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  • This post is deleted!

  • Just tried emailing you DD ... I'm not good with cryptic ... clicked on the link above and it won't let me send.


    PLEEEEEEAAAAASSSSSSSSE ... fill in the blanks so my mail can get through!

  • DD ... please.

    I will not stop you know.


  • Ha! Think my mail got sent!

    Ladies ... if you'll forgive me for just a minute ... partake in all 3 if you wish for, when I get back ... it's .. what's that I hear them calling for??? ... What's that? Could it be? Yes ....... IT'S meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!


  • This post is deleted!

  • Just this once ... and only this once ... I'll tell you to listen to Q. LOL Queenie Q!!!!

    Please DD!

  • DD ... if you know me, you'll know that I am beyond worry about you now and you are scaring me so talk ... talk to me and make it fast!

    I will NOT let this go.

    I WANT you to contact me!

    Like NOW! Stern Leo here! Even sterner mother here too!

  • I have too many tears DD ... pleeeeeeeeeaaasssseeeeeee tell me how to reach you!!!!!!

  • I have so many tears DD ... pleeeeeeeeaaaassssssse tell me how to reach you????

  • I can't do this ladies ... DD my soul is crying for you ........ please, please, pleeeease ... just one line ... a word or two ... tell me something. Please!

    Ladies? Help me. Please. I am ok with him leaving the pond (well, ok, I'm NOT really but I respect it) but I am NOT ok with DD leaving me in the dark like this. Help me find him. I'm begging you.

    DD ... please!

    Don't break my heart.

    One word .. please?

  • Your leaving DD is splintering my soul. I don't mind if you wish to turn away for awhile ... just don't do it without me having a chance to talk to you.


  • This post is deleted!

  • Truly listen to QuenKath DD!

    Thank you sister sista ... thank you lots.

    I cannot let go of one of my soul mates, DD!

  • Queenie! This is killing me.

  • I feel so responsible.

    I am so sorry DD.

    Just give me a chance to talk to you.

    Even briefly.


  • I will walk away now because that's what you want, right? Your silence tells me to be silent, too.

    Know that I am in you, and YOU .. me ... forever.

    Moonbeams to you.

    What a sad day.

  • I have to go now everyone.

    I can barely type through my tears.

    Holding you all closer enchanted ones.

    Icey Moonbeam x

  • OMG!!!!!! I disappear for a few days and all hell breaks loose in here!!

    DD!!! What the heck...............!!!! I am pretty upset that you want to shut yourself off from anything or anyone. That may feel like the only thing to do, but believe me when I say that it isn't. I have been married twice and had a few failed/almost relationships, but I came here and met some of the most caring, compassionate and loving people I could ever meet. For a long time, I also felt that I could never trust anyone ever again, nor did I ever intend to remarry after I went through the wringer with my second ex-husband. My husband's crime against me was the cruelest, most gut-wrenching thing I have ever gone through, and yet, here I sit on my Pond rock in this the most beautiful, tranquil place where I can talk to everyone and not be ashamed, nor feel judged. I did fell into a rebound relationship, (I was a rebound for him too he came out of a bad relationship).

    Logan and Lauren came to me as a result, now I can't seem to get away from him because he wants to keep this going, even though it has become apparent that this is a toxic relationship. I am still, even after all the drama, heartache, mental anguish and tears of despair, hoping and praying for my ever after. You are so heartbroken, and I just as everyone else in here, know how it feels to love and be betrayed by another. You are right that there is so much selfishness, non-compassionate, cruel and hateful people in this world, but there are so many more of the sweet, loving, caring, compassionate and forever people, the losers just make themselves visible to us more because they are like the beam of light that draws the moth, sooooo out there and IN-YOUR-FACE! Just as the ladies seem invariably to fall for the "bad" boys, some men fall for the "bad" girls too. Teh bad people:They are the ones pointing out the mote in your eye, whilst they have a beam in their eye.

    DD, you must not give up on your happy ever after. IT DOES EXIST, we keep trying to find it in the places WE want it to be in, not where it REALLY is. Shutting yourself away from the people who care about you just the way you are, is literally kicking your own arse. We are all looking for our "ever after", especially me. She is out there, DD, maybe you have had to kiss a whole damned group of frogs, but there is a princess out there for you.....don't shut yourself off and leave her behind. Have the faith, just as i have the faith that my dream man and dream relationship will come. I am much older than you, (51) and I know that I am the late-bloomer, had my 2 babies in my 40's, and going to college now instead of when I was in my 20's, lacked the confidence that could have helped attract my soulmate. I have been learning to do this all at an older age, you however are still young and have more choices and opportunities to seek and find your princess. Hold out your hand, DD, let Icey and all of us help bring you back and feeling hope and optimism. Trust us, your friends who have been there, let us help you as so many have helped us. Trust DD, Trusssssttttttttt.............................

  • Hi My beautiful Pond family,

    Well, guess who: Sunshine, (not feeling so sunshiney right now)back from the isolation of a private hospital room with the big yellow hazard sign outside the door, where everyone comes in with masks, gloves and gowns......... [[[[shudder]]]]

    It appears that I have somehow managed to get a rip-roaring MRSA infection in my right hand, only Universe knows how i managed that one, but couldn't go home on monday, infection not quite simmered down. Vancomycin is extremely hard on veins it seems, so after 2 or 3 doses, I have to have the IV needle moved to a new site. Been stuck 8 times, my left arm is pretty bruised up. By the way, since I have no health insurance, this bill ought to be outtasight!! Can hardly wait to see what i will owe UPMC for the rest of my life......

    Well, back home today with my babies, they are glad to see me, this is the first time I have been separated from them, they follow me everywhere, if i get out of sight, they are frantically calling for me. Poor babies, New scary thing for them. Mom has always there, suddenly she is gone and they understand not why...........

    My newest blow to the solar-plexus: I was informed at work that my boss (the Doctor) has banished me from the office until Dec 1st. He talked to my PCP yesterday and decided that in the best interest of the office staff, especially our nurse/office manager who is still immuno-compromised from the chemo she completed a month ago, (I am the "baby" in the office at 51, everyone is older) I must remain home for the 2 weeks I am on the medication, plus an additional 2 weeks to ensure that I am healed. They will pay me, but that just kind of made me feel like Typhoid Mary even more than the isolation room with the masks and gowns. I love my job and was hoping to return this week. I understand his concern for the staff, especially since i worked for 3 days with this going on before my diagnosis, but A WHOLE FREAKING MONTH??? :~(

    Anyway, looks like there have been many goings on since my absence! Darn! I leave for a few days and all H@ELL breaks loose!!!!!

    Much love and hugs to everyone. Gotta do a lotta reading to catch up, after I finish my midterms

    this week. I can only pray that my instructors will let me make up last week's assignments.....

  • Icey, it will be as it should be. We can pray, hope and love, but only he can come out into the light...... only him. We have given him the power of our collective love, compassionate understanding and healing, he must take it into his hands. Do not despair, all is not lost..........

    Don't quite figure where in the Universe that came from, I just shrug and write it.......

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