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  • Ohhh...Sunshine! I cannot post pictures very frustrating. My Journey or Lady Laie will have to run a workshop for us! Hope your studying went well and going back to work....always an event, sometimes a good one!

    Icey, glad you stopped by and that you are (maybe?) feeling better!

    We missed the predicted snow storm in my part of the state today, so looks like I will have a full week of work for the first time in a long time. It's good in a way because we are adding days on to the end of our year, and who wants to go to school in the summer??! Agh!!

    On the other hand, my arms are wicked strong from lots of shoveling, haha!! It's better for me to have each day go along as planned, since I have appointments that have to be rescheduled over and over. The endless wheel....good thing I love my job!!

    Hope all pondees have a great day/ evening! I am spending time looking through gardening catalogs, dreaming of spring...

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Sister Sun,

    Good luck with your mid-terms. That sounds so strange here as it is only week 2 of our new school year! I am sure your brilliant self will do brilliantly. Sorry to hear about your health challenging you right now ... lousy timing ... keep all fluids up and sleep ... SLEEP! Got that! 🙂 Glad that the Little L's are happy and thriving and continuing to be precious souls ... that's wonderful!

    May the Angels who watch over study, sleep and health be with you.


    Icey x

    And yes ... I do just sit on my rock in here ... no expectations ... I do know that. Thanks for the loving thought. Huggggggggs!!!

  • Hiya Macho Bloom!

    I loved the whole strong arms image ... shovelling snow would be quite the work-out I am sure. Thought that was fabulous. Relieved to read that the big snow storm bypassed you all this time.

    Hope hub is feeling better now. How is your Pisces man? And his boys? How do they see you? How old are they? All these questions but, for some reason, these boys are at the fore of my thoughts ... as if they need guidance and reassurance right now. I feel sadness and confusion for them right now ... and I dearly hope they are ok. I sense your Pisces as being almost too blunt and sharp with them and they are such sensitive little souls ... do you see them much? Give them an extra little love in your hugs from me, ok? No idea why they are so prominent in my thoughts but they are. Wishing all to be well for them, Mr. Pisces and your family too.

    I am quite a sucker for a good home / garden magazine. Bit like design shows on tv .... lurrrrrrrrrrrv them LOTS! I hope your dreams of Spring bring you joy! It's good for the mind to just float inside a good magazine isn't it?

    Am I better???? Although my blood keeps going backwards in numbers, I have hovered around the right place so the Dr is happy. I am seriously drained and in some pain now that I have returned to work. I am having this week off because I am not doing well. A change of work venue is needed. Health is such an interesting thing isn't it? I would never believe how long it takes to recover from things. But essentially, thanks for asking, I am ok.

    One of the good things that I am grateful for right now is that I am having 'alone' time. My two younger kids have returned to school for the new school year, my eldest son is job trialling, my daughter works constantly and my hub has begun his new job and I .... yes, lil ol' me ... is finallllllyyyyy ALONE! I have NOT had any alone time for 18 months and this is both wonderful and somewhat strange to have some again. I love the peacefulness an empty house brings and the opportunity to just be for the first time in a long time is deeply appreciated. I am hoping to use this time to either meditate, write and clean out all old things (well, I'll keep the hub LOL even though he's old LOL), or all of the above. I have felt so disconnected and spaced out for so long now that it will be nice to try and get my sense of self back. I shall, of course, be holding the enchanted pond and all who dwell within her closer than close. It will be so lovely to do that in the stillness.

    Love to you Bloom the Strong!!!

    Icey x

  • To every enchanted soul ...

    May all you seek become clear.

    May all you dream begin to manifest.

    May all you hold dear remain close to you.

    And may all you see be the reflection of your gorgeous soul!

    Happy Trails,

    Moonbeams and Ice x

  • Well I went to the soul mate thread I have been reading and found I am here at the Pond with some beautiful Souls. I am having to look at some things in my life that I was not ready to deal with...or had hoped it just would not come up again. I am only on page 16! I have so enjoyed reading about Bob and He is gorgeous! Rooster made me cry a thousand tears at least and the love that you all have been sharing is so uplifting and I have no words....

    I came here tonight trying to figure out how I am to accomplish that that God wants me to do. Thank You Sheila! Muahhh. I know this sounds silly but I am just going to sit here and wait for Spirit to meet me at the rock...the waterfall is too noisy right now.

  • Hi Feangelikah,

    Yes, we do have some beautiful Souls in here, don't we? Everyone that happens into our little Pond comes here because they are drawn here. Just from the reading that you have done so far, you can see how far we all have come in here. All of us have our stories, we came in pain and deep sorrow, only to emerge new, strong and vital people. Who would have thought.......? You too, my dear will find the same loving hands here ready to lift you up and help you back onto your feet again. Sitting on the peaceful rock makes perfect sense. Spirit comes when we least expect it. I have learned , of all people. You are a great person, Feangelikah, it will astonish you what you will find in here for yourself.

    Hugs and Blessings to you. So glad you are here among us.....


  • Dear Queen Icey,

    Thank you for your words, as always! Strong I am, and I found a pair of tall black boots yesterday, look out world, lol (not stileeto heels though, haha)

    Icey, I am so HAPPY that you have some down time ALONE! I totally get that, and love that time too. I am glad that your numbers are good, and that part of your physical being is improving. I will put out some affirming thoughts for you to move past your physical hurts to a job that is as uplifting to you as you are to us! I am glad that your family is back into the regular schedule and that King Moonbeam is now at a job. Hope Bob is doing well too. Did you ever get more fish?

    My hub is doing much better, thanks for asking. He recently got diagnosed with diabetes, but it is a good situation. Since he has lost weight, his doctor has been very pleased with him. HOwever, if he has the diagnosis, he is able to receive more medical attention as far as more frequent visits with his doctor and some educational classes at the local hospital. So he is taking a more active role in his health, and explained to me that his moments of 'distance' which he had been having might have been due to blood sugar issues. I was very relieved to hear that since I was thinking (selfishly) that it was going to be kind of a long road and not much fun taking care of him. As I said before, I am not a great nurse, so it would have taken a lot of energy for me to do that. So HAPPY that, if it does happen, it will be much further in the future than I was imagining previously. dear Mr. Pisces...yes, he is a trip!! So many things always swirling in his life. The boys are ages 13 - yes, they are pushing up against him for their own independence, something that does not come easily to this Dad. I only see them once a week briefly when I bring food over, so just exchange a few words and hugs with each of them. I try to make dynamite food though.... with a fabulous desert (my cooking has really improved!!). Individually, they have different struggles, one in school, one learning to drive, one with his temper, one struggling to push to play the sport he wants, etc. It's hard for a single parent to manage, but I try to be as supportive as I can. I will inbox you more details!!

    Fea, so glad you are here and reading through the threads! I agree with Sister Sun, we have all come a long way with the support of each other. Glad that you feel the love and positive energy coming from the pond!

    WEll, TGIF, as we say on Fridays. Our weather here won't be too bad, so I hope to get out on my XC skiis and breathe in some nice cool clean air! Thank you mother nature!

    Hugs to all, My JOurney and Forest Walker, sending you love and light! You are both on my mind.

    Bloom xoxo

  • TGIF & TG for a sunny day and a stretch longer than 4 days with out a storm --- woo hoo!

    Have a Fun Filled, Feel The Love Weekend!

  • This post is deleted!

  • FIRST OFF BLOOM, Strong I am, and I found a pair of tall black boots yesterday, look out world, lol (not stileeto heels though, haha) i SURE WISH WE COULD HIGH-LITE WORDS..


    Gosh bloom you sure gots some mojo going it, i am sooooo very happy for you....

    sunshineeeeeeeee you changed your pic, BEAUTIFUL.....Hope the nasty flu bug is gone and the L's didn't catch anything..

    GEM,forest walker, hoping and praying you are finding peace again...i wish i had some words for you to ponder over, so for today i will sit silent with you upon a rock, and send you a gigantic hug attached with love...always.

    lady laie,i hope you have a great weekend also,you sound like you want to do some cartwheels lol...

    Queen QQQQQQQQQQ missing you my feisty siesta.........

    fea,Peg,feather spirit walker,we meet up again...:)

    moonbeammmmmmmmm, dear iceyyyyyyyyyy, i do talk to you, every time i look to the Mountains on a clear day 🙂 My daughter k has been taking skiing lessons through school on

    Grouse Mountain...She had her second lesson last night,and she just loves it...."as soon as she walks through the door its, MOMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY "LIKE SHE HAS BEEN GONE FOR DAYS" LOL... its a long Thursday for her and a long Thursday night for me."As she proceeds to tell me stories from the time she leaves the school parking lot, to her ride home from the mountain ROTFL."..oh how sweet, my young Pisces girl does love to talk! talk,talk...:)

    I pick up "Love Colors" Wednesday, all prepared to read it while I had Thursday to myself and SHAZAM...another attack of the bad monster headache!!! No warning, no nothing...

    I still don't have an appointment with the Neurologist, the funny thing is Monday I was just at my Drs...he said "Sheila you must be feeling better because you look better!" I guess pain will do that to you RIGHT! seems like we age a few years while we are in pain...go figure, hehe...

    i'm glad you are starting to feel better Icey, its just going to take some time till your up and running again. My time is up to stop writing, i have been writing this post on and off for what seems like forever...i just wanted to let you know i have read your thoughts to me, and that your words i carry with me in my heart..thank you...

    Namaste Enchanted Angels


  • Thanks My Journey! Glad that your daughter is enjoying skiing lessons. My kids also all learned how to ski, our son was on the Ski Team in high school. It's great for the kids to have fun things to do in the winter, keeps them outside and active! woo hoo!

    HOpe all is well on the pond for all!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • Hello all of my long lost beautiful Enchanted Ponders!!! I want you all to know that I never forgot any of you in the past three month absence of mine. I think of you all everyday. I honestly don't have time to catch up on three months worth of posts in here but I hope all of you are doing well and I hope to begin to be able to post more frequently here. A lot has happened to me in these past few months and things are slowly getting better for me.

    HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!!! Sending you all lots of LOVE!


  • Triple 3 Tanya,

    no we haven't forgotten you. I have been wondering how you have been doing! SO GLAD that you posted and happy to hear that things are improving for you. Keep in touch!! Sending you lots of love <3<3

    Lovely Lady Laie...has it been 10 days really without snow...minus little no-account snow squalls? Where are you off to next??

    Forest Walker...hope you are doing well.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

    / aka Cactuss (Triple 3T, lots of name changes at the pond, don't even try, lol!!)

  • Lovely Enchanted Ones ... Blessings of the day to you all.

    My Journey ... I am soooooo sorry to hear you have another dreaded headache. That sucks and is so unfair. I want the Universe to be kind to you now and to bring you some peace and well deserved love. I shall keep holding the vision of healing and abundance for you my dear friend ... and I shall send Raphael flying to your side too. Look after her Raphael ... please and thank you. I know that you will get to read the Love Colours book when the time is right and then it will make more sense to your soul.

    I am soooooo jealous of your gorgeous little one's skiing lessons on Grouse Mountain ... that was such a wonderful place to wander around and seeing the bears there was fabulous. The homes up there are pretty gorgeous too aren't they??? LOL Could happily live up there!!! I think it's really lovely that your sweetie wants to talk to you so much ... so much shared love ... it's really beautiful. Hope she continues to enjoy herself and bring you stories. That's precious.

    Hope you find your way through this current maze My Journey. It's great that you can look at your mountains and chat to me through your heart ... I am really touched by that. What a perfect way for us to just sit in each other's company. BEAUTIFUL!!! I want your happy self to return and for you to find your peace and freedom. Know that my love never leaves you ok ... I will always sit beside you here at the pond and there with your trees and mountains ... ALWAYS!

    Angel Hugs!!!!

    Hi Bloom ... our macho woman!!!! Glad to hear your hub is getting better and, although facing a new health challenge, it is faced positively and proactively and will hardly be a challenge at all really. You are by far the most proactive being I know ... and that is quite a compliment. I think it's because you have the most amazing mind set and sense of personal growth. It's remarkable. Go YOU!

    I never did get that alone time ... oh well. No sense dwelling on it is there? And no, we never did get more fish either ... thankfully. We do have enough pets ... really. I am busy enough without adding to it, right? Bob is physically healed and looking fabulous again but shakes violently when faced with being put outside again ... poor dear ... a new challenge.

    Thanks ever so much for your affirmations and well wishes and thoughts. That's very kind of you Bloom and I am very grateful.

    Your Mr. Pisces sure has his work cut out for him huh? That's a huge task to raise so many boys and each with their own challenges. I can see where and how you fit into it all ... they's need you full time I reckon!!!!!!! 🙂 How lovely that you DO bless them with your love, support and care. That's pretty special.

    Hope you get to XC ski to your heart's delight. Hope you sing loudly when you do, too. Have a beautiful time Bloom!


    Triple 3 Tanya!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HELLO U!!!!!!!! It was so gorgeous hearing from you. Bloom is right ... you were dearly missed round here and NEVER forgotten. Hoping things continue to fall into place nicely for you. You deserve it. We'll look forward to hearing details girlie when you get the chance. Thanks for stopping by the pond and know that each of us goes with you no matter what!!!!! Happy Valentine's Day to you also. So very glad you dropped by.

    Hiya Fea!!!!! So lovely to see you here too. I hope you are feeling more aligned now and more at peace too. Sometimes, when we focus on so much, we leave ourselves nowhere to go other than to be overwhelmed. Your plan ... why God wants you here ... will unfold as you allow it to unfold. Sometimes it helps to just go with the flow and take one day at a time ... worrying about the bigger pictures and how to get it all done actually throws us off balance and takes us further away from our divine purpose. Remember to breathe ... slow, deep and often. Keep your being grounded in each moment and breathing does do this for us ... then, allow your awareness to expand to your immediate environment and how you are within this space. Look at being conscious of your feelings and intuition ... within each moment is an aspect of your divine plan ... once you are aware of it, you are actually living it and then ... your being becomes its authentic aspect. Let the bigger stuff take care of itself whilst you just take each moment as a moment.

    I was sincerely impressed that you have begun the mammoth task of reading "Soul Mates 1 ... and maybe 2 if you're game" ... now you are really able to understand who lives within these enchanted waters. Aren't the souls here divine? Absolutely stunning beings of light they are. Glad you are getting to know them better Fea ... and welcome to their stories too. Hope you find the wisdom in them. Yeah ... Bob is a sweetie isn't he? Thanks for those kind words. He'd love all of you guys too!!!!

    Sending you love as you sit beside your waterfall. Hugs Fea!!!!

    Lady Laie ... my wonderful love ... hope your days are as glorious as you are! Angel Hugs!!!!

    Last Crusader ... wishing you happiness. Hugggggggs.

    Hey Sister Sun ... hoping the bugs are at bay and school is going well. Lovely to see you doing what you do best ... spreading the light and love around. Love that magic!!!!! Hugs to you & the Little L's.

    Dear Forest Walker ... am really missing you my dear. Always sending love across our universe to support you, bring you peace and help you smile again. Hoping the cold has eased enough for you to be able to once more be surrounded by the earth that loves you as much as you do her. Wishing you many outside moments of stillness and beauty. You do realize that everything you FEEL is but a reflection of your beautiful self??? Accept that and allow that level of self love to rest in your own heart for awhile. Sending you wishes upon wishes Sister Soul! Holding you closer!

    May each of you have the greatest Valentine moment ever today / tomorrow ... feel that unconditional love for self just as much as for another. Hearts and Flowers Everyone!

    The Moonbeaming Icey x

  • Great to C U on a rock if only for a brief moment, 333 Tanya!

    True Love makes every moment in life magical and fills life with immense possibilities everywhere one turns. Be True Love To Find True Love.

    Happy Valentine's Day ! Be magical, Queenies & LC!

  • 🙂

  • Wow 333Tanya!!! I was soooo ecstatic to find you on your rock!@!! You have been sorely missed around here! I hope everything is okay with you and the kids. Come back soon!!

    Unfortunately, everyone, my kids managed to get the flu too. They had to miss their valentine day parties at school today, but I took their treats in for their classes anyway. Poor dears. Since I was out last week with myself, i had to prevail upon their dad to watch them. We definitely don't get along, so it's a matter of major avoidance while we are in the same house, but for the kids' sake, I just try to not talk to him unless I really have to...

    Internet friend/fish has been thrown back to swim with the sharks...we just talk publicly/impersonally not privately anymore. Maybe it is better this way....

    Aced my midterms yahoo! Hopefully that will just keep me going to get through this quarter. I don't know why I am having so much trouble being motivated. Maybe because I have been with my nose steadily to the grindstone for the past 2 years constantly with no real down time between classes. I don't want to say that terrible BO word....

    Missing you all, just trying to study, work and get well again. I will pop back up on my rock again, hopefully i will be in a better mood.

  • HI Sunshine,

    Sorry to hear about the little L's and the flu! That's tough. CONGRATULATIONS on aceing your midterms! YAHOO!! I know for me while I was working for many years in graduate school, I learned a little celebrate each milestone that you meet. There are so many before you graduate!

    So do something nice for yourself...even download a new tune for your computer or mp3 player...or get a delightful pair of new soft warm socks (a secret delight of mine in this weather). Know that this weather too will pass...although, really, can it be soon enough? Or...something else that you would feel pampered and loved for all that you do.

    Forest Walker, thinking of you Gemmy.

    Hope all have an enchanted day today, just for you!

    Hugs from BLoom xoxo

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