The Enchanted Pond

  • So much emotion filled me in reading through these pages ....... You All Are Really The Most Beautiful People I've Ever Encountered! And ya know, I talk to everyone --- Language barrier or not!

    I started to write each of you on Sunday or Monday. I caught up just now ..... I've so much to share in reading these posts but I realized all of my impressions would leave me typing for days and none of it matters.

    What matters is ..... I'm Awe - Struck By The Colors of Love You Each Bring to The Pond! There aren't words to describe it nor do I have enough skill to paint it. Wow! Love You!

  • Thanks for posting the lyrics My Journey ... has so much more impact in print, doesn't it? I really like both songs very much - and for very different reasons: One for it speaks of how to be present in today (my goal) and the other, because it describes exactly how I have felt before. Just as I'm sure it is this way for all of us ... was really kind of you to send it to us in your magical way Shee.

    Thanks also for the blessing you are to not just me, but the entire pond. I like to think that the Universe got it so right in bringing this group together!!!

    I am grateful for your lifting me way UP ... very VERY grateful. It is a tad sucky to add another thing to live with to the already filled mix but hey ... perhaps we really are finally doing everything at once so that we can FINALLY BE FREE??? Now THAT would be worth it. Right? Nothing in life is without purpose ... I get that ... I get that to all things we are connected but ... what the h e l l is going on here??????????? Wish I could have a flash of insight myself!

    What I wanted to do was look at one of the most EMPOWERING statements I've ever heard My Journey ... this one from your last post ... " I need to live my life and not live it for others" ... WOW! This is an enormous revelation my sweet friend who roars ever so well! Brava to you. We have talked about leading horses to water but not making them drink it ... this is very much like that. All we can ever do is offer something to another ... it is their choice and free will after that. What I also know is that it is very difficult to not smile when another does, and harder still to not feel love when love is around. Like music, love is the answer. Sending you a million notes of love!

    Glad to hear that you have made some peace with aspects of your now. Dear Beautiful My Journey ... you ARE amazing ... just the way you are! Hold true to your inner feelings. Continue to be empowered by your choices and never look back. Today is today and that's all we see, right?

    Oh! Too cool that you have a link to Nickelback! Of sorts ... 🙂 I am soooooooooooooo heading your way now!!!!!!!!!! LOL LOL LOL Partay at Shee's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so there I'm there already!

    Thanks for those divine pictures too. I just love having my breath taken away by the images you find for us. I think this is such a wonderful gift!

    LOVE U!

    U are so fabulous!

    Your Moon-whacking Ice Friend x

  • Dearest Lady Laie ...

    How WOW thou art!

    Thanks for beaming across the enchanted waters like a gift from the heavens. I really love how you have sent such a beautiful feeling across the wind. Know that this blessing swirls its way back to your heart also!

    Just so ya know ... ALL of your impressions MATTER! So ... matter away, ok? Often, when we do not see the importance our words might hold, they hold the most for the message is not ours to receive but the soul of another's. To that soul, your impressions are life affirming. And yes, my gorgeous winged friend ... you DO hold such a gift!

    I also wish to add just another 'little' (?) thing to this ... 🙂 ... it is a message of release. When we work with our talents and bring them to the physical, we release an energy that is so important to release. We MUST transmute the healing sensations within us. Holding back interrupts this flow ... and it is a flow that swirls constantly between the souls of all and the Great Divine. Go with your 'flow' ... this is what this means ... I am hoping you will stay in your simply beautiful flow Laie!

    I consider you, and all who dwell here, to be the most splendid flowers in my garden of life!

    Huge Rainbow, Angel Hugs to you Lady!!!!


    Icey x

  • And to all Enchanted Ones ...

    Let the magic come to you today!

    FEEL your soul.

    Express that which creates YOU!

    You will always have me right by your side!

    From my soul,

    Ice ... Moonbeam ... x x x

  • MY Journey,

    Loved the songs and lyrics too. You have the gift of picking out beautiful pictures that speak to the soul. I always enjoy seeing what you posted next. Hope you are feeling well and pray all is well.

  • Laie,

    Really missed you, and your sweet spirit. Glad you are returned. Changes,, school. Hugs to you!

  • Icey, you are a marvelous work and a wonder. I hope I get to meet you some great day....

    Trying not to stress about stuff, changes, changes.....

  • Love and Blessings to all of you, my Pond family. I have issues!!! Working them out, hopefully soon, Looking for a lot of things. Kids are wonderful, they make life a combo of fun, crazy, aggravating and I wouldn't trade them for all the tea in China.

  • There's my diva, she loves to look fly, except for the hair, LOL! She's so tiny, can you believe she is 10?!?

  • Wonderful pic, Sunshine!!! She is brimming with confidence!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Good morning pondees,

    so much happening here, even I am having trouble keeping up!

    Hope all goes well this weekend. I am going to be with my friend's boys, so probably will have some free time when they are out and about to get back here and reflect!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

    ps...I am keeping hydrated, dear roaring Mama Lioness

  • WOW, So much happening here too. I think it is finally my turn to wake up and stand. A lot has been happening and I don't even know where to begin. Today however I get to take my son in to see the surgeon as he had his first accident. Boy did he do it well! Skateboards are not meant to go 25 miles per hour on our roads...he hit a rock and along with multiple bruises and scrapes, he shattered his clavicle! SHATTERED IT! Also Mom is doing better but we get to see her transplant specialist on Tues. That is a 10 hour drive so...send energy please. I learned a lesson the other day when things started to fall apart. To ask for help. My son hasn't had medical insurance since my accident and could no longer work at my career job. He now has insurance. It wasn't easy to swallow that but the State came to his rescue for me and then asked me about getting out of this situation. All she did was hand me a peice of paper with a number high-lighted. For women transitioning...she thinks they may be able to help us get our own house. I also have found 3 houses in the area that I would be able to afford if I only could come up with all the deposits. So we shall see. I must get off for now but I wanted to say hello. I have not gone into a permanent hibernation. I think Spirit had to shut me down so She/He could work without interference from me lol. I will catch up tonight if we are not in surgery.

    Hey Shee....I hope you are doing better love. Miss you. Icey, Lady Laie, Sunshine, Forest Walker, Bloom, Tanya...all of you I ask for LIGHT, LOVE, FORGIVENESS to SELF, and MOTIVATION to move ahead. I heard My Journey's roar of ENOUGH ALREADY! and I must agree.

  • Sending you love and light, Spirit Seeker! That sounds like a spectacular accident, wow. I remember our son took a particularly bad spill on a skate board too...a LONG time ago - he's 37 now!! Glad you were able to ask for help! That's a lesson I need to learn as well.

    My weekend was without a computer since my friend now has a locked WiFi network and no one knew the password. So, ya know, I just chose not to fight it. I have been experiencing my friend as unbelievably controlling lately, and just have allowed it to deplete me. Fortunately, I have vacation this week, and will probably limit my contact. I need to work on my own stuff without depletion, hear my Roar...okay, it's a little bit of a squeak at the moment but will be better tomorrow!!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Woosh ... the wicked witch of the west wings by ...

    Sister Sun ... WOW! Your little L is soooooooo not little! Great photo! All personality! Hoping both the L's ... and YOU ... are doing well.

    Sister Bloom ... it is amazing how clearly we see things when we distance the emotion and open our inner selves. Your little squeak is really cute ... better than no squeak at all, right? I am proud of you because you have made astute realizations of late ... not only of your Pisces' demeanour but most importantly, about the response it provokes within you. I have made many a reference to never giving another being our light and/or energy. Suffice to say that understanding one has disempowered themselves is the grand leap needed to not placing one's being in such positions again. These "boots were made for walking" is a grand song with a grand message. Hold fast to YOUR truth and inner value and well ... just look at you bloom and bloom and bloom some more Bloom! Luv it!!!!!!

    Sister Spirit Seeker ... I am soooooooo sorry to hear of your son's struggle. Nasty accident and I can imagine you have been beside yourself with mother type worry. I echo Bloom's BRAVA to you in asking for help. Such a toughie!!!! It is not often that we do this. I am so glad for YOU that you have seen your limits and reached out to the pool of resources just awaiting you in the Universe! Magnifique! Now, more can come to you because you are finally allowing it to. Keep within that flow, ok? Goddess speed to your son's renewed health, your mother's much needed assistance and to your own well-being! The Enchanted Pond will always be the pool of whatever you need most. Keep tapping into it and keep it alive by acknowledging those that offer to you. May the angels hold you all close in your family and send you everything you need!

    Hello to all other Enchanted Ones ... may your Spirits be light and your hearts filled with happiness and your souls inspired within peace. Fly high and always ... shine brightly!

    Sending you love,

    Icey Moonbeaming Whacky Witch of the West Winds! x

  • Icey Moonbeaming Whacy Witch of the West divine one, that is quite a handle!

    You flew by but didn't tell us how you were doing yourself. I hope that your ankle is improving!

    Yes I keep coming to understand in baby steps about my Pisces and my own response. I did sign up for a workshop with my healer in June. He's not sure yet if it will be 'on' since he's waiting for enough people to sign up, but I hope so. Again, it is a far way away for me with lots of driving, but I hope that the timing will be good for me and my growth. Lady Laie...are you interested??

    I am putting some miles in on my bike, getting ready for that ride on April 1. My sister is here today visiting and we will ride together.

    I think I will also sign up for a second one at the beginning of June - I find these rides very motivating and I have to say, I do look forward to the riding. It helps me feel free I should keep doing it, right?!? duh...

    Hope Sunshine and Forest Walker are doing well and looking forward to spring. And Mama Lion, now I can't stop thinking of you that way. It's helpful for me, lol...I don't think I have a Leo in my life so I'll adopt you Leo's as my protectors :))) Thank you, I can use the help!

    Arwyn, Triple 3 Tanya, LC, Spirit Seeker, AngelBee, thinking of you and hoping you are feeling stronger and dealing with all your multi-tasks in a smooth and positive way!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Good Morning!

    I hope this week brings an ease to any tensions, or issues in our lives and that we keep things in perspective. I'm tired of it too at times, but its just our 'growing pains'. Gratitude, physical activity and humor is what the doctor ordered. (although, my bottle of humor is running low ) I've no idea what the dosage is for folks in those 14states hit by tornadoes! 240 tornadoes = 1000g prayers. ?

    LC ---- I heard the prose as a song also and was stunned to read that Icearia did too. Must be something there. : ) Hope you don't mind this next part --- Not sure why but something or somewhere in it, it felt 'stiff'. Hard to guage but Maybe some emotional quality needs to be re-worked/re-written.

    Sunshine --- how adorable, Mom!!! oops, sorry, L -- super fly! : > )

    Gemmy ---- Remember the ' Weebles' that kids toy from a few years back? Their catch phrase was Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down. Stay upright! : ) Hope your not wondering into any neighbors homes before they've changed out of their pjs LOL! oh, hey, Prince spotted a fox trotting through our yard too, but I didn't get a picture, wasn't fast enough!

    SS8 ---- When the universe offers you a gift and you accept, More are offered. Accept. Ain't it great? Hope Moms doctor visit yields a positve direction and that your son's surgery went well.

    icey -- thank you! reading thru the latest enoughs enough ... when all else fails, snuggle with the honey for a movie or put on music and daydream.

    myjourney --- you sound so calm and collected --- Can you share what your taking? : > O

    bloom --- Patriots Day & beautiful day for marathon monday! i use to live near the start and miss the laid back area. The Celtics won! I only watched a bit, but heard the Prince holler out at the surprise ending -ha! Enjoy the day!

    The youngest has graduated and will be taking the walk in 2weeks. Not sure when to have a party for him as showers, birthdays, Easter are booking the weekends. As it is, I have to turn down an invitation already accepted to be present for the ceremony. No complaints --- He finished! : > ) Another school noteworthy item: granddaughet won third place in the state science fair -- love it! heehee

    Gotta run --- coffee time!

    Blessings! Laie

  • Hi to all you angels of love and light!! Icey swooped by today on her lear-broom-jet to check in on me and I realized that I needed to pop in and say hi! Just as Bloom did a few weeks ago ... I am sorry I have been so absent. I am doing well - still quite busy and unsettled with all the change (selling house, job stresses, daughter picking college....) and no love life to speak of at the moment (so sometimes dealing witha little self-pity/loneliness as well - even though I KNOW that this is where I need to be right now). I am on vacation at the beach (Hilton Head) this week for spring break with my girls, my sister, my cousin (who lost her husband last Thanksgiving) and her two teenage girls! Let's all hope all that estrogen doesn't explode this beach house 😉 Haven't caught up on the threads yet (only 25 pages to go) so I will post more later but wanted to let you all know that you are never far from my heart!!! Big Angel Hugs and Fairy kisses to you all....


    Arwyn Grace

  • What a lovely surprise,hello P'Mooooooo, Arwyn Grace...another enchanted pondie i have missed...spring is in the air,it seems we are all coming out of hibernating hehe...have a blast with the girls, this is maybe what you have needed p'mo...i'm sure there will be some tears and laughter, more of the laughter part i hope and pray....hoping everyone will find this week a beautiful week of finding some peace...again good to here from you:)

    Bloom, a squeak lol...ROTF LMAO.....ok first thing you need to know about Leo's, purring is a good sign, but you need to let out the ROARRRRRRRRRRRRR to let everyone know you are in control not them squeaks, "OK my little cub :)"

    So let me hear the cougar roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...rotf lmbo..


    Lady Laie aka Grasshopper, calm, lol..hehe... "what I'm on below"

    200 bottles of "ENOUGH ALREADY"

    1000 bottles of "Shiite or get off the pot"

    1000 dozes of "Humility" still under Dr's. care 🙂

    Too many dozes of the Lion's roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr to count

    Allot of help from my cyber siesta's 🙂

    A beautiful rock to call my own

    1000 dozes of "Acceptance" still under Dr's care:)

    Borrowed Moonbeams Whacky "Witch of the West Winds, (wow that was a mouthful ) 🙂

    " Stick while she was sleeping:) shhhhhhhh:)




    Forest walker, taking you for a walk, its step at a time, hang on the finish line is just around the corner and it will be full of love,light,peace and laughter...Believe,"LET GO AND LET GOD"...

    Gem are you still going to put your house on the market?, if so, i feel its the right time:)

    Spirit Seeker, sending you lots and lots of healing, may your abundance's be granted, so you can get settled in your New Home and your New journey...BELIEVE!

    Icey, my moon whacking feisty siesta

    ,Lady Laie had some wonderful advice, snuggle with hubby or should i say your hippie hubby, "I still think of your response, now and then to that lol...listen to your music etc.Still lifting you up always..Miracles happen... Believe!

    if you ever need to shout, talk, just knock on your Canadian Siesta's door, Laie has my number, and that goes for any of you! ok...

    Mama Lion is now finished hehe:)

    oh wait, some quotes by Ralph Maston... lol

    “Welcome those big, sticky, complicated problems. In them are your most powerful opportunities.”

    “You've done it before and you can do it now. See the positive possibilities. Redirect the substantial energy of your frustration and turn it into positive, effective, unstoppable determination.”

    “Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow.”

    "Mary Anne Radmacher"

    “Never, never, never, never give up.”



  • LOL, MAMA LION IS BACK IN THE HOUSE HAHAHA..opps caps on caps off...

    i changed just a word or two in these beautiful lyrics if you know the song you will know..are those the right knows or should it be the other

    You know life, has its ups and downs

    (it)Can Turn your pretty face, to an ugly frown

    Seems that when I face one thing, another one comes

    Clouding up my vision, but I can feel the sun

    I believe that I can do this; I know that I can win

    Just as long as I have this love within


    I believe that I can make it, I can make it through the night

    I believe that I can walk on, with my head held high

    I believe that I am special in every way

    But in order to have my victory-I gotta believe-Ooh yeah!

    I have to see myself at the finish line

    I have to visualize that everything will fall in line

    I have to visualize the land while riding through the storm

    I have to trust in my (father,universe, whatever your beliefs) and open up my heart

    I know that I can do this I know that I can win

    Just as long as I have this love within

    I believe....

    I believe I can walk on.... with my head held high

    I believe that I am special yeah yeah

    But in order to have my victory

    Ohh! Heartbreak (I can handle it)

    And heart pain (I can handle it)

    Being let down (I can handle it)

    No one's around (I can handle it)

    I believe I can (I can handle it)

    I receive I can (I can handle it)

    And now I'm walking right into my victory

    I believe that I can

    I believe I'll walk on walk on walk on walk on

    I am special yes I am Oh

    And in order to have victory (Everybody help me say)

    Oh I believe..... Oh I believe

    I'm gonna walk on... with my head held high

    I believe that..... there no body like me

    And in order for me to seek.victory I gotta believe, yeah

  • @ sunshine , yes the piano reminding me you , "T"...:)

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