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  • Think I saw a "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" post to My Journey somewhere on this site soooooo ...

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday to you!

    Happy Birthday Dear My Journey Sistah Queen of Soulfull pictures!

    Happy Hip Hip Hooray Birthday to you!!!

    Hoping your new year marks a grand beginning for you ... Salute! Jello all round!!!!!

    Love & Hugs,

    Icey Moonbeam xox

  • Dear Lady Laie -

    Giving up on the pictures ... will find an alternative way to show you.

    I do, however, wish to address your Pegasus message the other day. Firstly, I so like your scientific researchy ways ... so appeals to my inquiring 7's (and I have nearly ALL 7's in my Numerology ... one 9 but otherwise, I'm all 7's!!!!!) I can assure you.

    Inspired some research of my own.


    I have two main areas that I want to highlight (everyone) in Laie's profound piece. She has offered ALL of us a way out. Hope you realize that. If not, read it many times until you see it ... look without your eyes for nothing of the inner realm is seen that way ... you have to FEEL it.

    Pegasus is a direct link to the Divine Source ... choose to connect with the energy of new beginnings. Look upon this symbol as your knowledge being given flight ... the wealth of knowledge that can only come from experience. Hence, clean out what does not work for you and do it now ... if we are to connect with such Divine energy, we must be emptied first. If we remain so full, so filled with the past and absorbed in the what isn't right, we shall miss our opportunity to transcend all of it. Do we not long to be filled with great energy? Something then.; has to change.

    Laie has asked us to begin meditating ... and with very good reason. You can never know that you are Spirit if you only do the physical. Our lives are a balancing act ... weigh too heavily in one thing and we lose perspective and reality ... we cannot be all human all the time, nor can we expect to flourish if we always run and hide where we feel we want to be all the time ... a la in spirit land. We cannot exist with both feet in one realm all of the time. Meditation is our greatest ally ... it is our tool to cross from the human into the etheric, where we can LEARN how to best be spirit in the physical. Pegasus was linked to the MUSES ... the goddesses of art, literature and poetry ... in other words ... the CREATIVE LIFE FORCE. They inspired the creation of the arts and, not surprisingly ... EVERYONE WITHIN THE ENCHANTED POND IS A CREATIVE SOUL. Can you feel where these words are leading your UNCONSCIOUS SELVES? I can. Our souls, my beloved friends, require us to step up and bring the wisdom we have always held within us into the here and now ... NOW! Our unique creative life force is accessed via our unconscious aspect. Once we clear the decks and move our waking minds to the shadows, our truth shines through from our unconscious. Everything we have ever known (from this life and others) lives in the unconscious. Tapping into this then is your spring of all knowledge ... hence, Pegasus. He created the spring of knowledge on the mount where the muses lived. Our muses then, tap into the eternal and can create. We too. Yes, US!

    When Lady Laie proclaimed that we have everything we need within us to change our circumstances, move our mountains and to live with true energy, she was not joking. Within us all is our own ticket to paradise. But how do we find it? We meditate folks ... just as Laie asked you to. Now, as for meditation ... it is not some scary Ommmmmm moment, it is IN LOSING THE CONSCIOUS SELF. That's it. Silence the mindless chatter we all have and therein lies the space just between the in and out breaths. Meditation can be accessed by painting, singing, playing the piano, gardening, writing, visually through a picture or face. To meditate is to be still, to empty the mind of what to cook, who to pick up, where to find the right whatever, the animals need feeding, the ironing isn't done ... empty that and be with self. Allow yourself the opportunity to FEEL WHO YOU ARE ON THE INSIDE.

    Being meditative is being creative ... of connecting with that unconscious, yet all knowing, aspect of YOU. We seriously need to be ready for our new beginnings. To do this, we have to accept our endings ... for one is but the other anyway. What are you ready to let go of? What have you been busy clearing out already? Do you want a new beginning?

    I cannot thank our Lady Laie enough ... her prophetic link with Pegasus has truly opened a path for all of us to have a fresh look at our current selves, our disconnection with our inner selves and the HOPE ... the absolute HOPE ... that a new beginning and new knowledge brings FOR us all.

    I hope we all follow her lead ... and dear Pegasus' also. Your muse awaits you.

    In love and light,

    Icey Moonbeam xox

  • In love and light ...

  • Dare I?????

  • Good morning/evening to all!!

    Yikes, I have been away for almost a week and BOOM!! things have been busy here at the pond. I haven't caught up yet with all the posts, but I will later!

    I am glad to see you back Icey, and will re-read all of your comments, and Lady Laie's. You two make the water here sparkle for sure!

    I planted two hibiscus in my garden this spring and they have blossomed this past week...the first the day after Geo (my cat) died. These blossoms are HUGE (really) big as a dinner plate!! One is pink and the other is red. The blossoms last for only a day, but they are magnificent. I will have to get a few more plants for next year as they also come in white and pink, and probably many more to tempt me. Just another reminder of what abundance there is in this moment.

    I wish I knew how to post pictures...I have never mastered it. I will try to learn though, and share some with you all, including MY little pond! ❤

    I am moving into acceptance about my cat...and fell his presence as a guide. Not my choice - I would rather have him here with me, but nevertheless, I do welcome him at his present level.

    I had to tell an older woman across the street yesterday that he had left us. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and I realized I didn't even know her name...but I knew that she loved him. So please send some healing light to her, she is in her 80's and her name is Mary Ann. We were both crying...very sad moment.

    Thank you all for your love and support for me during these last few days. I know to many that a cat isn't such a big deal, but to me, pets are super important, and so it was quite a shock to lose him. I still have 3 cats and an overweight doggie at home, so they keep me comforted and smiling through my tears.

    Lady Laie...Love that your dress is bought, your hair is dyed and you're getting ready. The dress sounds very pretty and I love the color and the details!! I had a fitting on my dress yesterday and the seamstress had to take it in a little on the bust line. It too is strapless and actually, I look VERY GOOD in it!! lol I think I will need to let my hair grow a little longer's a long way from my face to my dress with nothing in between 🙂 more hair might help!

    I haven't been riding too much on my bike lately due to wedding preparations and very hot or rainy weather, but hopefully, after this week, I will get back on my early morning schedule. In not too many weeks, I will be back at work and ready to roll there.

    One more day of big preparation for the wedding today and then our daughter flies home to Seattle from New England. I am nearly breathless, but have totally enjoyed the time with her. Lots of memories and things hared...and remembering those who are no longer with us. Icey, this is our first wedding! We have 2 other children, but no plans are in the works for them....we are encouraging them to elope however...if it works for them!!

    Sending you all lots of love and light, hope this reaches even those who haven't visited lately!!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Miss Sunshine Queen,

    I was happy to see your posts and 'hear' your voice! I had been thinking that perhaps you did not have internet at your current home...and that's why you hadn't been posting. It must be such a change for you to be living with your church friends, but nice for you to have a reprieve to find your own home soon.

    I do feel for the little L' must be difficult for them to have to switch to a different place. I thought Icey's suggestions were great!! And school for them will be starting soon. Will they be able to go to the same school as before or will that be different?

    Your friends don't change, no matter where you live, so I hope that they are all enfolding you and the little ones in their arms and giving you lots of support, as we do here. Maybe houses will become more available in the fall. We are seeing suddenly a lot more houses for sale around us, so hopefully it will be the same for you where you live.

    Enjoy this day...I hear this for you: "Consider the lilies of the field..they neither toil nor reap..."

    As I get closer to the big cosmic event that is my daughter's wedding (LOL), I am constantly reminded of the many people in my life who are no longer on this earth.

    And I know that they lived their lives one day at a time, probably seldom thinking that they would be I try to hold that feeling of breathing and living today, even though I do hear in the background of my mind ..."it's not the weather/ I'm not the size/ I'm not the most loving person ever"....what I am is ALIVE and have the opportunity this moment to BE....and ok BE FABULOUS!!

    I wish that for you too dear you move through this day with your responsibilities and the loving clouds of souls around you, my you continue to be your sunshiney beautiful self!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • and PS...not sure if I missed something here...have the Queens Quenkath and My Journey left the pond for good....or are they simply off living and loving in another place? I couldn't tell!!

    But My Journey, thanks for your kind words about Geo. They meant a lot to me <3<3<3

    Hugs from Bloom (((xoxoxoxoxoxo)))

  • Craziness has hit here not here at the Pond all around me at home so I'll be brief try anyway.

    LC--- u here? Hope all is well in your life!

    Cactuss: MyJourney is on hiatus. Queenie Q had to leave. I'm sure it wasn't what she wanted and who knows! I was sad reading about the exchange between u & Mary Ann. Will do. Got a good laugh out of U telling the others to elope --- probably No Such luck!! Bloom, I've been "seeing" U shine at this wedding for so long now! Much love- Ms Bloomin'Queen!!!

    Sunshine --- Love everything that has been written here for U. U R one of the strongest Queens ever. Dearly loved from on high. no matter what ur head says sometimes.

    Icey--- LOL! I still can't post pics either! Pegasus Shines!!! I didn't stop by yesterday so I missed these posts. Thank you so very, very much for All Things!!!!! Everything!!! Our spirits are VERY in sync again --- Glad you are flying with LOVE & HOPE! Keep your Wings UP!

    My Very Best To You All! May blessings of love, light,joy and peace shine in your auras!



  • Dearest MYJOURNEY aka Shatzie,

    May this find you well and happy, Dear Queen. Enjoy your birthday and the new you in this coming year. Celebrate it, CELEBRATE YOU!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

    I think I hear the Angels celebrating too! : > ))

    Love & Joy,


  • Thanks Lady Laie!

    Your family keeps you hopping!! Glad you found time to post at the pond.

    Sorry for all my mis-spellings in my various posts...losing my proof-reading skills here.

    Well, a beautiful morning in my neck of the woods today. Wedding preps...CHECK! I think I may be mostly done with my part, except shipping back the gifts from the shower. Just need to focus on my own preparation, get my hub to a DANCING lesson, and check in with my healer...this could all be fun. Thank you Laie for seeing me shine...I hope that it will be an effortless and wonderful long moment!

    Enjoy your company and the wonderful summer weather, each day is a wonder!

    I printed out a few photos of Geo for Mary Ann and dropped them off at her porch. I hope they were a comfort and not the reverse. Hopefully she will be outside this morning when I walk my dog.

    Hugs from Bloom


  • G'Morning Cactuss!

    It is a beautiful day of sunshine and low humidity. I crammed in a bunch of things yesterday so I have a small window this morning. Don't know what to do with myself --- LOL!

    Enjoy your day --- especially the dancing with hubby! Tough to get mine to do something like that.

    xoxo ~ Laie

  • (((((((((( HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NAMASTELEO !!!!!!!!! )))))))))

  • Good morning Laie!

    I know what you mean about having a few free moments. I get up very early and have some quiet time with coffee and pets outside on my back porch, rain or shine usually. It's getting cool now, I love that but hope we have at least 2 more months of sunny weather! I am suddenly surrounded by the sweetest flower smell...I hope it's from my spirit guides.

    How does one behave around spirit guides, I don't really know. Just acknowledge their presence and thank them and then ask for any messages?

    The bride made it home safely to Seattle early this morning, in spite of huge storms in South Carolina, her first stop. I am always grateful for safe travel.

    Off and running for my day, hope all is well for visitors at the Pond!!

    (((HUGS)))) from Bloom


  • Good morning all,

    I have some time this morning to just set and reflect. It seems my summer has been spent in the middle of a whirlwind. Can't seem to catch up, but from some of the post I've been able to read, I think we've all been very busy.

    Icey, Thank you so much for the numerology advice, I have always been attracted to it. Have done some research on it, and when summer is over, and things slow down, I am going to get into it a bit more. I'll have to start slow thou, because it is a bit hard to understand some of it, for me it is anyway. I sometimes think Icey that the wolf you sent me to walk with, is my protector and I know on my walks she is my only friend. One day a coyote popped out of the woods and started to walk right at me, just walking towards me, not running, and I stopped and just put my hand in my pocket and got my mace out, but then it just looked at me and went off into the woods, (probably because it sensed that I am a human, it's arch enemy) but I like to think that it seen my wolf and decided to turn and go in another direction). As far as selling my house, I do know I have a life, it's been a pretty busy one lately, I think the two reason I want to sell it so badly is one is financial, my husband did a truely beautiful job when he built it, but it is just not me now, we never had time to make it into a home. It is just a house. So many people seem to envy me, they think to have something like this is so nice, but it to me is not comfortable, not homey. I am not complaining, it just seems to be holding me back. For the last few years thou I have learned to live around it, not in it.My life style is so different now then it was then, I think I have evolved into my own person now, before I was someone else's person.Life will never be without problems, I don't think it's supposed to be, up until the day we leave here, we are learning and teaching from what we learn, without even knowing it. I would love to learn to meditate, I have such a hard time clearing my mind. being a gemini I think has a lot to do with that, when one is ready the other isn't, if you know what I mean.

    Icey, if it hadn't been for you and Lady Laie, I don't know how I would have made it thru, or even where I would be at now at this point in my life. And it's not over yet. The other day a momma deer and her two young walked across the road in front of me, and I automatically thought of you and wished you could see them. Such a peaceful, beautiful sight. They seen me and I had to wave my hands at them to make them move on, as they were on a curve, was afraid someone would come around it and hit one of them.

    LC, where are you? I have been busy too, but every once in awhile, I come in and write a few words, haven't seen you in a long, long time. I hope and pray that your absence is due to the fact that your busy raising your boys and happy in what your doing now.Take care and keep in touch.

    Lady Laie, Your enchanted pond picked me up and put me back on my feet when I had fallen down into the deepest pit of despair that could have ever existed. Your words of encouragement and advice I can honestly say let the light back into a very dark world that I lived in. I will be eternally grateful for the pond, it is where I re-connected with my husband and where I learned to let him go. He will always be in my heart, but I feel him now in a different way, sometimes I even see him with me, but in a more peaceful light. Sometimes I even get mad at him now, and tell him how mad I am, and then he just walks off shaking his head and smiling. He seems to know the true me is here and he leaves me with confidence that I can and will handle my life on my own. I can only say thank-you for your Pond, even thou we all make it happen, you started it and it has helped more people then even you can imagine.

    Bloom, sorry to hear of your little friend having to leave you. I agree with you thou, that little friend is still with you, still loves you, still sets by you and still hears you when you talk.

    It seemed strange to me that you mentioned the flower smell, when I walk sometimes I get the same thing, There is no flowers growing where I walk now, a few black-eyed susans, the daisy's are all gone now, but I get the strongest smell of Jasmine, there isn't any around here. Other times it's the smell of other flowers, and sometimes in my house I smell cologne. Your life seems to be on a whirlwind too now. Don't know about you, but I seem to really love being busy. I love this cooler weather, our humidity has gone down finally, I'm sure we'll have some more hot ones before it's over, but I do look forward to my winter coming.

    My journey friend, miss you. Still holding on to your hand, for both of us.

    Sunshine, your strength still amazes me. I wished I could have just a third of it.

    Love you all, have to go and get ready for my walk now.

    Hugs and love


  • Dear Forestwalker,

    So good to hear from you. Glad that you stopped by to visit the pond. It sounds like you have had a good summer and a good healing path to walk.

    We have had a few days of cool dry weather also! This is lovely to be cool at night and in the morning and then warm up during the day. I am enjoying it also. Thank you for your kind words about Geo. I do still sorely miss him! I do think the flower fragrance is from our caring spirits around us, or that's what I choose to believe!!

    Wishing you the best, you are a true gem/ jewel!

    Hugs from BLoom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom,

    I've read some of what you've written and it sounds like you've had a pretty busy summer too. Even thou the economy is still bad, it seems that this little resort town had a much better summer. More people around spending money, business people didn't get to rich but it was better then last year. Just no one buying houses. But it will sell when it's supposed to. Now if this keeps up thru winter, snow mobile season, things will be improving. Love walking on these cool mornings, I did get my bike going this summer, and I have to tell you, I do admire you for being able to go as many miles as you do, I can hardly get it up the drive way. (lol) Think I had better stick to walking.

    HAGD, going to get ready to go.

    Hugs and blessings to all

    forestwalker (gen)

  • Dearest ForestWalker,

    It is so good to find you here at the pond and to see that you have really steped into your own identity! When I read your letter the Footsteps in the Sand poem came to me ……

    "One night I dreamed I was walking along the beach with the Lord.

    Many scenes from my life flashed across the sky.

    In each scene I noticed footprints in the sand.

    Sometimes there were two sets of footprints,

    other times there were one set of footprints."

    I believe you Were carried when you couldn't walk and you were carried here. Icearia created the Enchanted Pond, MyJourney pointed you to it and when you needed a life-line I gave you that reading and Icey, gave you your wolf guide. I'm most grateful for your thoughtful, kind words and truly feel the "true" you was there along because I Felt Your Spirit. When all is said and done, the words, 'you are never alone' ring loud and clear. The things you wrote about the on-line friend, the walks and seeing the beauty in nature, and engaging in new activities like joining in with the neighbors for fun and laughter ( I still would love to be your partner in a card game, it would be a hoot --ROFL! ) demonstrated this. The collage demonstrated you were ready to Honor and Cherish YOU! You found yourself and the sunlight above and have come out the other side.

    I really understand your feelings towards the house and that it holds very little for you other than, it meant a lot to your husband and in this regard to you. As I wrote that, I was given this message for you:

    Your husband will help you sell it and is working on your behalf. (Strange,huh? but true.)Your flow of emotions and deep faith has balanced your relationship with him and has led to Your inner balance. Inner turmoil and grief has been released --- that is not to say, grieving is over but, you are looking forward to your future. Continue to curb your restlessness with walks and creative pursuits. (These moments are your meditation times.) Also, I got 3, twos around you and looked into it as I didn't know what it meant. "222 – This is a sign of confirmation that you are on the right path, doing the right thing and going in the right direction. Continue with this train of thought.” <<< Thats all --Hope this message can assist further.

    In light and love,


  • Gemmy--- I just posted and saw You were here a little while ago --- Hope you see the above post for U! Hugs ~ Laie

  • Hey ya, Bloomin Cactuss!

    I went to bed last night planning to get out on a trail with my dogs early this morning. I felt out of sorts yesterday -- super emotional and teary-eyed which I can't Handle- lol! and decided I needed to get my feet and head anchored. Nothing does that better for me than being alone in nature. Best laid plans .... it is pouring so I'm just waiting and came to the Pond to read.

    The wedding ceremony began exactly when it was scheduled to and went very well. EXCEPT, for the PARADE! ROFL! LOL! Surprise!!! No one knew about it and yesterday I looked on-line to see if this event was listed in the city's guide and it wasn't. Expect the unexpected-Ha! We continued When it finally past by. Everything else was perfect and Everyone looked so beautiful!

    I hope the next few days give you some down time from the whirlwind of your daughter's wedding! Just from reading about your days, I need to lie down! I better save and store up my energy for whats to come!


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