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  • Hi my dear Ponders,

    Praying everyone is doing well in this these chaotic times of changes. I'm missing all of you, it is sooo quiet in here.

    Update on my Mom: She is still recovering, albeit very slowly. this whole scene has taken an awful lot out of her. She has good days and bad days. I can see that her recovery is going to be extremely slow, and that is quite hard on her. She has never been one to be idle and still, but that's what she has these days, with a colostomy bag that never ceases to be a pia. It was not placed properly, so it leaks, all the time. She can't physically take another surgery at this time, so she just has to deal with that problem. Her heart issues really and truly scares me. But she is plugging along as best as she can for now......

    As for me, my Church friends are coming to move me out of this house on Tuesday. At this point in time, I don't have anywhere to go, so as of thursday, it is a possibility I could be literally on the street. NOW! I am beginning to panic! But I will be in New Orleans from July 23 to 29th. I'm still having faith that something will happen positively however.


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  • Oh Sunshine....yikes!! That doesn't sound good! I can't believe there is nothing for you there. It sounds pretty drastic....I hope a solution comes quickly for you. Is there an autism support group that is available to you? I wonder if someone in that network knows of something - I'm sure being on the street is not going to be good for the Little L's. I wonder if you are supposed to move to New Orleans???????

    I am sending you LOTS of love and light, and praying for you.

    Hope other ponders are doing well also...Sunshine and I are keeping your rocks dusted off and ready for you!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Hey Bloom! You must have sent a pipeline straight to the angels! Tonight as we were packing my stuff, my dear friends from Church have offered me and my children a place to stay in their home so that I can save my money to buy a house! oh, what dear friends I have....This is obviously something that they discussed at length. True Christian friends that walk the walk, not talk the talk. This is HUGE! Blessings personified to them.

  • Oh Sunshine!!! I am so HAPPY for you, wow wow wow!! Blessings to you dear one! How fab!! What a journey for you 🙂 ❤

    I was just thinking too that we might be in your area this weekend. We are going to a family reunion at Seven Springs Resort, south of Pittsburgh.nI think that is the name, lol Is that in your area? Would love to meet you, but since you are moving etc....don't know if this is possible.

    Sending up a big Alleluia for you!

    Happy days <3<3<3

    Bloom xoxo

  • Happy Belated Birthdays to Forest Walker, Bloom and Sunny!!!!!

    Miss the Pond gatherings so very much! Hang in there with all these changes --- life is making way for the new.

    Will return when I can ---- Love Ya bunches, xoxo!

  • Hello to all,

    Ice and Lady Laie, thanks for the B'day wishes. Sorry I haven't been here for awhile. Have had many personal things to attend to, never solved any of them, but none the less, did a lot of thinking. It's very hot and humid here now. Will be glad when the weather breaks into a normal summer day..

    House has not sold, and I'm still conversing with my internet man. Other then that nothing is new and nothing has changed. That is bad, but good in some ways. At least nothing bad has happened but then nothing exciting has either. I think once I get to move on with my life I will finally be content, and that can't be until the house sells. But I guess everything in it's own time. It seems like it's been forever now.

    Icy, we're still walking, but not every day not as the humidity is 100% even in the mornings, but when I do get out I do get to see the animals. A lot of deer now, and a coyote crossed my path, a lot of squirrels, chipmunks, love to watch them all. Even seen Cookie, the little fox one day. The forest is thick and green now and it is the best part of my life. I am so thank-ful to God that I still get to enjoy it.

    I have not been keeping up on the post so can't make any comments on anything. I just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a happy summer and say hello.

    I am well, and I thank God for that everyday.

    Love, Hugs, and Blessings to all

    forestwalker (gem)

  • Hi Forest Walker and Lady Laie!

    Glad to see you here at the pond. I know it's a very busy time of year.

    Gemmy, glad that you are well and still moving along. I think it must be pretty difficult to sell a house in this market, hope that things change for you in that department. At least you are near the lake in the summer, hopefully that is an enjoyable time of year for you. It's been very hot and muggy here in MA too, but hey, it's July...we expect it to be hot. My younger daughter is in the Seattle area and wishes she had MORE sun. It's often cloudy and drizzly there, so she is so happy when they have a sunny day that breaks the 70's!!

    Lady Laie, when is your family wedding...October? Things are really hotting up here for the wedding and bridal shower. So many details, yikes!!! I am trying to enjoy them and not freak out, lol!!

    Hugs to all from Bloom xoxo

  • Wow! A week has passed and no sign of anyone. Everyone must be on their Lears sharing their love and laughter OR a Jell-O shot!

    I've been MIA for a while ..... Ex-MIL died, daughter had spinal surgery, 4 German houseguests for almost a month .... plus, just life things in general. Thank goodness, our resident Crabs have kept the place full of sweeteness and light! Sistah Queenies Bloom and Sunshine --- Thanks to you for tending the Pondand keeping Joy alive! Looks like Icey has been tending the home fires and swishing here and there too! Boy, have I missed you all!

    10Gem06, Forest Walker

    I'm so Happy, Thrilled to see U stopped in ---- Lady, I missed you! We've had 2 exciting encounters with a fox trotting through our back yard without a care in the world attitude. Beautiful! Even tho' your living situation hasn't changed, I'm glad to see you are still enjoying everything that God has placed in your Life! May Grace be with you and the little bird of Hope sing!

    Cactuss -- Your garden sounds fantastic! I hope in between wedding preparations and riding you get as much time to enjoy it as the amount of work you put into it! Better yet, 10x's more enjoyment than work time. By now, you must have dropped 40lbs and the MOB dress needs to be taken in! LOL! Yes, daughters' is Oct. first and I have done nothing as far as a dress goes! Hate to shop even more, now that the Dr. has me on steroids ---- numbers on my scale seem to head in one direction-- must be broken! R O F L!

    Sunshine --- Where to start? Love to you and the Sweeties, first. I'm grateful Your Mom chose to stay with all of you for a little longer but was also sad to read of your friends mom passing. No, guilt or shame, however temporary, Sunny, ya know that. Share as much as you can with Mom, its all we have --- a moment. Its been awhile so I won't dwell ... moving on .... I don't know if you've returned from N.O., But Hope you all had fun being with family! I was so surprised to read about your housing situation ---- What Beautiful Friends You Have Surrounded yourself with! I truly believe this was heaven sent because you have been tapping into the Divine, searching--- Go U!

    IceBay-bee --- Hope all is well across the ocean! Sometimes it seems so vast when I'm missing your loving light. Be well, My Heart -Centered, Angel Friend. Hope news arrives of a sale soon! Like NOW!

    I'll try and return tomorrow .... been tossing some things over to share ....

    Laughter, Love and Light! swish ....

  • So …. I've been truly away from the Pond for too many months and have been missing all of you. I'm sorry … I've just been incredibly busy and tired. ( Hopefully, there will be an improvement with my physical being now! ) I came by on two occasions looking for a Cool, Shady place to rest. It was disheartening to read all the changes everyone has been experiencing. It got me thinking about a vision I had in mid June.

    Sometimes, my visions come without warning and these are the ones I pay the Most attention too. Back in April, I posted the vision of the Dalai Lama and this vision and others ties in. It was of Pegasus and I just happened to be with the Prince at that moment and asked him what does Pegasus mean to him. It didn't mean any more to him than to me --- mythological winged horse. Sure, Okay, but knowing it must be important I looked into it. I want to share all my excitement about this but it'll take a few pages! Plus, I'd rather not do the interpretations for you. Sometimes, its better to let you ' take what you need and leave the rest'.

    Last posting, I said something about changes old and new. I've been repeating this for a while, Blah, blah … ha! Anyway, there has been a reason ….Life has been coming at people like a run-away train in some cases ( little dramatic, but ya know what I mean) and we been on the receiving end. Just rather reactionary and blind-sided in some way. I feel some of us have been getting prepared without even knowing WHY we are doing certain things.

    SO, quick overview and you can look into it if you are interested. Besides mythology, Pegasus ties into Revelations ( Rev-19:14 & Rev-3:14), science & astronomy and Carl Jung. I hadn't a clue about the Jungian connection even tho' I'm a fan. After researching, ya know I'm a nerd!, and putting this with other visions, thoughts and just general observation of people's lives.

    Time to Stop the madness--LOL!

    From all that you've posted---- Big Hugs with healing rays enclosed---icey, sunshine, My Journey, and gemmy! If I've missed anyone, join in --- group hug!

    Okay, pull up a rock …. Sit still and clear your mind. No, thats not the Mom in me, okay not completely, some is Mom -- R O F L! But, its what you should do to begin to handle this fast and furious ride we are all taking now at this moment in time.

    Again, you take what you need, but I feel a need to help a little bit and point in a direction….Learn to meditate. Yeah, we hear it all the time --- get grounded, centered or whatever. This time, right now, from here forward it truly matters. Don't you feel like a Weeble? Do you see others acting like Weebles, being buffeted from all sides? Oops, almost upright, and then

    they sway and spin again. I've seen some people almost shut-down or withdraw. They've had it with what has been happening . Can't blame 'em!

    When our hearts and heads are so full of everything we can not let in the vast energy from Source/God that is always pulsating around us. This vast reservoir of energy is Waiting for us --- It WANTS to work in our best interest and remind us of who we are and where we Need to go. It Wants to fill us with love, compassion, joy for it has Our Very Best Interests at Heart! Don't think, don't plan, just be Silent!

    Energy has/is Potential. It is in US and around US. You have Everything you need to change your life, accomplish something, or simply re-fuel and rest. Some of us need rest, that is, some of us have come to the end of something. Whatever has been occupying your head and heart or draining you is coming to completion. If you are at that stage, use this time to look over the old and the new. Give thanks for the good and bad happenings in your life. Please don't despair.

    Clear the decks! Empty yourself and sit in nothingness ….. allow this potential energy to rise and build. The time has come for each individual to begin restoration on Themselves! ( Icey was correct when she pointed out the renovations we wanted to do being about our 'centers'!) Remember who you are and why you're here …..It's soooo very hard and yet, sooo very Easy!

    Mercury Rx this time around is a Perfect opportunity to begin --- You won't find a better time for a While to halt the madness. With all the other planets wacked out too, it may seem counter-intuitive. Its not. The timing is perfect actually to seek stillness.

    Tap in and---- Let Your Light Shine, Sistahs! Get ready---Take a ride on the white -winged Pegasus!

  • 🙂

  • Fantastic Seehorse! Thank You!

  • Laie it is so good to see you here its been a while for me also fighting my own demons or Jessie LOL he hasent been to bad just ready to take off and never come back you know that feeling .Have you been watching our weather down here hope its still a little cool up there last night at 9pm it was a 103 got up to 110 yesterday being doing this now for almost 2 months never seen it this bad and we are just getting into summer good but you wouldent be leave my garden i am getting lots of okra now at first i was working a little but it didnt do to good when the heat started but since i am not working again i cleaned it up feed it good and replanted a lot and its all good and green picked a bunch of peas the other day now i have turnips ,corn.quash,beans and more peas coming up and looking good so far my peppers are starting to put back on and hopefully tomatoes ,Mother gave me some advice on bugs i have them red spiders she said to one tea bag make a pot in a gallon of water with after it is done then put 4 tea spoons of Palmolive liquid soap in with it and spray it works to i also put a bunch of dirt and compost or potting soil i got at walmart on it i think that helped a bunch but she also showed me something else to get 35% hydrogen peroxide food grade and mix with or use to feed or mix with fertilizer i use that miricale grow i also use hormones and sometimes ebsoms salt helps them bloom its good for your flowers to one tea spoon per gallon any way it is so good to hear from you and i sure miss you and i know sometimes we have to step back and let the plant grow and use what we have provided for it ,it will use it or it wont LOL Love Ya Tooter

  • Dear Lady Laie,

    Thanks for checking in and delivering such a good message! The white horse is one of my doesn't take much to give it wings, lol!! Thanks Seahorse and Delbertc also for chiming in! Love the picture 🙂

    I like what you say, Laie, about meditation and centering in. I have been doing quite a lot of reading this summer, and journeying inward, so your message was well received! Thank you ❤

    On the other hand, I am still riding, but not as much as when I had a charity ride looming large in my future, as I did last year. I am riding only about twice a week, since it has been so hot!!

    Fortunately, I haven't gained weight, so I am happy about that. I think I have lost about 40 pounds, but over about a year and a half! ....not kaboom, gone!!!

    I have my first MOB dress fitting next week. The bride-to-be is arriving home on Thursday, her bridal shower is Sunday and in between we are doing all the last visits to caterer, florist, hairdresser, her final dress fitting, and whatever other details arise. It's been quite an expensive venture....yikes...I may have to work an extra year to replenish the coffers. I did get my notice from the retirement board that I could retire in May of 2013, so that was very good news. Don't know yet if I will do that though.

    My Pisces friend tells me that ,for the wedding, I am the Queen and I should walk on air. I laughed out loud when I read that, but I will try to envision it - I think it would be nice to be the queen. It was an interesting statement that reflected his feelings for me I think, so that was something to ponder. But hey, why not! We CAN be the queens, right?? Yes, we should take our place in the weddings with grace and gratitude, and just be the queen!

    My gardens are looking doing well, and have some tomatoes and squash coming along nicely, Had a good crop of blueberries too, and one more late bush still to give up it's fruit. I was weeding the other day in a deep bed and lost my balance, tumbling into a pricker bush...yikes. I had to call my husband for help (fortunately I had my cell phone in my pocket). We laughed so hard, I looked like the "Green man"! We just threw away my gloves and clothes...tney were hopelessly filled with prickers. I don't have any more junky clothes to wear though, so I will have to be careful when I weed now not to throw myself into the garden!! But they are beautiful and I have some chairs placed strategically around to enjoy. My lotus pond is looking healthy but so far, no blossoms.

    Good luck on your dress hunting, Laie. The groom's mother found a great dress at Nordstoms - just brought it home, what an idea!! No fittings necessary. Well, I will enjoy my princess dress...or perhaps now I will call it my queen's a knockout! I will just have to remember to stand up straight and tall!

    Hope other ponders are doing well and getting centered. Miss you Gem, Sunshine, LC, Icey girl, My Journey, Tripe TTanya, Emergence and others!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Delbertc ---- Wow! I'm so glad you popped on and let me know you were still doin' ! Man, you have more than 9 lives. Can't keep a Good Man down, right! Keep Jesse under wraps --- HeeHee!

    I have been hearing about the heat & drought. Without all your TLC, the garden wouldn't even be. Its sound ripe, luscious. You certainly seem to have the touch. . Your description made me hang my head in shame, lol …I couldn't even do weeding or planting this season. Hubby just got out there once at the beginning of the season and once a few days ago. So, we've reaped weeds --- ha! But, U ---Talk about abundance! I'm sure you can find others who can use whatever you have leftover. Something to be said for that!

    Keep the Faith

    You are loved dearly! And if I don't see U around --- HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!

  • Cactuss: Thanks for sharing that the white horse holds meaning for you. It must be a very precious gift to you. I'd forgotten something until I read what you wrote. I was in a spiritualist circle and someone saw a horse with me. I hadn't ever heard this or had a horse come to me and I questioned her about it. Like, I was wondering if she herself had a horse connection. Just trying to understand if it came forom her or what. The best she could tell me is it was like my protector. I still don't understand, (shrug) but … we all need someone or something helping, don't we? : )

    That was too funny about the prickers, but --- OUCH!!! I can't even imagine how you were able to call the King , but thank goodness you had your phone. Yesterday I watched a squirrel sitting on a fence post eating one of our tiny apples. He looked so cute and ate until there was nothing left. Moments after he finished a tiny woodpecker came along and seemed to be searching for leftovers. When he couldn't find any he dive-bombed an unsuspecting hummingbird --- Never saw anything like it! Who knew a garden could be dangerous!

    I keep my eye on MOB dresses at Nordstroms and other places. I really dislike David's Bridal. Everything there is the same -- an elegant brown, paperbag. The material and designs are the same and I love texture and flow. I did find one dress there that was okay but, it didn't really say, " I'm the One. Take me home". Tomorrow I'm going with my daughter for her fitting. The Queens around the Pond always KNEW YOU were a Queen …. I remember encouraging you to float in on a cloud of flowing fabric …The Queens of the Loving Winds will be applauding!! Dance the Night Away, Bloom!

    Have fun with your daughter ---tons of last minute plans to attend to. You still have time, no stress ( giggle) --- Enjoy!

  • Thanks Laie! Good luck with your dress shopping.

    Please lift up my cat, Geo, who was hit and killed in the road last night, a beautiful black kitty with one white whisker. He came to me in a dream state last night to say he came to give me freedom. oh...I am struggling to make sense of that AND move ahead on my day of bridal stuff. Not sure I can manage...he was a very sociable cat and spent a lot of time on neighbors' porches, ruled a few blocks of our neighborhood - everyone loved him!! But he was only affectionate with me.

    I know he has transitioned on to another plane and I accept it, but I am very very sad about it.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • oh, Bloom I am so sorry. Geo knew the pleasure of freedom and independence by traveling the neighborhood and enjoying himself. He brightened peoples day by his actions but returned home for his special person, you, to share in the mutual exchange of affection. For the last week I've been whining I want a cat. Wednesday night I went to my son's for dinner (he shares a place with 2 females -- 3's Company) and they have 3 beautiful cats and 2 wouldn't leave me be. The third claimed my purse, more of a sack actually, as her throne. They are such beautiful, sweet and loving creatures. We are so blessed just by their presence! But, Geo connected with your soul and offered you a greater blessing with his dream connection. R.I.P Geo!

    PS.I did find a dress last night

  • thanks Laie! He was a very special cat. I miss him, we are now down to 3 kitties, from 5 earlier this summer. At least one male, Geo's half brother, is with us and a great purrer and very affectionate, otherwise I might have to go get another cat from the shelter!! Cats can be great company - and some I know do travel well from house to house with 'their people'!

    SO GLAD you found a dress! woo hoo! What color is it!? My daughter's final fitting was yesterday - I learned to do the bustle on her dress, it's really beautiful and she looks beautiful in it. Onward to the shower tomorrow.

    Greetings to all other ponders!!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Cactuss!

    whine, whine --- traveling is an issue but, I can't have a cat, Yet. In the future, I'm looking forward to it. In the meantime, I'm happy to be adopted by them -- so loving!

    The dress I found has a teal satin underlay, with a sweetheart neckline, strapless. The top part has a black lace, beaded, lightly sequined overlay, giving it the appearance of a two piece. There is a lace, 3/4 sleeve short jacket, similiar to the overlay. It was quite expensive, even though I got it half off. It is one size too large but it came down to 2 that I was okay with. I chose the simpler, least expensive, even though the other one caused everyone to gasp because the color looked amazing on me. I'm happy its done except for the fitting which can wait. More importantly, daughter was very pleased! That means the world to me.

    Did I tell you I dyed my hair for that witchy-poo daughter! I'm no longer a Q-Tip -- lol! Its light brown/blonde --- Did I mention I don't like kids? ROFL!

    Have a blast at the shower tomorrow --- Take lots of photos!

  • ((((((((((((( HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! )))))))))))

    That means YOU, Loving Queen Of The WEST WIND!

    I wanted to get this out early and tried last night to no avail. anyway .......You started this and gathered so many around you. You created a space for others to participate and the Enchanted Pond became more than a sum of its individual parts. It took on a life of its own and became Whole. You imparted your special light, your loving words. You nourished our individual ponds with joy and in doing so lifted up all of us.

    Quick birthday reading:

    You may be feeling like you've given everything you have and now have nothing more to give. Sudden inspiration, creativity may led you to find solutions. You may feel a desire for freedom and an Impatience to move forward. Don't become complacent, stay motivated. Immediate and decisive action will speed up progress.No matter how tasty the Jell-O shots are or how comfy its been until now there is more to see and do. Your magic will help you find fertile ground to plant anew. I feel this is about an immediate future, not super distant. This not your final destination. The journey isn't over yet. There is much still waiting to be explored.

    Spirit of Animals helping You:


    Loons mate for life, and their medicine is about loyalty, family, and deep caring for one another. If you're experiencing a relationship fraught with power struggles, you are NOT practicing Loon medicine. If your relationship has BECOME a power struggle, Loon has appeared to remind you that this is a time of equal sharing and equal happiness. Something is amiss and Loon thinks you already know what it is.


    This masked bandit can make you laugh with his antics, or make you angry when you realize he’s made off with your food! Raccoon is incredibly curious—to the point that he’ll walk into a potentially dangerous situation just to see what’s up. Like Raccoon, are there situations you’re barging into before you have all the information? Might want to re-think this one


    Buffalo has come snorting into your life today to bring a message of great hope. Buffalo sacrificed every part of his physical body to support those who hunted him—but he also gave his spirit. And, it's that spirit of hope, abundance, and a bright future that he brings to you today. If you are experiencing a troubled journey, help is here.

    THANK YOU! for giving of yourself so unselfishly. Happy Birthday, Witchey-Poo!

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