The Enchanted Pond

  • Good morning Ladies, and Last Crusade,

    Sorry I haven't checked in with you sooner, just isn't much to talk about lately. Seems you all have been getting a lot more snow then we have up here. This has been the mildest winter that I can ever remember, so far, The southern half of Michigan seems to be really getting a pounding, the northern half is not getting much of anything. We still have a about 6 inch's on the ground, but only get a light dusting every now and then. It is pretty cold thou. was 7 below when I got up yesterday, but gets in the 20's in the afternoon.

    My Journey, your back. What an awful thing to go thru. I will keep praying thou, just to keep you safe and happy and well. Keep holding on to me girl and I will keep holding onto you. This is a lifetime thing, we will always give each other strength.

    Cactuss, sounds like things are at an even level for you, happy to hear it., Love the way you and your hubby are getting out and doing things, and such wonderful things to do. I've had to bring my walking to a halt, this is mating season for the coyotes and they are out in abundance, in front of the house on the ice and we can hear them in the woods at night, the DNR said it's not safe to walk alone now, they get a little more aggresive and unpredictableat this time of year.

    Hate missing out on the cold brisk weather, thought I really might try it today anyway. Just go a little later then all I see are the tracks in the snow.

    Icy, I miss you. I hope your are getting better. Seems that I've lost touch with you, specially when I'm not walking, I still talk to you, but seem to be very uncomfortable with your situation. Hope you can check in pretty soon.

    Last Crusade, Miss you too. Hope your doing good and that the new year will bring you new hope for happiness.

    Sunshine, you are having a much worse winter then I am. I guess if I had to go out and drive in it everyday then I might mind it a little more, But I just get to enjoy it so I love it, but then I really always did.

    Sorry that I haven't read all the post yet, I will try to catch up later today.

    Quenk, Hey have you ever had the pudding shots? They have been bringing them to the card night, and I've tried a couple. They are pretty good too. I think I like the jello shots better thou. But they both pack a punch when you get a couple to many.

    To any one I've missed, have a good day and will catch up later

    Hugs and Blessings


  • Sparkly greetings to all you light-filled souls! Seems I have a bit of catching up to do - again 😉 I’m not able to check in as frequently now because they’ve blocked most “entertainment” sites at work (obviously they don’t realize the difference between entertainment and soul-work!) Anyway, I am home today due to a nice little icing that we got in NC last night. I’m sooooo tired of winter already! Sorry moonbeam Ice-queen - I know you would trade me in a heartbeat but I hate being cold and the grayness that surrounds on days like this… An update on me: I seem to have been in a slump/fog this last month or so. I traveled to Indiana again for the holidays and my dad seems to be doing OK (still not doing his rehab for his hip but that’s mainly due to his stubbornness) – and he had plenty of energy for our usual political arguments – poor conservative guy got saddled with some pretty liberal children, much to his chagrin 😉 My mom, however, is extremely depressed and (I fear) drinking again (was sober for 25 years!). She did not want anyone to visit her apartment on Christmas (didn’t even put up a tree) and just found out that she got fired from her job (just started in Nov) due to attendance (she really hated it because no one talked to her). I wish I could somehow wave a magic wand and help her fight the darkness. I hate feeling so helpless… and I’m having to face the reality that my job is no longer a good fit. I know I need to do something different but I have to move past the fear of the unknown (especially the money fears). I know that 2011 is going to be a year of change for me - just hope that I have both the wisdom/clarity to see the right path and the strength/courage to pursue it!

    Sunshine-sista – So glad to hear about the L’s continued growth – love the image of Lauren on stage and Logan showing his inner fire! The universe certainly picked the right momma bear for them! Now if only papa-bear and grandma bear would step away from our sunny sister for awhile… Updates please on the Chicago man, lol. Even if nothing ever comes from this – it is nice to have possibilities, isn’t it??

    Icey –Angel: I feel (I mean physically feel) your frustration at the pace of your recovery and am hopping on my LearBroomJet to be with you and hold you hand when you go through those nasty blood tests!! Please feel me there with you… I wish I could understand how someone with such love, insight, and connection to spirit was being tested so. But I know YOU and your inner strength will march forward as the physical body heals and will look back at this time as yet another big lesson from our friend (NOT) the wizard. Your words on how the spirit communicates to Sunshine made me tingle – you have such an amazing way of capturing the heart in your posts. LOVE YOU!!

    Bloom sweetie –keep being fabulous! I view you as that butterfly just emerging from the cocoon. I hope your anniversary celebrations were fun. How is your daughter doing? Did she have a birthday recently? And when will she finally be home? How is your Pisces man? Sense that you are still enjoying his company but are better about setting boundaries about what YOU need out of that relationship… Loving the new stronger beautiful you (with the cute butt!).

    Laie – sooo incredibly sad that you’ve stepped away for a bit and hope that you return very soon. You are missed! But I can totally relate to how hard it is to receive rather than give especially when you have NO idea what “present” awaits 😉

    Lovely Gem – I feel so much peace when you describe your walks! I’ve always been a nature-girl myself (actually a name I was teased with by my siblings when I was young) and find my zen so much more easily alone in the woods. I played a ton of cards with my family over the holiday and thought of you… I hope you are enjoying your present – he should have arrived by now with a mischievous grin and crinkles around the eyes 😉

    MyJourney – I’m so glad to hear that the headaches have subsided for now and hope that your visit (this week?) helps explain what is going on! I also suffer from migraines although thankfully mine are not usually unmanageable. I’ve had a few really bad episodes though (although I didn’t need pain meds after my C-section, I needed them for the migraine that I got in the hospital!). Your spirit shines so brightly here and I so love your pictures!! Hugs…

    LastCrusader – OMG, I love your new name! I know Icey has been after you since you joined to pick a name that expresses YOU and I do believe that you have found one. Not that the “dark-side” is gone – but not where you focus your spirit. I like the new outlet for your creativity but have to admit that I miss your prose. Blessings to you for a wonderful 2011, my dear handsome soulful one!

    Queen-K – I adore planning get-aways (speaking of which, I hope we are still planning on meeting next fall???) – something about stepping away from the mundane and planning for fun. A couple of suggestions (assuming you’re looking for somewhere warm) – St. John is a wonderful island that has the most gorgeous beaches and laid back atmosphere. It is a 20 minute ferry ride from St Thomas, but worlds away in terms of environment (80% is a national park – no stop lights or cheesy tourist resorts). If you are looking for more adventure, Costa Rica is great (volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and rain forests all within a few hours!)

    Finally welcome to the new spirits – Feangelikan and AngelBee (thanks for the updates on MyJourney) pull up a rock around our enchanted waters and order a drink from our lovely pool-boy/firemen/musicians that exist to serve us 😉 May you bask in the warmth and light here…

    Sending BIG ANGEL HEALING HUGS and BUTTERFLY KISSES to you all as we embark on a hopeful new year! Much gratitude for having you all in my life!

    Arwyn Grace (aka P-Mo)

    Leaving you with a quote that I read last night:

    I think man will never renounce real suffering, that is, destruction and chaos. Why, suffering is the sole origin of consciousness. Fyodor Dostoevsky

  • Hi Everyone,

    Having some Mommy/son time with Logan this morning was nice, he had a Dr appt, just us. He sure is an awesome kid. Especially when Lauren isn't around to hog all the spotlight. LOLOLOL!

    I am worried about Icey and The Captain, with all the stuff going on in Australia, not sure if they are affected by this. I talked to Wenchie, and she is okay, I pray that they are okay! If anyone can get news, pass it onto the Pond, please!

    Love all of you,


  • Sorry Ladies I will have to catch up later; typing is too much but I wanted to catch a few love rays and send my prayers. I know Captain is fine and has been back on. Icey I don't know. Journey huge hugs Love. I hope things are holding up for you. I will try later.

  • somewhere out there

    you quietly wait for me

    somewhere out there

    is somewhere I want to be

    some time, some way

    I'll find my way to thee

    somewhere, some way

    my true love, come to me.

  • That is very sweet. Last Crusader...really names the feeling so well.

    I believe that Icey lives in a section of Australia that is not under flood watch (I think the south western side), I looked on a map this morning. I am sending my positive vibes to her as well.

    Arwyn, nice to hear from you!! Glad that you could spread some good cheer. I feel badly about your mom...maybe time to do an intervention?? Good luck with your job, hard to know that it's not right, but jobs are hard to find now. My older daughter is in that predicament now, but still looking for something else. My younger daughter is still in the cruising world 🙂 She will be finished in early March right after her b'day in Feb, then home here for a week (?) then off to be with her new hub in Seattle. Yes, they had a civil ceremony in May 10 and then the super duper wedding in Sept. of this year (2011). We are all really looking forward to it!!

    Gemmy! Good to hear from you. that''s so crummy that you can't walk. Can you drive somewhere to walk? That would drive me crazy. But good to venture out a little bit with the dogs in the afternoon.

    I just went up to my non-traditional therapist today. A great 'check up' for me and we worked on ways to let my creative energy out. I will have to read up on some of the suggestions he made.

    To everyone I missed, sorry...will write more tomorrow. I think we have a BIG BLIZZARD coming in tonight !!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • And the love abounds and the beauty glows!!!!

    Oh how I just adore you all!!!

    And the happiest of happy 11 1 11 to you all too. That was yesterday for me ... hope all that One power brings you luck.

    Please excuse my AWOLness. I have been terribly unwell. I have, however, NEVER left any one of you out of my thoughts and soul.

    Just a quick thing ... Sweet Bloom is right ... I am on the opposite side of Australia to where the floods are BUT I have direct family there and I have not heard how they are yet. We are very worried here. This is my Dad's family and, as three quarters of the entire State is now underwater, things are really bad there. I am glad to hear that other "Aussies" mentioned from are not in harm's way either. This tragedy will be bigger than anyone can imagine ... it has almost wiped out an entire section of our country and, the rivers have yet to peak ... and we're talking up to 22 metres. VERY SCARY STUFF!

    Thank you for your concern.

    Surely the good Universe of ours thought I had enough to deal with and left me out of this one??? Let's hope so.

    Now ... onto my favourite things ... ALL OF YOU!!!

    My Journey ... LOVE that you have come back to us! Love, love LOVE that! May all your health return and continue to glow vibrantly. You have been dearly missed around here ... and your gorgeous ability to choose images that just move the soul, have been too! Thank you for bringing your beautiful self back to us and thank you for sending me such sweet messages. I am blessed to know you my friend.

    Oh! LOVE Stanley Park. Never saw a chickadee ... I actually thought that was a 'pet name' for children ... not a bird. Anyway ... when I was there, we walked around the whole sea wall and park (and YES, I'm talking the WHOLE HUGE, WIDE ENORMOUS OMG thing!!!!!!!) and, one of the most beautiful things I ever saw (apart from your trees, mountains in the distance, squirrels ... which I'd never seen in my life and everything really) were the wooden park benches that lined the sea wall facing the water. Each one has a plaque on them with a dedication to someone. And, as I once said within the book I wrote about Canada, "... park benches are landmarks of peoples' lives and families have inscribed dedications and memories of their loved ones upon them." It is a beautiful place and a great HEALING space for you to be in. Happy times sitting on park benches and surrounding yourself in the trees and LIFE there! I am with you in Spirit!!!!

    Bloom ... you dear soul! LOVE that you have been holding the threads of love woven here with Sunshine during our scattering to the winds. How perfectly fabulous of you because this has been the REAL YOU stepping forth and sharing your light. Yes ... perfect. I, too, laughed at your ski moments. I have never given any of that much thought because hey ... one cannot ski on dry sandy soil can one??? LOL Hope you are in bliss with each snow moment.

    As for being present in your 'now' moments .. wow! That takes some doing and yes, silence. Funny about that huh? LOL Thank you for teaching all of us through your experiences. We take this to heart. It is something to realize that 'who we are in each moment' requires ownership and accountability. That we are NOT just thoughts and belief patterns but a much larger awareness ... a beautifully woven moment in the pattern of something infinitely more delicate and special.

    Big blooming hugs to you my friend.

    Oh ... as to music ... I am, as I type, playing lots of music but a particular song has just come on my computer. I am a huge HARP fan ... and truly long for one actually ... but, starting costs I was surprised ... no astounded is more like it ... to find ... are enormous! In the tens of thousands enormous!!!! Anyway ... if YOU find the time ... see if you can listen to "Peaceful Heart" by Gandalf on his "Into the Light" album. Actually .. I hope you ALL manage to listen to it! I don't 'do' You Tube but ... perhaps it might be on there??? Gandalf's music is other-worldly and I, I am blessed to say, own LOTS of it. May it inspire you all to find your Peaceful Hearts! If you can listen to "Iris" as well ... do! Think the album is called "Colours of a New Dawn"?

    Sister Sun ... how could I not say hello to you straight after speaking about music???? Like stars and wishes ... they just go together. Hoping back to school is rewarding for you and hoping that your precious L's are setting the world ablaze with their gorgeous light! Arwyn the Wise is right ... "the universe certainly picked the right momma bear for them". I hope you can see that. I have been meaning to find that mail room to write to you but something always gets in my way lately ... like my blood! Please know that you could never walk one step without me watching over you. None of you could! One never loses a part of one's soul, do we?

    Keep stepping bravely in the direction of your soul, Sunshine dear. Keep illuminating all who dwell in the shadows by being the best beacon possible. There will be a time when EVERYONE stops to listen to you. It WILL happen. Then, that battle will be over and together with your little L's ... the world will sing in tune with you. Use your boundaries and your conviction to guide you and, the whole time, keep sharing in the Love that your L's are blessed with.

    Hugggggggggs Sister of Sun!

    Gemmy ... hello darlin'! I have missed thee my friend! And our walks ... and chats???? Ohhhhhh yes, missed indeed. I am here dear one and always holding you within my soul. Remember that when you are having moments of sadness. I could never be anywhere else. Long may you be blessed for LOVING the whiteness surrounding you and yes, best to keep indoors when the wilderness needs its time to itself. Think of it as a re-birthing moment ... where, to remain in balance, we each must hold our own time within the earth. Look outside from within you and your home sweet soul and FEEl connected no matter what. Know that, as you need to bond with the Earth, so do they. Everything around you is a part of you anyway ... keep listening to their calls and read up on coyote energy ... there you shall find a message for you.

    LOVE the addition of Pudding Shots to your card nights!!!! LOL ROFL LOL What sheer inventiveness. LOVE that! Made me laugh for ages!!!! Continue enjoying those 'shots', no matter how you take them. Cheers my sweet friend ... here's to YOU and your beautful heart!

    Lady Laie ... continuing to send you wishes and thoughts of happy times and love. Hope your journey is leading you into the beauty of your soul. You are missed and I hope you understand that my friend.

    Queenie Q ... woohooooo baybee!!!! Where would our pond be without the loving free spirit of our most adventurous soul! How are those partay trip plans going???? Arwyn the Wise and Bloom the Beautiful hold great suggestions and from experience, I see. Lucky gals! As for my suggestion ... well ... how brave do you feel???? Grab a map, grab a pin and close your eyes, twirl around 3 times (and in stilletoes ... that could be something LOL) and let FATE decide! Let us know where you find! Always sending my Sister Sista of Soul (& sweet family) all the love of the Angels and Universe! Keep flying high my beloved Spirit Child.

    Mr. Poet ... you've returned! Thank YOU for giving so generously to our beloved Arwyn Grace. Love how she seeks and you provide! Quite cute peoples!!!! Seriously cute! I once wrote to you about hope, do you remember? I once asked you to write a poem with hope and promise as your guide, remember that too? Well ... how divine to see this piece of YOU arrive by our fair water's edge! Yes, it's wonderfully YOU now! Hoping the world has been kind to you dear friend. How are those creative ventures coming along? All of us hold such great hopes for you, you know!

    I was actually thinking about you the other night as I was watching this film called "Princess" ... a mythical castle, mermaids, dragons and one brave and true KNIGHT! I know the Title sounds, shall we say ... not quite right when thinking of our manly man ... LOL but .... listen ... He (this knight) was thought to be the "Searcher" and most important to the preservation of all within this realm. Amongst his quest, he realizes his true love is before him and lives happily ever after ... of course! Because he has given himself the gift of following his heart. That's why i thought of YOU!

    Happy shining from within dear Mr. Pisces!!!!!

    Beautiful Arwyn the Gracious One ... we here are saddened by the difficulties facing your parents and hence, YOU! Life is never a straight line, is it? I trust that you know how to handle this situation and that, whatever you choose to do, will be borne from only love, compassion and genuine selflessness. We cannot make 'able' those who care not to see it but, we can "enable" those who will. You will know what to do. TRUST your SELF!

    I simply adore how you enter the pond and, like a magic wand, send beams of light and love everywhere. I love your insight of others. By golly this is a strong gift of yours. And, this can only occur when the self uses intuition as its source. Long may you develop this gift my sweet friend. It will go on to help sooooooo many!!!!!

    Change is easily feared isn't it? Even if it's 'good' change. 2011 holds new energy for all of us and Dear My Journey ... big love to you for the whole image of 2010 being behind closed doors now. I sooooooo appreciated that! With new energy stirs new potential and with that new opportunities. I am just awaiting the filtering of news from all of you to tell me of your NEW BEGINNINGS! We are ALL going to experience them this year. It is important to remember that in order to bring about that which we desire, and NEED, we have to be willing to let go of what we have outgrown. Not to be confused with forgetting and banishing what has been but, to use it as our springboard forward ... to a clearer sense of who we are and what we are about. We have all learnt from what has been but, do we call upon it? When you are faced with such a challenge like this Arwyn ... know, with absolute truth, that you are NOT your job ... you can never be defined by what you do ... but rather, how you respond to it. How you take what has taught you something and then reach right into your soul to see where it has brought you ... which will be back into the light! Out into the open of your purpose and potential. Pursue what is within Arwyn the Beautiful and NEVER look back, unless it is with gratitude for where you are now because of it. The unknown is exciting. I am alive with how that feels for you. Go step bravely into your fabulous truth and continue sharing your journey with us ... for we all learn from it.

    Thank you also for your sweet words of comfort and wellness for me. I am truly moved by them. You are so kind and truly living up to the Arwyn legacy!!!!

    I am sorry you are not enjoying your Winter but you see, my dear ... it is quite the loveliest place to be. 🙂 You are all most welcome to come share this heat I have ... anytime ... can't wait to see you all change your minds ever so quickly once you do!!!! LOL ROFL LOL

    Relish and delight in those gentle, quiet, darkened moments where candles illuminate the soul and music can flow in your heart and a blankie across your lap can surround you in comfort and peace. Watch the white fall silently and keep making those wishes within you for, flurries of snowflakes are the crystal physical form of STARS!!!! And what is not to love about that!? Tingles to all of you.

    And so ... my most beautiful friends, gather often and I shall be here waiting!

    Look forward to being with you.

    Icey Moonbeam x x x

  • Dear Icey,

    Thanks for letting us all know that you are okay. Wow, your country is experiencing so much disastrous water...hope it soon abates. Sending love and light to your extended families and to you! OH I HOPE THAT YOU WILL SOON BEAT THIS BLOOD ISSUE!!! How difficult, so sorry to hear it is still making you unwell.

    Yes, Sunshine keeps bringing her music on board here, yeay!! I was able to download a whole album of Ralph Vaughn Williams that had the Fantasia on it (18 minutes long!) as well as Lark Ascending, one of my favorites. So know I listen to it. I feel like I am getting to know you through your music, Miss Sunny! Big chords and lots of power, girl!! Hope the storm has finally passed you and you are on to the clean up. We are in the midst of a blizzard Icey...Icey would love it!!!

    I have written down your music suggestions Icey and will try to find them for my iPod. We have a friend who plays the harp and will play for our daughter's wedding, during the cocktail hour. Her husband plays the bagpipes AND the hammered dulcimer (one of MY totally favorite instruments for big energy!) and he will pipe our guests from the wedding to the reception. Music is such a part of our lives, and I have my hub and my parents to thank for that!

    Once when I was attending the Fischoff (sp?) Chamber Music Competition (where my younger daughter and 3 friends were participants in a saxophone quartet) held at the University of Notre Dame, I heard a massed harp group. The chaperone and I wandered into the church there during a break and heard the MOST amazing rehearsal of a community harp group. There must have been 30 harpists playing in the sanctuary. WOW, I had never heard anything like it!! Just beautiful!!

    I had a great visit with my non-traditional healer yesterday. We focused on my movement to become more "me" and less "you" (haha, a good way for me to think of it!) and where to push to get into the creative side. He talked about Shiva and Sshruti (??? sp......(can't remember her name, will have to look it up, the female god of Hinduism....or ONE of them!!) He described the yin/yan aspects of both deities, and how the female form tends to be limited to the nurturing, holding aspects of femininity in our culture. BUT, the other aspect of femininity is the creative, aggressive push to be heard and be out there!! Icey, you are able to express that, as well as others on this forum. But I need to go there and bring it more into fruition in my life. I totally have the nurturer down, lol

    So today, being a snow day, I will wander up to my painting room and get out some big paper and start splashing on paint and step away from the more controlled painting I have been doing in 2010. The results have been okay, but I don't really enjoy it!

    My hub and I have almost gotten our applications in to the ballroom dancing class...just have to write out the checks and mail in the applications. He is up for it and feeling better, so here we go. Sweeping across the dance floor in my princess dress, I can see it now!!! I will have to get a spray-on tan tan lines must show 🙂 Stiletto heels too?? LOL

    Hugs to all, be safe out there!

    Bloom xoxo

  • My dearest Pond friends,

    And so life goes on. If you look back and listen to what we are all reading, we all have a certain amount of sadness in our hearts and are still emerging with smiles. Aren't we all something else, bravely forging on and still wanting to talk to each other and feel each others moments. Still holding each other's hand, and still moving forward.We should all be so proud of ourselves and each other, I know I am.

    It seems life changes every day, sometimes we notice, and sometimes we don't. At night when I get ready for bed I try to think of even one little thing that was different that day, and then I realize that if nothing else, I did make it thru another day and at the end of the day, I can smile.

    Remember My Journey, when we didn't even want to ever get out of bed and at times was wondering why we were even here.

    Arwyn,I came from a family of alcoholics, and my daughter is one also. I know the pain and the sorrow and the worry that accompanies this disease. I guess the fact that you can't really see the disease itself, but the total effects of it is what breaks our hearts. We ourselves can't change it, just the person that has it can, and most of the time, they get to the point that they don't care to and won't . Takes a strong person to try to help themselves, and a very strong person to watch the whole thing happening. I will pray that you will have the strength to not let yourself be torn down by this, and that your mom will find the strength to fight it. I guess I learned from the whole thing is we have to love these people for who and what they are, not what we want them to be. They will never be what we want them to be, but they will always be our mothers and daughters and fathers and sisters and brothers, and family. We learn more from their short comings then we do our own.


    Oh my, how I envy you being able to take dance lessons, I really do, if I had someone in my life that would do that with me, I would love to do it. I love the beauty and grace of ballroom dancing, I love how every move is together as one. Your husband must be so graceful to even be able to try it, wow, wished I could see you two together sometime dancing away. I picture it in my mind and envy you so much. Yes, I suppose I could drive somewhere else to walk, but then I would have to walk somewhere where there aren't any forest and it would be defeating my purpose. I walk on the treadmill on these days. The worst period for the coyotes is Jan. and Feb. They mate and then have their baby's. So I really don't mind letting nature take it's course.


    I am so glad that you could check in with us. I have been reading up on the coyotes, as one goes by on the ice, my dogs bark and it always stops to look at the house where all the noise is coming from, then it scurries off again. I don't know where it goes or even where it comes from, but I do know that it is taking care of it's own business. I have been so lucky to be able to walk thru their world, for that is what it is. I am the intruder, not them, and I have been allowed to see it thru their eyes. The squirrels, the little chipmunks, deer, raccoons, even the little pencil snakes, (that's what I call them because full grown, that's all the bigger they get) All the beautiful birds, so much I have seen and enjoyed. And my God just keeps providing for me. My great spirit that looks out for me has given me so much to enjoy, and in spite of all the sorrow I felt and at times still feel, I have been so lucky. I pray for you so hard Icy when I'm out in the world of nature, I pray that you will be healed, I tell my Guides to help you too, for this world needs you, we need your wisdom and you kindness and your willingness to share with us all that you do. My wolf walks right beside me, every minute of the day. We are finally going to get a big snow storm this week end to come...We've got snow, but not near enough for me. I enjoy my snow days like other's enjoy their heat.


    You are an amazing woman. I know I've told you this before, but your strength and your wisdom, WOW..Good things are in store for you, very good things. It just has to be,you deserve it more then anyone else I know.

    Last Crusader,

    A poem of hope, how great is that? See we do start to heal, and we are just where we are supposed to be at this time in our life. Doesn't mean we are not still hurting, it just means that we have learned something, and that hurt has left us with an emptyness that now we must fill again. And fill it again you will, but this time it will be with someone that just might stay, for a long, long time.

    Lovely Lady Laie,

    Miss you so much. Wish you the very best on your quest to self understanding, being a Gemini, I don't think that will ever come for me. Merc. the jerk, seems to always be pushing me around and changing things so fast that I can't keep up. My mind is always in a whirl, believe it or not, but I have been told that I use both sides of my brain, and I now know that is true, I understand the term, but don't seem to be able to reason with either side.


    I'm telling you the pudding shots are good. Have one for me, I have to watch myself, I don't want to enjoy all of this fun to much.

    My journey,

    So glad that you are getting better and able to come back to us. Missed all your little stories and just plain missed you not being here.You keep our little pond light and airy and filled with sunshine.

    To anyone I might have missed, HAGD, in fact, lets all have a good day.

    Hugs and Blessings


  • Morning All ...

    I was reading an email this morning regarding all of the 'endings' both we, and our Earth, are facing at this time and how they are completely necessary for the balance of light to return. It made me stop and think of all of you and all that has gone on for each of you.

    The reason I share this is for the truly positive beginning that you will each face. From now until March, you will start to notice a difference in your life. No longer will you feel weighed down, burdened, depressed, hopeless and lost ... as if everything is just too much. This will happen IF you begin to take some action ... and this will probably be something you are all instinctively doing now anyway. Things like endings ... getting rid of unwanted, heavy, not you at all stuff ... that may be thoughts you hold, people you see, jewellery you never wear, cleaning out closets (which I just did the other day actually ... even my fridge, yesterday LOL), moving house, changing careers and even old habits. As I have been mentioning here for a little while now, the NEED to allow change and new beginnings into our lives is upon us. We simply cannot move forward unless we do. When I sit back and think about this, I realize, with absolute clarity, that I am leaving just about everything behind in my life right now ... we have gutted our garage, I am working through every room in this house removing more than half of what lives, breathes and takes up space LOL, old behaviour patterns like freaking out over an unclean bathroom or unmade bed, reacting to events rather than listening to them, I am unlikely to return to my old work at this point too with my path to going back being blocked over and over again and even my daughter is set to move out of home for the first time. All of these are good and necessary and for a purpose ... yes, even my kid moving out. She is fiercely independent and driving everyone nuts, bless the Princess. LOL!

    Perhaps it is time for each of you to face the endings too? To allow the natural process of renewal and to accept its need to occur.

    Perhaps, this message this morning, is to be used as an awakening for each of us? So we may realize that what follows every ending is something wonderful ... and better than before. I pray that it will give all of us (myself included) hope ... and the strength to continue living through all the other endings we have yet to face.

    Hold onto the hope aspect peoples of the Enchanted Pond ... hold onto the goodness that will come for you and hold onto your understanding of the Earth evolving into a much more wonderful place for all of us ... the place we all dream of! The Earth it was always meant to be from the beginning.

    Go with the changes ... allow them to happen ... but stay centred on the now.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x x x

  • Hey Bloom!

    A blizzard huh? WOW! I understand that logistically that would be a bother (and a large one at that) but yes, I would LOVE it! I would love to experience something so foreign as that. On a more practical approach ... I do hope you will all be safe and protected and able to just watch it with awe and respect for our Earth Mother. To all of you dealing with 'extreme weather' ... be safe!

    Hmmm ... the water over North East and the fires where I am now show how stark in contrasts we as a nation are. We live up to our anthem ... "a land of droughts and flooding rains". I have news of part of my family but others not yet. We sit and worry.

    If you are looking to put Gandalf's music on your ipod ... well, that's what I did too ... I just went to itunes and downloaded it from there. All of his albums are on there so you will have no problems finding it. Happy listening ... and absorbing ... for that is what one does with incredible music. To be moved by sound is unlike anything else.

    If you are interested in another FABULOUS New Age group ... I own everything (and I do mean almost EVERYTHING) that 2002 have written. They are phenomenal and, with everything of theirs I play, I am within the etheric instantly. Do yourself a big favour and listen to their stuff ... all of you! Then try painting with this playing ... watch what happens to you and the creation!!!!!! AMAZING!

    WOW! Big WOW to hearing 30 harpists at once. I probably would have had my heart stop for good at a moment like that. I just adore the harp ... it's ... well ... not from this planet really. I know it holds the whole cliche with Angels and harps ... but I always feel outside of myself when I hear it. Hilary Stagg is a famous New Agey type harpist who, unfortunately, died very young ... his music is breathtaking too. Think I have 3 of his albums?

    I guess, if you follow my tastes in music ... you will understand A LOT about the real me, too! Such an interesting thing, isn't it? I always write, draw and create with music ... my favourite being music with vocal sounds quietly through it ... 2002 are brilliant for this, Pia (whom you'd love if you love Hinduism, though hers are a bit overwhelming) and chanting sounds ... lurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrv chanting ... I once heard some Franciscan Monks chant in a church ceremony (when a Brother, as in novate priest, was taking his vows into priesthood back in my Catholic girl's school days) and cried. I have never, to this day, forgotten it! All in Latin too ... which I get chills over. LOVE that! Funny huh ... that I follow no path of organized religion but I could sit inside a church (like an old, huge, cathedral type church) and listen to chanting alllllllllllllllllllllllll life long! So weird! Must be a past life thing hey?

    I think your daughter's wedding is going to be incredible! So many truly special touches that people will remember and cherish forever. What are you waiting for ... send in the dance lesson application NOW! Then you & hub can dance yourselves to the end of love ... forever. Special ... very romantically special. Love that you are creating sacred moments.

    Oh! High heels??? H E L L YES!!!! Go all the way! All Princesses wear heels!

    Do you have the nurturer down pat? Ummmm ... LOL ROFL LOL ... yes you DO! I like your guy's approach actually ... from 'you' to 'me'. Good one! Start thinking like that. I know what you're thinking behind it though ... there is a fear that things like selfishness and ego can slip in all too easily when one's focus is of self. Well, awareness is kind of the answer to that one, isn't it? Being aware of how we are thinking and acting limits the interference of those less liked traits. Consider the good aspects of your "2ness" and incorportate those as strategies to work with. Being assertive for self is not the same as being selfish. It is in being articulate and clear as to your needs and no-one can ever know what we need if we do not communicate that to them. Can they? Very few of us are proficient mind readers ... thankfully huh? Imagine if we could all just pop into each other's heads ... ooooooooooo .... scary world. I guess the crux of your time with this guy is in giving yourself permission to express the self. Re-read that until it sinks in. 🙂

    I smiled at the less controlled painting style too.

    Yes, i smiled A LOT at that.

    Feels wrong to be out of control, doesn't it?

    Excellent therapy. Do LOTS of it!

    Then try painting with your opposite hand (the one you rarely use). What a life lesson that is! There is a really fabulous book called "Drawing from The Right Side of your Brain" and, inside it is this very exercise. It is designed to bring back 'balance' to the self ... to integrate what we perceive with what we know. It is a fabulous thing to do. Whenever I really need to merge my left and right brain (which should be all the time LOL LOL but never is), I do this exercise. Boy does it bring you into the here and now.

    Go have fun with it!

    Go play more!

    We all should!

    Wishing you wondrous moments of awareness and insight my dear friend.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x x x

  • Hello Sweet Gem,

    I was just thinking about you last night as i watched a coyote on tv actually. And so, to honour what is surrounding you at this time, I found a few things you may be interested in reading. Take what resonates and forget what doesn't but focus on the message you FEEL coming through to you, ok?

    I simply LOVE the playfulness aspect of Coyote Medicine ... it is very YOU my sweet friend.

    Happy Reading ...


    Trickster, Shape-Changer, keep me from danger.

    Cunning magician, teach me your ways

    Of magical fire, powers much higher.

    Lead me to new life. Brighten my days.

    Wisdom, Folly

    The Coyote teaches you how wisdom and folly

    go hand-in-hand.

    In the folly of others, we see our own foolishness

    and we learn from their mistakes.

    If a Coyote totem has appeared in your life,

    be prepared for "Murphy's Law" to enter your life with a vengeance.

    Your sense of humor will arise full force in keeping with the things happening around you.

    Blind dates, things that suddenly don't work, all this is Coyote humor.

    You need to learn to laugh at yourself and Life's irony.

    Coyote energy is tied to simplicity and trust.

    It stimulates and renews innocence and reawakens a childlike wisdom in the world.

    A Coyote's howl touches your soul, reminding us of our primal connections.

    Coyote people are very adaptive to new situations

    and have close-knit families, especially when children are involved.

    And, this one you may be shocked by as it is left of centre but the principle within it is extraordinary ...

    Coyote Medicine

    Go away, you are not welcome here. You are a silly child and shouldn’t be sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong.

    Now don’t tell me you are surprised by that opening statement, we are after all discussing Coyote Medicine. Coyotes are teachers, but not in the straightforward way that most people expect. Coyote teaches us by his folly and misadventure. Coyote is the mirror that shows us our shadow and makes us laugh at the same time.

    Now Coyote is one of the totems the Heyoka often carries. Along with Crow and Raven they are the trickster teachers. We almost always benefit from Coyote’s teaching but often there is a price paid for the knowledge. These are not theoretical teachings but are in fact lessons learned by experience.

    As you guess by the opening statement Coyote often talks either backwards or in riddles. Coyote is about waking people from their slumber; shocking them if that is what is necessary to get them to open their eyes. Coyote Medicine is about stopping people from acting out of habit. All too often we follow tradition to the point where it loses meaning and significance. According to Coyote nothing is sacred and all things are sacred; all teachings are inherently wrong and inherently right.

    Most people miss the message with Coyote. They either think he is being silly or disrespectful. He is neither, he is just trying to get you take an honest look at your own actions.

    There are many stories involving Coyote, but the one I wanted to share came from “real” life. It was in the interior of BC, Canada (near Kamloops) at the turn of the last century. A small community sprung up of British immigrants that tried to establish a very British community in the arid hills. They tried to bring over most of the upper class traditions they were familiar with and succeeded until they came to Fox Hunting. Since there were few foxes to be found, they decided to try using a Coyote they had captured. The Coyote led them on a merry chase that wore out even the strongest horse and rider. In the end when they gave up and returned home, there was Coyote sitting by the house with a stupid grin on his face.

    There are plenty of examples of Coyote Medicine in our daily life. It is my humble opinion that Coyote is the totem of the United States and not the Eagle as most people would think. Consider this, most people in America figure they are the most educated and most informed population in the world. In reality the media is the most heavily censored as to world content. If you want to challenge that, watch the news in America and then in any other developed nation and you will be shocked at the disparity. Again America sees itself as the peace keepers of the world, and yet has committed more aggressive acts than any other country; many that would be classed as terrorism (ex. Bombing of Cambodia in the 70’s). As devastating as the 9-11 tragedy was in New York, it was Coyote Teaching. Unfortunately like most Coyote teachings, most people often miss the lesson.

    Have I ruffled a few feathers with these statements? I sure hope so, as that is the role Coyote is supposed to play. Often times there are layers to Coyote’s teachings and just when you think you have understood the meaning, you discover a new level that contradicts what you have just learned.

    In the entertainment field I cannot think of anything better that epitomizes Coyote than Monty Python’s Flying Circus or the Simpsons. Anything that gets us to take a hard look at ourselves, poke fun at the sacred, and make us laugh in the process falls under the domain of Coyote.

    The Medicine Coyote carries is that of a mirror, which is not always an easy pill to swallow. In this mirror we see Truth; it may wear disguises and make us laugh but it is still Truth at its very heart.

    For those that carry Coyote as their shadow Medicine, the personality can come across in less than appealing ways. In fact in some cultures such as the Navajo (Dineh) it is an insult to refer to someone as coyote. Greed, thievery, gluttony, and being obsessed with roadrunners are all part of the shadow side of Coyote nature. Of course this person may still prove to be a teacher for others but he will do so by negative example.

    Coyote is also a survivor. No matter how hard man has tried to drive off Coyote, they have managed not only to hold their own but actually increase in numbers. Today Coyote’s range is far greater than it ever was, and due to his resourcefulness has not only managed to live next to man but thrive in those conditions. Even large metropolitan cities have wild Coyotes living in their midst. Resourcefulness is one of the Medicines Coyote people carry. Even in bleak conditions they can figure out a way not only to survive but prosper. Coyotes always adapt to changing circumstances. Remember it was Coyote that figured out how to steal fire from the Gods when man was freezing.

    It is told that Coyotes sang humans into creation, and has been our trickster teacher ever since. Long Live Coyote!

    Robert Oakes

    Sweet, wonderful Gem ... You epitomise the Great Mother for me. You hold the Earth as sacred and her animals as your friend. You extend your warmth and light to all and enfold us in the greatest of gifts ... your love. You are remarkable and we learn so much from you Mother.

    I wish for you to use Coyote Medicine and look into your mirror. Find YOU smiloing back at you and LOVE what you see ... just as we do.

    Holding you in my soul and wishing you the joy that comes from your connection to life itself.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x x x

  • That should say "smiling" ... oops ... need keyboard skills LOL LOL LOL

  • Hi IKcey,

    I finally find you here!! How are you? I have been worried........Has the flooding affected you?

  • Hiya Sunshine,

    I'm fine thanks love ... how are you? Is your hand still healing and do you feel you are getting stronger??? Hope so.

    No ... we are thousands and thousands of miles away from Queensland my dear. Horrible isn't it? Wish I knew how some of my family are ... still no word.

    Isn't it late where you are???

  • Nearly 11 pm, but I have started a workout regimen and I returned home at 9, now school. My children's father is watching them for me, he has no job, may as well do something.......

    I have healed well, and have met someone new via internet, but not trying to take it anywhere right now. He is also a single parent, and a lawyer/chef/real estate mogul. A capricorn, just had a birthday last week. I am just going to let it float for now.......

  • You still haven't told me how you are, is your leg improving? Your heart okay? Still taking shots?

    C'mon, fess up!

  • I'm getting better thanks for asking ... blood levels coming into normal zones, leg pain back but not as debilitating as it was and no news on the nerve damage they think may be happening ... it all sucks really ...

    I like the internet guy Sister Sun ... he has good energy to him. Read what I've written today and then ... BEGIN! Ok????

    Yes, I agree ... some men need to do something ... pretty great that you've put him to good use LOL I mean that nicely of course ... LOL

    Yay to the exercise ... I had plans to do that too but oops ... clot inleg not a good idea to do exercise ... don't need it to move now do we?

  • I have to head out so I'm sorry if I miss you again my dear Sister of Sun and Study.

    Keep well. Great to hear you are still healing and remember that nothing can ever go anywhere if we take no action ... imagine what we miss out on????


    Hugs to you & Little L's ...

    Ice x

  • Good energy, you say? HMmm, that bears a bit of thinking...... I'm not sure how ready HE is, we both lost spouses to other people, some trust issues..... I have been looking for Spirit to tell me about him, his name is Kevin by the way, but as usual, insight for myself always eludes me. Spirit has been quiet lately.......hmmmm.

    Yes, I certainly want you to be careful with that blood clot. I hope you are on blood thinners and such, I am sending you violet and white light for your health and healing. Archangels Michael and Raphael are with you. Take care of yourself, Icey and don't be a stranger. You are missed a lot!

    Love you!!

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