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  • Lady Laie, my Angel Buddy of Much Splendour!!!

    Well, I made it. My daughter took me out (well, I drove so I took us out LOL) to have our hair done and, in true Moonbeaming fashion; I have gone from being a blonde to … ummm … a non-blonde! It’s dark and very CELTIC looking and my hubby just shakes his head! ROFL! Hopefully nobody will expect me to be intelligent now … so much easier being a blonde … one gets away with so much just by smiling! ROFL!

    Anyhoot, took me a little longer to find what I was looking for and I’m so very glad I did. It’s a new deck called “Angels of Atlantis” and is woven in Egyptian links as, of course, The Temples of Sacred Sound Healing (which is the role all twelve Archangels agreed to hold) were places in both existences to allow the Divine Song to be sung and chanted by us. Intelligence and compassion of the heart, moved by the vibrations of the soul’s note, brought great harmonic power to people to not only give us our connection to the Divine but to heal, uplift and carry our true souls forward.

    Such a perfect Oracle for you, YES???? In all my lear broom jetting … it is so!

    As is always the case when I ask to connect with someone, a card will fly out of the deck. No exceptions here. However, when I looked at the card (more in a moment), my first thought, after “Wow, that’s so beautiful” was … “Are you sure?” Because that is sooooooo like me to just go ahead and question the mighty spirit, right? ROFL Annnnnnnnnnd … as if to patiently and lovingly slap me round, they sent your confirmation card and it is the SAME ARCHANGEL! Taught me a lesson, do you think? LOL LOL LOL 

    So my beloved Egyptian Princess … I give you ..

    JOPHIEL – Joy.

    This card brings forth a ray of joy. Remember, we come from the Source, which is a place of total well-being, an infinitely unfolding creative possibility. Explore the playfulness of life’s joy and soak in the effervescence of play. The dolphin’s truthful force reminds us of the carefree energy we felt as children. Ask Jophiel to surround you with joyous elementals to help you in your journey and chant: “Hee” from the crown chakra to assist the release of joy.

    JOPHIEL – Liberation.

    We all seek spiritual liberation. When we achieve it, our soul soars like an eagle with the intoxication of Divine Love. This card suggests this may be a moment when you seek Jophiel’s supernal help and it invites you to meditate on the beautiful yellow ray of this powerful Archangel’s force. The vibration of this bright, supernal frequency will always allow you to feel detached. Jophiel will lift the challenge from you and lead you to into discernment. Consequently, liberation will enrapture you, springing you from whatever confine you feel your spirit is caught in. Chant “Hah” three times through your heart chakra and you will seal the promise of liberation.

    Jophiel, interestingly, is known as The Holy Liberator and is someone very perfect for you to call upon when you are in need of being taken above what is going on … to lift you higher than the physical and to help you break free of all that weighs you down.

    I wanted you to have some 'inner search' ... aka ... research LOl so, have posted this here for you. Use what resonates my dear sweet friend and fly as high as those rays of light, ok?

    Jophiel means "beauty of God." Other spellings include Jofiel, Zophiel, Iophiel, Iofiel, Yofiel, and Youfiel.

    Main Characteristics:

    Jophiel is known as the angel of beauty. She helps people learn how to think beautiful thoughts that can help them develop beautiful souls. People sometimes ask for Jophiel’s help to: discover more about the beauty of God’s holiness, see themselves as God sees them and recognize how valuable they are, seek creative inspiration, overcome the ugliness of addictions and unhealthy thought patterns, absorb information and study for tests, solve problems, and discover more of God’s joy in their lives.


    In art, Jophiel is often depicted holding a light, which represents her work illuminating people’s souls with beautiful thoughts.

    Energy Color:


    Role in Religious Texts:

    The Zohar, the sacred text of the mystical branch of Judaism called Kabbalah, says that Jophiel is a great leader in heaven who directs 53 legions of angels, and also that she is one of two archangels (the other is Zadkiel) who helps archangel Michael battle evil in the spiritual realm. Jewish tradition says that Jophiel was the angel who guarded the Tree of Knowledge and cast Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden when they sinned in the Torah and the Bible, and now guards the Tree of Life with a flaming sword. Jewish tradition says that Jophiel supervises the Torah’s readings on Sabbath days.

    Other Religious Roles:

    Jophiel serves as the patron angel of artists and intellectuals because of her work bringing beautiful thoughts to people. She is also considered the patron angel of people hoping to discover more joy and laughter to lighten up their lives.

    Question: How Do I Recognize Archangel Jophiel?

    Archangel Jophiel is known as the angel of beauty. She helps people learn how to think beautiful thoughts that can help them develop beautiful souls.

    If you notice beauty in the world around you or receive creative ideas that inspire you to create beauty for others to enjoy, Jophiel may be nearby. Jophiel may also communicate with you in a variety of other ways that engage your mind. Here are some signs of Jophiel's presence:


    Receiving Fresh Ideas

    Jophiel often communicates by sending fresh ideas to people, say believers.

    In their the book The Angels of Atlantis: Twelve Mighty Forces to Transform Your Life Forever, Stewart Pearce and Richard Crookes write: "... the sunshine ray of Jophiel’s energy brings us to each day as a means to create fresh approaches, regarding each aspect of life."

    The process by which Jophiel delivers divine inspiration to people is a beautiful one, writes Kimberly Marooney in her book The Angel Blessings Kit, Revised Edition: Cards of Sacred Guidance and Inspiration: "Jophiel teaches our consciousness to discover the light within. Divine ideas begin to manifest in the heart of the Eternal, where an electronic light substance containing ‘everything’ is broadcast out in great waves. Jophiel coordinates a team of angels who see each vision through to physical manifestation."

    In her book The Angel Bible: The Definitive Guide to Angel Wisdom, Hazel Raven writes: "Archangel Jophiel’s ray helps you develop a fresh approach to life, bringing back enchantment and pleasure. Jophiel builds connections to align you to your higher self through the multitude of dimensions; he can be thought of as a cosmic ladder."

    Jophiel may help you solve a problem that has been frustrating you, writes Diana Cooper in her book Angel Inspiration: Together, Humans and Angels Have the Power to Change the World: "Whenever you are stuck in a problem and suddenly the solution is obvious, one of Archangel Jophiel’s angels has probably illumined your mind. Flashes of inspiration come from him, too."

    Jophiel delights in helping people through the creative process, writes Belinda Joubert in her book Angel Sense: "When you put effort in and create with love, you will feel Jophiel's presence in assisting you. ... Jophiel helps you to change your creative vision to reality -- from the original thought to manifestation. Jophiel assists you in the creative process, from curiosity, thought, imagination, expression through touch and technique and conception to the final creative product. ... Jophiel helps you to keep your mind full of creative ideas and he infuses your creative endeavors so that the reflection of God’s love will be visible through your creative expressions."

    Marooney comments in The Angel Blessings Kit that, "There is no need to suffer from lack with such an abundance of creative power available for the asking. God wants us to join in co-creation, sharing the joy of directing energy into form. Seed ideas of the Divine are in the wind for us to catch and then nourish, energize, and externalize."

    Feeling Inspired by Something Beautiful

    Not only will Jophiel give you the ideas you need to create something beautiful yourself, but she may also help you notice and appreciate the beauty around you, believers say.

    In Angel Sense, Joubert writes that, "Jophiel helps you to see beauty in everything and everyone." She also comments: "You can recognize Jophiel through any artistic creation which symbolizes beauty, sincerity, integrity, and all the qualities of Spirit. ... When creative activity such as a flower arrangement, poetry, music, artwork, a play, movie, letter, or painting inspires you, you can be certain that Jophiel is close."

    Positive Thoughts That Overcome Negative Thoughts

    Jophiel's positive energy often places positive thoughts into people's minds and helps them turn away from negative thoughts to develop a habit of positive thinking, say believers.

    "Jophiel brings vitality, stimulation, and the power to liberate one’s self from the prison of negativity, or the slough of despond," write Pearce and Crookes in The Angels of Atlantis.

    In The Angel Bible, Raven writes that Jophiel "will heal, cleanse, activate, balance, and align your mental body, which stops feelings of low self-esteem and mental fog. ... He can instantly help you recover soul fragments that may have been scattered by shock, fright, or severe illness."

    "Jophiel is the angel to turn to if you are having trouble digesting your experiences or finding yourself making the same mistakes again and again," writes Samantha Stevens in her book The Seven Rays: A Universal Guide to the Archangels. "Jophiel also aids those who suffer from low self-esteem or who are the victims of other people’s ignorant behavior. Jophiel teaches you not to take things personally and to rise above inappropriate behavior, conflicts, and challenges. Jophiel can also protect you from arrogant people, false gurus, and those poisoned by spiritual pride. Jophiel takes care of those whose minds have been blown, either by addiction or a traumatic experience."

    Help Understanding Information

    Another possible sign of Jophiel's presence with you is the gift of understanding information clearly, believers say.

    Jophiel "will enable you to absorb and retain information, study and pass examinations," Cooper writes in Angel Inspiration.

    In The Angel Bible, Raven writes that Jophiel will "help you study and pass exams" and "help you absorb new skills and offer illumination and wisdom to fuel your creativity."

    Yellow Light

    Since Jophiel leads the angels who work within the yellow light ray, say believers, people may see yellow light when Jophiel is nearby.

    In The Seven Rays, Stevens writes that "Jophiel's brilliant yellow and orange light" is "thought to be the fountain of inspiration for artists, writers, scientists, and inventors."

    Pearce and Crookes write in The Angels of Atlantis: "If you ever feel a lack of joie de vivre, when your spirits are dulled by challenging news, when you are met with the deafening noise of worldly corruption, when you feel pinched by the rawness of life at the edge, or when the spectre of sorrow visits you, draw the yellow ray of Jophiel’s energy around you, gaze into the deep beauty of the citrine ray, and your mood will automatically change."

    What it Represents:

    The yellow angel light ray represents the enlightenment that God’s wisdom brings into people’s souls. This ray is part of the metaphysical system of angel colors based on seven different light rays: blue, yellow, pink, white, green, red, and purple. Some people believe that the light waves for the seven angel colors vibrate at different electromagnetic energy frequencies in the universe, attracting the angels that have similar kinds of energy. Others believe that the colors are just fun ways of symbolizing the different types of missions that God sends angels on to help people. By thinking of angels who specialize in different types of work according to colors, people can focus their prayers according to what type of help they’re seeking from God and his angels.


    Jophiel, the archangel of beautiful thoughts, is in charge of the yellow angel light ray. Jophiel helps people learn how to think in enlightening ways that can help them develop beautiful souls. People sometimes ask for Jophiel’s help to: discover more about the beauty of God’s holiness, see themselves as God sees them and recognize how valuable they are, seek creative inspiration, overcome the ugliness of addictions and unhealthy thought patterns, absorb information and study for tests, solve problems, and discover more of God’s joy in their lives.


    Four different crystal gemstones are associated with the yellow angel light ray: citrine, rock crystal, phenakite, and amethyst. Some people believe that the energy in these crystals can help people let go of harmful anger and fear, let go of destructive habits, think more positively, think more clearly, alleviate stress, enjoy peace, and understand God’s purposes for their lives more deeply.


    The yellow angel light ray corresponds to the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head on the human body. Some people say that the spiritual energy from angels that flows into the body through the crown chakra may help them physically (such as by helping alleviate exhaustion or treat conditions related to the skin, muscles, or bones), mentally (such as by helping them recover from depression or clarify their values), and spiritually (such as by helping them discover and fulfill God’s purposes for their lives).


    The yellow angel light ray radiates most powerfully on Monday, some people believe, so they consider Monday to be the best day of the week to pray especially about situations that the yellow ray encompasses.

    Life Situations in the Yellow Ray:

    When praying in the yellow ray, you can ask God to send archangel Jophiel and the angels who work with him to help you let go of ugly attitudes (such as worry, bitterness, pride, and envy) and replace them with beautiful thoughts and feelings. Since your attitudes lead to actions, which then shape the course of your life, the practice of filling your mind with beautiful thoughts will help you grow consistently more beautiful within every day.

    You can also pray in the yellow ray for the wisdom you need to discern God’s will in every situation you encounter. God may send the angels of the yellow ray to give you the fresh insights you need to make the best decisions in the different areas of your life, from your relationships to your work. Ask God to empower you to see the situations in your life from his perspective.

    Praying in the yellow ray may also help you perceive the meaning of what people are trying to communicate to you. If something that a person says or writes is confusing, you can ask God to send yellow ray angels to help you clearly understand the person’s message. Likewise, if you need to study and comprehend information for a test or presentation, God may send power to you through yellow ray angels to accurately absorb that information.

    When you need creative inspiration for a project you’re working on, you can ask God to send yellow ray angels to inspire you with new ideas. You can do the same when you need a burst of creativity to solve a problem.

    Praying in the yellow ray may also help you lighten up and have fun to alleviate stress and recharge your energy levels when you’ve become fatigued.

    Archangels in Charge of Each Color Ray

    People have also identified one archangel who leads all the angels operating within each color ray. They are:

    • Blue: Michael, leader of all the holy angels

    • Yellow: Jophiel, the angel of beautiful thoughts

    • Pink: Chamuel, the angel of peaceful relationships

    • White: Gabriel, the angel of revelation

    • Green: Raphael, the angel of healing

    • Red: Uriel, the angel of wisdom

    • Purple: Zadkiel, the angel of mercy


    From the book "Angels of love and Light" by Linn Fisher and

    Illustrated by Marius Michael-George

    (for ordering this book please go to BOOKS on the HOME page)


    Archangel and Archeia of Illumination and Wisdom

    Yellow ray

    • Archangel Jophiel and Archeia Christine bring down the wisdom from the Godhead. They direct the yellow ray. This ray anchored in the crown chakra at the top of the head. The second ray beams forth to earth most strongly on Sunday. The Archangel and Archeia of the yellow ray focus their presence in their retreat above the Great Wall of China near Lanchow.

    • Angels and saints in history, art, and literature are pictured with a gold halo encircling their head. Even stalwart Christians recognize the yellow ray of wisdom through depiction of this golden halo. The Hindus recognized the crown chakra as a divine yellow seat of God's wisdom and illumination. Through this chakra we are inspired with higher knowledge and tap into the mind of God.

    • There is not much written in traditional lore about Archangel Jophiel. He is known as the angel of beauty, for his name in Hebrew translates to "beauty of God." It is generally believed that Jophiel drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Not surprisingly, Jophiel guarded the Tree of Knowledge, which played a crucial role in their expulsion from paradise. The metaphor for the beginning of the separation of man's thought from the divine was when Eve tasted the fruit of knowledge, thus breaking the "at-one-ment" with God.

    • When Eve bit into the apple she began to perceive both evil and good. The introduction of evil led mankind to forget what absolute truth was. Everything would become relative, and man could no longer distinguish absolute goodness from the good that is only good in comparison to evil.

    • So the mission of these twin flames is to illuminate mankind with understanding of the teachings of Christ, Mohammed, and all the other prophets and angels. The flames represent the phrase "I AM Light," which is a feeling that descends upon enlightened souls. Jesus said, "I am the way, the truth, and the light." In other words, he is saying "the wisdom that I bring you is God's wisdom and I bring it to you to use in your life."

    Whenever there is a spark of inspiration toward spiritual growth, the angels of illumination are brought in to magnetize that fusion.

    • Christine, Jophiel's divine complement, acts as the shrine for wisdom. As the feminine complement of wisdom, she represents constancy, that which is steadfast and changeless. Often someone who is so lost in thought cannot focus long enough to translate all his or her great ideas into material creation. This person needs the balance of constancy. Many intellectuals need the energies of Christine to make them practical.

    • Like all feminine complements to the archangels, Christine is the energy of Mater, which in Latin translates into mother. The feminine complement is like mother earth, the receptive garden into which a seed is planted. In this case, Christine is the shrine where wisdom lies. Her name "Christ - in" means the Christ consciousness made into matter. She is also the spirit of Christ energy (or God-Consciousness) in elemental life, all the creatures and plants on earth. All living beings are a combination of matter and spirit. Likewise each archangel needs a grounded complement to translate their power to the human realm.

    • Illumination is basically just understanding. If you have been confused or afraid, you know how comforting understanding can be. When you get in a fight with someone, the conflict is not often resolved until you understand the reasons for the person's anger. When they come back to explain their rage, your anger goes away. Without knowing the reasons for the outburst, you would continue to harbor resentment. So understanding brings peace. They say to know God is the same as loving God. For the truth of the universe is so beautiful you cannot but love it.

    • Of course not everything can be understood on this plane-certainly not all at once. But when mental mastery is necessary, the angels of wisdom will help. Psychologists make their living helping others uncover what in their past has caused them to act irrationally or painfully in the present. Through understanding a painful childhood or painful event, the patient is mentally cured from bondage by this idea. Wisdom works to heal by unknotting messy human thoughts and replacing them with God's perfect vision.

    • Jesus tells us the thirst for knowledge is crucial to spiritual advancement. "Ask and ye shall receive," means we must ask for this gift of wisdom. We must ask the angels to become a part of our lives again. The Buddhist tradition teaches that there is a river of knowledge that runs through our consciousness and in it are all the secrets and mysteries of the universe. They are bubbling forth for us to use if only we could stay still long enough to listen and recognize them. Some have said the river of knowledge sounds like laughter. Others have said it is the one universal sound of "OM."

    • Jophiel is sent from God to help us focus our energies away from carnal attractions to the pure mental state of Christ, which is the perfect mind. Jesus Christ was in some ways responsible for changing an entire planet. The energy of his mind was totally one with God.

    • The illumination of this ray removes the density of negativity created by human thoughts and feelings. These thoughts could be jealousy, doubt, fear, dishonor and a lack of integrity. Archangel Jophiel and Christine release mighty currents of light which can flow around your brain and remove such density. The rays of God's wisdom play upon your painful thought patterns like sun reflecting on rippling water. They can turn your bitterness into light banter dissipating from the body like breath.

    • Jophiel and Christine are known as the directors of training for all the angels. They hold the position in the angelic kingdom similar to the one Jesus held as Lord of this earthly planet.

    • I have said that the Three-fold Flame inside the heart chakra is made up of the yellow, blue and pink flames. You cannot get through the day without these core attributes of God. Without love, you will not have human relationships. Without faith, you will not move forward through despair. And without knowledge, you will not know where to turn or what to do. Wisdom is the lodestone, or magnet, to draw down the perfect blueprint. This perfect map is how God created man in his likeness and image. God's will-his plan for our lives-is to use His energy to create our lives in a positive way. With our will, we create our own future as we grow. When we decide to move to New York City to become a great writer, for example, we are setting up that path for our life. That is our will.

    • Call upon Jophiel and Christine when you need information. When you need understanding of a confusing situation they will pour forth the golden fountain of wisdom upon you.

    And so, thank you for everything you have done for others here at the enchanted waters of life, Lady Laie. I am, as always, hugely grateful for your presence. I want to call you ISIS now. So, consider thyself, christened LOL!!!!!

    All the fair blessings in our universe to you Isis.

    Moonbeaming Icey Hugs of Joy!

  • Lotus it is Dear Amused!

    All my loving Icey Hugs and Moonbeams to you. Will chat with you soon.

    Just love this new naming day!

  • Your back ---- What a Glorious Shining Vision to Behold! Surely you can see how we all light up!

    And, a New Completely Different do' …. Wow! Oh Pool Boy …. while her King gapes, could you get her a glass of champagne? Toast to the Celtic witch! Love it, Icey!

    You didn't need to do this … And don't call me a ninny for saying that or I'll, I'll …. stick my tongue out at u-- ROFL! My goodness, you even did the inner (re)search, crazy Queenie ---- I'm getting a clue that you might know me too well, lol! Really, that was Beyond kindness.

    And, the Lear & cards aren't the only flying things --- Your fingers must fly too! I was overwhelmed at how much there was. Very early this morning, I started reading it and the word Monday jumped out. I scrolled to the top of my screen and saw it was Monday and then, The date. I was already stretched emotionally far ( Somedays Discernment escapes me-Ha!) and realizing the date pushed me over the edge. Tears fell, g-son's anniversary. So I helped myself to a healthy dose of yellow

    : > )

    Thank goodness for creative inspiration! I rode the wave of Jophiel through two wedding ceremonies --- Fini- Yippee! And attacked the closets once again after that high. Now, my oils are here, thought about 'em but, that is too much of a tail to grab and my water colors are elsewhere. Hmmn, maybe in a few days I'll play with the watercolors..

    I needed this --- I'm really grateful, Lovey. A while ago, I was looking for a tarot reading, never got one, but I didn't even know why I was seeking one. Possibly the sense of confinement ? …. idk … A single hawk circled the other day and I realized this dear guide hadn't been near for a while. He circled three times, delivered the message, "time to soar, follow your path" before heading for the hill in search of food. ( that feels stupid to write but it happened.) Now for solutions to the questions and how to do it with promises I've made. Asking brings answers, right?

    No, no, stomping foot, pouting no. As my rug rats use to say, " I can't like that". Not trying to rain on your joyous christening day, I loved Lotus/Amused, especially because she felt a connection. but, I don't like my new name. too, idk, … sacrilegious --- stop laughing at that, lol!

    All the fairest to you too, Fey one.

    ~ Laie

  • I do not wish for a worldly crown, nor do I want to sit on a throne

    I do not yearn for jewels or riches, to rule on a chair made of stone

    I do not want to lead millions, be adored by subjects far and wide

    I just want to see the beauty of a gentle smile, and for my heart to feel

    not so alone.To be loved by only one,and call her my own

  • Hi Amused! Change that -- Sounds to me like your all for Lotus, so Lotus it is --- Hi Lotus! Our Water Queens are resonating the beauty of nature -- Cool!

    Your welcome for the simple card and I'm so glad it was okay to do that for you. It is nice to hear that the card struck a chord with what has been happening and maybe you're right, there's more to come or strings still left to cut. I understand about the tornado and the eye, how, Sometimes, they're not of our own making but we're forced to deal with both. Inetia in particular use to feel like death to me, I so get it! Although, with my beliefs, death would be more of an adventure. : ) But, I've learned … The peaks and valleys each have a place, a meaning, some revelation for us.

    Loneliness-- ugh! I like, no strike that --- Truly Relish being alone. But, there was a 2 year span in my life when all I did was work and go to school. During that time there was nothing and no one… school, work, sleep, repeat. After a year & a half, I felt something I couldn't even name. It took someone else saying something to realize I'd become a robot. : ) I had to ask myself questions: Why was I lonely? What made me feel this way? (ie., Am I running from something or towards something?) How could I change it? I agree, we all struggle with it at some point; it's good to acknowledge the feeling and deal with it head on.

    Clap, clap, clap on the triathlon, Lotus!!!! Way to go! I think it was two? weeks ago, hubby & I were on a coastal road and saw participants in a triathlon. Hubby participated in a few, past tense : ), and we started talking about the swim portion. I've often heard for many thats what they dread- Himself included, even though I can't image a former surfer not loving it! Anyway, he said in many races they did change the 'free for all sprint in and swim' part. I'm curious --Was there a time delay for athletes to enter the water in the one you did? Someone I knew joined the Y to get more water time practice. heehee, just had a funny thought, how are Sunny, Icey, LC & me going to keep up with you and Bloom when we all get together? lol! Anyway, baby steps, taking things in increments, always pays off …. I admire you! Pushing beyond and staying focused on the moment.

    Hope your muscles recovery quickly! Huge Congrats again!

    Thanks for the much needed well wishes.



  • Hey Bloom! I thought your card was perfect too ... What a great space to find yourself in, so very encouraging --- Ripe and ready to share all you are! And you don't have to expend any energy to do it --- You Just Are. Gotta smile at that ... brings to mind a beautiful tapestry --Spectacular!

    Hey Sunny! I liked what Lotus pointed out about the concussion. Hope you are feeling stronger everyday!

    xoxo Laie4

  • Stick your tongue out at me will you??? I dare thee ... no ... I triple dare ye! ROFL!!!!!!! Lady Laie ... where has the 'lady' gone huh????? Stick your tongue out and, wait ... did you say "pout" ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND "stomping"??? Oh Lordy ... what a fine vision you are! LOL LOL ROFL

    Before anything else; {{{{{{{HUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGS}}}}}}} to you my beautiful angel friend! Clearly, the synchronicity that surrounds you is simply perfect and acting in your very best interests and, given the tremendous sadness that Monday would've held for you, I am so grateful that Spirit (and your gorgeous grandson of course) found a way to bring you near to them and hold you through that pain. You are a remarkably sensitive soul sweet Laie and there is nothing more than blessings held in this realm and the others for you. Hope your Prince and especially your daughter and her son (& entire family) were able to hold each other on this saddest day. Forever, you are in my soul, Laie.

    Love, Love and More Love to you.

    As much as we would often like to be, we are not an island, my dear but delightfully awesome ninny. What we unknowlingly do is isolate ourselves and disconnect. Instead of letting our insides out, we withdraw our light and hold ourselves closed and away from other lights and then, we wonder why we feel so bad, so wrong, so alone? There are moments when that is exactly what we need to do, of course, like when we are so confused and so 'out of ourselves', then a regrouping is vital. When we are unwell is another. Our auric field is an incredibly sensitive thing but sometimes, it is the sharing of lights and souls that are needed most. This is part of the lesson of discernment (and I can suck at that one too LOL) where we learn for ourselves when is the right time to move inwards and when it is necessary to open outwards ... and with whom. I like very much that Jophiel is a golden (wisdom) guardian for you Laie ... and a mentor that can direct you to all the POSITIVES and BEAUTY that makes up your being. He shall encourage you to blossom and to allow all those precious abilities within you to flow forth. So, stand the doubt aside and allow. Let YOU see what I DO! I love you Laie!!!!

    Apparently, if you ask the Moonbeam King, my tongue flies faster than all of them! LOL! I was happy to give you as much info ...hmmm ... (re) search as possible. For some reason (and now I know why), I didn't think you'd have time to look though I knew you would WANT to! I also thought that everyone here might like the connection between the Rays of Light that we work with as they, collectively, form our RAINBOWS. That, and Sister Sunshine's link to Michael might help her through this needed time of help. Wear BLUES Sunny! And you should wear some 'yellow' Laie .... even if only a scarf, or ribbon! Connect yourself to the vibration as physically as possible.

    This Celtic witch would lurrrrrrrrrrv a glass of champagne! Bring on the bubbles!!!!!

    And playing with colours you should ... paint, paint and paint some more! You are completely aware of what happens to the being when engaged in pure creation - DO it! I am in awe of artists as they just have something so special ... that direct link with their soul. All artists express from deep within and that goes for all artists - poets, painters, musicians, designers, every single being that CREATES. So interesting that our pond has gathered so many, isn't it? Gives me the tingles just thinking about it. What an amazing spark when we all get together! My cauldron will be a bubbling! Now, does that also mean champagne glass you ask???? Sure. LOL LOL LOL Again - bring on the BUBBLES! Happy creating and being lost in spirit my friend.

    Ohhhhhhh, the hawk! How utterly cool is that! Forest Walker would be so proud! I am beyond excitement about that really. I adore it when people SEE what is around them and FEEL the message it holds. That is opening to the Universe. Our natural kingdom is vital for us to recognize as Spirit places it before us to help us move forward, to move closer to that bond we forget we have. Fabulous that you paid attention Laie and YES, YES, YES ... your Jophiel card of Liberation has an eagle soaring into the golden heavens upon it symbolizing exactly the same message your hawk brought you. Rock on! Nothing silly about writing any of that you ninny (LOL) ... it is perfect; so perfect and I am over the moon you shared it. Must be why we are all bringing 'natural' energy here, to our natural based place? To help with each other's awareness and awakening. cannot echo the hawk's message for you enough. Fly high my pretty one!

    Stop laughing you say??? Hmmm ... bless your little cotton socks Laie ... you don't like my new name for you???? Well, well ... and well then! You do know that Lions roar loudly right? And that Queens always get their way, right?????? LOL LOL LOL But, to have you not happy is not what we want. So, although I could give you a thousand reasons why I think Isis is perfect for you, somehow, can't think why, but somehow I feel you would give me one thousand and ONE reasons why i should not! ROFL! We shall be Quiddich lear jetting to the heavens in a duel shan't we? LOL Boy you make me laugh!

    Ok ... I surrender! I shall re-name thee BUT ... and I want you to note the BIG BUT (hee hee hee) ... there comes a condition! Ha! Did you think you would honestly get out of this that easily???? With me???? Perish the thought! And so, here is my condition ... ready??? Thou shalt not say no to whatever name I choose next. Sorry you didn't stick with Isis now???? LOL That is my condition. Don't you just love a good intrigue? ROFL Whatever shall the Icey Moonbeam conjure up next for you??? Hmmmmmmm!

    In all the world, I could never hope to find a better soul friend Laie.

    Loving Angel Hugs to you,

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Hi Bloom,

    I wanted to spend a moment on somethign you said the other page, about using a lot of 'red' in your painting and how 'unusual' that was for you.

    RED is the most HEALING colour of all. Red is our blood and life force and the one colour we need the most to HEAL. Red is all about life; its passion, its depth, its heart ... it is our path to everything. When people are ill, giving red flowers helps aide in their recovery as the colour inspires our physical system to renew itself. Surrounding yourself in 'red' is fantastic, Bloom.

    Red is also our base chakra colour - it is what connects us to our Earth, to our tribe, to our beginnings. Wearing red does not only mean 'power' and 'strength' but grounding and bringing spirit down into the physical. It is the colour of integration and of releasing kundalini ... our life force / energy that spirals up through our beings through our chakras. This force winds like a snake (also a medical reference) through the base and out through the crown and then flows down again, repeating the process ... a continuous stream of life (like the flow of our blood).

    I think it is wonderful that you have done this without thinking. Your sub-conscious and Higher Self knows what you need and by tapping into it, you are doing the very best you possibly can for your self. Keep being fabulous like that my friend ... that's soooooooooo cool!!!!!!

    Makes Laie's card of 'ripeness' all the more potent for you doesn't it? Ripeness is always seen as 'red' sooooo ... the juicier the better. If you ever have an opportunity to check out some books, for you ... I can highly recommend "SARK". Especially her wild, juicy, succulent woman book. You would resonate with her Bloom - she has this amazing way of speaking to the soul through colour, creativity and words. In fact, everyone here would probably benefit from Sark's views on living.

    So, let your ripeness make the biggest mess ever.

    Sending you love,

    Icey x

    Glad your 'communication' energy has cleared a path for you and yes, although I wasn't going to say anything, LOL, some time apart from Mr. Pisces will allow you to begin to rely on your own being for strength. However, it would be nice if he was able to be there to help you for a change. He could do with the lessons of being a "2" for a little while.

    Still, look at that amazing man you married ... struggling with his own health, he has stepped up to care for you instead. Love that! That is what love really is. Such selflessness is so very endearing to witness. Hugs to him.

  • The picture sort of took over my post Bloom ... sorry ... still ... bouquets of 'red' to you.

    Moonbeam x

  • HI All,

    Thanks for the shoot out for my house to sell

    I love my new name Icey!! How fun is that to change your hair color?!!! A way to add a bit of sparkle to yourself 🙂 You mentioned at times not feeling as if your from here.....I'm guessing you meant in a spiritual way- perhaps feyish? I feel at times, as if I'm living in a parallel existence, seems to be most often when I'm stressed or feeling quite lonely. My councilor says its from my unconscious feeling that my life's experiences are not known or understood by the people in my life or environment. Perhaps, I'm not sure, but when it happens I work on grounding myself & the feeling fades. Fortunately it doesn't happen often. I wouldn't want others to have my experiences

    LC- such heart felt words-a beautiful gift you share with us 🙂

    Bloom -I love your happy bubble! Imagine if we could float about in our own happy bubble.....I'll try to visualize that tomorrow...a force shield of sorts keeping happiness in & negative stuff will bounce off!!

    Sunny- perhaps you could surround yourself with a happy healing bubble.

    Laie- LOL!! when the group gets together after lots of hugs I'm sure we'll sit down by a pond/lake & talk...... bet we'll all have trouble keeping up!! Regarding the swim part of the Tri we were sent out in waves/groups by age divisions.......I'm sure its better than all at once but its crowded. I was kicked, hit, splashed, water in face/mouth the whole time which is why it was scary. As a women only Tri it was a bit less intense cuz of body size & women are more polite..."Sorry" was often heard throughout the swim 🙂 I started in a pool then Walden Pond In Concord MA. I hope to get back to pool this winter.

    Wishing you days of floating in a happy bubble filled with L&L


    Lotus 🙂

  • Dear Lotus ... hello!

    A Triathlon???? WOW! Go you! Huge is an understatement my love ... and Laie is right, how will we all keep up with you and Bloom? Our two water flowers will run circles around us!!!!! Congratulations to you! What an achievement! And yes, drowning is not something I would plan to do either! LOL All the very best as you venture into new life paths Lotus ... may we all ride with you as the gentle breezes that help lift you along!

    Your sharing of Jack's and your story is so deeply felt by us my friend. Thank you for opening to that. I, as you will discover quickly round here LOL, am all believer about 'no accidents in our lives'. I believe in purpose, even if I cannot see it, or understand it ... eventually, we make the connection between all the dots in our life journey and we see what meaning they all held. That then, is our gift of WISDOM! To do with as we will.

    I am in awe of your level of 'acceptance', Lotus. I fight this one a lot of the time and wish I could hold it more than I do. It's that moment of surrender isn't it? of knowing when to let go and let IN! Your way is far more peace-filled and I am beyond glad for you that you choose this for you. This is not to say that life's challenges don't affect you but when we accept, we allow a greater energy to move through it. Perhaps this is the lesson you have brought here for all of us at the Enchanted Pond? Perhaps it is?

    So happy dancing that you like "Lotus" and can connect to its energy. It wasn't until Lady Laie put on her huffy pants and did her tongue sticking out stomping thing (ROFL Laie, ROFL) that I realized her picture on this forum is a ... LOTUS! Duh! Forehead smack! When did you change your picture Laie???? I like Lotus for you Amused for many reasons ... they rise above, they bloom, they represent everything spiritual and they are calm and serene where they are. It epitomizes purity and grace in all senses. I really like its energy on you, for you.

    Hoping each day sees you breathe a little deeper and your skies clear a little more.

    Embracing you in love Lotus,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Sister Sunshine,

    Hope you are sitting quietly, and peacefully, by the pond. I hope that all the love that lives here finds its way to your soul and allows all the healing and transforming you need to undertake to happen.

    We join hands and hearts in wishing you a full journey into wellness.

    Blessings and Peace,

    Icey x x x

    Keep listening to music Sunshine and wear BLUE ... Michael will help lift you up and over this moment. Sending you 'red' flowers too ... may they support you in your healing.


  • Ahhhhhhhh ... my Game of Thrones man!

    Hello LC!

    Such an interesting choice of picture to represent you also. Many changes here! 🙂 He was my favourite character too ... so honest, so selfless and so loving. There are no accidents, right???

    Hence, your Winter reference? I see. I hope you can tell that I understood where you were going in your earlier post and that is why I drew your attention to all the wonderfully incredible things that occur during the long, dark and cold spells our Earth unfolds with? It is how I see all the potential in you. It is why I believe that your need to wait for this being has occurred. You have needed to sort through this inner Winter you have held. And to do so, so that you can evolve and open on the other side with conscious awareness of all that is good and right and honest and loving about the being you are! Inside will meet outside.

    You are not the same individual you were when you first came to the pond and nor will you be this being now in years to come. We shift and move and grow and bend in ways that match the path we have agreed to walk. As we understand more of what it means to be us, so too, do we become this. A tree is but the complete expression of what it was always meant to be. So are you. The tree begins as a seed, containing all of its potential, its ideal form, its final being ... all wrapped up and held tight until, with each passing season, it experiences its life and then, it adapts as necessary so that it can still reach its fullest, ideal self. We are no different Last Crusader - everything we have ever needed for our journey was brought along with us. It waits, like Winter, for us to remember we have packed it ... it waits for us to allow ourselves to use it.

    You write so very beautifully now of what it is your soul needs to express and, it is this very expression that will bring you to that which you desire. The more our souls express our truth, the more visible our truth becomes. Literally, then, is the Universe able to manifest the dream ... Winter's vision ... the Universe makes form the energy we send to it. By recognizing this, you can creatively change the course of your thoughts, beliefs and actions ... your poetry, your prose, your very words give life to this. The more beauty you express, the more beauty you will see and feel. This then becomes your springboard and so the cycle weaves on.

    Nothing will ever give me more joy than for you to have what you seek. However, there is a reason why it takes the time it does and why we must walk the journey we do. Everything is a preparation for something else. Everything is a WINTER ... for a SUMMER. Everything about you has led you to this here and now. What comes next? Only you can create that.

    Soooooo my wonderful man ... create! Create! CREATE! Bring to life all the goodness, the ripeness, the love, the soul felt expression of YOU ... all of it. Bring it out into your world and let others feel it as we do. Let your gifts work for you like magic.

    Do you know the song, "Different Worlds"? Listen to it on itunes ... or maybe there is a You tube clip of it??? I have just downloaded it myself, just yesterday actually, and I want you to have this song. Listen carefully to all it doesn't say ... to what it FEELS like (then, of course, listen to its lyrics LOL) to what messages it brings you. Let these things work FOR you ... to help put you in the correct energetic flow of desire.

    You are so on the right path dear friend. Hope you are beginning to see this now? You are so beginning to do what has needed to be done all along ... the only answer that can come forth from here now is that which you seek. Be open and allow. Simple. LOL Well ... ok ... a tad bigger than simple. LOL But you understand now. And that's the important bit.

    As always, I send you the very best our hearts can offer and hope that there are rainbows for you in your skies ... and happiness by the score.

    Keep doing what you are doing ... it is working.

    You are making magic.

    You can do it!

    Love and hugs from the one who would love a crown and a throne of Gold ... Hahahahahahahahahha ... LOL ... no, really ... from your Icey Moonbeam x x x ... who really does like crowns and thrones!!!! LOL Well ... ok ... Celtic Magical ones only then!

  • It says ... "Love is like the moon, when it does not increase, it decreases."

    Keep loving LC!

    We will too.

    Moonbeams to you x

  • And now I must bid you all adieu for I have gotten nothing done in my day yet ... well ... apart from my most favourite thing of all ... hanging out with my most favourite souls at the pond.

    A wonderful lady whom I called "Auntie Ann" (my next door neighbour as I was growing up as a kid) passed away on Saturday morning (which, ironically, was my Mother's birthday). Hold her family in your hearts for me and join me in our finest bubbly salute to a lady who was all love on this planet (and another Pisces I might add)! May you have the entire realm of Happiness before you now Auntie Ann! Salute!

    I forgot to add my sincerest birthday wishes to your son Laie. Please forgive my remiss-ness.Glad to hear he was surrounded by love and friends and family who can celebrate who he is! Hope his new birth year is a great one indeed for him.

    Annnnnnnd ... just to add some news ... I got a new job yesterday. Yay! I get to play in one of my most favouritest stores here ... a homewares and furniture place. Should be a hoot. Went for the interview Friday morning (went for like 45 minutes!), got a call 2 hours later begging me not to go to any other interviews (so cute right?) and then yesterday, was officially welcomed to the job. It's not even half of the money, nor half the hours I had before but, GRATEFUL I AM! Such lovely people - worth it big time!

    I start next Monday. Big relief! Oh, so funny ... I went for the interview as a blonde BLONDE and will surprise them when I start won't I????LOL

    Holding you all near to me and celebrating all of YOU!

    Blessings and Love,

    Your Icey Moonbeaming Celtic Witch of the Western Winds! x

  • Icey,

    Congrats on your new job...what can be better than working with good people?

    Sounds like I'd have trouble not spending my check on the merchandise LOL!!! be a butterfly on the wall when you show up as a brunette not blonde!!!

    Enjoy & be pleased with the abundance you will receive



  • Icey, Congrats on the new job...I knew all would be well for you on that front. Condolences with the funeral of unI have been enjoying your witty repartee with us all. Love when you come into the POnd to send us moonbeams.

    I am doing well, and going to the orthopedic doc tomorrow (Wednesday) to see about my arm and my neck. I will be seeing the concussion specialty clinic on Monday to see about my head injury. My hair is growing back and the scrapes and gashes and road rash on my right face look to be healing well, might not be much scarring, but at least I won't be bald on my right temple, LOLOL!.

    However, I am trying to put into perspective my lifestyle and my job. I need to determine what would be more prudent, keeping my job, going down to 3 days a week, less pay, but having the flexibility to see to my children, or do I want a position in the new hospital that is literally a few blocks away, fulltime, and little or no flexibility with my kids and their issues?My life does need to change, I have been done much to place myself in this current predicament. Also, the prospect of having to drive again strikes fear into my heart. Imagine that...

    Healing here at this Beloved Pond does wonders for me. You all help keep me sane. I know you all have things going on in your lives too, and I am sending you all loving healing energy and a big Blessing.

    Lotus, what a beautiful name, love it!! Triathlon?! Wonderful...go Lotus.

    Hope you are recovered from your procedure, Bloom and got you on my mind. Please take care of yourself and hubby. Hugs to him for taking care of you even while he isn't well.

    You too, LC. you stay in my prayers...Chin up, my friend.

    I am relaxing and being invisible. just soaking up the Love and Blessings I feel at the Pond. Can't beat that...

    Love you all.


  • Morning & TGIF!

    Icearia--- Hope you had the employer doing a double take, lol! Glad you found another job quickly! I'm with Lotus .... I'd spend the paycheck there! will spar later -- ROFL!

    Lotus --- Hope tryouts go exceedingly well for your son and everything he wishes for himself come true! Sold, sold chant!

    LC, Bloom, Sunny --- thinking of all of you & hoping your weekend has lots of joy!

    Blessings wrapped in an L&L Bubble! ( that was cute! fit right in with my child like imagination.)


  • Sunny

    Thinking of you & hoping each day is better. I'm not sure I like the sayings " you're a strong woman" or "this will make you stronger" because in my experience they've been said to me when I feel anything but strong! I must admit in retrospect I realize I am stronger or braver & definitely wiser from the lesson learned from each unplanned event. I do believe you are one brave lady, you get up & face what life sends you head on. Its said attitude is the most important thing when faced with challenges-keeping it positive. Wishing you strength, hope & peace



  • Hi All

    Hope you're all enjoying the wknd, we're having a beautiful day here-kinda fallish with out humidity.........loving it!!!! Great for healing & feeding the soul

    Thanks for shouting out Sell,Sell,Sold,Sold!! Will let you know when it happens-actually you'll probably hear me shouting for joy 😉

    Dan's off next wk to start Sophmore yr....tryouts this wk but he's keeping date secret.......just as well cuz I wouldn't want him to sense any anxiety from me........we're a bit empathic

    LOL! he suggested I change my perfume....I've worn the same scent for 30 yrs!! Never gave it a thought, but why not it will be a part of the new me.......I do dread those Mall store perfume counters so this may take a while, but I'll make it an adventure one of these days.

    L&L........ bubble wrapped


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