The Enchanted Pond

  • Good morning to all,

    Just popped in to say hello, not much new here, snow is all gone, but getting a lot of rain and wind and it's been still very cold. Tried to catch up a little on the post, but to many to read for now. I'm walking as much as I can, but the rain has stopped me from getting out there every day. So far, I've seen the deer back, bunnies, and of course the squirrels. They all seem fat and happy. I quit leaving "cookie" my little fox friend any treats, I'm afraid it's to close to the road and she might get hit by a car now. There's not a lot of traffic but just enough to put her in danger.

    What I've been able to catch up on, it seems everyone is doing good, Icey, seems your doing a bit better, When I walk I say my prayers and your in them every day, as usual. It is strange now, that when I set in the office here now and look out over the yard, I see my big tree , swaying in the breeze, and it reminds me of you. It is beautiful, just as you are. the trees are all starting to get leaves now, and look so beautiful, as you are, and every once in awhile I see my wolf setting under the tree waiting for me to come out and we can go for our walk. She always seems to know what days I am going and what days I'm not. Keep going, get well dear friend.

    My journey,

    I read one of your post. As usual, we are holding hands and I feel your "Limbo" I've been it for so long it's the norm now...But it does seem that your doing much better. Be happy girl, it's contagious, I'll catch it from you.


    How's the kitchen coming, Are you able to get out on the bike now and ride. Hope so, It's been a strange May up this way. Seems our summers start a month late now, and last a month longer in the fall. I'm still talking, again, with my internet guy. His marriage is falling apart, but it's like I tell him, if he would talk to her, instead of me, maybe they can fix it. Not that I wouldn't have him in a New York minute, but he has to give his all to what the problem is there. Another journey in my life may be about to begin, not sure I'm up to anymore journeys. My card games are almost over for the summer, one more to go and then the banquet, and I think I will be glad that's it's over. with summer coming on, I kind of hate to leave home anymore. Take care, will be checking in again.


    Where are you? Hope things are going a little better for you. I hope your absence means that you may be wooing another lady friend. Just wooing thou, nothing to serious yet. If not, then I hope it's just that your busy and nothing serious has happened to set you back any. Let us know that you are all right and things are good.


    As usual, your strength shows in every word. Fear can't beat you girl. I don't think anything can, I'll keep praying for you and the little ones too. I sure don't know if I've ever been as strong as you are. Keep climbing, you can and will do it. I truly believe God is with you, all the way.

    To anyone I've missed, Happy days and lots of love and sunshine. I've got to go get ready to go for my walk before the rain comes.

    hugs and blessings

    forest walker

  • Dearest Shee,

    What a love you are! Thanks for such kind words you whisper from your beautiful fair (though really wet LOL) land over there!!!! You have my most heart-felt gratitude! It is not often in life we are in receipt of such nice things that people say!

    And when the student is ready ... the teacher appears ... right? Sometimes, we really have to experience just a little bit more in order to hear what is being said to us / shown to us / received by us. Sometimes, it is not until we are open enough to receive that any messages reach us at all. If you 'heard' my messages then you were ready to hear them. The heart needs its own space and time to be spoken to.

    I am glad that you heard your own Guardians ... for it is they, and NOT I, that sent that to you. When we are so filled up with our own worries, we wouldn't hear anything even if it were to be screamed out. Bit like that movie "Bruce Almighty" (and I do NOT like Jim Carey at all) when he begs God to show him a sign, to show up in his life and he is passing every sign without seeing them. He is too busy yelling at God to actually hear God. All of us do this in our life. We scream out for help and don't stop screaming to see / hear the answers. It is never to judge ourselves my dearest friend, no ... one accepts what is because it is what it is ... then we try a little harder to be more quiet the next time. Eventually, we 'get' it!

    I certainly did not intend for you to feel brromsticked my sweet angel. I am very sorry if that came across. What you were being asked to consider is what you LOVE about being together for, in that, lies the way to be. Would you give up this experience of togetherness because commitment wasn't forthcoming in the style / form you desired? Of course not. You would lose the opportunity for something divine and unique and glorious otherwise. Right? And that is what is REAL! By being with you, choosing to be with you, your Saggi Hippy has COMMITTED to YOU! That is so to be celebrated ... many traditional commitments fail ... what you have is a bond of happiness and love. Nothing is better than that.

    When it stops raining (and on this note my love ... know how blessed you are to have drinking water and water to shower with and gardens can grow because it rains ... to be in drought, like we are, is not funny ... it is perilously dangerous), both of you do each-other a favour. Head off to your lighthouse space ... where the two of you feel closest and at peace and share a moment of deep and profound love. Declare, surrounded by something as spectacular and silencing as nature, your love for each-other. I promise you that the Loving Winds of Enchantment will bind you both closer than any traditional ceremony ever can. Stand before each-other and allow the Earth to ground you in your love and bind your souls as one. Give to each-other a promise to love the other as deeply as two souls can.

    In that moment, you have my word, the skies shall fill with rainbows and land in both your hearts.

    And that is how we live my spirit buddy ... with love guiding us and our thoughts filled with the beauty of another's soul.

    Just be together and be happy.

    I shall be sending my whispers for a long and happy ALIVE moment across the enchanted pond to you always.

    Holding your beautiful soul in my heart Shee!

    Your Icey Moonbeam x

    P.S. Your images are spectacular. I sat looking at the rainbow and silvery purple gowns forever! I was especially fond of the gossamer wings and the sense of freedom I imagine having wings would be like. Thank YOU ever so for that gift! It made my day!!!


  • Dear Bloom,

    Wow! What a post ... so much to think about in there ...

    Firstly, you have PIER 1?????? You LUCKY things! I got to fossick in the one in Vancouver - it was not far from the B&B we stayed in and I probably spent HOURS in there, much to Hubby's disgust! What a wicked place to spend one's time! Gorgeous! I am so green with envy!

    I hear ya on the rest breaks, physical stamina fades and welcomed distractions ... I think this is part of any age group, though more often the needs of the older ones LOL! Glad you managed to spend time in your happy garden. So lovely.

    Your daughter's wedding is huge. I've never heard of so much planning and things to do. That's incredible. So lovely that you are enjoying it so much. Best wishes to her for her up-coming audition too. What a commitment! All that practising ... my word. Still, when it is what we love, it is like no time flying past at all, isn't it? A wonderful passion. We at the pond wish her success.

    Now ... the haunting element of your post. For a few moments, I wasn't sure what to say when I read that. I respect the positive finish you gave to this and even the sentiment behind it all but I am going to mention that EVERYTHING WE GIVE THOUGHT TO AND ESPECIALLY IN WRITTEN FORM, MANIFESTS IN SOME WAY. Where energy is placed, when aligned with BELIEF, enters a whole other paradigm of truth. The old "be careful what you wish for" applies in principle here.

    Our age is merely a human construct; a marker of time. It is not our essence and it is not our truth. It is once our earthly mission is complete that we transition to our next. I completely understand your intent behind this and no sense of morbidity was referenced within it but it is a finite thing to state.

    I feel you are becoming aware of your next awakening and hence, the mention of an ending ... I feel that much more than your referencing an actual passing. Perhaps, as your daughter now marries, this is the final marker in this particular time frame? We are all aware that no being can be present upon our Earth forever - just be mindful of what thoughts and beliefs you are giving energy to and yes, LIVE ... live NOW and celebrate what is right here, right now. Right now is all we have control over ... be as fully present then as you can ... and LOVE ... love as deeply as possible.

    A cross-country drive would be awesome! I have many, many moments where I could just get in a car and have no destination at all and just see where the enchanted winds bring me. I could just move forever ... ahhhhhhhh ... sigh .......... wishing away here ........ Hope she and her Dad do just that together! Has the Moonbeam seal of approval all over it! LOL!

    Sending you blooms dear Bloom!

    And Sunshine!

    And many coffee breaks!

    Icey x

  • Hope the neighbourhood walk with the Little L's was tremendous, and enlightening (wink, wink) Sister Sun!

    Always sending you love,

    Ice x

  • Ahhhhhhhhh, Dear Forest Walker ... Hello!

    So grateful you stopped by and sat upon your rock for a bit. Lovely to be with you!

    To all things there is a time and a place huh? A season to laugh ... and drink jello LOL ... and a season to think and reflect ... a season for adventure and a season for the sharing of wisdom. So many seasons in our lives. I am willing that this one is of deep and lasting peace for you my friend.

    I adore that you see your tree, and your wolf, and think of my spirit. I am so very moved by that! Thanks Gem! I think of trees and instantly think of HEALING so this was a most fortuitous sign my beloved friend in the snow. On that note, I have received that message of 'healing being on its way' EVERY single time I pick up this one deck. All that confirmation has to mean something positive, right? I am thinking so. Perhaps this is the season for me to turn the corner too?

    I look out onto our garden's little trees that we planted (they are growing beautifully but are probably saplings compared to the gorgeous elder in your backyard LOL) and always imagine where you are and what this must be like! It keeps me going! I know that you take me along and share your special wilderness with me. I DO FEEL THAT! Please know that! It means so very much to me.

    YOU mean so very much to me ... and everyone here! We all feel your gentle spirit and the love you hold for this Earth and it fills each of our souls with peace. May you continue placing one foot infront of the other as you journey into your Spring! You NEVER walk alone ... but you know this hey? So glad you do! Keep feeling that bond!

    With the internet man ... again, hear the message 'to all things there is a season'. His 'other' life must run its course. There are beginnings and endings for him too. Be the open heart he needs and keep it open so that he may bring you your need too. I have offered you an earlier message of Spring being your turning point and a time of great change. Meet this opportunity! It is the dawning of a new season Forest Walker.

    I, too, had the same thoughts about Mr. Crusader ... time to check in Dude ... you've been outta here for too long now. The Enchanted Ones worry about you. Please pop by. We NEED to know ALL OUR ENCHANTED ONES are safe.

    As for Cookie ... your sweet fox guide ... she is blessed to have YOU care so deeply for her safety. I love that about you Gem!

    Make your last card adventure a season to remember ... have a blast! Who knows what mischief you shall get up to next, right??? LOL Wink, Wink!

    You are always in my soul Forest Walker.

    May blessings and love be yours - abundantly!

    Your Icey x

  • Now ... a special request ...

    I am gathering all of our Angels of Enchantment (you included Last Crusader ... you are an angel too) to send as much healing and love as possible across the pond to our beautiful Lady Laie!

    Laie is being challenged greatly right now and needs just our kind of special enchanted love ... as only those at the pond can give.

    So ... gather your bouquets of soul felt love and send it along the gentle winds to rest in her heart! Think of her in your prayers and ask the 'other' Angels to hold her close.

    Please and thank you.

    On the count of three ... send your LOVE!

    One ...

    Two ...

    Three ...

    "May our love reach you Lady Laie and may you feel stronger, comforted and divinely supported by our love for you! Sending you all our magic, all our enchantedness and all our sacred blessings directly to your soul!"

    Blessed Be Beautiful One!

    Love ... Moonbeam and the Angels of Enchantment!!!!

  • And to all Enchanted Angels ...

    My Journey


    Forest Walker

    Last Crusader


    Arwyn Grace


    Spirit Seeker

    Triple 3 T

    Queenie Q

    Lady Laie

    May your today be an absolute expression of your beautiful souls! May you see the wonder and joy that you each bring to your world.

    May blessings be yours ... each of you!

    Always in Spirit,

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • Thank you Icey for all your messages.

    Yes to Lady Laie: "May our love reach you Lady Laie and may you feel stronger, comforted and divinely supported by our love for you! Sending you all our magic, all our enchantedness and all our sacred blessings directly to your soul!"

    I know about what giving energy and attention means. I feel so thankful for each's different for me now, because most of my life, I have been thinking ahead - days, weeks....I used to forget my locker combination in high school the week before school ended for is difficult for me to concentrate on the present moment!! Also, I am remembering my own wedding and who was there...and how I didn't appreciate that! So I will take your advice Icey and continue to dwell in the present moment...

    After my weekend of good energy (last weekend) I find that I am putting on colors for the day with much more clarity! What particular area needs a boost today? I have orange nail polish on my toes to remind me of my second chakra and to keep centered in my body. I am listening better to my true essence and trying to take care of myself better. As always, you're the BEST Icey! Glad to hear the trees that you planted are doing well,,,,YEAY!!

    Forest Walker, glad to hear from you. Plans for the kitchen are rolling around, not manifesting yet. It seems that whenever two people are 'in' on the planning, things take longer! BUT, we are working hard together to figure it out. We have decided to divide the project into parts, with the two bathrooms coming first. The kitchen will come next. I have found the cabinets I want from Home Depot ----ach! I hate that place, I have never had a good experience with ordering anything there. So, wouldn't you know, those painted Martha Stewart cabinets have my hot button. They are kind of a cool greenish white, which will look good in our 100 year old bungalow house. Step by step, we are getting there!!

    Hope everyone has a good day. Sending light and love to you all!

    Bloom xoxo

  • To Dear Laie,

    May the collective love from the Enchanted pond reach out to you Lady Laie and bestow upon you the Light you need to feel much stronger, greatly comforted and aware of the collective Thoughts of love and support by the Enchanted Pond Angels for you!

    Icey said it all when she said "Sending you all our magic, all our enchantedness and all our sacred blessings directly to your soul!"

    Whatever the trials, dear Sister, it will pass, and you will gain much strength from it. Look to your Angels (Earthly and non-Earthly) for the Light, Love, support and many hugs of comfort you need in order to overcome whatever tries to bring you down. Know that every single one of your fellow Earth Angels of the Pond combined are with you and will uphold you with our great strength. Together, united, we hold an awesome collective powerful light in all our hands that we will soon see with much clarity and understanding. It is why we have all collected within this Magical, Enchanted Pond Paradise that we have all manifested and contributed to together. Your Guides have a great love for you and are always at your side, dear Laie. Talk to them.....

    May the Blessings of the Universe be manifested to you my dear sister.

    Love and Light,


  • To all my Pond Angels and family.

    Icearia has apprised us of our dear sister's challenges. Together we can all collectively send forth the Light to help our dear Laie. Let's take Icey's lead, band together and project our combined power. Together we are a group with formidable power, we can do much to send love and healing anywhere. Even to ourselves. For all of us, I feel a great love and kinship. Blessed are the Enchanted Pond Angels....

  • Goodness gracious, that word "Collective Power" just keeps running through my head. I will have to listen to Spirit more and see what is afoot here. Meantime Bedtime for Bonzo, I have a fresh, splitting headache....

    Let's pray for Laie, Icey and all of us.

    Goodnight my dear Angels. (clutching head)

  • Yes, Sunshine, enchanted collective power! Sending more love and light to Lady Laie. She is probably experiencing 5 days of rain, like I am and probably you. Hope that will bless her with every drop! I keep thinking "Every time it rains, it rains pennies from heaven" this morning. Sunshine, tinkle your ivories on that tune, and send it to Laie!

    Hugs to all!

    Bloom xoxo

  • @Icey, no,no your broom did not hurt lol...awe my dear sweet spirit sister, your words never fail to remind me how precious you are and how precious life is.May you continue your journey today filled with magical visions, filled with beautiful healing light along with hugs,laughter, Peace and love to surround you on this beautiful day that has been given to all of us.

    Namaste Icey


    x o

  • @ Lady Laie, my dear sweet grasshopper:) Please know this, you are always in my heart and prayers. Take care of your giving heart and nourish yourself with love and light...Know that I stand next to all of the beautiful Earth Angels at the pond as we hang on to each other and send you our "enchanted collective power!" filled with allot of love,beautiful light, that stretches across our different Countries, May the Angels carry this message to you and you feel their beautiful wings tightly wrapped around you and that you feel each and everyone of us and know that we love you.

    Namaste L


  • To All of you Earth Angels at the Enchanted Pond,

    My words could never convey how much respect, love, honor I have for all of you!

    You've been so kind and generous, I don't know how you keep on giving

    For your kindness I'm in debt to you

    For your selflessness, my admiration

    For everything you've done, you know I'm bound, I'm bound to

    thank you for it....

    And I never could have come this far without “ALL OF YOU”

    For everything you've done, you know I'm bound, I'm bound to

    thank you for it....

    Oh, I want to thank you for so many gifts you gave with love and tenderness,

    I want to thank you for your generosity, the love and the honesty that you gave me

    I want to thank you, show my gratitude, my love and my respect for you,

    thank you, thank you…

    Namaste PONDIES



  • Beautiful song, My Journey...I feel the same way!!

    <3<3<3 Bloom

  • Hi Bloom,

    I must agree, you are one busy woman..reading about your gardening brings me to mine 🙂

    This year i had plans to make a small garden (the weather started to make me think it might not happen)

    Sag has helped me do the digging, i did the this will be my first attempt without any ones help with the garden.Its going to consist of two rows of corn which will be 8 stalks, then potatoes, red and white nugget potatoes, (those are the only ones in my garden right now:( because of the weather.) They are growing yippie.... So then sag said why don't i start my tomatoes plants indoors, (little did he know i was just going to by them already grown lol)...But, i thought yes, I'm going to try that...yippie! I have 6 tomatoes plants started by seed, they are in my bedroom window about 2 inches tall hehe...Then i want my corn, so i said try it shee, I planted 4 seeds in separate containers of course, last week i planted them. This morning sag was here and yelled shee hurry come here (between him and Pisces daughter, i have to ask if its important first or I'd be running in for lets just say, "oh just wondering what you are doing") lol

    so this morning i asked my usual question is it important lol he said yep, there it was one corn popping out in one of my containers, mind you you need a magnifying Glass to see it lol....i'm so proud of myself. The weather looks dismal for the rest of May, some days of sun but mostly rain, which i know can change quickly. so in the rest of my garden i will also have green onions,carrots, lettuce and an attempt to grow a few pumpkins that won't take over the garden:) It might seem like allot but it will be small enough for me to take care of it especially if i get a flair up of fibromialgia..

    I think its so sweet that hubby and daughter are going on a road trip:) together.

    As far as the saxophone she plays, oh my gosh i do love the sound of the sax..and .Wow 5 to 6 hours of practising now thats, love the idea of the orange toe nails BLOOM.

    i think i may have got carried away writing so i will end once again, but before i do, sending you lots of love,light,hugs,peace and laughter

    Namaste Bloom



  • LOL Shee!! LOVE the pic's of the saxophones, very apt!!

    Your garden sounds wonderful!! Tomatoes are just wonderful plants, they want to grow no matter how you get them into the ground. My neighbor once tried three different ways of growing them, including putting seeds directly into the ground when it got warm enough. They all bore fruit, the direct-into-the ground plants were a little slower at first but eventually caught up! Good luck with them all. Try planting some yellow marigolds (not the french marigolds) near your tomatoes. They look great and help to repel bugs that like to eat tomatoes.

    The wet spring will help your plants, but hopefully the sun will shine a little bit to get them going. Under my bird feeder I have so many sunflower seedlings coming up. They are at least 2" high already!

    I am hoping that mr libra will get my raised bed done sometime this week. I'm not good at waiting BUT I am not nagging. Actually, as I get older, I forget more than I would like to admit, so this cuts down on the nagging, lol, since I can't remember either! lol

    Yes, hopefully the road trip between Pisces daughter and Libra hub will go well. Getting that Libra to come up with any dates is like pulling teeth....aggghh! So luckily, my daughter will set the date and Libra will willingly jump aboard. She gets it!!

    Hope you enjoy your day, dear My Journey!

    Hugs to all,

    Bloom xoxo <3<3

  • Awwwwww Shee ... what an incredible wish! I am so touched that your message is so filled with love. Thank YOU for YOU! My days would be so much darker without your beauty and your gifts of song and visual delights. I always spend as much time as I can with the pictures you post ... looking into the heart of them. I am constantly in awe of those who can create like that! How beautiful that must feel!

    Soooooooo grateful my brrrroom-stick didn't go whack .... for I am good at flinging the old lear brrrrrrrrooooom jet around LOL!!!!! This full moon especially .... it's sooooooooo close and sooooo bright! No wonder they said it was going to illuminate all that's been hidden and secretive. I can see why.

    I am hoping that your love for Saggi Hippy is reaching new heights; and he, you. It is such a wonderful thing to be in love! I have come to the conclusion many times that I am in love with love ... a huge sucker for a great love story ... and completely addicted to fairy-tales. This is why I suggested sending the two of you to your favourite 'love spot' ... is there nothing more magical than that? 🙂 I would love your grand trees to witness your energies ... it IS nothing short of heaven on Earth. Hope the sun comes out quickly for you both.

    I am impressed with your herb / veggie / fruit growing. Remember to sing to them and, once a plant is touched with love physically, it grows faster, stronger and happier. Plants are so very ALIVE ... they serve unconditionally and embody all that is beautiful about life. I just know you, and they, shall brim over with happiness. This is a wonderful relationship to have - and a shared one with Saggi Hippy is perfect - a trio of joy!

    As an aside, I grow tomatoes and a capsicum (red) plant in pots for Bob (our bird) and have Italian Parsley happily planted with both of them in their separate pots. That's as far as my self sufficiency plan has ventured. LOL!!!!! I am not a gardener but I always talk and touch and sing to my plants ... and admire them.

    Thanks for sending Lady Laie such beautiful, warm love Shee. I know that has reached her and she shall be so grateful for it ... from everyone.

    Your song was heart-warming. What another lovely thing to add to our enchantedness round here. I send all those thoughts, and more, right back at ya!

    You are such a wonderful soul My Journey ... so grateful you are here!

    Sending you love always,

    Icey x

  • Dear Sister Sun ...

    Thanks for reaching out to Lady Laie like that too. You have combined the intent beautifully ... there is great magic in collective energies. And yes, sit still with Spirit more often ... they have LOTS to help you with!!!!!

    Hope your neighbourhood walk with the young ones was delightful ... and helpful! 🙂

    Sending you strength to continue and love to guide you,

    Icey x

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