

    After that week, we traveled on our own to Rome and then spent 3 days in Naples, with friends of our Navy daughter. We saw Pompeii on one day and went to the island of Capri - it was great fun and on that Capri day, we had the most wonderful sunny weather!

    If I can figure out how to post some pictures here, I will.

    Hope everyone enjoys a great day and evening, keeping your spirits up and living your moments, breathing through each minute.

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Hey LC!

    That’s what we are here for...we Ponders help each other, and you are no different...consider it DONE!! Never! be afraid to ask your sisters of the Pond for help, we will be glad to help you. You are one of us...never forget this! xoxoxoxo

    Bloom! I am so happy to see you, you have so much exciting things to tell us about Italy! That was such a great thing for you, you are radiant!!!

    Alas to you all, it was raining here and Logan doesn’t like trick or treating at all, so we reluctantly had to forgo it this year, the kids had therapy when it was trick or treat time, but we could have gone out in the neighborhood around The Children’s Institute, if Logan wasn’t so cheeky about the rain.

    Hi Icey! Hope you are ok. Working is a great way to lose is something I am missing a lot right now, but I feel that I am supposed to be with my children right now. Taking things one day at a time. Wondering to myself how I should handle things here in regards to Michael and the circumstances causing his death. No, not vengeance, but I feel strongly that this shouldnot be allowed to just “go away”. I also want a crosswalk and maybe a blinking red light out there, he isn’t the only person who crossed that area. That could be my crusade....

    I love you all and look forward to hearing from you when I come in here. Hugs and love to you all.


  • Hi All,

    Bloom - how lovely of you to share your trip with us. Italy sounded gorgeous and I am so glad that you & your hubby were able to share such special moments together. Memories are beautiful to treasure and, with your amazing sense of gratitude, I know that you will hold these sacredly. I hope your trip has inspired you to journal and paint ... and garden ... which is, obviously, your spot in the sunshine of life. Glad also, that Halloween was a fun time round your neck of the woods. All that excitement in one day must positively light up the night sky!

    As for "I sound good" ... oh my dear friend, how far from the truth this is. So, so, sooo far from truth. I will always put myself aside to help someone; especially a someone within our enchanted pond but I am far from good right now.

    Sister Sunshine - work is not good and, after yesterday, I would rather be anywhere but. I am amidst so much at work that I'm not quite sure anymore what is worse ... my pain at home, or the pain at work. Life is so difficult for me right now. Just another thing to live through. Too many of those ... way too many. Have you read the Horoscopes for November yet? Have any of you read them? Go look. Do the general info first and then star sign specific. Do I want to 'do' November after reading this????????? Again, would rather be anywhere but! I think doing something about Michael's death is important; thought that at the time and I think it now. I also have no doubt that you are with your children now for a very good reason. It is important for ALL of you. Enjoy your time together and enjoy this planning time for you. Having space to gather one's thoughts about one's life is a good thing. Always sending you love.

    And to all enchanted souls ... may your today glow with your inner self's light!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • thanks so much, keeping you in my thoughts too Icey!


    The day I was drawn to this thread I had a Spirit insisting I read your post. This spirit was very intent on consoling you and had plenty to say. NO REGRETS. NO REGRETS. NO REGRETS!. He wants you to know that nothing you said or did could change his passing. It was his time. It wasn't as sudden as seems from your view but looking from the heavenly view his life had a path and was moving towards that day. It is no surprise that the burden of carelessness that came with his DISEASE ended by crossing paths with another's carelessness. In fact, though you do not hear from the driver--truth is your x presented him with an opportunity to deal with his own issues. Michael just insisted I call him by name. He did not suffer at all passing--in fact it was so quick he only had a burst of confusion then the most peaceful feeling came over him---Angels surrounded him with arms extended. They led him to a large area of bright light and Saint Michael himself took him into his arms and "I was home!" your Michael says. It was then he felt the true release of his earthly body and the disease that burdened him. He was free! And then suddenly people he new--pets--all lined up and he could feel the energy of love. What peace not to be greeted with guilt and offense. His disease hurt so many! He says you did not make a mistake seeing his soul's true nature and to please release the burden of making sense of his behavior. It is ok to be angry even hate the disease he could be and to love him meant you must also deal with the distorted self his disease dictated. It's ok to have raged --even protected yourself from that other man he could be. He says he hated him too! Also, he now knows why he kept feeling a positive change coming---that he felt for several months and it got stronger--the feeling he was going to finely take care of you and his children. Because that is his place now--free of his disease finally he is free to watch over you now. You and your children will feel the difference his presence will make and do not discount little signs as he will make his presence known. He wants you to be happy for him and to keep in your memory the moments he was his true soul self. He thanks you for seeing and validating his earth self longer than most and you were not a fool but a very sensitive compassionate spirit and it was not your burden to BE ENOUGH to cure him. He takes responsibility for not being able to be as forgiving or loving enough to fully take advantage of his good days to live with his bad days----feeling too good just didn't feel right and guilt and self punishment was not a good choice. He says he doesn't want to spend another moment talking about that! Now is all there is and he is free free free! He says now he gets to be of higher service and he has become a guide to others suffering with his disease on earth and mostly he is pure love to give and will finally be able to "take care" of his loved ones. He says for you to not feel the need to fix or do anything in his honor--it's his turn! Please please please---he says---know that good in him you loved was REAL. And you did the right thing protecting yourself. Letting him go. He is proud of you for tempering your big heart with a good head on your shoulders. The right thing is not the easy thing. You get that. You survived and you endured--and now let him lighten your load. Know that he will watch over you. Expect a sign of his presence after reading this. And he says love is all we take with us were he is. BLESSINGS!

  • BlMoon.

    Thank you for that message. This message has come at a good time. It makes me feel so much better to know that Michael is finally at peace. I can also feel better knowing he didn’t suffer with his passing. In this way, I can finally begin to let go of the hurt and anger I feel at the situation as it stands, and can begin the process of forgiveness towards Michael, myself and the police officer involved in his passing. I can attest to the fact that he had been telling me for quite some time that he was finally going to be able to take care of the kids and help me. Me, of course, being skeptical knowing how things had quickly petered out before, wasn’t quite convinced. But he seemed more upbeat than he had for most of the time we were together. I feel so happy for him that he is free of his earthly issues, and can now be in a position to help others. I regret that I did not get to see much of the real person he was inside, but I knew it was there... I can be at peace, knowing he is at peace. Thanks again, BlMoon. Please tell Michael this for me:

    “It’s all good, all is forgiven, and despite all the hurt, the pain and anger, i did love you through it all. I will not let your children forget you. By the way, are you the ‘cat’ that Lauren keeps saying she sees in her room? If so, try being something that doesn’t scare her as much. 🙂 I also imagine Logan must be seeing you too, which is why he keeps calling for 'daddy’ .” ♡☀

    Thank you again, Bl Moon. I feel much better.

    Love and Light to you.


  • Michael hears you and you can speak to him anytime directly. He has been visiting Logan in his dreams that probably seem very real to him. Your daughter has no reference to spirit world, so yes she must make sense of what she feels and the shadow of movements so she calls it a cat. You can help ease them into spirituality by finding a way to validate angels and eventually spirits without scaring them. Start with angels but try to be matter of fact. If Lauren still complains about the cat you may say--matter of fact--oh honey maybe its just your guardian angel checking on you. It is no harm to tell all children we all have a guardian angel that stays close specially during hard times. When they ask where daddy is--it is ok to say heaven and that now he is a helper Angel. Trust your intuition as moments will come and you will say the right thing . There are so many overly dramatic tv shows now that are spooky about spirits so while they are young only discuss angels and it will help to keep a low lit night lamp in their rooms so they do not see Michael's movements. Actually, both your children are sensitive and your son is very psychic. I'm sure you already noticed that. As Logan grows older real life tends to start turning that off but he should be encouraged to be ok with being gifted as his is meant to be of service as an adult. Lauren is very sensitive and empathetic---and picks up if people are angry, good or bad or sick. She doesn't process it as knowing but will be aware SHE doesn't feel right. She will seem moody to others--but she has reason! I see this runs in your family and actually Michael was sensitive though he learned early to shut down. He promises to work hard to keep your children "open and confident". BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you again, Blmoon.

    So many things are just a smidgen clearer to me now. I will be happy to let the kids know that Daddy is close by and that he is watching over them.

    One last question, Blmoon...does he have a message for his mother? I am sure she has her own guilt about their last interactions.

    Again, thank you for allowing him to contact me through you.



  • LOve to you Icey!

    I know that things are at their hardest for you right now. I think about you a lot and wish I could be closer to help you through this. Well, let’s put this in the Universe’s hands and let it work its magic. It ain’t over till its over. We better start planning this visit soon. I certainly have to save my money so I can be able to get there. Probably shouldn’t bring the L’s but they have been so much a part of the conversations over the years, I can’t really leave them out. 🙂 LOLOL!

    Everyone else on our Enchanted Pond, Love and Blessings to you all.

    With much love,


  • Greetings Enchanted Ones,

    Blmoon ... what a selfless, special and touching being of light you are. Thank you for sharing your gifts with our Sister Sun. Times like these truly rock our inner belief structures and sense of self; both physically & spiritually. It has been really lovely of you to help support her like that and I thank you so much for doing so. I have read your words to her over & over and am deeply grateful you have been there for her soul.

    As for Guardians ... I have almost lost all my faith in those. Loving guidance? Hmmmm?

    LC ... thou art always so very welcome. Thank you for supporting me also. When I think of the being I first met all those moons ago, you have certainly evolved into the most giving, loving and kind soul today. Such transformation is testament to who you truly are. I beam at you with open arms my friend. Always wishing you joy. Keep shining.

    Sunshine ... it is so lovely of you to offer me such compassion. I have always been honoured to know you folk - you are all so wonderful for my soul. I couldn't dream a more perfect circle of beings to call enchanted friends! I am also very glad that Blmoon was drawn here for YOU! Her light has given you back some of yours and I think that is just so special and my gratefulness just leaps across the skies for that. Hold onto her words ... may they comfort you when you need them to, lift you when necessary and give you the inner resolve you seek when doubts set in. We all KNOW, as an absolute, that YOU are an incredible being - one whose love touches everyone. Keep remembering this. WE believe in YOU!

    Is life hard right now? Oh my goodness ... are there ways to even describe this anymore? And the worse is yet to come huh??? Hmmmmm .... there are just no words. It's all so surreal; like living behind glass and just watching things unfold; absolutely powerless to alter the course whilst one's hands try desperately to push through the barriers to touch the heart before it to make it understand ... oh well. I can't think beyond today as even considering days when he won't be here fill me with such sadness. If I hold loneliness in my self for too long, the rivers fall down my cheeks all over again - but come to terms with it all I must as he has decided to leave, hasn't he? And he really is doing this as each morning, I hope to awaken from this bad dream and, I don't ... it's all very real. I accept that he needs to do this (as he says) but it isn't easy living it. I can only give him his freedom and watch as he walks even further away ... it all feels so very cruel.

    There are so many thoughts spinning in our heads, aren't there; especially in moments when our world flips off its axis? We try to make sense out of the non-sense that surrounds us and we try to bring balance and peace back to what feels anything but. We seek guidance because we simply cannot continue without 'hope' ... we have to find something, anything ... to keep life going within us. We question because it is how we seek truth. We stop breathing because the pain in our chest is unbearable and we look for answers because we hold none. And, through it all, we are alone ... completely submerged in silence. The path before us darkened and isolated and filled with an emptiness we simply do not want to walk through. Intellect squares off with intuition and in neither do we find comfort. One's sensitivity to feeling is heightened as the inner self can no longer be contained. What steps forth from within is the absolute expression of being ... for drowning in hopelessness is what it fights. The soul must BE and it wills itself to do so; bringing with it everything that is honest and raw and intrinsic. One's perceptions are shaken, beliefs shredded and the heart, lost. And yet ... this journey ... all of it ... is part of a whole? There is a purpose for suffering so? It is no wonder that one's inner world absolutely struggles to reconcile the irreconcilable. For we are spirits doing a physical existence with a spiritual purpose. What more logic is there? When we look eastwards but must believe northwards, and when we seek and find naught ... and when we hold longing but remain lonely ... how does one find one? Love? Where?

    Do you remember the words ... we get what we NEED, not necessarily being what we WANT? Well ...

    In my stillness, I'm all out of words. Wish I could say the same about my tears. Even I am surprised by how many there are within me. I am emptied and then, I find myself holding more. Ho-hum.

    Thomas Moore's 'Dark Night of the Soul' just sprang into my head. Perhaps I shall read this? Now there's some fun ... oh the irony of life ... sheesh. All things for a reason? More irony. Right now, outside, our skies have darkened and there is thunder - deep, glorious thunder. We're supposed to be in for a storm today and you know what it's like when things are just under the surface ... waiting to explode for what is needed is the release???? O M G ... cannot believe I just wrote that! HA to irony today! Well, that's what today is like ... one big storm just waiting to break free. I have always believed these to be necessary as life needs to be swept away and cleared and for energy to be transmuted. Obviously, on more than one level ... right? If it wasn't so bizarre, this would be funny.

    Our meeting is a ray of light, Sister Sun ... I will be honoured to meet your Little L's! Let the magic begin ...

    It's my day off today and I NEED to keep moving ... may each of you hold deep peace within you and may moments of transmutation be yours. Oh ... a little more irony???? If you are religious (&, of course, dependant upon the faith you hold) I was born on the same day as what the Catholics celebrate as the "transmutation of our Lord". Now, that's the biggest irony of all don't you think???

    Icey Moonbeams to all x x x

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