The Enchanted Pond

  • Good morning/ evening Ponders!

    Thank you Patchlove for you heart-felt meditation.

    Thanks Sunshine for your encouragement about the diet. Slowly I am working on it, but it's good to know that it could take 3 months...that means I am 1/3 of the way there! Have a wonderful Turkey day with the little L's. Hope your mom is doing well now!

    Happy Thanksgiving to those ponders who celebrate it. Triple T Tanya, thinking so much of you...LC and Forest too!

    Icey and Lady Laie, sending you light and energy for all of you busy endeavors!! xoxox


  • swooooooop! Icey came by last week with a gentle whack to return and here I am!! I am in Indiana visiting family and have some time to get caught up on everything I've missed.

    Not done yet but wanted to let you all know that I am lurking and reading and getting reconnected 😉

    I've missed all of you wise, wonderful, warm and seeking beings!!

    promise I'll be back once I'm caught up (and to catch you up with my crazy life)

    Sending beams of light and monster hugs!

    Arwyn Grace

  • WOW! Arwyn Grace, swoop you on over! Great to see you here at the long has it been? You are going to have to do a L O N G post to get us up to date!

    Glad you are having time to visit family and that you included us with them 🙂 ❤

    Stay tuned and thanks for monster hugs and beams of light! That feels GOOD!!

    Hugs back at cha'

    Bloom xoxo

  • woo hoo...I tried to upload a will work on it to make it better...things I do while my food is cooking for Thanksgiving prep, lol

  • I think I got it long has it been for me to figure it out...but here are some of my garden pics to brighten up your day...lots of positive energy coming your way!!! Bloom

  • Oh yippee...these are both pictures taken of OTHER PEOPLE"S gardens...just so you know!

    Okay off to cook...I think I smell something burning...RUN!! xo

  • Happy Thanksgving!

  • What I like about my American Friends is that you celebrate THANKFULNESS ... there is that, and a million other things I love about you guys here at the pond! Over here, it is King Moonbeam's Birthday. He wants to stop counting them now!!!! LOL

    So, to honour you and your tradition, I wish to say just a few things about what I am thankful for ...

    1. That LOVE is always given when it is needed most.

    2. That there IS goodness in our world despite how we might think.

    3. That there is a purpose to everything, no matter how bleak it feels.

    4. That beauty and truth are real.

    5. That the value of friendship comes from another realm.

    6. That the magic of life lies in believing in all possibility.

    7. That we are seekers of truth.

    8. That we, as a tiny, select group, are creating global peace!

    9. That I walk amongst some of the most wondrous ANGELS there are ... the Enchanted Souls of the Loving Winds!

    Thank you all of YOU!

    Just as a note ... I am moving house next Friday (02/12/11) or (12/02/2011 for you backwards folk LOL) and won't be swooping by till after then I'm very sorry. I will, most naturally, be holding you ALL in my soul and wishing life's magic to settle in your hearts ... and appear in your lives.

    Arwyn Grace, my special one, what a blessing to see you here!

    Patchlove ... such deeply felt words and light filled messages.

    Sunshine ... keep dancing in your loving glow and hugs to the L's.

    Bloom ... blooming fabulous pics and HUGE congrats on solving the mystery that is posting them here!

    Forest Walker ... sometimes, when we are most afraid, is the time to reach out. Hold hands with those who love you and bring YOUR wisdom back here!

    Triple 3 T ... may all be well in your world.

    Spirit Seeker ... I have been near eagles over the last few weeks and always think of you now when I see them ... I watched them change course over and over again but always they returned to hover long enough in one spot. I think you will understand that one cannot run away and that the lesson rests in returning to clear it. Wishing you well.

    Last Crusader ... I hope you can feel that love is always given when it is needed most! This is also a very good line for a poem ... wink, wink.

    Lady Laie ... may you be blissfully enjoying your adventure. Hugs and Love and my eternal gratitude Angel!

    Namasteleo ... dear sister up North ... your light is strong enough for everyone ... but continue to take time for YOU! Sending you love.

    Africanqn ... where fore art thou sister??? Hoping that your world is glowing with all you are creating. Hope life is being kind to you our friend.

    My Journey ... sweet Shee ... swoop back soon. May the gentleness that you hold return lovingly to guide you forward and keep you happy - you deserve lasting happiness my beautiful friend. Now, moonbeam whack ... stop staying away ya hear! LOL Love you.

    May your souls be filled with Enchantment!

    Holding you all close.

    Be back as soon as ...

    Your Icey Moonbeam

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it.

    Icey, I am happy to see that things are going well. Missing you lots!!

    Laie, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!!

    All my dear Pond family, Happy days to you and hope to see you here soon.

    I love you all, everyone of you!!!


  • Beauitiful words and images



    watched a video today on you tube of a Hopi Blue Star prophecy..was very interesting and I felt a resonance of much is happening now

    not that we know a day or hour...but the season...and yes..the power of pure light and love, positive radiance is making a difference


    love radiates

    within...and without

    every day brings opportunity

    for blessing

    one to another

    and flowing back again

    wish we could help you pack up and settle in


  • Good morning Enchanted Ponders,

    It's great that so many of us are checking in and thinking of each other! You have all been an important VERY important group for your support and feedback and I thank you AGAIN for all of that! I like what Icey and Patchlove have said about radiating love and choosing what thoughts and feelings to align ourselves with each day. As always, I feel nourished and uplifted when I wing over the pond.

    Icey, we'll be sending you lots of love and light as you move house soon...what a job!!! I hope that it goes well and that there will be a lot of love there for you! Happy Birthday to the King ❤

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Morning (or evening if you're in Australia ;-)), to my enchanted family!

    Please know that in spite of my absence - you are all such a huge part of me. Like Sunshine, I came here almost two years ago - pained and looking for insight and what I found is so much more. Who knew that I would stumble open such a community of like-minded people?

    Icey, Thank you always for creating this sacred santuary! Love and peace flow easily here and I believe that our angels/guardians have steered us here quite deliberately. As we face challenges and upheavals, this is the space in which our spirits can rest their weary wings and gather energy to soar once more! I'm reposting your message from page 336 as I believe it captures the essence of our pond:

    "What we are co-creating at the pond here is spilling over into our everyday lives and hence, those we meet and those we pass along our path. What we collectively bring forth is shaping the reality of tomorrow. The more conscious we are becoming of this, the more light we are, in effect, producing. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. NOTHING IS CHANCE. THERE IS PURPOSE AND BEAUTY IN ALL OF IT!

    It is a very difficult thing to hold a light vibration as an individual but, as a collective vibration, well ... WOW! This sacred space, our beloved pond, is a co-creation of our souls. Can you feel that? It is the force that draws us to each-other and the force that guides others here. I am becoming extremely aware of our vast readership and, more importantly, the NEED others have to connect with something that makes sense to them. I began with a spark and one by one you have stepped forth to now make the BEAM! Others are feeling this and so has begun the evolution for their unique self too ... and all because of the connectedness we now share."

    You all have lifted me (and each other) up so many times. I do believe we all become lighter with the lifting.

    Happy Birthday to your dear King. IF he doesn't want to get any older- just tell him to switch base systems. For example, I can say with perfect honesty that I am 30 years old! It is so not my fault if folks asssume base 10 - a little geek humor that perhaps only Laie (and LC if he is lurking) will get!! And good luck with the move - hope everything goes smoothly and you are settle easily into a warm and light filled new home!

    Sunshine - so many challenges - moving (TWICE), your mom's health (hope she is still recovering well?) and lately the issues with your beautiful children. Your devotion to the L's and your strength are truly inspirational. And to layer all of your successes in school on top of that... For you, sweet lady, I am sending prayers for time to recharge, rejoice, and relax.

    Lady Laie - Congrats on the wedding!! And how wonderful that you and Bloom got to play (tho' like Icey - I'm just a tad jealous! Though I hope that I will also be able to meet you two when I finally make my trip to Kripalu!) I love how you are evolving a richer understanding of you and your Prince that is opening up more depth! And the wisdom and clarity that you offer to everyone on here is so amazing (I cut and pasted the Dr. Suess quote to DD/LC so that I could save it!). Oh, and I lurrrve your beautiful picture!!

    Bloom - I love your picture too! Such radiance and warmth in such a little thumbnail! Congrats on your princess' wedding too (funny how many of us are blessed with our own little divas, lol!) So sorry to hear of your hubbys health battles and am sending prayers for continued recovery. Interesting that a side effect are the little peeks into the thoughts that he never expressed freely before... Maybe this insight (though uncomfortable) will offer a way to connect a little more deeply (ala Laie and her prince)? So love the sweet story of Geo's legacy of connection. You are perhaps the most constant presence at the pond - a truly warm and generous soul that immediately offers support and encouragement when someone is struggling. Oh and buy the d*** dress already 😉 !!

    MyJourney - I am sorry that things have not been going as well with your Sag. But so glad that you found an amazing new home for you and your daughter! Thank you for always spreading your positive energy here! You light up this place -literally -with all of your gorgeous pictures (that speak to us on a deeper level than words).

    Last Crusader/DD - my heart is aching for you and all that you have faced and are facing. But please listen to the wise words from your loved ones here - don't turn your back on everything/everyone because things are hard. You are here for a reason (as we all are). Rest in our gentle wings for a bit if you must, but you need to open and open and open some more to the truth that is within you. Yes, life is painful and hard and unfair, but it is also magnificent and amazing if you allow your soul to open to it! Shift your energy away from wallowing in the awful to being grateful for the good and notice what happens...

    So nice to meet you Patchlove, RedPetals, Catflash, SpiritSeeker - your souls add warmth to our sparkly little pool.

    Where art thou QueenKath and Gemmy - missing QKs stiletto party ways and Gemmys warmth and connection to our natural world??

    Now where did all the pool boys go with my jello shots ;-)???

    Angel Hugs and Fairy kisses to you all!!

    Arwyn Grace

  • HI Arwyn Grace,

    Love to see you here at the Pond. I enjoyed reading what you wrote. This place is almost magical, isn't it? Everyone contributed to making it what it is. Coming here was the best thing I did. I think I got a better education here than I spent 30,000.00 on.

    Dear Icey, Give the King a birthday hug and Happy Birthday from me. Hope he had an awesome day.

    All you other dear inhabitants of our Perfect Pond. Hope you have been having a great weekend, for all of us who are having Black Friday, (I stayed home, personally), look out for falling objects and pepperspray...

    Love every single one of you and Blessings,


  • all the struggles, all the pain

    swirling in the black again

    losing reason, lost my shame

    my wold is becoming black again

    hateful venom, painful spite

    turn my back on what is right

    feel the burning, of the hole

    wherein once was my soul

    replaced with a heart of darkness and lies

    with no need for heaven or alibies

    wings are clipped, halo gone

    knowing nothing of right and wrong

    now I simply make my way, I

    know not of night or day

    living breathing,waking sin

    everythings looking black again

  • Well, I wrote something...but it's not here!! Well, here is the picture I was going to add...sending out ripples of caring to all!

    Bloom xoxo

  • LC!

    This is the place you should be to gain the support, love and help of your fellow Ponders. We are here for you though I don't think I really have to say that, you already know this. Things are looking pretty badly in your eyes at the present time, my friend....understand that all is not lost for you. You have allowed yourself to descend down into the dark place where you hold all your pain, hate and hurt for the things you can't change. We don't and can't know what is going on in your life that is bringing you down, but that doesn't discount the feelings here that you are one of us and we all have your back. Remain here and allow all the darkness you are holding to dissipate into the Light. Letting the darkness go will make room for the Light that you seek. Darkness makes room for nothing but more darkness.

    I, for one, will be sending you lots of Violet and White Light to help you dispel the darkness that envelops you. Open yourself to and accept what we all have here at the Pond for you.

    Love and Light to you, LC

  • Good morning Enchanted Ponders,

    It's a busy time of year! Lots to do. We have been blessed with some very good weather in my area (after the crashing snow storm at the beginning of the month) so I am still working a bit in my garden. I am also still working on getting a contractor to re-do our bathroom...why is it taking so long?!? lol...I hope that I have finally found the right guy and that he will let us do some of the work ourselves, thus keeping the cost down somewhat.

    My hub is slowly turning the least on this horrible cold/ cough he has had. Dragging him to the doctor on Friday was what needed to happen. I hear him coughing much less these days, thank goodness. I hope the rest of his health conditions will follow suit.

    I still haven't bought a red I saw a nice one the other day. I haven't had time to shop, still just trying to maintain relationships, home and job!! And making time to begin a running program...yikes...will I be able to do 3 miles at my 65th birthday?! my goal...:)

    Hope you all have a great day!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Heya Queenies!

    I've taken my Lear Broom out for a long Weeee with quite a bit of it being upside down, stilettos flew off and the pool boys scrammed! I stopped in briefly to check and notice my post from Sunday either was lost with a back flip over the moon or I simply forgot to submit.

    Sprinkling fairy dust with a pinch of joy and a big dash of loving hugs for all! Moonbeam -- catch it with both hands, love!

    SWISH .....

  • WOW! What's up with this??? The Pond is a Ghost town?!? Where is everyone? I came in to trumpet some good news. My Mom had her surgeries today to reverse her colostomy and to remove the meshing that was used to repair her hernia years ago, which was the cause of the trouble she had with the perforated colon and intestine. They are replacing the mesh with pigskin.... okay......

    Anyway, she was in surgery for nearly 7 hours and is now in the ICU unit, and looks as if everything went well. YAY! I am so happy this whole ordeal is nearly over.

    Anyway, I hope that everyone is having a good holiday season and everyone is getting ready for Christmas. Everyone have a great time whether you celebrate Christmas or not. I love you all...


  • Hi Sunshine,

    Glad to hear about your mom! That's great news!

    My husband also seems to have turned a corner and is feeling better, 2 months out from the stroke. I am working on my running program, but slowed down due to knee soreness. A friend suggested finding better stretches on-line, which I did. When I stretched after running, I heard some loud cracks when I stretched my legs, and my pain was a lot less after that. So I was pleased. I like that running is more convenient in bad/ dark weather and I finally saw a drop in my weight after changing my all that is good.

    Still have lots of decorating and gift-ing to do. I am staying with my Pisces kids this weekend, so am looking forward to spending time with them...all nearly grown up teenagers, lol!! But they like to cook, so we do a lot of that, plus decorating gingerbread house and cookies. Should be fun!

    Hope all is well in your world today. Pearl Harbor day, giving respect to our veterans.

    Love and light to you all,

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

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