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  • Yay Sunshine...what a relief..midterms are over! Good Job love...I miss school..sometimes. I am sorry that the nasty flu has attacked at your home may it be very short lived.

    I think Bloom has it right I would go buy nice warm sockies but Mother decided to show the weather man what she is really made of and played a little joke last night. Now I am stuck in my drive again. Heave Ho for me today. Can I borrow those boots I hope the snow shovels will hol;d up...Who am I kidding I hope I hold up. They predicted about 3-4 inches by tonight 9 more hours but when we woke we had 6-8 inches and power lines snapping ect. OUR turn again. The Pond feels warmer but I have only gotten the 2 decks done..guess I better find the driveway and car. lol Dang it is so wet and heavy this time. Time for Spinach! Let's go Olive! Sheila ~ I hope this bypassed you. I told Keanu last eve that I couldn't tell what the wind was up to it was very strange; swirling and a mix of the warm and cold. It was strange for us. The snowflakes are just huge this morn. Okay really time for more shoveling.

  • Wow, Fea~ that sounds like you all got hit pretty hard!! Not fun to shovel heavy snow...hope you took it easy. I always appreciate how beautiful it is though, esp. big flakes of snow...but it gets tiring to keep have to shovel. Sending lots of thoughts of warm boots and socks and warm hands your way. This too shall pass, right?

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Thanks Icey, Laie4 and Sunshine7959!

    Here is a little update with me. Although this news is not so great I feel this turning point was absolutely necessary in order to secure the future of my children. I had to do the hardest thing I have ever done in my life this past Saturday night. After the most violent episode of physical abuse and verbal degradations by my ex-husband towards me I left him and my kids in the middle of the night and am now in a place where he does not know. He had been taking all of my paycheck for the past month and accusing me of hiding extra money (which actually I was but it is my money not his and I have learned he will only go gamble away any extra money he has and he is not going to change anytime soon) and he was having the kids go through my purse to try to find money also. I was tired of stashing money in my underwear and lying so I made the plan to refuse to give him more than $20 of my paycheck this past weekend and that is when all hell broke loose and I had to leave. I am the only one who will ever be able to save money for my children's future but only if I am completely free from him. God is with me I know and Archangel Michael helped me escape safely that night. I am fine I just hope my children will be able to understand the truth of what has happened and I will be able to have them return to me soon enough to get them proper treatment for this emotional trauma I am sure they are experiencing. Sending you all lots of LOVE!


  • 333Tanya, PLEASE forgive me if I step too closely as I do not even know you yet but please go to the child welfare office and tell them. You will get the children...he is abusive and were the children there? I do not even know where you are love but in my area that is actually a felon crime to become violent in front of minors. You got out safely now please alert authorities to get the little ones back to love. I will so be praying for God's protection and very quick resolve for you and the kids. Be safe and keep breathing. My love I send to you with a huge hug

  • Dear Triple 3 Tanya...our hearts are lifting you up! I hope that you are able to continue to be safe and that you are able to get support where you live to also help your children!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hi T, i seen you pop in,and i was glad you came back here...then this,,,

    T, oh my gosh...last time on f and l you were working on leaving him, how did he get back...sorry...i'm so happy you are safe...and i know you felt you had to leave the children there,...but you did it to save your life and for them not to see their mama getting hurt,

    have the police detained him, can he now be deported!...please keep in touch with us need to vent,cry, know you have been on your rock along time...please sit again...praying for you and the children always...

    love,hugs,light peace sweet Tanya..


  • i DON'T WANT THAT POST TO SOUND DIRESPECTFUL, TANYA..I WAS JUST WORRIED, STILL AM..oops caps...I am so sorry again, you didn't do anything wrong... but protect yourself and the children...

    love sheila

    aka shatz

  • Dear Feangelikah,

    First I would like to say nice to meet you! Thanks for your input I appreciate all comments and never feel that you are overstepping any boundaries as we are all family here at the pond. To answer your question I am actually living in a foreign country and unfortunately here the authorities are not on my side as they are his relatives and will always believe his side of the story before mine. I do have support from the International Community here though so I am not alone and I am sure in a few more months I will be able to get at least my daughter back into my custody. I am going to the US Embassy here tomorrow to see if there is anything they can do for me regarding the situation. Thanks again for your concern. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Thank you Bloom!

    Dear Sheila,

    Yes, I let him back only because of the kids missing him so much and hoping things may improve but things have only gotten worse between us the past three months he has been here. I am glad you understand why I had to leave without my children, and in no way was what you said disrespectful. 🙂 Thank you for your love and support. I appreciate it. Sending you lots of LOVE!

    XOXOXO 333Tanya

  • Dearest Tanya,

    You will get the children back and then you must leave the country. I know you love it and had reasons to stay, that time is over. I'm sorry but things have been pushing at you to go but you have been ignoring these things. I asked if you should go back to CA, the answer seemed to indicate no. Something about a relative in the North East

    I remember your story and find this difficult to understand but, it really isn't for me to get : > ). Could it be NE part of CA? Also, I asked if when you get NE if you would be able to find a job teaching but the answer was no, so again, sorry. 😞 I thought a job prospect would be helpful to know. It must be that something else will find you and all will be well again.

    In the meantime, put something sunny yellow in your pocket or upon your being to pull out and look at whenever you doubt, okay? I am asked to let you know sunnier days are coming and that will be a reminder.

    Tanya, I wish nothing but good things for you and the bambinos! Stay smart ----Keep using your head; its an asset right now!

    Love & Hugs,


  • 333 T ---- Do you know someone or have a connection to NY?? Maybe someone helpful there. ?

  • Hello All!

    Holy Hera 3xTanya ... what a nightmare for you and your little ones. I am truly sorry. Everyone here has given you sound advice and Laie's reading is to be heeded ... I won't add anything other than you are so very right in going to the embassy. This is a MUST do for you, an IMMEDIATE must do ... spirit is screaming this avenue at you. Do keep us close to you as you walk this new path as the enchantment begins when one soul needs the others. Know that our love stands beside you always. Be safe and be smart ... Laie is spot on ... stay smart; this is your advantage. Keep remembering that.

    May angel wings enfold you all and draw you to safety and peace.


    Ice x

  • To all you snowy angels ...

    I hope that you are all sent a reprieve from the hard labour you all face ... shovelling snow is so like the Buddhist principle of carrying water. They say: " before enlightenment ... carrying water. After enlightenment ... carrying water". Look how enlightened you must all be now huh!!!!!! 🙂 🙂

    Sending you the sunshine angels!!!!!

    Love to you all,

    Ice x

  • Dear Laie4,

    Thank you for your insight. No, I have no relatives nor friends in the North East that I know of in the USA but the friend that has been helping me here in Lebanon does have a house in Virginia (is that considered the North East?) Otherwise all of my other friends and family live in North West California. There is a friend in Canada I was considering visiting the next time I go to the USA and her location is North East of the United States??? That's all I can think of in relation to that message at the moment.

    Dear Ice,

    Thank you for your thoughts. The only reason I have not gone to the Embassy sooner is because it has been Holidays here this week and they were closed. Today is their first day open again. I will let you know what they say.

    Sending you both lots of LOVE!


  • Oh 333Tanya!

    I am terribly upset to hear what has been happening these last months. Please go to the embassy and listen to Laie's reading, your safety and your children's safety needs your prompt action. Prayers are being sent up for you, I am asking Archangel Michael to protect you and get you and your children safely away. You have been missed at the Pond, and we all are here for you. Do what you must to protect yourself and the children. We all are with you.....

    Love Sunshine

  • Thanks sunshine7959!

    Well I went to the Embassy today and they basically said they couldn't do anything for me coz this was out of their scope. They said I have to get a Lawyer and finalize the divorce. They made notes of my report and took copies of our id's but they basically told me "we will not assist in parental kidnapping" Which I was shocked that they would even mention that just because I was asking about the possibility of financial assistance for my kids and I to go back to America to escape from him. For a repatriation loan they said it is a long process and there has to be proof of a severely detrimental situation and need for this service and since I was in a safe place now where my ex doesn't know I am I don't qualify at this time...

    So the current plan is to find a lawyer I can afford and see what he can do for me.

    Sending you all lots of LOVE!


  • I just returned home after a long day but wanted to check in ..... I've finally caught up but am too tired to type replies.

    Tanya --- There was a parental (Moms) kidnapping thing on the news last night or tonight so this is prominent and not unheard of and many of us are aware of the father trying to get his young son returned (or he has been retruned). Get a lawyer, names can come from Embassy and a separation and repatriation loan can begin simultaneously or thereabouts, I'm guessing. The lawyer can help with both and get Him out of the house and You in. Anyway, he'll get sick of caring for the kids probably, right? : )

    Just wanted to say to:

    GEM : We have a beautiful full golden moon hanging above the hill and snow covered field --- I think of this moon as The Snow Moon tonight. For YOU : I thought of the Wolf Moon and Hope, no, PRAY that You Are Well Our Dear Sister of the Forest.

    IceyBeam--- Wanna go for a WEEEEEEEEEE around Leo ?( regulus or something, can't remember anything right now--- darn birthdays, lol!) We can seek out Quen while kicking Saturn a little further away --- Hahaha! Maybe Quen will wipe up some Yummy Jell-O?


  • ahh, NOT wipe up! although the way its going ....... : > )) Whip Up some yummy Jell-O!!

  • Lady Laieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee,"grasshopper" is it your birthday by chance?

  • Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! I'm flying Lady Laie ...... and cackling at the biggest moon beaming in my skies!!!!!!!! That's me on the wonky lear broom jet .............. nyahahahahahahahahahahah!!!!!!!

    Sending you a full moon sized hug and rays of love.

    Ice Ice Baybee x x x

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