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  • Hey!

    Just returned yesterday from a trip, exhausted from time zone difference and walking my tush off. Hubby twisted my arm to take a melatonin for sleep. Bah, now I've been awake since 2:30am and trying to catch up on Tarot. Oh yeah, met another Tarot member and had my phone stolen from our hotel room. Goood and bad, right?

    Sunshine -- Excellent news about for your Mom about the colostomy bag removal and the new hernia repair -- yeah! I hope this eases some worry for you. And you're right, it is quiet here. Quickbooks-ugh! Rest, GF.

    I'm very happy to see Arywn/Purduemo return ( BIG HUG, GF! Love the base 10 count--LMBO!!) and many newcomers join us. Patchlove, heartfelt thanks for your beautiful words!

    I started writing to everyone early and now its almost noon and just returning. Cactuss, glad to read hubby is doing better. Hope any sibs or sib in laws are well. Love your new goal for next summer's birthday! Yes, a date that'll live in infamy and not many survivors left. In March when we were there, it seemed surreal to be standing under clear blue skies reading the names on the Tree of Life sculpture. Hubby just mentioned how the Navy has the sacred honor of ferrying the waters around the memorials. I'd forgotten.

    Home front news: Step-Mom and daughter landed in the hospital. Step-Mom's appendix burst and daughter has bulged a few more discs and will need another surgery. Also, hubby will have another biopsy so any kind thoughts are welcomed here. Lot of stupid tired thoughts, I guess.

    Moonbeamin' Icey, our thoughts are with you daily! Seriously. Divine timing will meet and greet all desires. We won't see the eclipse here. But maybe you can get out and watch the eclipse and have a ritual ending ceremony.

    Okay, I seem to be all over the place, too much to catch up on. Make space for all good to flow into your hearts.

    Peace & Joy,


  • Swoop and Swish!

    Hello Gorgeous Gang!!!!

    Feels like I have missed half a lifetime these last few weeks ... I have noticed time moving around me but I have felt distant from it. Hmmm? No idea what energy that is but it certainly is 'other worldly' ... or ... perhaps it is just "me" ... LOL

    So much love here - blessings to you all.

    I only have a moment but promise to swoop in as soon as. I note how many medical issues are surfacing amongst our enchanted circle (myself included) and will spend all my time dispelling those for all of you. Everything needs to end at the end of this year. Together, we are all going to walk side by beautiful side into the light and peace of the New Year.

    Lady Laie ... I love you! Amidst your own worry and stress, you ALWAYS make time and space for others and their needs. If the all the stars in our inky skies could be gathered up into a bouquet, I would send them to you! Thank you for my messages and the kind, gentle love you offer me always. You are never out of my thoughts! Or soul! Sending you all you need and then some Sister of the Loving NW Winds!!!!

    Just as a glimpse, for I am my least favourite topic as you know ... we have moved and have squished into a tiny place but we are getting there ... we were homeless prior to last Friday so all is good. I am not well either. I did the move with severe vertigo. Now! Seriously! If I had been drinking with those yummy pool boys, I could have an excuse for head spins but ... sheesh! Wouldn't wish this on anyone - EVER! Quite a challenge to pack, move and unpack. I was taken (by force) to the Dr's by the King. There I promptly received 6 blood tests and keep being called by the clinic to see the Dr for the results. They phone like alllllllllllllll the time. I don't WANT to go back because ...... his last words to me were, and I quote, "If these results are negative, you won't hear from me." Somebody want to go in my place????? These were special blood tests that even the woman doing them had to read up on the procedures of how to ... I suppose if I'm asking for 'endings', then this is one of them?????? I am pretty 'over' the whole medical thing this year. Enough already! I shall let you all know IF I go!!!! LOL

    Gotta zip ...

    My heart holds yours always ... ALL OF YOU!!!!

    Back soon,


    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Good morning Ponders!

    Great to hear from you Lady Laie and that you are back from your trip. Back to a lot of medical things, wow! Sending love and light to you and yours. And total BUMMER about your phone, yikes...that is awful.

    And Icey, woah...your blood is talking again...this has been such a long issue for you, how frustrating and tiring for you. Hope that it all gets worked out. Do you ever have vitamin levels checked, like B12 and D? Just wondering! I don't know the details about your move but glad at least that you have a home. What a year for you!! Glad that you are back here, swishing around on your broom and moving us all back to better health!

    Sending Sunshine, Arwyn, Patchlove, LC, and others (Forest Walker, Triple T Tanya) best wishes and energy for the season!

    Hugs from Bloom



    GLAD TO BE BACK. I have been out of commission. My cable/internet was disconnected and during the melee that followed with me calling and yelling, appears I was issued 2 accounts with 2 phone numbers...Go figure. I paid the wrong one apparently and had to spend the entire weekend without internet to work on my school projects, grrr.

    Mom is at home now, the surgeries were successful, she is recovering fast. She has always taken care of herself, and that seems to have helped her through this ordeal. I am so grateful and it is apparent that there is a reason she is still here. can't wait to figure out what it is.

    Icey, I will be praying for you and your health. Even Queenies on lear jet brooms need prayers and Blessings too, sending some right now.

    Bloom, I am so glad to hear your hubby is getting better. I have prayers for you both as well.

    Laie, you have been getting a lot of traveling in, that is great. I hope to do more of that in the near future...Love and Light to you and your family.

    LC, still have my thoughts on you. Keep hanging around here and let your Pond family lift you up and succor your spirit and your broken heart. Blessings to you....

    Arwyn Grace, Forest Walker, QuenKath, TTTTanya, Patchlove, MyJourney, and everyone else that graces our magical little pond, Love and Light to you all. My love to you all.


  • Hi Sunshine,

    Glad to see you back and hear your good news about your mom! It really hit me that you described her as "always taking care of herself"...isn't that wonderful?!! I needed to hear that too, as I am graduating into having all adult children and one married one!! I am officially in the older generation now and need to pay attention to my own health and the food I put into my body.

    I guess my running days are limited, if not over. Three weeks ago, I started a running program. Each week I ran less often due to knee pain.. Maybe I will have to wait until I weigh a LOT less, lol...or keep riding my bike indoors! I did learn a lot about running style though, so that was interesting.

    Hope everyone is working on staying healthy and enjoying family during this time of year!

    Hugs to all,

    Bloom xoxo

  • Good Evening Moonbeam!

    I hope your in bed, off to the land of nod. Rest.

    Don't ya love being blown off by the medical profession … What kind of comment is that! Ah, Doc, I'm here, here's my history --- Hey, think I deserve an answer? Something is seriously wrong, I'm ill ---- Helll--ooooo???

    Breath in universal light and love. Imagine it filling your heart with a pink pulse, trickling to your toes and completing a circuit by traveling upward. Feel very step until you're full. Yes, I'm giving advice that I'm having trouble remembering, lol!

    Thanks for the sky bouquet filled with love! The new moon is coming and I'm wishing on the stars.

    Much Love to U!


  • Hey Sunshine Queen!

    Bills …. oh geez, Im guessing this occurred due to your move … I feel your pain …. Yesterday I spent all morning trying to get SOMEONE to listen that I DON'T owe that excise tax from 2007! After a call to the original town where I moved from in '06, a call to the State Registry which issued the notice stating in January I won't be able to re-new license until paid, and a call to the town I currently reside in to find out When I paid here for the first time --- I DO Owe!!! Of course now, It has accrued Major interest! Of course, no one could locate me, even though in 07 I renewed my license without any notification of the tax then and a lower bill!~ All of this comes in the wake of me over-paying two bills to the tune of over $2,000.00. Hubby paid and didn't say anything. What a hassle to get money returned! I'm tossing all this back to Merc and Uranus slamming me … Can laugh about it Now!

    So glad your Mom is home for the holidays! Yes, one more reason for to give thanks and praise! Your move, the changes and illnesses, Add in school and RE-joice! You can kiss this crazy year good-bye!

    There are some pics posted at :

    The trip was fun but at this time of year not such a good idea. I'm crazed trying to get things done for Christmas. Hubby keeps saying there has been a Christmas Explosion in here. There isn't a single surface clear. This morning I'm trying to clean-up and write letters. Ironing … grrr, probably won't get done until tonight.

    On that cranky note : ) movin' on ….

    I loved this to Icey …. " Even Queenies on lear jet brooms need prayers and Blessings too, sending some right now." I second that heartfelt blessing!

    Shine on, Queenie!


  • Morning Cactuss!

    Get out the WD40! : > ) Running is hard on the body not just the knees. I'd be willing to bet from all that cycling that your knees, ligaments and muscles are in great shape, more like a 30 yr. olds! : ) Bicycling, swimming or yoga are probably better choices. I've just notice my Mom slowing down a bit and I'm glad she always has taken care of her physical being well. She's just told me she'll stop working and retire for good this time : ) in April. Thank goodness! She's always been a fireball and has worked her entire life. Time for some much deserved enjoyment.

    You must be looking forward to some R&R during school break. You and Hubby probably need down time to just enjoy each others laughter and memories after the last few months with the wedding, redecorating and his illness. Hope you make some time for this as another year comes to a close. Oh just thought of the older lady across the street that cried when your cat died ... Hope you can visit with her too.



  • Good morning to you Lady Laie,

    Yes, I had to retire myself from running...the knees just couldn't recover. I did really enjoy it though...I will have to try something else for the winter!

    I will check out your pics, sounds fun! I haven't kept up too much on the Christmas stuff...I have some things but not everything yet...we haven't reached Christmas explosion status yet. lol, you sound totally on a roll! But grandkids make a difference. I do have almost everything for my Pices' I guess we do buy for children first.

    Speaking of children, I hope yours are moving back to health!

    What a mess with that excise tax problem..and what a sinking feeling that you ended up having to pay it. Cripes! The Registry's decision not to send out reminders for renewing driver's licenses is also a pain. Well, in my little city, we have a new mayor...he's 22!! We shall see what youth has to bring to politics, hopefully it will all be good.

    Well, have to dash off to finish my Xmas cards before work. My one concession to doing everything myself for the holidays this year is not to put out outside lights. But I am moving on getting an electrician to put up outside lighting at our front door. Maybe not in time for Christmas, but definitely soon 🙂

    thanks for stopping in at the's been just us chickens here for a while!

    Hugs from BLoom xoxo

  • Laie,

    LOVED the photos of you and LotusPriestess. You looked as if you both were having a blast. It is nice to get to meet people from our cyberworld. Heck, maybe I'll get to meet you sometime soon. You are right you can get a feel about people just being on here.

    Just finished my last final last night/this morning, so I am off until Jan 11th. I intend to make the most of this and play my piano. I have a new piece that is bothering my brain, but since I haven't mastered the others I am trying to work on, maybe I just need to chill. Chopin etude #23 in A minor. I know good and well this is above my technical ability, but I am a glutton for punishment especially since I can't practice much at all. I have a sense that I was a pianist in a previous life, that's why I am so fixated with it, but success seems to elude me at every turn. Lesson to be learned? I wonder...

    Anyway, kidlets are in bed and I am getting together the gifts for the 2 nursing home ladies I picked off the Christmas tree at work. LOL At least when I get my bum off the computer.

    ThePond's been quiet lately. Hopefully we will see everyone popping in sometime soon.

    Anyway, Blessings to each and everyone on our Pond, Whatever your Holiday is, enjoy it....

    Love you all.


  • Hi Bloom!

    We had a warm day sometime before Thanksgiving and I put the lights on all the shrubs out front -- Felt like a fool and an even bigger wacko when the plumber showed up while in the middle of it and made a comment! : ) I've never done this before but hubby always is out there freezing because he'll wait to the last minute. Everything is decorated inside and out which is where the explosion came from : > ) I just started shopping, yuck *& double yuck. So not a shopping queen but it is about the kids & grandkids.

    We've done just the opposite of each other --- I put the cards back in the box after being a decorating queen. I love getting and sending cards but this year I felt something had to give and so, no cards.

    Your mayor is 22? Good for him in getting elected! I paid the excise tax on Wed. so come January's big b-day I can still drive and celebrate with an RMV trip! Oh yeah, the day after my birthday, I'm marrying my oldest friends daughter -- There's cause for celebration! Always a sunny side, right? Hope your mayor retains his optimism after a year of political wrangling.

    TGIF -- Enjoy!


  • Hi Sunny!

    I'm so glad to hear you have your piano with you and are attempting another piece. It doesn't matter one iota if you haven't mastered the other pieces, I say enjoy the talent and do what speaks to you. If you were a pianist in a past life, maybe it came easy and so this time you retain an affection but struggle. Set the bar high and reach for the stars! Hope this isn't like an Indian Raindance and you bring on the snowstorms, lol!

    I did have fun in England and it was a trip to meet Lotus. One of the funny things I found was the food. I have heard the English aren't known for their cooking as say Italians or French, but I fell in love with so many things! For instance one condiment we have, piccalilli, there is a blend of boiled vegetables mixed with some type of sweet mustard, completely different. I tried many things that I've heard of but had no idea what they were. Everything was delicious.

    So glad you are done with school for a few weeks. Must be a relief! Rest the body and mind when you can and enjoy the Double L's!



  • Icey --- On the subject of food ..... At the market I saw "jelly" Now I know where the confusion came from when we first talked about Jello Shots, R O F L!! Yes, your jelly is our Jell-O! We buy just the powdered mix and add hot & cold water to get jelly. I didn't see any mixes at the market but I'm sure they're out there. Ah, the silly things I learned ... wasn't brave enough to buy marmite! : > )

  • Good Sunday to all of you!

    Stopping by the Pond briefly to wish all of you some down time or me time in whatever your endeavors are this week. Hope you can sit a bit on a rock, reflect in the calm waters and let rays of sunshine and healing soothe you.

    Be well and let blessings flow!

  • Sitting on my rock now reflecting upon aspects of my life that I need to modify and change.....

  • Morning Queen Sun,

    I was reading last night about the shuffling planet and the effect they might have on us. I see that you posted @ 2 days ago and wonder if it could be just an aspect of the planets. I hope whatever has/had you in a pensive mood isn't serious. Sometimes external events lead us to focus on the past or on the future and start us making a list of our wants or desires. Sometimes this can be unproductive when we know nothing can be changed or can't change at the moment. Try and find the present and enjoy the everyday, ordinary things as your day progresses. Any aspects that need changing will come and enjoying the present without concern will open the doorway for real answers. I know I've said this before : ) but cut yourself some slack. You've been running at full speed.

    My little old pup, Charlie and I are going to the 'groomers' for our Christmas do's. After I'm heading to daughters house to make a floral arrangement for her Xmas table. She is doing a little better and I'm praying for more of an improvement and an end to the lawsuit.



  • Laie,

    Thanks for the kind words. Guess I am moping a bit and shouldn't be. I gave myself a kick in the bum and got the tree up and decorated for the kids, tough times call for smarter measures...this has been a tough year, really need to get into 2012 and start fresh. I do however need to stop and enjoy the Holidays with my kidlets. I am trying to quit being a worrywart and just live for the moment every now and then.

    Enjoy the Holidays and Happy New year 2012.

    To all my Pond family: Happy Holidays and have a Blessed and prosperous New Year!! I love you all and have been mightily Blessed to get to know all of you in our special paradise. As a friend of mine posted on facebook this morning, "Everyone posts and doesn't realize how much of themselves they reveal to everyone. " You all have a place in my heart and I wish nothing but the best for all of you.

    Love and Light to you all.


  • Good morning Sunshine and Lady Laie, and all other ponders,

    Well the solstice, Christmas, Hannukah and other great winter celebrations are coming to us all in a rush it seems this year. Today, it would help to be a duckling, as the waters are coming down from the sky like crazy here, but all liquid no snow!!

    This year has been a tough one for a lot of us at the Pond, but we have also seen some wonderful times. I wish for all of us that these holiday times are filled with light and love for and from our friends and families.

    We will be happy to be together all of our kids, our new son-in-law, my sister, possibly my brother-in-law and nephew. Yikes, I better go grocery shopping, lol!!! Sunshine, I am finding that my diet is getting easier, and happy to see that ketchup is gluten free!! Maybe not for Christmas dinner

    Sending out a big electronic HUG to everyone around the pond!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Merry Christmas my lovely Pond People!!! I love you all, have a great day!!

  • Infinite Blessings to all Pond People! Sending love and light to you!

    Merry Christmas!

    Bloom xoxo

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