The Enchanted Pond

  • Good Morning Peepers!

    Just dipping my feet into the water briefly and watching the sunrise .....

    I hope your day/ afternoon/evening is spectacular!

    Peace, Love & Joy!

    ~ Laie4

  • Spirit Seeker, I am happy for you! Sounds like you are seeing how things can turn around with the attitude of gratitude! You are a good example for all of us 🙂

    Lady Laie, you sound in such a good place! It's nice to have you back here on the pond!! Enjoy Hawaii, how delightful...and hopefully, when you get home, the snow will be gone. Magic!!!

    Icey, I am moving on in my design plans...still need to work on the bathroom shower-to-be and totally planning the kitchen.Thanks for your enthusiasm for the project. I have some mud sculptures from my aunt, who spent time in Japan in the 1950's, so I will be excited to include them somehow (in niches) in the new bathroom. In the meantime, I have designed a new Japanese style garden to go next to my lotus pond. I have been in bed for a day fighting off virus #2, this time I did go to the doctor....but am back at work today, so spent time looking through a lot of books in order to incorporate those designs in a garden.

    Looking forward to the weekend, as my cruising daughter will finally be done with her cruising contract! She will be home here for a while starting on Wednesday, so that will be fun. Off to wedding plans, big time!

    Sunshine, let's hope the milder weather brings health to us and to our families. HOpe you will be tickling the ivories soon dear one!

    Hugs to all from Bloom xoxox

  • Just a brief check in to say that my cruising daughter came home (to her hubby) safely early this morning. She will be with us on Wed., so excited to see her again and begin deep work on the wedding, lol!

    Hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent some time walking through a spring bulb show this afternoon....yummmm, smelled so GOOD!!

    Good night/ day to you all! xoxo


  • Hi everyone,

    Just popping in for a second to sit on my rock and decompress!! Research paper due in 4 hours, and I am still trying to type with a migraine. Hoping I am not getting the flu a third time, I will be really upset! Missing you all, hope everyone is well, especially Icey!!!

    Will pop back in when I get this monumental task done!!! (PAPER)

    Namaste to you all!!!


  • Morning LC and Queenies!

    SS8 --- I can't remember if this was the time when your trip begins …. if so, I hope the holiday is all you dreamed of!

    Bloom --- Enjoy the time with daughter--- She's as thrilled as you are! Great earthy smell --- Perfect weekend for planning the garden too. Your creative juices are flowing indoors and out! : ) Have a wonderful work week!

    Sunshine --- Back, back little nasties, no more illness!!! Your will is stronger than the Lilttle Train That Could! You always pull through on all fronts, Sistah Sun! I hope this means the term is ending soon and a vacation is coming!

    I'm up far to early Again and had hoped the rain would lull me back to sleep. No such luck. After a few warmer days here, the lawn has re-appeared for the first time since, maybe, December. The 'snow heart' is no more. I was invited to participate in a health fair doing Reiki this weekend. A beautiful heart-centered weekend with so many lovely people. Wish every day could be spent that way! : > ) We also made an attempt at locating and narrowing down which appliances would be better for the kitchen reno …. everything is so expensive! Not sure wether to do it all from top to bottom, Prince is leaning in that direction, or what. I love planning and designing everything but its difficult predicting future trends. Stainless is a pain in the tush to keep up! The stove is on its last leg ….

    : ) Excuse the run on paragraph….. need a cup of cafe!

    Love, Laie

    PS. Icearia, someone commented on the wing this weekend …. : ) I Love Having an Angel Near ---- Thanks for the constant reminder, Lovey!

  • Hello all of my beautiful Enchanted Ponders :)!!!

    I am sorry I have disappeared for the past week but I am here to report things are getting better. I was guided by God to the exact place here in Lebanon that is being funded by the US Embassy for abused women and I have been hired by the Woman's Shelter as the Program Manager as they are just starting to operate and so far only have one resident. I know some of you said I need to leave this country but this is a dream position I have always wanted and I am hoping this works out for the best. Some members from the American Women's Club here are also helping me to find a Lawyer so I can get full custody of my kids. Thank you to all who have been concerned. I truly believe all is working out for the best.

    My advice to all who are facing their own difficulties at the present is to have patience, perseverance and persistence. Wish I had more time to address you all individually but as of now I am sending you all lots of LOVE!


  • Thats fantastic, 333Tanya!!!!!!!

    You sound absolutely upbeat ---- Let Your Light Shine!

    Destiny is a funny duck, T .... Keep using your smarts and keep both feet on the ground.

    Blessed Be ~ Laie4

  • Bravo 333Tanya,

    It sounds great! Glad that things are working out for you! You should find many resources there then to also help YOU!

    Lady Laie, you are still here! How's the gown shopping...any word?

    I rode my bike outside this afternoon about 18.3 the coffee shop in the next town and then home UP THE BIG HILL which I did do...yes!! I wore my XC ski gloves to keep my hands warm. It was great, I was very proud of myself that I was able to keep going for 1 1/2 hours at a pretty high average speed after not being too active lately. Still fighting off the virus, but obviously, I showed it who was boss...haha, it will probably talk back tonight. I'm glad to get back to riding again and will sign up for a couple of new charity rides soon.

    Hope all the peepers are doing well, and come by and visit, y'all!!

    Sunshine, hope that paper is in process or done!! ARwyn GRace, where art thou? Queen Q, how are you? Icey, My JOurney, GEmmy/ Forest Walker, SS8, our lone would be nice to hear how you are all doing. I'm thinking of you all, but I am not like everyone else here, and I can't intuit how you are doing, lol. I need words 🙂 ❤ ❤

    Angel Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Bloom!

    No, haven't gone out for a gown yet. No tears on this Mom's end! Actually, your timing was spot on as I had thought about calling her to meet this weekend, but don't think it'll happen. After all this talk about yellow, I might just choose to be a ray of sunshine, heehee. I already teased her about that one ---- its no wonder they feel I need to be 'Escorted'!

    Way to go, Boss! : > ) Conquer those Mountains with Your Chariot! GF, you should Seriously consider a mini skirt instead of a gown for the wedding

    Show Off The GAMS! Heres an idea -- change into the mini when the real fun begins! : > ) Is the Pisces invited? Yes, I'm nosy, lol!

    I hope you have a wonderful time with your daughter and laughter abounds!

    Stay dry!

    xoxo ~ Laie

  • Sunshine,

    I just saw that a similiar system that flooded us out last March ( our 100 year storm reporters called it) is headed you way tomorrow. I hope you water-proof the cuties and yourself! I pray it isn't followed by a cold front/flurries!! Enough already --- Have a chat with Phil --- LOL! ---He lives closer to you! Hope you've finished any exams and papers and all went well.


    ~ Laie

  • Good morning Lady Laie,

    Yes the Pisces will be invited to the wedding..he actually met my daughter for a few hours in Puerto Rico, where he was vacationing with his boys, and her cruise ship docked for the day. They all had a good time.

    I do have a 'pencil' skirt that is over the knee that I wear with tights to work, and sometimes, my high boots. You would be I am inching down on the pounds with WW, hopefully I will lose another 10 pounds before the wedding.

    My hub is really doing well with all that, and we have had to go out and buy him new clothes. He's lost almost 50 pounds from his highest weight, so he is proud of himself. He says it's mostly portion control and reported to me the other day that he used to "slam down three hamburgers' at a time when I wasn't home. what???? I think his story telling gene has kicked in, but apparently that is what he remembers. I think I would remember that the groceries would have depleted a lot faster...but hey...let him claim his victory any way he wants, lol!!!

    I think the right color yellow might look good on you! Just go try on everything!! Will it be long or short? Where will you wear your flowers? I'm thinking in my hair...what the heck! Somehow a wrist corsage makes me think 'high school prom" but I am not experienced with flower fashion, so I don't know. What do you think?

    Rain on the way for Pisces has a flood running through his basement. It happens about every five years just during these conditions, frozen ground...snow still stacked up, and lots of rain. We have escaped thus far...hope you have too!

    Hugs to all,

    Bloom xoxo

  • Rain for the last 2 days, snowing right now!! I am soooo ready for Spring!!! Been sick again, but better, school was a total immersion. Paper done, got an A on it, yay!!! 2 more weeks and then I will be done with this couple of courses, 1 week rest and on to the next 2 classes.

    Missing you all, i am trying to poke my head in, but need to do so more often. Love you all, let's meet up in here and talk!!

  • Laie,

    Who's Phil??

  • Morning Sunshine!

    Keep forgetting to say the pic of you is great! Good for U on aceing the paper! Phil is >>>> Punxsutawney Phil ..... didn't he say Spring was coming? hehee I think you need to find his hole and throw a snowball or two into it --- Wake him up for a second report! : > )

    Sorry to hear the bug has lingered! This illness needs to end already --- in your house and in other peoples homes. Oldest daughter went away for a fantastic vacation and for part of it they decided to attend a Miami Heat game. She sat in the car for three hours sick as a dog!



  • Morning Beautiful Friends Around the Pond!

    Sending out healing to those affected by earthquakes and tsunamis. Horrible!

    All I seem to think is

    Enough already!!!! Its beginning to feel like a heavy weight boxing match! The punches keep coming, not telegraphed, but the ring is roped off and the tension is alive and crackling! I keep hearing that Carpenters Song ( ? ) in my head, " We've only just begun ....The lines of watching the signs, new horizons, learn to run …. The Arien child is looking for "room to grow" and all that fire energy is ignited and encouraged by Uranus ---That darn Uranus and Aries! Troublemakers or Heros …. History will bear it out. ( this needs a longer paragraph, sorry, Bloom : )!! This is my fingers trying to offer a shorter version.)

    My phone was busy all day yesterday ---- panic calls! .... No, we aren't in Hawaii, Yet.

    I'll be heading off dress shopping later with my ' baby' hopefully. I was talking to the oldest baby and she said," No Mom, I don't think she picked out your dress; she can't do that". My very thoughts! : ) I found out she settled on brown and burnt orange ( chocolate & cognac, Cactuss) and I'm to pick some jewel tone or something. Just had a thought … I've scheduled a massage and then going dress shopping ….. DOING THIS BACKWARDS AREN'T I? R O F L !!!!

    Peace & Joy from my heart to yours,

    ~ Laie4

  • Hello Ponders,

    Yep, it's me. Just stopped in to say hello...Not to much to talk about here. Nothing has changed. Winter is still here, but it's not been a really enjoyable one...Not a whole lot

    of snow but a whole lot of cold...I too am looking forward to spring. We'll be getting our

    rain pretty soon, then warm sunshine...It was 0 here yesterday, this morning I think it's

    16. Lake is still frozen solid, trucks still driving on it, and men still ice fishing..

    Just not to much to talk about yet, so I'll close this for now.

    Lady Laie, that bridge never got here...I really felt it, thought it was right around the


    Hugs and blessings,

    forest walker/ gem

  • Sorry I haven't been on a lot lately, but I have been unusually busy. I have not talked to her, in fact I have realized that I am totally barking up the wrong tree there and honestly she isn't worth the effort. I have been under a great amount of stress, and only now do I see the light at the end. but it is coming.

  • This post is deleted!

  • " Lady Laie, that bridge never got here...I really felt it, thought it was right around the

    corner... "

    So did I Gem, so did I .... I was pretty worried about you ..... Much Love and Big Hugs! The walking in peace and beauty will come soon and we can both get out again. Thanks ever sooo much for writing!

  • LC,

    Dont make yourself sick again .....No hospitals! Besides --- Remember, Health and Happiness are Infectious!

    And Happy Birthday! !!! ( a little late I believe, sorry)

    ~ Laie4

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