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  • Hi Everyone.

    MYJOURNEY!!!!! So happy to see you back! I miss the beautiful inspiring pictures you post. Happy you are getting back to YOU!

    Bloom! Yes, my piano goes with me. It has been hard on it, however, it is an electronic piano, so it moves a little easier. I still want a REAL piano again, soon. THe kids are okay, Logan seem to be developing an illness. He was freaked out by all the kids wearing Halloween costumes in the daycare. I got there and he was shrieking at the top of his lungs. Frankly he has never been enthusiastic about Halloween, ever. He rarely even goes trick or treating, and then only to a couple of houses and he is done. Poor sweetie! Lauren is a witch again this year, she loves to be a DIVA witch. I will post a picture for you all. LOLOL!

    SpiritSeeker, many Blessings to you. Thinking about you.

    To all my other Ponders, glad to be back among you all again. I certainly missed you all.

    Incidentally, an old boyfriend from high school is coming to see me in 2 weeks. He (just like the other 2) swears I am his soulmate and kicks himself for NOT marrying me back then....W.T.H.I.T.?

    Just like the other 2, so of course I am taking this with a grain of salt, though I have to admit he is the only one who has decided to come up and see me. Another LEO.... Well, guess we shall see what happens with this..... : /

    Goodnight to you all, Love and Light to you from me.


  • My Journey, YAHOO!! YEAY! YOU ROCK!! glad that you are here and giving us all a boost.

    Sunshine, glad to hear that your piano is with you. Poor Logan. Did you get hit with this snow storm? All of our local area has been hit HARD by such an early winter storm. I think we got about 8 inches, and we lost power for a few hours in the middle of the night. A lot of my trees and bushes are slumped over, and old lilac broke. We have huge branches down in our yard from our lovely maple tree that still was in full leafy glory...nature's pruning at work.

    I am trying to use now a nightly 'examen' in which I ask myself "What gave me consolation/ joy today?" and "What gave me desolation today?" I just read about it in a book a friend loaned to me and already it is helping me to find what emotional path is helpful. I pulled two animal cards last night and BOTH were about keeping a healthy self-image, lol All things lead to the way 🙂

    Hugs and love to you all,

    Bloom xo

  • Hi Bloom, Tell me about the animal cards, i have heard bits and pieces. Whats going on. What can I read to learn more?

    Yes we got snow, a couple of inches tops, it snowed all day Saturday. Snow is gone now, but cold as heck.

  • Hi Sunshine..

    I call them animal cards, but this deck is called Medicine Cards. I see that Amazon has them. Authors are Sams and Carson. They come with a book to help learn power through the ways of animals. I saw this deck when I was at a retreat and had been looking for them for a few years, and finally found them.

    I have never been able to use Tarot cards, but I imagine these are similar. I just have such an affinity for animals that this method appears to be the best for me. What I like about them is that they are always positive, even such animals as skunks and....snake...:) All ways to achieve insight. I am apt to just slide along in my own mind, without questioning some of my feelings or judgments, so this is a good exercise for me to stay "in the now". However, lots of times, when I have gotten off the track, taking a moment in the evening to meditate and then pull a card will bring me to a place where I can see what I did to get 'off'.

    Hope that your meeting with your high school friend goes well! I forget when it is supposed to happen!

    Happy Halloween, hope Logan can deal with all the hoopla a little better :( least it will be over after tonight.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • the true treat on Halloween is the gift of friendships made

    and the sharing of memories are like candies

    eaten slowly while cherished

    like the simple things in life

  • Thecatflash,

    Hi, welcome to the Enchanted Pond. We are always happy to have new people come in and share our beautiful place. Grab a rock and have a seat by the beautiful flowing water and just enjoy. A great place to meditate, just be quiet and invisible, or make new friends. There are many beautiful souls here and everyone has a story that brought them here to our Enchanted place.

    Welcome again.


  • Thanks, Bloom,

    I will do some studying of my own on this subject. I have a great interest, but alas, my school courses aren't going so well, I really have to study harder, I intend to graduate next year, not going to let something as nuts as QuickBooks stop me.

  • To all my other Pond family...

    Hope you all had a great weekend. Blessings and light to you!! the L's are okay, Logan is ill, not quite sure what is bothering him, think we will make a trip to the doctor and see if he is ok. Lauren is improving in school. we'll however see how much with the conference next week. I've got other eventful things to follow in the next month.

    I'll be back to see you all soon.

    Love and Light,


  • Our Hallowed Eve has made way for greater truth once more ... keep using this tme of connection to self to discover your reason for being here. Look a little closer at your reflection and continue to imagine YOUR potential ... always bringing you one step closer to BEING it!

    Oh how I love a good dress-up!!!!!! Though, for this moonbeaming witchy-poo it is NO dress-up right?????? LOL LOL LOL Ahhhhhhhhhhh to my authentic SELF!

    Merry Magick one and all!

    Icey x x x

  • More from me ...

    I am extremely pushed for time these days as I have taken on a second job for the next week ... but I am delighted to see you have your very own Guardian Angel My Journey ... in the form of your Brother! Kiss him from me and hug him from all of us ... for he on one level knows instinctively what your presence to us means. Honour to his soul Shee!!!! So happy you are here! Adored the angel of light who moves ... I was playing a piece of music called "Deep Peace" by David Arkenstone when I saw it. Oh my! What an experience!!!!! And this is what I simply am called to share about this ...

    We NEVER trust that there is indeed a much bigger design at work. Rarely are we made conscious of how one simple thing impacts something else. My Journey has posted two pictures now that I, with hand over heart, see as being more authentic and reflective of the energy here within the Enchanted Pond than anything I have felt before. You post pictures that move you Shee but you don't see the effect they have upon those of us here; myself especially. I am an extremely visual being and, the more I am immersing my self, my soul, into words of truth, the more I am FEELING everything ... every little thing. Your pictures are guided by etheric guardians of light!!!!!!!! And this is so because you are one also. Can you all start to see the bigger picture here my dear beloved friends? What we are co-creating at the pond here is spilling over into our everyday lives and hence, those we meet and those we pass along our path. What we collectively bring forth is shaping the reality of tomorrow. The more conscious we are becoming of this, the more light we are, in effect, producing. EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED. NOTHING IS CHANCE. THERE IS PURPOSE AND BEAUTY IN ALL OF IT!

    It is a very difficult thing to hold a light vibration as an individual but, as a collective vibration, well ... WOW! This sacred space, our beloved pond, is a co-creation of our souls. Can you feel that? It is the force that draws us to each-other and the force that guides others here. I am becoming extremely aware of our vast readership and, more importantly, the NEED others have to connect with something that makes sense to them. I began with a spark and one by one you have stepped forth to now make the BEAM! Others are feeling this and so has begun the evolution for their unique self too ... and all because of the connectedness we now share.

    If life can be described as awesome; then this IS as AWESOME as it gets.

    They say the veils are thin between one world and another at this Hallow Time and how true. It is our consciousness ... awareness ... awakening if you will that is now becoming visible, tangible and excitingly close.

    I LOVE your use of Medicine Cards as your springboard into awareness Bloom. Each method; be it tarot, oracle, numerology, kabbalah, astrology, runes, drawing and painting, music, singing, nature ... each and every method is connected to the soul. Finding that which ignites one's inner knowing is a gift like no other. It too, is the nature of CONNECTIVITY; of a knowing in our core that there is, as I mentioned before, an order ... a DIVINE order to our lives, our meeting the other and our finding our unique teasure of symbols and keys that guide us. In nature, and hence, natural law, there is NO haphazardness; only purpose and a beautiful presence of purpose at that!

    So, at this time of year, I wish for all of us to step outside the chaotic to see the truth of how one thing is indeed linked to the next thing and then, the next and so forth until all things are considered the one whole thing.

    May we all hold sacred clarity that no message, word, picture, reference or presence here at The Enchanted Pond is unconnected. We ARE the sisters & brother of the Loving Winds and our circle is unending.

    With Celebration,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • My censorship was for the word V I S U A L ... admin really?????????????????

  • V

  • OK ... what is being censored over and over again is the letter after U and before W in our alphabet. Clearly there must be something horrid about this letter ... it's so very, Very, Very vexing isn't it?????????????????????????????

    Admin, beloved Admin ... get a grip!

  • Love to my Enchanted Angels ... will be back asap.

  • Thank you Icey, and welcome to the readers who read us here for the first time.

    YES!! I agree with what you have written Icey...I know that this place and these real people have really helped me to spiral upwards toward a more integrated and spiritual self.

    We do help each other in amazing ways, considering we are just zipping around here in the electrical energy field as pieces of data!! all very amazing!

    Hope your week goes well Icey girl!

    Sunshine, hope you get hold of Quick Books and shake it like crazy! I have heard stories about that program but I am kind of a ditz even on Excel, so I can't imagine what it's like with that program!! Hang in there. Glad Lauren is doing better in school and hope that Logan feels better soon.

    So many people in my area have been without electrical power since Saturday. It's a difficult time for many! Can you all send some healing light their way? My Pisces is one of's very difficult, although he does have gas so has hot water and his gas stove. But the cold house and no light makes it a difficult time. School has been cancelled so far this week (for me too) so kids are just hanging out... no tv, no video games, no computers...hopefully plenty of board games and books. Electrical lines are down and lots of tree limbs are still in the road.

    We have many branches down....and yesterday, we began to deal with them. The kind of funny thing for me is that my hub, who is still recovering from his stroke, has become much more emotional, as if his brain no longer has that filter that says "don't say what you're thinking". I guess this is common with people who have had strokes. But he read me the riot act when I asked him to show me how to use the chain saw!!! Yikes. And then, when he was helping me to make the bed, he told me that he HAD to have two matching pillow cases, and that I had deliberately given him 3 that didn't match (he uses 5 pillows, dear ones!)

    My response, which truly is also unfiltered, is to laugh...a lot! Most of the time this makes him laugh too, but when I reflect later, I realize that he must have had all these feelings and thoughts before, and never shared them. That makes me sad actually.

    Well, ever onward we go!! Sending you all appreciation for sharing on this site!!

    Love and light to you,

    Bloom xoxo

    So many people in my area

  • SHEEEEE!!!!!! Hello my Sister! I have missed you so very much. I see you have had just a few changes in your life too....I am so happy for you. May Transition be full of Love and Light. I am still nervous about the changes happening here but.....I am not alone and I am Leo and I still can roar even if it sounds more like a moan...I will be "pondering" and trying to catch up again. Love to you all Sunshine, Cactus, Icey...all of you Hey catfish! welcome to the pond. There is a cool waterfall around the corner too. lol These souls are so warm and real here..glad you are joining us.

  • Hello, my dear Enchanted friends!

    I totally agree with what Icey has said here today. This place is fast becoming a haven for other souls like us who are searching and trying to find themselves in this crazy, chaotic world. We are all here to learn, grow and evolve, and this is why we have all chosen to come here. Believe me when I say we are not on this world by happenstance; we had and made a choice to come here to work towards becoming the greatly enlightened souls we need in order to continue to evolve and grow. this beautiful, chaotic, complicated, maddening, unforgiving, magical, frightening, crazy, screwed up, mixed up planet we live on is like walking across a hot bed of coals and fire. It's meant to be hard, hot and unforgiving here, doubt and you will get burned. this is where we will gain the most in our ever present evolution into enlightened beings. Many have lost heart and been dragged into the depths, many others have soldiered on, but not quite attaining what was intended before they came here, the mind "forgets" you know. ANd they cease to fight valiantly for what they came for. Others, like us, are the ones I feel are chosen to lead the others. We are the front line that will herald the changes coming and welcome them. We are the beacons by which others seeking as we have been, will find their way. Our Pond is the perfect example as given by Icey.

    Icey, you were tasked with creating this marvelous place of positive spiritual growth, unconditional love, non-judgemental acceptance and safety for the Earth Angels to gather together, learn and become strong. That you have done with much love, grace and power.

    Well, here we are, my Precious family, As Icey says, "I began with a spark and one by one you have stepped forth to now make the BEAM!"

    I am grateful to each and everyone of you. I came here 2 years ago a heart-broken, bewildered, semi-enlightened soul seeking to find my place in the midst of all the insanity going on out there and wondering " What does it all MEAN?". My growth is absolutely mind-boggling, but I have still a long way to go. I look forward to making that journey, and expecting my Pond family to be around me.

    Well, back to Quickbooks and my reality at the present time. My love to you all, my Enchanted Pond Angels!


  • Bravo Sunshine! I loved what you just wrote!!

    Thank you, love you 🙂

    Hope Quick Books yielded up it's secrets!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Good morning/ evening Ponders,

    Hope you are all well and busy.

    We are still trying to deal with The Twig Project, making twigs from giant tree limbs...slow and steady.

    When I went to the next town for the drumming class a few nights ago, I found out that it was cancelled due to so many participants having no power. However, I had a nice chat with the owner of the store, and we talked about some of the services she had there, including past life regression sessions. Hummmm, I am definitely interested. Has anyone here done that before?

    I did actually sign up to have a healing session with someone who comes out from Boston, who does sound therapy combined with Reiki. I am really looking forward to it. Not that it would replace my healer man Don, but I have heard about vibrational healing and thought it would be fun to try.

    Forest WAlker, Gemmy....are you still out there? Can you check in?...I have missed you! And Triple T Tanya 🙂

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

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