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  • Swoop ...

    Hello to all.

    I would like to mention that I shall be back shortly to reply to all of you as your lives are incredible and you are each so fabulous. I thank you for keeping the love alive at our beautiful pond during my swoops.

    I am, however, going to respond to you here Dear Last Crusader because I feel I must not let a moment pass. I am at a loss as to the purpose for your posting such an image and simply wonder what response you were hoping to receive from your friends here ... and we all embrace you warmly here. As such, I want you to know why I have taken the action I have. I have asked Admin to remove your picture from The Enchanted Pond but my wish for you to understand why is most important to me. It is NOT because we do not hold you dearly in our hearts (especially mine) and it is not because I do not accept all aspects of your soul or your freedom to express all that lives within you. I have asked Admin to remove this because I cannot reconcile a need for this level of fear to remain present here.

    About now I expect that you will be calling me all kinds of names and saying ' I knew she was just like all the others' but, instead, it is my sincerest hope that you see my action as one of only love for you. You are such a deep thinking, sensitive, creative soul that it is time you rose above your fears and despondence and saw the LIGHT WITHIN YOU. As I do. There is always light near and within YOU ... but you must choose ... CHOOSE ... to acknowledge it. I do not understand how one can feel better and good and life filled (which is how we all WANT to feel) and LOVED when one perpetually and deliberately chooses not to.

    I know that by posting this image as you have, you were expecting a response from at least one of us. Nobody places a picture here otherwise. I have told you many times, and everyone here, that at the pond we embrace beings ... including when they are sad, alone, afraid and hurt. Life is not just happy times and if you saw my life in this moment you would know that. I have just had to engage a lawyer over the sale of my home and honestly my friend, if I knew which end was up I might just stop drowning. We all feel deeply here. We all hurt deeply and we all love deeply here ... it is the bond amongst us. You included.

    I am going to ask a few things of you.

    1. That if you feel you cannot cope with all that wounds you, that you take the courage that lives here and you reach out for professional help.

    2. That you do not do a knee jerk reaction and state you are leaving the pond. Think with deep honesty.


    And lastly ... that you understand (not just consciously but in your soul) that I send only love to you and that I have created this space as a sanctuary for YOU also.

    With love,


  • For all of you ...

  • Tra la la ... la .. la .. la ...

    LOL ...

    The Enchanted Pond.

  • icey!!! Found you! I have figured that you are having some bad issues just like us, but you just never put it out here like we do. Well, what you said to LC goes to you. We are all here to support each other, and that includes you. I know I have had much support from everyone, and especially you. You are a special being that has had a big hand in the development of us all. Especially LC. I responded to the picture, but not in the way it was expected. LC knows that we care for him here and this is a sanctuary for him as well as everyone who cares to come.

    It's all good.

    I will be praying for you, Icey that everything that is standing in the way for you is removed and all will be well. this is my Blessing for you in the wake of 11/11/11.

    With LOVE,


  • Love the picture, Icey, so beautiful and healing....

  • This post is deleted!

  • OHHH Icey, ...You even have my waterfall! Thank you! Lotsa Light and Love.

  • Hey Ya!

    It has taken me days to finish writing back to all of you. (Below) I've been on the move, as usual, and along the way some good and some not so good happenings have taken me away. Anyway, keep living fabulously!

  • Hi Sunshne!

    Quickbooks would drive me bonkers! I have a deep dislike for dealing with accounts wether their my own or not. Kudos to you for pushing through -- You have my admiration!

    The weather has been gorgeous! The kids and you probably needed that break to be outside and enjoy the sunshine. You've all been through a lot the last few months. I was happy to read that you haven't set aside your dream of finding a place for the three of you. When you do find it, I hope it has a small yard where you can engage the Double L's in planting and growing flowers and vegetables.

    Oh boy, … Peter. You're in such a stronger place now and can see his behavior/words for what they are … empty and self-centered. Glad you can keep him at arms length and not get your kind heart caught upon his drama. Keep moving forward with all the plans that work for you and the Sweeties. Love, the kind you'll recognize is true and without strings, will come.

    Someday the Pond will gather, in the meantime, I just might have to keep traveling to meet everyone! : )

  • Hi SpiritSeeker8!

    Good to see you back! You sound better and not so overwhelmed --- How did your Mom make out with her transplant surgery? Did you get any snow? The waterfall is beautiful --- Love that you find glory in Nature! Say hello to your winged spirit friend.

  • Hi Icey!

    This has gotten ridiculous! For more than a year, there has been one struggle after another. Sending you strength to Use your broom and sweep all that negative energy away! From one wife/mother to another -- the heart of a goddess can bear all things! I hope & pray that life rights itself soon.

    November holds a mixed bag of memories for you ---Know through all of them that love has always been with you and your family. ( i know you KNOW, just had to put it in black & white) Within love, possibilities are endless! Happy (belated?) Anniversary to you and the King! 'm sure you're busy, just wanted you to know I've been wearing my wing --- it hangs on the same chain with the Virgin --- and keeping you close.

  • Hi Bloom!

    Our trip to your healer man and what I walked away with has been tested repeatedly -- love how universal lessons and their timing smack me upside the head! Internalizing these lessons and carrying them into my life has created a better reality for me and the Prince. Life has improved and I look forward to a deeper connection.

    Did you and your HS friend have a great time? How cool is that after all these years! I've a HS friend who keeps asking to get together but so far we haven't done it being states away. What I've found through our letters is that spiritually we've travelled the same path something I would've never expected. Did you find that you shared many things in common?

    Holding you and your King in my thoughts.


    Hope you see this .....

    A few people have been able to reach NotShy and she is in the hospital and has been for a while. She is having memory issues among other things and is a bit down. If you haven't already, you can try to email her again.



  • ooops,

    PS You're right --- she was in the military. I remember her saying that also. : )

  • Laie,

    Wow! Love you picture! Glad to see you at last!! Looking forward to seeing you some day. I hope everything is going well for you as well. I still plan on finding a home, just a setback right now, the dream isn't dead. At this point, all I want is to pass the class, even if it is with a few points, just GET ME OUTTA HERE!!!!

    Kids have been very sick the last 2 weeks. Took Lauren to the ER on late Monday night with a fever of 104. I have missed 6 days of work, so I will probably have to stand on the corner with a tin cup and sing for my dinner, LOL! Actually, praying that all will be well and I will be able to take care of my obligations.

    I have been wondering about NotShy for a while, I am so sorry to hear that she is so ill. I will pray for her to get better. If there is a way to communicate with her, please let me know, I'm sure she needs encouragement.

    Everyone on the Pond, I have been thinking about you all and hope everyone is finding things getting better after 11/11/11.

    What's been going with everyone??

    Love and light,


  • Hi Lady Laie and Sunshine,

    Nice to hear see both of you (for real!!) on the Pond. Glad you are both moving forward.

    We had a great visit with our high school friend. It wasn't too much of a sharing spiritually, but great to catch up on where we have been. Hopefully, we will get together again soon to do more. But it was so lovely to see her...there is something special about re-connecting with people you have known as a much younger person - I really enjoy it. One of our other friends, who I see more regularly also stopped by so it was quite a festive occasion.

    I made some fish soup the day before, and my hub and I were just finishing lunch when they arrived (early), so we all ate together. I have to thank my Pisces man for giving me lots of positive encouragement on my cooking, so I wasn't so shy to offer up my home cooking. Which is really QUITE good, lol

    Well off I go to a busy day at work. My hub is hanging in there - it's still frustrating since he hasn't made the progress we had hoped in the predicted time. However, his mood in general is better, so that makes me happy. And I am doing a lot more cooking, since I now have to be egg, gluten and dairy free...much easier to cook at home. woo hoo...a mixed blessing!

    Hugs to all from Bloom


  • Hi Bloom,

    Don't I know about the gluten, egg and dairy... just add nut free and you have Logan! I am having a lot of issues trying to finance that diet, but I have seen many benefits from it. He is sick now, but he hasn't been sick in a long time, he has grown a lot, and he seems much calmer and more in touch with the world. He's still Autistic, but he is spending more time interacting and less time self-stimming. I love to see him say Hi to people, he is so darling. Lauren is so sweet, but has a lot of spice in that attitude. She is so intelligent, but driving me crazy at times. I am trying to put her on the diet. I think she can benefit as well. If you are healthier, Bloom, that makes a lot of difference. Sounds like you and hubby had a really nice day with friends, and fish soup sounds yummy.

    I hope you have a really great day. Glad to see you at the pond!

    ICEY!!! Where are you??? Hoping everything is going well with you. Sending you Blessings.

    Laie, Blessings for a great day and hope you are having a mild day as we are over here today.

    To all my other Ponder friends,

    Great Blessings to you and have a wonderful weekend.

  • Hey Sunshine!

    I didn't know about Logan's diet...I guess I feel lucky now that I can have nuts. I KNOW! everything is so expensive! Does he eat meat? I know some kids don't like the texture...I have been vegetarian for over 20 years, but started eating fish a few years ago. Now I am bending the knee, and eating chicken once a week. I get concerned about getting enuf protein...the protein shake I was using had dairy in it, but the next one I bought has given me a lot of! trying to get more beans in there. I'm trying to stay away from soy too, it's a big change for me.

    But the food is tasty. I am not a big bread person, so I don't miss that, and it's possible to get gluten free pasta, although I am not eating much of that. My friend told me that places like East Coast Marketplace ( a real discount place around here) has many gluten free products. I do like the gluten free rice crackers, so slowly I am making the change. I haven't felt that great since I started eliminating everything, but perhaps the changes are so subtle I am missing them. Lots of fruits and veg...I found what I need to make chocolate chip cookies that 'pass' though, using coconut oil. Can he have coconut? It's really an issue!! Hope you are doing well, you have a BUSY life Sunshine!!

    Love and light to you!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hey Bloom,

    It usually takes about 3 to 4 months to start to feel better because it takes this long for your intestines to heal. If you stick strictly to the diet, you will start to feel the results after a couple of months. I did notice that Logan hasn't been sick much at all. He is right now, but it has been at least a year or more since his last illness. Not like before. He has a lot of energy and he's happy. GIve it about 3 months. It is expensive, and you have to look really hard, but you can find some regular foods that you can eat, just read labels constantly, everytime you buy them. Companies change ingredients often, what was good one trip may be off limits next time.

    Anyway, you have a great day.

    Hi to my Ponders. I love you all, have a great weekend.

  • My Soul meanders from place to place

    moment to moment

    always comes back to this haven of love

    What The tortured soul bears

    it lays bare what it itself cannot carry

    Last Crusader must carry the load in all its weight to a certain door

    Bearing the name of it's owner

    Love It has in abundance to ease all pain

    Heavenly Father

    Prince of Peace

    Mighty Counselor in Wisdom





    It takes true courage to do so

    true letting go of self to allow the radiant light to penetrate the shell of ego

    and be consumed by rainbows of light spectrum

    All of the spectrum for complete healing

    Vibrational light spectrum

    is where we began

    in spirit

    to heal completely we must revisit our origin

    You all are rays of light

    facets of the spectrum shine within you

    Catflash visit more often

    NotShy, feel the love and light vibration

    and know that it is okay to return

    you will always be with us

    when the journey here is complete

    such joy and peace will transcend and surround you in all Love

    may you rest when it is time

    that you may once again be renewed in all joy and Love

    Thank you for your loveand encouragement

    Sunshine, Icey, cactuss, Bloom,Shei,(hi Laie 🙂 ), and all those whom have touched my life here, and who continue reaching out to others,

    Thank you

    Last Crusader,

    Thank you

    Dont give up

    Dont forget to leave your burden at the door

    and begin to live again..

    Forgive yourself

    Forgive others

    Leave the darkness and walk into the light of love and peace

    there are loving souls to help you


    and it will be given to you

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