The Enchanted Pond

  • Arwyn Grace ...

    No matter where you are, what you're doing or what's going on ... I AM BESIDE YOU!

    I am your biggest fan my love! Please take care and please be ok! I am missing you horribly but wanting only wonderful things for you ... and your girls.


    Ice x

  • Have to fly once more ...

    Such wonderfully gorgeous souls you all are. I am blessed for knowing you. Thanks for your gifts of self to me. I hold this as my biggest blessing.

    Angel Hugs to you all.

    Hopefully back tomorrow quickly ...

    Ice x

  • Dear Laie4,

    Yes, the US Embassy did give me a list of Lawyers to choose from. And yes, I know he is sick of caring for the kids but I absolutely CAN NOT live under the same roof or even be anywhere alone with him ever again! My 11yr old son called me yesterday begging me to "come home nobody will hit you" but I tried to explain to him why I can't. He then asked his father if him and his siblings could see me every Sunday at church and amazingly he said yes! I had already gotten permission from the principal of their school to see them at school but at least this way I can see them twice a week until my ex is able to leave the country himself. By the way he is not a National here so that also complicates things legally a little bit but I believe the Universe is definitely giving me wisdom and leading me in the right direction to straighten out all of our lives. I have no regrets as to leaving my ex and kids the way I did as I knew it was what had to be done.

    Thanks Bloom for your love and light! Hope your flu is better now!

    Dear Sunshine7959,

    Thanks for your thoughts and here is a BIG HUG for YOU!!! Hope you are flu goes and never comes again :)! Praying for your kids to get well soon also!

    Dear Icey,

    Thanks for all of the info. I'm sure many others will benefit from it also and I'm glad Tarot has not edited the links! Yes, the Universe is helping me find my way!

    I appreciate all of you!!! Sending you ALL lots of LOVE!


  • Hello Beautiful Pond Souls....

    My mentor and Friend sent me here again...I was staying back. Not away just sitting quietly. I do not wish to hide I just didn't want to put any bad energy or negativity on here. I was reminded by this friend that that is why we come to the Pond to share and receive. I do feel like I have sat on this rock all week. My waterfall around the corner is too busy and full of the life that I know will be mine but I cannot seem to get there. This has been a very painful week in all areas of my triune life. Maybe the new moon..but it is in Leo..should that not help for my roar to return? I thought about the energy shifts and how much more personal it seemed for me as I feel the Aquarius/Leo tension on a regular base at home for now and then the face off with the moon in those signs. I do not put my full self into stars and signs and numbers but I feel they must play a role. We are all connected. This week I have wanted to curl up in a ball in the corner and just cry. Emotions and physical have been too much at times for me to handle without the knowing of HOW to deal with it all. I did cause myself some damage in the area of reading the soul mate thread. I have not finished as I came to the conclusion that I deserved to have the marriages that I have as I have hurt someone and do not know how to fix this either. I did the one thing that my Soul-Mate asked me not to do. I allowed another to trod on our friendship for lack of a better word. My soul-mate and first husband were friends so SM thought...lies were told and believed and SM left me with a confusing message. It took 2-3 years for SM to come and clear the situation and then he had to go again...Marines owned him at the time. lol That marriage ended in a bang at 3 yrs in, including me and my oldest son running from mafia. On to Oregon! Then 13yrs later he found me again. by then I was ending a second marriage..this one lasting 9yrs but I didn't think that I should put him in a place of caring for 4 children at that time. We were on the phone for 7 hours and It was the most wonderful conversation of my life. He had changed to be an even better man than I still loved...then I loved him more for his honesty, for his openness about what he had learned , how much I had and still meant to him. He told me that he felt like King Kong when I was in his presence...that he could do anything and felt loved and he felt right. We spent a lot of time on the tele over the next few weeks, wrote letters and missed eachother so much but neither of us could afford to cross the state and car trouble to get to each other. I wanted to be careful as he had also had a bad marriage and claimed that God did not want me to go through his problem with alcohol; which started after he came and found the truth. He said that know matter what happens "Please do not make me wait for 13yrs to hear from you again, I cannot live with what I have done to you". Ponders I did it!!! I was forced out of home with my children on Dec 21st with no where to go. A "friend" showed up and took us to his and his mother's house to help provide shelter for the little ones. I was so grateful and then the "friend" wanted more just like husband one and two I let myself be used and yep #5. I was so stupid to get suckered and fall for my own pity c r a p! I was in my "friend's" home and was carrying his child and I was not to make contact with "THAT" person again! I followed orders and now look what I have done to me and my children. They are the good that came out of all of this. I do not deserve them. I am here trying to wait for Spirit to provide a way to get out of this almost 16 yr. marriage. I have not found my SM again to apologize. I am not looking to love another man again...I have probably hurt the other 3 as I have realized that I cannot love them as I love my SM. How unfair I have been. I won't take all the blame for the bad marriages as they still do not have it together and have been through several marriages and relationships over the years.

    I really am not looking for love as I have to find me and straighten things out. I hear people say this is what you need to do but I cannot find the way yet. Sometimes they make me feel pushed but they don't have an answer either. This tells me as I hit stop sign after stop sign that I must wait. My fear ..yes STILL working on it...crumb I cannot stand being so blasted human! My fear is that the Leo is ready to not just roar but leap at all the lies, all the injustice, all the B.S. and make someone accountable for the actions given out over the years and then I have to look back at me and ask are you so darned perfect you think you have a right?! I have my mother and all her medical equipment and my son...I cannot roar so loudly that I put us on the streets. I must again be quiet and still for a while. I am obviously not ready for what God wants from me. I do not know what is happening to my thoughts and body but something is just not in alignment and I feel beat up! I am just human and just me. I do not want anyone to take anything negative from this. I have once again sat on the rock by the Babbling Brooke here at the Pond and wish no harm as so many of you are going through a lot right now with your own ascensions. May your's be bright and flow through quickly. I pray you all find your wings to fly.

    Hey something good...I had mentioned that the eagle had returned and that he brought his SM to begin the dance. Well Friday morning I had gone to the doctor's office with my daughter and my son text me to tell me that Reign and Glory had returned. Then the real texting began as they glided and soared higher and higher while dancing their way up. They locked up at about 100 yards above the opening in the trees to my back yard and the spiraling and screaming began. He told me that they broke apart only 10-15 feet above the barrel in my yard. Unfortunately I have no camera so no pics but he said..".Wow ...That was kinda trippy". Then said Okay you win he didn't die so you get eagle babies this year for sure. Anyone want to help me name the babies...taking 4 just in case more than 2 make it and for proper gender names. This was a little hard for me as I feel blessed that I do believe God chose my yard for this 3 year miracle. I used to think about the name I was given of Lone Eagle and how Reign and I had shared that for three years and Now he has his SM I am so happy for him! So Happy for him! So yes Icearia God did bring me more animals and Love. Thanks for reminding me that again He is there.

    I pray that Spirit will hold you all tightly and Love you beyond your wildest dreams with Him/Her. Thanks for letting me release, confess and ponder my own junk.....Hey Shee I think you are right time for the name change ...I think your idea is appropriate..A goal to work on.

  • OMW! Icearia I am still all over the place!!!Arrrrggggg. BREATHE...breathe...breathe. Yes I hear you both Icey and My Journey. I will, I am.

  • Tanya~ how are things Love? I know the weekend doesn't help making connections but I am praying for you and the children. Be safe and be strong Love~Godspeed Really.

  • Peg, yep breatheeeee...I bet you feel better Spirit Walker, fae, feather, peg, aka whats your name,??? hehehe...

    Pick a name hahaha lol.....

    now I'm going to breathe, also icey smacked the moon for us lol...i should have asked her sooner....

    thanks for all your loving words sweet pondies,

    Bloom the excitements building, i feel it in you..lots of love

    sunshine may your little angels feel better soon....

    forest walker, sending you hugs attached with lots of love

    Iceyyyy,ahhh, just know i love you also ok..."boy have you've been visiting my brain lol..hope you didn't get lost in there, yes,no,yes,no,maybe,yes,no rotfl

    queen q siesta are you ready to rumble hehe

    lady Laie, always with me

    love to all of you enchanted Angels...



  • Dear Feangelikah,

    Things seem to be getting better. I am definitely being guided as to where to go and what to do these days. Thank you for your prayers!

    I read your story and I am sorry you have not had any happy marriages yet. I did not feel your posting was negative and we all appreciate the details here when you need to vent (good, bad and ugly) :)! The only concern I have is it seems you are blaming yourself only for the things that have gone wrong. Please try not to do this because you do deserve the best. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes but it takes two to break or make a relationship so it is never completely one persons thoughts or actions that will make things happen. (good or bad)

    I don't know exactly why you want to end your current marriage and why you are afraid to do so. I know you said you don't want to put you and your family out on the street and I understand this. If you don't mind my suggestion for you is to make a plan starting now. So you can become independent and leave without worry about you and your families financial security. Are you able to work and save money to move out on your own? Sorry if I am asking too many questions, I am not trying to pry but I do want to try to help you.

    The first step is believing that YOU DESERVE ONLY THE BEST. Hope some of what I have said is of some kind of help and don't hesitate to come and sit on your rock and vent anytime!

    P.S. As far as the SM goes I also believe that when these spiritual connections are meant to be and there is true unconditional love there is nothing that will ever break the bond between you and you will always be able to forgive and understand each other even without verbal explanations. Hoping you get your next chance to see your SM again soon!!!

    Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Thanks you don't have enough going on. Thank you. I have been in a nasty marriage for almost 16 yrs. I tried to make more, I have tried to make it better...that takes 2 and he does not love me. We have been in a marriage of I do not even know. He is too demanding for me and I have lived in another room for a year and a half as a room mate that was supposed to fix herself so that we could be happy. I cannot be even close to me. I currently care for my disabled mother on oxygen and getting ready for lung transplant. I am being payed a small amount by the state to care for her but our government is changing some things and with economy so bad they cannot help us move out . I am looking into some other avenues at this time. Once we find out if my mother is accepted and if a lung does come soon then I get to figure out how to move out of state and my husband will not be happy. That will end it anyway. I think we stifle eachother. A leo and an aquarius was not a good start to boot. I know, not always about sign; we just are not good together. I think he only wants me to stay to do things for him. The less I do the more he is angry and tense...He wants me out of his room and business but wants me to stay and take care of things for him. We even tried the marriage counseling for an on and off 8 months. He quit and said I will never see things his way so why bother. When I asked if he felt we could talk about the future and the fact that we are not happy so...divorce and how do we need to handle things; he said he did not want to deal with it. He still will not talk to me. This is not meant to be said to put down or place blame...God knows I have done my share. He has always hidden truth and still is. This is fact. I have made my choices and now I have to back up and do a redo...fix what I can and just move forward. Just waiting for an answer to a bit of means. I have always tried to make everyone else happy and I have forgotten my needs. I cannot grow and neither can he ...when we are together.

    As far as the SM...I hope he will forgive me..I still feel him I just cannot find him yet to give him the same respect he gave to me. I hope he is blessed and maybe another time but he will always be in my heart...the one I was never physical with not even after 6 months of need...but dang Hard! We had bad.

    I pray there is a speedy resolve for you love and thanks again for your love. Angels on your pillows and may your dreams drive your way.

  • Nice to see such joyous compassion here at the pond.

    Tanya x3 ... glad ... VERY glad to hear you determined and able ... it is in the voice you hold and the words you have chosen. Go you. Good to not see any guilt either. Very healthy. Hoping all those doors keep opening for you. I have no doubt they will. Be safe and be happy.

    Ice x

  • Hello All,.

    It will be impossible for me to read everything and try to catch up...I just popped in to say hello and let everyone know that I am still here...Not to much has changed, words still escape me at this time. Just doesn't seem to be a lot to say...For me that is very strange, just ask anyone that knows me, or anyone that knows a gemini.

    I do think of all of you very often. We have had a very strange winter, last week most all of our snow melted, and we this week, again, we have the bitter cold. Most all the areas around us are getting the bad snow storm yesterday and today..We just are getting 9 below zero..Haven't been walking in the cold. Have been on the treadmill, just to cold to enjoy the walk.,

    Lovely Lady Laie, I have not come to the bridge seemed it was so close and now it seems that it has moved further away.. I was really feeling it too, and then all of a sudden it was gone. Maybe I am just in to big a hurry to try to change things here and get my life settled again.

    Icy: As I haven't read any of the back post yet, I can only pray that your health has improved..I miss you and not talking to you on our walks...Spring will be here pretty soon and we will again be out in nature together, enjoying the sounds and sights of it. I hope the new life of the earth beginning to grow in the warmth of the sun will rejuvenate all of you and make you whole again. As for me, I am still just coasting along. Awaiting the next journey. I guess everything in due time.

    My Journey: Am still holding on friend, nothing has changed, seems life just goes on and on. Not to much new and having a hard time finding things to look forward to, so I decided to look forward to Spring...That is my goal now, winter has been a bummer, not enough snow to enjoy it, but that is really O.K., not sure my mind was on it this year the way it should have been anyway. I am still healthy, still alive and still smiling Not complaining, just not real content right now, Cabin fever, that's what we call it up here.

    Cactuss: You got my winter...but now it's getting towards spring, so you can have it. LOL..I do plan on going back and reading some of the post to see how you are doing and what is happening in your life.I really hope things are good for you and you have found peace in your heart..I'm still talking to the internet man. On and off. But when I keep it in the right prespective it seems to work, but then my mind starts to wander, and oh boy. I do have a good imagination yet, even at my age...Wowie..

    To anyone I may have missed, I will be back..

    hugs and blessings to all

    forest walker/gem

  • Wow 14hrs and no one has been here. I hope all is well. Tanya, I pray that the help you were getting is keeping you busy Love. Be strong and Believe! You and the children will be together soon.

    Oh by the way this is Feangelikah. It was time to stop the fairy tail and start the real journey. It was pointed out to me that I see Spirit in everything but can't find Spirit IN me. My girl was right. So a new name was in order and a journey to begin working on. Fear is my first boot out! I have chosen my number one fear to research. I know this may sound all too analytical but Spirit made me that way. lol So if I fear I must replace with love, to love I must understand and to understand I must research. So Spirit took me on the beginning of a journey in my dreams last night and took me to a library. I found a very large Book on a table. I didn't know the book for some reason but this morning picked up the same book in a smaller version. I realized that my fear of God was unjust as it was men that told me how I was supposed to read and interpret this. This time Spirit showed me the truth to a huge scripture of FEAR for me in the King James Bible and ohhhh my. why fear? So one down. Why could it not have happened years ago? I feel there was some sort of brainwashing after 12yrs. of trying to get the god they wanted me to serve. There is sooo much more that Spirit gets to help with but this stone has been rolled and it feels good.

    I also do not know what has come over me but as far as the husband...well I haven't spoken to him unless he specifically speaks to me. I have offered no food or services of any kind and after he leaves things come to life. Today he asked our son what I was like after he leaves. He told him and told him more...he finally woke up? right... not talking to me yet and he takes time so maybe the stress of all the silence can change so we can get this ball rolling ...out the door.

    I don't know how this is all going to happen but somehow, someway it will all work out for the best.

    Forest Walker I know that we really have never spoken but I have read enough on the posts and I know you worry for the animals as well. I so wanted to share with you that the eagle that visits brought his mate this year and we were so blessed to watch their entire dance and spin. We will have baby eagles and I just know that you of all would understand and appreciated this miracle for all it is worth. I am sorry that you were not here to witness it. Actually I seen them soaring side by side and then it was a 2 week wait and my son had to text the whole thing to me. But I still felt honored that Spirit would come to my yard in such a beautiful show. Proud too that my 15 yr old would get that it was so important to me to text EVERYTHING lol

    Icearia I pray that you are feeling better. I am not so sure. I will continue to send healing and love energies your way. I would love to be here the day we are all healed...the party would so be ON!

    My Journey I love ya babee! Praying for you a LOT so let's be healed, lifted and SNAP out of it...oh rubberband broke!lol I really am not good at funny...sorry not deleting. lol

    PS no I am not drinking or on anything that is supposed to be fun. Just relieved a bit

    Angels on your pillows everyone and I will see you here tomorrow...I hope it has been quiet on the threads.

  • PS I really don't talk as much as I type. YET

  • Hey Forest Walker,

    Keep moving forward darl. Sometimes, our journey seems so slow it's painful doesn't it but, we are ALWAYS moving forward. Sometimes, there is something we are to take notice of along the way and that's why we seem to be standing still. And then, there are times when being silent as we travel along is necessary for us to be. All of these directions are to be celebrated. I hope you are honouring your SELF by doing just that.

    I am fine, thanks for being so sweet in your concern for me. I am always fine. Never worry.

    I, too, have missed our Earthly walks but in Spirit, well ... we fly high dear Forest Walker. We are always connected through our hearts because our souls share the same joys. It is my pleasure to know another wilderness soul and to share stories of sheer wonder with you. I am certain that those who live amongst you have not forgotten their connection to you either. Use those Medicine Cards sweet Gem ... use them to guide you onwards.

    Keep filling that wonderful heart of yours!

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x

    Wish my Autumn would come quickly ... you can have my Summer! I hand it to thee willingly! LOL

  • Sending a quick greeting to the Enchanted Ones!


    Hope you are all well, happy and finding the beauty within.

    May your day be wonder-filled.


    Ice x

  • Forest Walker, Gemmy,

    Thanks for checking in at the pond. YES, it has been a long winter, we are getting another round of snow at this moment. Glad that you have your internet friend to communicate with, sometimes a blessing and sometimes a curse! I know 🙂

    I have been cat sitting for my Pisces as he has gone away on school vacation with his boys. He was having work done on his place while he is gone and the cats were supposed to be locked in the basement with food and litter,etc. When I got there the day after he left, the basement door was ajar and the cats were dispersed throughout the house, possibly having walked on the new polyurethaned floors. My heart stopped dead! omg...I thought I would have a heart attack. It worked out okay in the end, but it was totally stressful. I felt I had to call him, and thus, fireworks ensued. Somehow I always get in the way of fireworks there, and not the pleasant kind. Need to work on that for sure!! ( I know, you will all say "Duh Bloom")

    Spirit Seeker 8, love your new name change and love to hear what is happening in your life. So GREAT that fear is being recognized...that is a good lesson for me too! I hope things continue to move for you with your new closeness to Spirit.

    Triple 3Tanya, glad to see that you are still at the pond, and hope that things are moving along for you.

    I am nearly done with my school vacation, and have made some good progress on planning my renovation work and planning more for the wedding. Both are getting closer every day!!

    Sending love and light out here to all ponders! Queenie Q, haven't heard from you too much, hope that all is well and that you are building up your energy. Last Crusader, are your boys on vacation this week? Sunshine, keep holding on. Hope the little L's are finally healthy and that you are too, we will need energy to deal with this new storm,'s okay snow, you can stop now!!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Dear fabulous moon whacking Iceria,

    I finally tracked back to your 'yellow' response!! Thank you, I missed it. It was helpful to read that. I am with you on the silver too!

    YES, i took my art to a framer, AND I have some red cut outs from the Chinese exchange student who gave them to me last year. One is a cut out for the good luck word in Sanji (or whatever their alphabet is) and one is two birds intertwined. Perhaps I will get those framed also for kitchen/ bedroom??

    Lots to think about, and I am approaching the whole renovation by figuring out where to hang or display the art. I guess this is a little weird but it feels right to me, so I am going with it!!! Went to an Asian warehouse today with hub and son and checked out Shoji doors that I want to use as doors into the new yet to be bathroom. It's beginning to come together in my mind.

    Thank you so much dear Icey,

    may you fly fly fly to fabulous coolness and deliciousness!!

    Your Bloom xoxo

  • Hi Cactuss/Bloom

    It seems the internet friend is more hurt then laughter anymore..Not a good situation to be in right now..

    It's not been an enjoyable winter so far, and I did look forward to it so much...Maybe things will be better soon.

    Glad the cats didn't get on the floor, but if they would have it wouldn't have been your fault. I guess he was just letting off steam and it seems your the one that's usually there when he does.

    Seems you have gotten the winter I would have liked to have gotten here...I don't work or have to go out and drive in it so it wouldn't have bothered me as much..Darn, bloom, send it my way.

    You take care will talk more later

    hugs and blessings

    forest walker

  • Hi Spirit..

    Yes, we have an Eagle that lands on the ice every year about this time, only this time he stayed in the tree at the end of the drive. Very big and magnificent, always a thrill to see, I do hate man against nature, but nature against nature is what has to be.

    I have read a few of the things you have written, and first we have to find our self, and then we find out way..

    hugs and blessings to you

    forest walker.

  • Dearest Icy,

    Our walks have been few and far between, but am getting back into it again..Weather has warmed up and soon we will be trudging along, I will be talking to you and my God, and who ever else will listen.. I've been able to go about every other day now..Not the cold that keeps me from going, but the wind..It is sometime just to brutal to go against. I still pray for you, and I always will, you are a good kind soul, and it never hurts to let my God know how much you are loved...Even as you get well my dear friend, the prayers will always be there for you.

    I will and can tell you this, I know you will understand, I'm not sure anyone else will. I feel as if I'm on a merry-go-round that is spinning to fast to see what's there now, afraid of flying off and afraid of staying on.

    Take care Icy..

    hugs and blessings

    forest walker

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