The Enchanted Pond

  • Well well well! So many positive visits here!

    My Journey....<<<roar>>>> that's for you!! (Of course, I'm practicing all by myself here on my rock...but I will get there! Thanks for your encouragement! Workin' on being a person who finds amazing surprises during each day, and letting go of all the aggravations.</roar>

    P'Mo, that's great that you visited. Hilton Head, gee, not too hard to take! Sit by some waves for me, I love the ocean!!

    Gemmy, Forest Walker, hmmmm? House back on the market?! Imagine your new place and where it might be. I am working on a vision board for all of my dreams for the renovation of my own little bungalow house...we are approaching the place of finding a contractor and pushing on with the work. It's been 'a journey'!

    Spirit Seeker, hope your boy is doing better. That sounds like a recuperation best done by a young person! Sending you hugs for all of your decisions coming up!

    Still cold and rainy here, so no biking for me today. I got to work hard in my garden yesterday morning, trying to catch up on lots of grass that grew in near the end of the season last year. Oh! that is hard work!! and cccc-old, but I like to go back and look later. We had a lot of rain but I have tulips and peonies coming, plus lots of daffodils and smaller bulbs are in bloom now. A cooler spring makes the blossoms last longer, so there is a PLUS here to be happy about!!

    Hugs to Icey, Laie, LC, Sunshine, Tanya and all other rock sitters!!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Hi all!

    I think thatUniverse is trying to send me a BIG MESSAGE!! It's called "Change is good!" In the last couple of weeks, much is happening. First, my boss's oldest son is moving back to Pittsburgh from Wisconsin in July, to take over as head of the Gastro-intestinal lab in one of the hospitals here. Well, my boss has decided that he is going to turn over more than 1/2 of his patient load to his son! I smell a semi-retirement here!! The new hospital that is being built about 1 mile from my home is where he is casting his eyes, looking for a fancy title that he can sit behind a desk until he really retires. I saw that handwriting on the wall 3 years ago when he turned 65, which is why I got my bum into school right away.

    Well, to top that, my landlord called me today and told me that they are going to sell the home I am in, so I have to be out by the end of my lease, which is May 31st! After the initial shock at the suddenness of this cryptic announcement, I found that I am neither really surprised nor upset. I actually have been trying to get out of here for a few years, but I have never found a place that meets my needs at the price I can afford. I am assuming that Spirit is lighting the fire under my arse to get me going. I am in a ticklish spot! Job looking shaky, and homeless in less than 5 weeks, interesting scenario.... I guess I had start praying hard and listening to see what decisions I need to make. I hope that my Pond Peeps can all send me some positive energy so that I can find my path. I am surprising myself at the calmness in my demeanor. Maybe being on my rock on my favorite Pond is the reason! Looks like we all have something going on....but anyway, .lots of love to you all and will be back after I finish school for the night!

    Light and love!


  • Oh Sunshine!!

    Sending you lots of love and light!!

    That is a lot of changes to handle at once...well the son will need people to work with him, right? Maybe there will be a better job there for you. Wishing you appreciation for your life and where it's you have your vision board in mind and where you would like to move to? Hope the days bring love and light to you!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom,

    Have to admit, I am pretty torn right now.....Staying here will ensure that my children get the special services they need and the therapies and all else. I am not really sure i would be able to work for the son, there will definitely not be as much flexibility in the job there for my kids needs as I have now. Frankly, i am not sure that i will find as great a job as i have now. Moving out of state leaves me too much uncertainty where the kids are concerned. They are my priority, and the fact that this is the only home they have ever known is going to be hard for them, especially Logan. I am just going to pray, because the move will have to take place during my last couple weeks of the school quarter. That could pose a real problem for me. THINKING POSITIVE!!!

    Hello to all my Pond peeps, Hope you are all having great days full of sunshine and Spring flowers!!



  • I hear you Sunshine!

    I am assuming that they have IEP's...let's hope that you can find a home right in the same school district, then things wouldn't have to change at all for them. I understand the dilemma totally. Sometimes the principals in our school district here in MA allow children to stay to finish the year even though they move out of district. Unfortunately, for some, it depends upon how much they 'like' the family, which is totally unfair, but something to 'use' to help with that for you.

    Praying is good, use that vision board to welcome in opportunities for you. Perhaps the Dad Doc can help with some ideas for future work when the time is right. I know that's a delicate communication issue. I'm adding you to my prayer list too!

    Sending you light and love, lots of faith, and some chocolate Easter eggs! xoxo Bloom

  • Happy Easter/Passover to everyone!!

  • Happy Easter Sistah Peeps!

  • Just stopped in to wish everyone 'HAPPY EASTER"

    Hugs and Blessing to us all on this wonderful day

    forest walker

  • Appreciate all the small and wonderful things that make up our lives today! Happy Easter!

    Love ,



  • Happy Easter to all the beautiful Pondette's (and you too handsome batty one!!). Today is a day of Rebirth and Renewal - something I think we have all been waiting for!

    I'm back from my vacation and mostly caught up on the boards - hard to believe how long it's been.

    Icey queen of moonbeam goodness/love - continued positive prayers for your healing. And sending a major head-thump to your boss - hope that the issue has been resolved by now?? Loved the story about you an the King and your adventure... You are a most amazing being for having brought all of us together and I hope you realize the tremendous postiive impact that your energy has on everyone (BUT is it possible to save a little of that energy for yourself?) Love you dearly...

    Sunny lady/mother bear extraordinaire - wow, lots of changes afoot in your world (like me -potential house move and job change all coming at the same time). Amazed at your serenity in the midst - I think deep down you are aware that forces are pushing you along for a reason (one that may not be apparent for now) Monster hugs to you and your beautiful little L's (great pic of Lauren!) as you figure out the best plan forward...

    Lady Laie - so happy to see you back!! Your light and wisdom were sorely missed. Have you landed on a mother of the bride dress yet (apologizes if I missed it!). how is the remodeling going - settled on colors yet?? And your trip sounded fantastic! Hope you and the Prince are enjoying the spring...

    MyJourney - hope the icky headaches are leaving you alone for now. It sounds as if you've moved into a place of peace re:Sag man? How is your daughter? I love, love, love your pictures and how your sparkly energy lights up the pond!!

    Bloom/Cactuss - oh iron woman with buns of steel! Have you been riding more now that the weather is improving?? It sounds like you are enforcing some very healthy boundaries with the Pisces man - good for you!! Is your daughter home now? and how are those wedding plans going? I AM making a trip to Kripalu one of these months and would so love to meet you (and Laie) if we can work it out! (any other ponders live near Western Mass?)

    Dearest Gemmy/Forest Walker - The sun is shining again - is it not? I feel your spirit started to emerge from the winter cocoon! Your gentle deep soul is so connected - we all FEEL the spirits in nature when you take us on your walks It sounds like you too have been enforcing some boundaries with the internet person? I hope you are still playing cards and getting out!

    Last Crusader - I am so touched by your last poem. You truly grace all of us with your gifts. You too are moving forward. Some days I know it doesn't feel like it - but you are slowly and surely coming back to a place of contentment... I hope you realize that any one of us at the pond would dream of meeting a man like you - and you will meet someone when the time is right! What a fantastic papa bear you are!

    Fe - so nice to have you here with us! Sorry to hear about your struggles with those who refuse to see YOU as the wonderful enlightened being that you are, and instead would like to keep you in a little box surrounded by THEIR rules and words. You know in your heart that your path is true - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    Tanya - what a difficult time you have been through!! I admire your courage in getting out - and am sending lots of positive energy to you in getting back with your kids!! Please keep us posted...

    QueenK - Stiletto queen of jello shots - where art thou? Our parties have become a tad bit boring with your absence 😉 I hope you and your family are doing well!!

    I hope I didn't miss anyone else?? I hope Mercury turning direct makes it a little easier for communication than it's been for the past month or so...

    Back on the broom I go - have to hide some easter baskets for my oh-so-little 15 and 18 year old girls 😉 Wheeeeeeeeeee....

    Love to you all!!

    Arwyn Grace (aka P-Mo)

  • Arwyn Grace, how nice to see you on the forum again!! Glad that you are moving ahead with everything. Easter baskets are fun to put together...I, of course, ate TOO many peanut M and M's on the way into the baskets....and will face the scale this morning at little private weigh-in!!

    Hope the pondettes and ponder had a great weekend and are looking forward to the new week!

    Hugs from Bloom


  • Finally got the internet back ...

    Huge upsmack to the cyber world heads of nonsense! Brooms make for the bestest whacking things ever ... consider thyselves truly whacked!

    A belated, though heart felt, Easter wish to all. I liked Dear Arwyn Grace's empowering message of rebirth and renewal. Very apt for right now and very welcomed by all to be sure. Bloom's wise message of appreciation is hugely supported too ... it is exactly what we need ... to consider what is, instead of what isn't. I shall try to remain mindful of all your grand counsels!!! Hope your Easters were perfect and that your RENEWALS are spectacular (and the chockies were awesome too LOL)!

    Lovely to see so many at the water's edge. It is quite the loveliest scene when each being brings their own soul's sparkle to merge with the light of others.

    Nice to see Merc gone into rightful movement. Here's to things being cleared away for each of us as soon and as smoothly as practicable. This time, I have actually noticed myself sighing with some relief at the passing of this retrograde ... it upset me greatly this one. Sits shaking fist at sky!!!!

    All this talk of change IS a good thing ... for all of us. Without change, we do not grow. Without change, we never move forward. Without change, we do not see our lives' potential ... let alone realizing it. So, with that ... I salute our intrepid pondees who art embarking bravely on the journey that is their life. EMBRACE CHANGE AS IF IT WERE YOUR BEST FRIEND. When we hold onto our attachments as tightly as we can ... we can never see the rainbow beyond the dulled sky or the beams of light around the darkened clouds. In fact, we do not see new anythings. To accept that change is needed is our first step.

    Sister Sun ... been in your exact position ... more than once. If it is your DESIRE to stay rooted where you are ... seek the solution from those who support your decisions. Otherwise, look beyond the shock and into services, care, career opportunities and better housing elsewhere. Where you currently are cannot be the only place with assistance (particularly for the Little L's) and perhaps, MORE CAN BE RECEIVED BY THEM ALSO if change comes about. It is never easy to give up one's comfort for an unknown ... an informed unknown, however, is manageable. Though, I personally favour the brave leap of into the grand beyond we go ... what an adventure! Naturally, my dear music friend, my love and support for YOU is reinforced by all here. We are but a click away!!!

    Oh! Just a brief note about the whole stability and children thingy ... it has always been my experience that when the mother settles, the children do. Last Crusader ... you can read father here as it only really refers to the prime care giver if a single parent family ... for duets, it's mothers. Concentrate then on how you are dealing with things and all else falls into place much more easily.

    Lady Laie ... how ARE YOU? How's the shoulder??? House beautifying? Dress shopping??? Everything? I liked your spreading the GIFT within you around. So warms my heart seeing you step into your gorgeous self!!! Hugs, Love and Magic for your Prince and Beautiful Family and special angel celebrations saved for YOU!!!!

    Hey Bloom the Wise ... always such a pleasure seeing your wise and special self sending light to all who dwell here. It is inspirational seeing the soul GLOW! I have said all I shall say about your Mr. Pisces but know that with each empowering energy you gift yourself with comes the real and authentic YOU! Worth doing hey? :0) Happy riding, M&M eating, gardening, house re-doing, everything!

    Speaking of Last Crusades????? Ummmm ... where'd ya go???? Hoping your Easter with your boys was special and happy! Hope they got to see just how much you love them! How's that song?

    Forest Walker ... my sweet fellow dreamer of all things white ... hello to you! I was watching a documentary the other night and spent my time thinking of you. I could see you standing beneath the biggest tree, both hands placed palm down on its massive trunk and then your head tilted all the way back to take in the massive canopy above you. I sensed this moment as something so symbolic for you ... so much of an affirmation of time needing to move around you whilst you stand steadfast and strong and silent; like your TREE. Use this time to learn swaying WITH the breeze, of accepting where now is for you and then ... of reaching towards the sky with opened arms as if to welcome every gift. Learn from your tree. Be ready then, to blossom! Hugs!

    Spirit Seeker ... hope healing is happening for, and around, YOU! Keep seeking help where needed and keep seeing more doors open for you. Hoping your sacred time lifts you on the inside.

    My Journey ... Baybeeeeeee ... where'd you go too???? Hoping your mountains are helping you to feel secure and settled again. Hope those Spring breezes are filling your world with the joy that anticipation brings forth. Hoping you are happy my dear! Hope your sweet ski bunny is well and enjoying her wonderful Mamma Lion!!!!! Music and Pictures of sparkly love to you!!!!

    Triple 3 T ... step bravely where the winds are sending you. Surrounding your little ones with feathers!

    Arwyn Grace ... woohooooooo to see you here!!!! Have missed you incredibly! Thanks for touching down with us at the pond!

    It is always soul flowing to see how you grace us all with hope and the promise of being filled, rather than empty and lost. You ahve a gift for turning the perspective within beings ... one never taken for granted by all who love you here! Thanks for bringing this unique quality to our world!

    Hope your little girls had a fabulous egg hunt! Too cute! This year was the first time we didn't do that and our boys were upset with us. I blame the King. It's always his fault! LOL Well ... IT IS! In our house-hold, unless I do something ... it doesn't get done. Witchy hexing finger pointing!!!!

    Hope the career, family, College, potential moving ... everything ... is in the flow of what you WISH for! I am always sending you enormous winds of magic for all that you dream! IT WILL ARRIVE!

    Hugs and Sparkly Faerie Love Arwyn!!!!!

    Now ... before I forget ... a message from our beloved, and dearly missed, Queenie Q of Stilettoe Infamy!!!!! She sends her love and wishes to all and, if I remember correctly, her exact words were to "tell everyone to partay on!!!!" She has been swept up in the manicness of life where all her days are busy. She did, however, do a killer 5 inch heeled Mardi Gras session and lived to tell the tale! So, blessings from our absent Sister of the Southern Winds.

    And briefly ... in answer to some questions ...

    1. My blood levels have gone from low to too high in a week. Same levels when I did the whole heart thing and headed in to hospital. Have had to keep working but have crashed every other waking moment. So ill I felt alllllll wrong. Back for another round of blood taking this Thursday.

    2. My ankle ... ultrasound showed I have loads of soft tissue damage and a stack of fluid on my ankle that STILL isn't going away. I did a real number on it apparently but no surgery needed. yay! Just time ... for us 'oldies' take longer to heal ... right???

    3. My Boss has formally responded to my complaint by basically calling me a liar. We have a workplace mediation session May 5th with HR, the Union and who knows who else. This problem won't just 'go away' and I have been prepared by the union rep to be asked to 'leave' (as in transferred away from here). What can I say?????? That's polite????? LOL Not a pretty dilemma.

    I have spent hours gardening though and today started a piece of outdoor art and that's enough of moi.

    Grateful that I am able to get back here to wish you all the most incredible new beginnings. Know that where you walk, my love flitters across the enchanted waters to you all.

    Continue shining as brightly as the stars above!

    Angel Hugs,

    The Moonbeaming Whacky Witch of the Icy West!!!!! (Well ... in my dreams ... LOL)

    Oh ... Laie ... yes, took your advice and when the world got too much, King Moonbeam and I stayed in! What else can one do ... I ask ya?

  • Hello to all,

    Last week we had a real snow storm, and it stayed cold for awhile, now this week, it is beautiful, the way spring is supposed to be. A little chilly, but ice is finally all gone from the lake, I took a walk yesterday afternoon, and it was so warm and nice, that I had to shed my coat and so I didn't have to carry it all the way, I stuck it in my mailbox. A big beautiful deer went across the road, right in front of me. Since they had that big Coyote kill, it seems the deer have come out of hiding. It seem almost everything has, the bunnies and fox. I do not like anything being killed, I prefer to let nature take care of her own.

    To the questions about my house being for sale yet, yep, I never took it off of the market. We had a really easy winter here, so that made for not many snow mobilers and people coming up for winter to look at anything. Did have one couple looking at it, came back three times, then nothing. As anxious as I am to sell, I guess this is a test of my patience. Which is seems I am running out of. Had another couple that looked at it too, but they never came back...Was for their son and he has 4 boys and the house just wasn't big enough for what he needed. So that's that and I wait.

    My journey, miss you my friend. I got up to make a move with you and you are gone again. I will wait for you, still have your hand in mine. Praying for God to give you peace and sunshine, to give you what you need to make it thru each day until you can stand on your own again.

    Cactuss, Hope your kitchen turns out to be beautiful. When I walked yesterday, I did get invited into the house I liked down the road, that I would consider buying if I sell mine, it was really a cute home...Could see me living there, Maybe, but the kitchen is just to small. Would have to redo it and not sure if I want to take on that again...Have been thru a few remodelings and loved the outcome, but hated the mess. I also wanted more property for my animals and wanted to get on the other end of town..A new beginning, so to speak...It seems that it is something I have to do, Start over. But can't until this house sells, am still in limbo.

    Lady Laie, I know it will all get to me when it's time, but it seems that I have been waiting for so long now my patience is wearing thin. I keep telling myself, everything in it's own time.I can do it, I can do it, and I will do it. When it comes, whatever it is, I will be ready. I have to make the move and get everything in order again and wait for the next adventure. I hope your well and all is right in your world.

    P-Mo, still playing cards and still getting out, the card games should be over pretty soon, only a winter thing. I don't mind thou. Yes, the sun is once again on my face and blessing our world and making it warm. Soon the flowers will be starting to bloom here and the grass will grow. And this year, I have made up my mind to find new paths thru the woods to walk on and explore.I have seen so much run into the woods that I want to see where they go, and I have that freedom to do it. I still have my mace, in case, (as my son puts it). I'm afraid he doesn't share my need for adventure..He loves the animals as I do and nature, but doesn't seem to have the need to disappear into it. Will be writing about what I find out..

    Icy, It sound like your still taking a pounding, just when things seem to be at their worst, and you think it can't get any worse, it does. As usual when I walk, I take you with me, I talk to you and try to give you incouragement to go on. I think at this point, that's just about all any of us can do for you. Sometimes as I look out the window across the lawn, I see the dead spots, I always hope that after winter is over and it has had a long rest, that it will "rebirth" itself and will be whole again and green all over, but it's not. The dead spots are still there, I think it is to remind me that yesterday was here. Although it is gone, it was there and this is what it left. And I will have to put stuff on it and try to get rid of these sport. I may be able to do it and I may not, But I will keep trying, and every year it's the same. And that is life to me, we keep trying, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but I am to stubborn to just give up, it is not going to beat me.And that is you my friend, I have heard you and I have listened, that is you Icey. you will beat this. Your tired and very weary, I can tell that, you've had enough, but your a fighter. Give it all you've got girl. You mentioned the tree, out in my back yard there is a tree that's about 35 to 40 ft. tall, it sways in the breeze, it's not a climbable tree, but I put myself in the top of it anyway, swaying in the breeze. I can see the world, everything in the forest and I have no fear up there. It is my thinking spot when I close my eyes and feel the sun on my face, no worries and no cares. The animals play just below the tree and once in awhile a squirrel runs up to greet me. And when I come down I am whole again, my spirit is renewed and I have so much will power and strength again. To me, it's like the enchanted pond, and I can see clear across the lake. Pick your spot Icey, I know you do, I know you renew yourself and start over each day. It's a life long thing for people like us, but it's O.K., because the ones that aren't like us, will never know what they missed. Take care and I will keep praying. Right beside you all the way...

    Sunshine, It's hard enough to have to worry about one's self, but to have little children to worry about in this day and age, is so hard. To have to do it alone takes a strong person, and your strength is over whelming. God will help you, but I know you also know that, he already has.

    Take care and stay strong, your day is coming.

    LC, yesterday is our teacher for today, I know it's gone, but it did leave us with some lessons learned. The more yesterdays we go thru, the better our tomorrows will be.

    To anyone I've missed, this is so long now, I'll probably get kicked off. I hope it post. Take care.

    Blessings and hugs to all

    forest walker

  • Laie - forgot to add my most salubrious congratulations to your Graduate!!!!! It is wonderful to see you sooooooo proud (and relieved LOL) to have your son finish and graduate! I think that's just awesome! Bravo to him!!!!!!!

    Here's to his new life, too!

    Hugs and Love,

    Icey x

  • Forest Walker ... I just spent an hour writing to you only to see it NEVER made it here. When I remember that patience is a virtue ... and this may take some time ... I shall send you a new message.

    Till then ... stay as beautiful as you are right now!

    Holding you near ...

    Ice x

  • Well ... today is my eldest son's 19th Birthday! To save me from myself, we've just been out shopping and having lunch together with the youngest as well and I am in a much better space than I was earlier after that no post appearing business. LMBO LOL ROFL

    Dear Forest Walker ... WOW! I so hope you can realize the absolute beauty you hold one day. Your post is an incredible salute to the soul who has understood so much of life and is teaching those around her the meaning behind patience and all things in their time. I was doing soooooooooo darn well on the whole patience thingy till earlier ... truly I was!!!! LOL My cup just runneth over before. LOL

    Thank YOU for sharing your messages of life and love with me and others. Because of you I am sensing and becoming much more mindful of 'to all things there is a season and purpose' and I am grateful to you for that gift. It is a joy to see your wisdom and experience glistening across the pond.

    I just adored that this tree I saw actually LIVES in your backyard! Now 'that' is fabulous! I really liked your perspective on it too ... reaching the top and returning clearer than before ... perfect. I hope it continues to guide and nurture your spirit sweet Gem!

    Thank you for your kindness and encouragement. I am appreciative of not just your words but the thoughts that flow behind them too. I know that I shall continue to 'survive' and more things have yet to come my way but hopefully, we (not just me) are all moving through our 'stuff' with great speed now, learning lessons, lifting awareness and stepping into our authentic selves and entering the GOOD TIMES! This I do wish for us all. Lots.

    It would be a heart-breaking struggle to live surrounded by such acts of senseless violence towards Mother Earth and her animal kingdom. If I was there I would weep and weep and weep till I had filled your lake to overflowing I think. I am grateful for how protected from that stuff I am but, like you, keep envisioning a better world ... where all are FREE and living as intended. Keep sending out your rays of love Forest Walker and I shall do the same from here. One of these days we shall reach our critical mass and turn the group consciousness around ... and then, finally ... all will live in PEACE. Till then, it's YOUR LIGHT MERGED WITH MY LIGHT AND THE LIGHT OF AS MANY AS POSSIBLE ... so that our collective grows stronger!

    It is cool and raining here today - unbelievably gorgeous! I can feel your collective heads going from side to side in a no thanks but ... down here it's delightful; trust me! LOL I am filled with an out of body sense today ... like my soul is literally in one of my other selves and it's a hoot. To be myself and then not ... well, it's interesting. However, it is IN this feeling that I feel so much more connected (weird I know LOL) to my real life. Makes me wistful and filled with adventure and not in the least lost for a change for I can see myself where I want to be, being bliss-filled and sure - filled with knowing and understanding. I am hoping that your today is like that for you also ... sensing your connection to your higher self aspects; filled with understanding and peace. It is like looking out across any horizon and sensing the vastness of space whilst understanding your place within it all. Know that about yourself.

    Well Dear Forest Walker (& Enchanted Ones) ... may music fill your souls and nature be your guide this day and may you feel something brighter and bigger than before within you.

    Keep glowing my pretty ones!!!!

    Holding you near,

    Ice x

    I shall look forward to reading what you discover upon your disappearances into the forests Gem!!!!! O Yes I Shall! My love walks beside yours!

  • Affirmation for today ...

    "My environment is a garden of peace".

  • HI ICEY!

    I always seem to just miss you when you pop in. Thanks for the encouragement, it is always taken to heart. You have such a deep unconditional love and such wisdom for all of us when you come, despite all the challenges you are facing. Know that I am at this moment sending you lots of positive energy to help you get back up and riding your lear-jet broom again! Unfortunately, it does seem that as we get older, physical things seem to light on us frequently. I have been seeing my share of little infirmities showing up.....NOOOO, I say, getting older is ok, just leave the health issues out of this!! Being old and having small kids is a challenge, but I wouldn't change it. Happy birthday and hugs to your son! The world is opening up for him and I bet his excitement is contagious.

    I have had a couple of people from the Church offer help to me already, which I pretty much knew would happen. Mormons are innately wonderful, helpful people who would rush in to help where others fear to tread. I have no doubt that if I were to be unable to find something to move into before my deadline, someone wold take us in, though I would prefer to have the new home of my own. the kids' father, however, is spreading his anger and agitation at the change of things throughout the household, though I am refusing to let his negativity spoil my calm and positive demeanor. Drama King for sure. I really am in an odd place, since I have to move and possibly get into a new lease before I know what is going to happen in regards to my job situation, which won't be clear until July or August. Spirit seems to be silent, or maybe I am not hearing due to the noise around me (drama king). I have considered moving elsewhere, I haven't totally taken that off the table, but I'd need a large influx of financial largesse in order to accomplish that. Change is good, so I shall see what comes forth in the interim.

    Please tell Queenie of the South that she is missed in here! She brings a sense of excitement in as she breezes in and out, with her tall stillettos clacking as she dances through. Certainly thought of her during Mardi Gras season. Hugs and love to you both!

    Arwyn Grace, I am so excited to see you here at the Pond again, you have been missed! You always bring a breath of fresh air and so much positive energy into the Pond when you come. LOL, it feels like you have brought Spring with you. 🙂 Sending you many hugs and Blessings.

    Forest Walker, Spring is finally slipping into our lives! Yay! I love to see the trees and the daffodils and tulips in bloom, so beautiful. I may just start walking too with my little sweetpeas, though i

    don't have a forest to walk in , just a lovely subdivision. May your walks bring you serenity and great pleasure. I am so glad you popped in. I enjoy experiencing the walks through your words.

    Blessings and hugs to you!!

    Bloom, I look forward to seeing you here, you bring wisdom and peaceful and loving thoughts when you come, I always get something out of your postings, and you are appreciated greatly. You are a great example to me Hugs and love to you!

    My Journey, I love to see you when you pop in and I love all the lovely pictures you post, you have a gift for posting the most beautiful pictures and really makes my day. You have such a positive air when you fly in on your chopper, and I know you have challenges just like us all. Big hugs and great energy to you too.'

    333Tanya, I have missed you being in here and just know you have much going on right now, but you know you have all of us in here wishing you the best and thinking about you and the sweet little ones. BLessings and hugs.

    Laie, sure have missed you and am always glad to see you pop in. You, like Icey, always have such love and warmth and lots of wisdom to offer us, even though you may have things going on with your life . Unconditional love is a great gift and I am trying to gain that gift from you and Icey as my great examples. Congratulations to your new graduate! The gateway to adulthood is at hand, bet he is so full of the anticipation of a new and great adventure. A big hip, hip, hooray to him! And many Blessings to you and hugs.

    Last Crusader, I really love your spirit and the beautiful words you post when you come in. You are one person that brings your own unique and intense energy in when you come. Hope you are enjoying your lovely sons, such a special gift, the gift of children. All your wishes and desires will be fulfilled in good time. Hope you are taking care of your heart and your health in general. Many hugs and blessings from me to our resident poet and dark knight.

    And finally, Spirit Seeker, it is a joy to see you on the Enchanted Pond. You are such a special soul that has come into our midst, and gives much to us all. I am sending much healing energy and light to you and yours. Your special Blessings grace us all here on the Pond and yourself as well. Just be open to the possibilities that come your way. All will be as it should in good time.

    From me, special hugs and positive energy.

    I hope I got everyone, if I missed you, know that my love and hugs are enough to encompass all within our beautiful enchanted Pond. I must sleep, work calls me in a couple of hours.

    Have a great day/night to all of you!!


  • Ahhhhhhh Sister Sun ... you have got to stop burning those midnight candles my love!!!!! How can you expect your being to not be weary if you do not rest it??? Right???? I am smiling wildly at you as I say all this for ... hehmmm ... I know someone a lot like this actually ... LOL

    Ya know??? Until you wrote it, I hadn't given myself any connection to unconditional love before ... it is one to make me think and such a sweet thing to say. Thanks. I long for all of us to be living lives that are 'on song' ... won't the pond simply sparkle then?

    Thanks also for your concern and encouragement too. I have just come back from the Dr's actually and my blood levels have gone from 4.6 to 2.1 in 6 days. No wonder my head spins and my energy levels go from some to none in 5 seconds! I tried, in my most winning and charming way, to wrangle a month long gap between new blood checks. You can imagine the response hey? Big laughs, shaking heads and 2 weeks lady! No more! I did try! On the way home I thought how calm and stress free my life is going to be when I don't have to go back anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Calling this health thing a challenge is an understatement. LOL

    I am glad that you are keeping perspective on your 'challenge' too Sister Sun! That helps tremendously. I take it the Little L's father lives with you guys? Perhaps he could ease the complication somewhat???? I, personally, would focus my immediate energy on finding a place to live ... all else can fall in around that, can't it? Best to know where you are and then consider the next hurdle and then the next. No sense overwhelming one's system as all challenges cannot be dealt with at once. Pick the one that bothers you most and work from there. Sometimes, as you are discovering ... assistance comes to us in the least expected way. Keep your heart open for those possibilities.

    I need to walk too ... our beloved Forest Walker has inspired us all I think. I also sense that you walking around your neighbourhood is going to help you find an answer to what you need. You will have one of those 'stumbled upon' moments ... so grab the Little L's and take a stroll and, when you work out whether to turn left or right when you get to the end of your driveway .... close your eyes and just stop thinking ... let your body lead you ... it will be the right direction. I don't have a forest to go walk in either but at least we get to have that experience when Gem takes us with her! Thanks Gem!

    Thanks for the birthday cheer for my son. I cannot believe he is 19! Freaks me out a tad!!!! LOL After I cooked his favourite meal, we headed to the movies to see THOR! It was fabulous actually ... I thought ... boy movie ... oh no ... but ... Thor's pretty hot so ........... no trouble watching it at all (wink, wink, wink) that and I actually loved the story line. There's just something so soul lifting about magic! Makes me want to be able to create like that soooooooo badly! Now the count is on for our daughter's birthday ... 21 ... OMG!

    Spirit speaks all the time, we just aren't very good at hearing it my friend? Internal chatter and worry tends to block out any receivership so ... spend more moments alone, in quiet and holding the intention that the answers WILL come to you. Spirit often has other people / things as the bringer of messages and hence, my feeling that this is how you will find answers ... through what appears to be chance but is actually so much more. Synchronicity is brilliant!

    Keep your determined spirit ablaze Sunshine!

    All will be well! Don't wait for others to sort things out for you; jump in and co-create your own path ... make your life YOURS! And keep playing music!!!!!!

    Love, Hugs and Big Dreams come true to you and the Little L's.

    Icey x

  • Oh dear, I have been missing so much and still no time to write! Icey, you have been dancing through these pages, girl! Oh dear!! all the blood work, the ankle, the work! so GLAD that you were able to take the time and energy to work on your art project!

    Sunshine and Forest Walkier, thinking of you!!

    So glad to hear that Queen Q is doing okay, even in 5" heels! Wish her even more energy than she already seems to have.

    Getting ready for my charity ride on Martha's Vineyard on Saturday. Pray for NO's been brutal here lately in the bike riding department, whoo hee, quite a workout I am having!!

    Zoom zoom, hugs from Bloom


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