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  • Hey Queenie QuenKath,

    Was that jello magnet or pool boy magnet????? LOL

    I know you said magnate but hey ... we all know you meant MAGNET, right?

    I am ROFL-ing!!!!!


    Icey x

  • And, as for Zephire leaving us ... that is sad. May you find what you seek Zephire though we hope you will return!

    Blessings Be.

    Icearia x

  • Hey Double D,

    Firstly, listen to Lady Laie ... she is wise.

    Thenly, sista QuenKath knows her stuff ... she is also wise.

    Afterly ... you need to feel extremely proud of the steps you have taken upon your current journey my friend. Know that. There is no right or wrong when it comes to slipping in and out of memories either. Our journey is just that ... it is the learning to experience every last drop of those memories that we have made, are making and have yet to discover. You have unearthed more feelings for her and that is ok. Everything we feel is ok. It is when we stop allowing ourselves to feel that real problems are created. Lady Laie pointed this out well ... hence the repeated patterns. Go with the flow Mr. Pisces ... give yourself permission to accept what you feel and feel it.

    There are no shortcuts to moving forward. Time gives us perspective and healing and QuenKath, our jello cougar magnet, knows what she is talking about. All of us take one step forward followed by three back ... it is the nature of our humanness. Be grateful you LOVED like that and CAN love like that - as I know you are - keep being YOU!

    Funny how you speak of memories .. funny ironic that is not ha ha ... I myself took a trip down memory lane this morning in the car. I flicked through some CD's and chose one and when the first track came on ... woosh, I was transported back in time and I was reliving my feelings big time. Only, because so much more of my life has gone on since then, I can smile about it all and feel loving thoughts towards someone who drove me to distraction back then ... someone whom I allowed to play with my head and my heart. Ahhhh ... wasted youth!!!!! But a great memory all the same for it shaped the me now ... just as yours is for you!

    Let go Double D.

    We're here to catch you.

    Icey x

  • Oh ... queenie QuenKath ... if I thought about hot bodied pool boys at work I'd be dropping things everywhere ... rofl! Though ... could make for excellent entertainment ... hmmm ... might keep me sane, too! Well, ok then ... forget I said that one!

    I like your thinking and often ... I have a drooling moment over those mighty fine HOT looking firemen in Canada! Ohhhhhhh baybee!!!! I'm so there!


    Icey x x x

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Sistas, I;m almost back. I am pissed, I just spent a good half-hour writing a great posting, and the photo couldnot download, my computer got stupid. Well, i will try again tomorrow

    Love all of you


  • HI Icey,

    Yes, I am blooming with my garden arch! It is least 8 feet tall and 4 feet wide, I am amazed, I constructed it on the floor so didn't really get a feel for how tall it actually was . I will have to dig it into the ground a bit to keep in grounded, so that will lower it a bit.

    I tried welding a 'green man' out of steel scraps, and we ended up welding him to the top of the arch. I will paint the structure black I think, as I will be training roses and clematis to climb on it. It was an experience, very hot and lots time involved positioning the pieces, with various machines breaking down at critical times, etc....but in the end, very exhilarating!

    I will be happy to finish my back yard and get my fountains up and running. I am riding every day and am inches smaller, but FINALLY lost about 3 pounds last week. yes!!! All my clothes are too big, but I hesitate to get new stuff. Of course, I will have to go out and get one killer outfit to wear out to lunch with a younger friend, very cute, who is taking me out for lunch for my b'day this weekend. How to look good but not flirtatious...any ideas ? 🙂

    How is your new pond, last I remember you were constructing it.

    A shout out to quenkath, glad to see your posts and hope you are enjoying your jello shots! I'm not quite on vacation yet, still need to go in and finish up some work, but I'm getting really close.

    Hugs from blooming Cactuss <3<3

  • Quenkath

    We are, jello magnents, I go around the pond most of the day, handing out jello shots, but when my husband gets there, I set down next to rooster and her keith, and the four of us just set and relax and gaze into the water, and dream. I am doing so good, but sometimes I am so sad. It will be o.k. thou, afew shots of amazing jello and this beautiful place to hang out. What more could a girl ask for.

    Blessings to you quenkath, keep that beautiful smile on your face for all of us to see,


  • Queenie my love ... start a fire is good ... might lose my job ... but good. Don't think I've even seen some Aussie firemen over here ... I must go looking ... wink, wink but those Canadian men .... oh fan me down now!!!! Bring out the 'hose' .... ooooo la la!!!!!

    Hugs to you,

    Icey x

  • O Joy, O Bliss, O Hello Cactuss my friend ...

    Wow-weeeee ... your garden arch is brilliant ... and a green man too ... I never really had you pegges for Celtic ... must be all the Eastern influence I feel around you. That would be so wicked (the arch) and, being that big is superb I reckon; it will look stunning and yes, paint it black baybee ... best choice.

    Your garden sounds like it'll be awesome ... lots of fountains hey ... you sound like me; we have 4 water features and counting. Just love water; though ... you know it is also a representation of emotion and really, it's pretty stupid to surround oneself in all that hey? I am wishing you a blooming success in your garden.

    Our garden .... well ... that has been some 'fun' ... my hubby has probably cut, sliced and whinged about every finger he owns trying to sort out the filter system for this you know what reflection pond I just had to have. ROFL ... anyhoo, we seem to have finally fixed that on the weekend and our water feature in the centre of it now works too. We still have the pavers to lay and lots more to do but, I've been playing with dirt and planting lots of pretty plants that make me smile over and over ... and, we finally finished the spot where we buried our cat's ashes ... such a sad time but, now the water feature and plants around it look so beautiful and somewhere we just know he would've loved to just hang out ... this garden faces our dining room and is just gorgeous to look out upon. Still so much to do but that will take money ... and time.

    Glad your cycling is going well and 3lbs is fabulous ... go you. We will be the wind beneath your wheels when you need us ... keep us posted ok.

    Annnnnnnnnnnd ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR BLOOMING CACTUSS ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! May all your wishes come true and long may you celebrate the beautiful soul you are. Have a fabulous birthday my dear and now ........... do tell .............. a lunch with a young hottie hey???? WooHooooo Darlin' now we're talking!!!!! How to look hot without looking prowling cougar huh? Always go for cleavage. Always. Skirt and blouse is always nice ... and the blouse can be a sweet low line but not so low that the imagination can't work ... otherwise, opt for a lovely dress ... neat and casual and no back maybe????? QuenKath is probably the one to talk fashio with as she is a hottie in killer heels alllllllllllllll the time. I reckon she does gym classes in killer stilletoes!!!!!!! So hot is she!!!! LOL LOL LOL Either way, wear what makes you happy and feel good ... there is never a wrong move to be made then. Hope you simply adore your lunch ... and your lunch DATE!!!!!! Wink, wink! Go cactuss.

    May your Summer begin beautifully and may your birthday be the start of a whole new journey for your soul where abundance and light and joy fill your world.

    So lovely to spend time with you at the pond again ...

    Icey x

  • Big squeezy hugs Sista Sunshine! Feeling your frustration babe. Look forward to your return.

    Ice x

  • To all my dearest sistas and everyone in this lovely pond!

    I am back and I am so sorry for not posting frequently! Life's been to hectic lately. I wish I have more hours in a day! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying life. 🙂

    As some of you already know, I am sort of jumping all over the place and been busy with life! And that is a good thing for me! Oh.. I did come back here a few times after my last post to read the post from all of you!'s been really hectic. And I haven't been able to spend my time in the 'new home" but my life! haha. I have been concentrating more on my career, my work life. After the planets been messing with me for 6 months...... I am taking the opportunity to earn my income in any possible way. The 'new home' is doing well, it is a very close community and everyone knows everyone there. It is of course open to everybody who wants to join or visit us 🙂

    Anyway, I wish I have more time to drop by here often.... I am not gone from this face of the earth hehe! Life's really been busy which I am so grateful for. With all the events that is going on and happened, I have learned so much about life, people I communicate with...make friends with.....whom I can trust and who to avoid. Although these past months were rough, I wouldn't want it any other way if I had the chance to change them! It is part of who I am now and I am happy with it 😛

    Let me see....besides my work which takes 24/7 of my time...I am busy with all the Reiki courses as well. I am grateful despite of my busy schedule, I managed to complete my Usui Reiki level 1 to Master. That's done now. It took me a while to complete these courses because I am quite strategic when it comes to learning. I want to make sure that I understand the first level very well before going to the second one. So instead of choosing a week interval to get from one level to another, I've followed my teacher's advice and took 3 weeks interval from Level 1 to Level 2 and from Level 2 to Master. I am a quick learner..I memorized the symbols on the first weeks already but I prefer to let the energy and the experience take their time to get used to me..or should I say....... me getting used to them haha. At present, I have about 50 people I am sending distance healings too and I've been getting great feedbacks from them. This only motivates me more to deepen myself into this holistic studies. This week, I am starting my Angel Reiki courses, followed by Money Reiki, Abundance Reiki, Psychic Reiki and many more. I have tthem all planned out in my schedule and now I'm just going to focus on doing my best at this...step by step. This is something I am very serious about and I definitely want to get it right and do it right. It is not about the certificate and the number of courses, to is all about healing. With the income I am making from being a trader, it is my wish to be able to use this Reiki abilities to help those who needed it....This is a loooonggg thought for the future but IF I am able to support myself solely from my investment and able to lessen my working (trading) hours, I wish to put some of time doing voluntary healing with Reiki. A girl has to has dreams, right? 😄 This is my dream and I am looking forward to make it happen!

    So.....these are the stuff that's been consuming most of my time! haaha..I wish I can have 48hours a day instead of 24! LOL

    I promise to write more whenever I can!

    Miss all of you and wishing all of you love, joy, happiness and laughter!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hey Everyone,

    Almost done with the term! I get 1 week of rest then start the next! No rest for the weary! Talk to you all later!

  • Hey Rooster, Where are you? I will be hopping back and forth, I have some overdue assignments, this is my last night to get them in, will pop back every hour to check!!

  • WooHoo Sunshine!

    Almost at the finish line

    Do what you need to do

    Then, visit us on the break! We'll help restore your spirits for the next term Beautiful Sista!

    Hope all is well with your families ---- home, work & La.

    Happy Dance!


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