The Enchanted Pond

  • My Journey,

    Hope your family is well and that you can enjoy some 'alone' time to rejuvenate!!


    Bloom xoxo

  • DD,

    Very, very nice picture. I think that smile your have on your face is so genuine. Getting the chance to do something you enjoy is so great. It seems to me that life is like a big puzzle DD. And we go about putting the little peices in every day, but then once in awhile we get to put one of the bigger peices in and it makes us feel so human again. Thank-you for sharing that picture, and I'm going to put it in the frame, of course, Believe it or not , you have contributed quite a bit to it by now, one little peice at a time, without even knowing you were doing it.

    I, like Lady Laie, would like to know what month your b'day is. And if I may, can I ask what area you live in. You may have told us, but I missed it.

    Thank you for sharing with us, my journey has my hand and now I have yours, we are now all three together DD. Let's keep going.

    Hugs, Blessings and Love


  • Sunshine,

    I think it is I that learns from you and my journey, always so ready to share and give. No matter how far down you are and what troubles you face daily, you just keep giving and smiling. God has special people Sunshine, and you are one. I call all of you earth Angels, If I have given back even a little of what I have learned from you then I have accomplished something.

    Thank-You sunshine, your name brightens my day,

    hugs and blessings


  • Cactuss,

    I have heard so many stories come from the mouths of the old, as a child growing up,it was almost better then going to the movies. Some were funny, some were so sad, and it was part of growing up. We grew up dirt poor, every meal was to be so enjoyed, because we never knew where the next one was coming from, we had never heard of a home for the elderly, it just seemed that we had to be always kept together. And that all happened in the short eleven years that I was with them. As we used to put it, I was all growed up at eleven. Not a pity life, a learning life, I've seen spirits, talked to them and they have protected me all my life. Took me years to figure all this out, so your right, stories don't just come from the old. I could have told so many stories even when I was young, but it seems the old are the only ones with the time to tell. The young are to busy trying to forget, but as we get older we know we shouldn't try so hard to forget anything, we should try to remember it all and give it to the young, and we do, and so that's how stores are born.

    Even now at my age, I can't share a lot, because now at my age most think I "Wacko". All but my son, he goes thru the same thing, When he was younger he seen "things" too. But he tries to ignore them, and I know as he gets older, it will all happen to him again, but he will understand it more. He's a cool guy, not a bit wacko. We don't tell a lot of people this, but in here I know people won't think we is Nutso, out here, they will.

    Sorry Cactuss, soap box time again, was going to keep everything short this morning, try to walk before the storms hit, Got some mean weather coming in today.

    My husband was a Picses, just knowing him made me wish that I was one too instead of a gemini, he was the most sensitive caring man to me, but now I know that underneath there was a struggle, I don't think he ever won that battle. I wished now that I could have sensed all this before, but I may have and thought it was none of my business, I might have been able to help him. I just don't know.

    The man I am so close to in Cyber space is a Virgo. Not even close to a Picses. Protect your heart Cactuss, that comes from expierence, not wisdom. I hope I am strong enought to protect mine. I think I am more emotionally envolved then you. My emotions had run amuck, so to speak, and I put them all in the wrong place. That's why I go out and try so hard to live and keep going.

    Hugs and blessings


  • Lady Laie,

    I " ain't " going nowhere for awhile I hope. This place and all the Angel in it have brought me back to life. I guess when I get so windy with my post, some wish I would leave for awhile, but sorry girls, and guy, not gonna happen.

    This is the only place I do go that if I want to say something, I can just say it. If we hurt, we can talk about it. If we have worries we can share them. My mamma didn't raise no fools, I'm here for awhile.

    Love you all

    Hugs and Blessings


  • awww Gemmy …. I absolutely loved that story about hubby wanting to be the only one in your head …. so true to who he was and something so privately shared--a hubby & wife thingy. You share so much and when you do I feel such genuine warmth inside, that I send a HUGE cyber-hug your way!!!

    It has been cooler here also, running about 15 degrees higher than your low, but as cactuss said, we're in a 'heat wave' currently, high temps. hovering around 60*. I dragged the trash to the end of the driveway this morning and the warmth surprised me; its humid! The Weather-woman is saying now strong storms in your area, we'll get rain. I'm with you on the cold weather, although I love all the seasons, there is something so peaceful and calming about a landscape muffled in snow. I really want a lot of snow this year, dreading shoveling,but have yet to use my Christmas gift from 3yrs.ago---snowshoes! ( The " Early Show" is now saying Chicago and area bracing for worst storm in 70years! It'll head this way.)

    The not being a people person thing struck me. I attended something this weekend, feeling poorly and all and on the way home the Prince said that I seemed to enjoy myself. Ha- I reminded him I can be a phenomenal actress when necessary! I always felt its an effort to be around strangers and afterwards I need to retreat and re-charge. It is different when around like-minded people, those who share what we all share here. Being around those types of people has the opposite effect, turns on my head & heart and rejuvenates me!

    I think I've gotten better about this by pushing myself outward. Like, I've made an effort to get together with people for dinner and have more BBQ's and such. I think it has been good for me and it seems to have been good for you too. We learn more about ourselves when we step out of our comfort zone and each time we do that it Should get easier. Its very easy and soothing for me being around children, animals and the elderly, but knowing that forces me to try something else. Sounds like burning your hand on the stove to learn not to touch hot things--- LOL! But discomfort leads to growth and answers to whatever we Need. I don't expect to Not return to my comfort zone now and you probably won't either. At least, we've had new experiences and 'mirrors' to explore!

    There has been a new addition to the turkeys and Canadian geese in the field-- a pair of cranes! At first, I thought it was two lost geese, but they've come closer now and have hung around for more than a week. When they extend their long grey necks to the sky they must be around 4 feet tall. Can't imagine what they are doing here!

    Oh something else ….. about fate and what you wrote. One can never go back and change the past, but anyone can start --- Today! if they choose ---- and make a new ending for themselves. At every single point in time (and time is fluid) there are an infinite amount of possibilities and for every possibility a different reality exists. We choose.

  • Gem,

    The last post I saw before typing to you was the morning one from Cactuss. I just saw your post to me and want to clear up any misunderstanding from what I wrote to Sunshine. At the beginning, you almost Did leave us .... you spoke of everyone here being happier and such and didn't feel like the Pond would be a Home for you .... that was all I was referring to.

    I started writing the above post yesterday but never finished as I had letters to catch up on too. You were on my mind yesterday because of that and that is why that came out to Sunshine last night. I would greatly MISS YOU if that ever occurred!!!! I was just reflecting on how from the beginning the good feelings I got from you have gotten stronger as you have gotten stronger.

    Blessings! ~ Laie

  • Icaeria,

    Another commonality ---- I " GLEEK" too! LOL !! On the surface it is such a nothing show, but there are lessons woven in and The Voices ---- OMG! They can sing! Its one of those shows I sit grinning through like a fool! Like Bloom I'm very visual, know your not surprised : ), and so I don't watch a lot of TV something has to really speak to my heart and I need to be overwhelmed physically.

    I agree with what you wrote to Bloom about, well, for summation, etiquette and thoughtfulness. I understand the passion with what you wrote and why, but I've learned something else to go hand in hand with what you've written. Being spoken at and listening is a lesson to reflect on too. People with ADD/ADHD surround me and they often have 'diarrhea of the mouth' and when in a personal relationship with them it can be sooo frustrating!!! My lesson ---- why do I feel frustrated? Why do I need to be heard?? My views are not More Important than theirs. Also, I was raised by an 8 male, being spoken at is their M.O., difficult as a kid, but as an adult I'm in charge of my emotions and thoughts. I can walk away or choose to stay and learn. Funny thing about 8's, the right words, short, sweet, and very opinionated, hit home and bring them up short, especially After you listen. The lesson goes both ways, but should be seen as a teaching moment without emotion. The older I've gotten the less I have a need to be heard and am comfortably centered within me.

    Hmmn, I read what I wrote above and although I wrote that to you, Bloom was on my mind …… I like this quote:

    "Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak.

    Courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen." Winston Churchill

    The journey is as unique as we are.

    Just because the name conjures up flights of fancy … When will the Moonbeam Hotel be accepting guests? : > )


  • Lady Laie,

    You are so right, I almost did leave, I only wrote on rare occasions then, but read every day. I think the reading is what made me stay. Everyone here has a story and every story had a part that had something to do with me. None of the stories are identical, but in parts, we recognize them as us. I fell in here, dusty and old and tired, You all picked me up, dusted me off, and help me start a new life. Yes, it's been a hard climb, and sometime I slip back, but I come in here and read and write and realize, I'm not walking alone.

    I do go out and spend time with people, and me being a gemini, I have gone against all the things they say about us, but I am a loner, started out very young and I think thats the way I will always be. Never have been and never will be a people person, although I have no problem getting along with people. I love little children, and animals, NO real dislike for people for any reason, just have nothing in common with most, I do have friends, but I go everywhere alone. I know my husband was my best friend, and for so many years, my only friend. And it worked so great for both of us. Maybe someday that will be again. I hope so.

    My son had a few gatherings at the house this summer, and I did enjoy them, but was glad when they were all over and everyone left.

    I'm so happy to hear that you too have a comfort zone. I had begin to wonder how many of us had one. I protect mine fiercely.

    I am so sorry to hear that you've been not feeling well, I hope it will get better soon. I will say a prayer for that. I envy, and I hate to use that word, I reall do, you and your husbands love and relationship. Your prince, what a beautiful name for your husband. I had that with my husband,and it is hard without it. You seem to cherish each other, wow, so beautiful...

    Stay as great as you are Lady Laie, and you really are.

    Love hugs and blessings,

    Hope tomorrow your ills will be all gone.


  • Dear QuenKath,

    You are so right! I can't believe that since I had visited is the place to be. I think it is my sign, Cancer that draws me to the ocean. I keep telling my husband that is where I find most comfort, peace and happiness when I spend days in Gulfport by the ocean.

    Reflecting from Ocean,


  • Hello, beautiful people, I am just happy to come in here and spend time with you all. This is my most favorite place to be and I feel so warm and comfortable in here. I am going to play my piano and study for a while, will peek in again later on.

    Love you all, my Pond family!!!!

  • Hello All!

    Live fabulously!

    Ice Ice Baybee x

    Oh ... Laie ... for me, in all relationships we each have times when being listened to is important; doesn't make anyone's life and thoughts more important than anyone elses' ever ... just mutual sharing. I keep to myself and rarely speak to anyone. Can't upset anyone that way. As for Moonbeam Hotel ... when the Universe sends me money; lots of it!

  • Good morning all! Oh, I DO love this place!

    Thanks for your postings Lady Laie and Gemmy and Sunshine. Gem, I am always interested in reading your reflections, you have such a unique view of life! It would be so fun to all meet one day.

    Laie, I am always interested in what you have to say also, and you have a unique view. My relationship with my Pisces is mostly a happy lifting up...I know he appreciates what I am able to do and share with him and his family. My issue, I guess, has been giving too much and then getting depleted....on the life of a 2. But I am more and more aware of my tendencies and am better able to monitor them and take care of myself better (and first....). Biking has been such a help with that.

    THANKS TO ALL for helping to lift up my daughter. Her medical was finally passed by the cruise line and she leaves today to visit her man in Virginia and then off to Europe to meet the ship. She will not be flying into Paris but London, so hopefully that will be safer. Oh I need your help to let go of my fear...not a big one, but always a lingering one when my children board a plane and go somewhere far away where I cannot get to quickly. I know letting go is necessary, but I always struggle.

    I see snow IS happening in the upper midwest...don't' know Gemmy if that is happening to you right now. I will enjoy one more short day of warm weather and then we begin the cool down!

    Love to all this Wednesday!

    Bloom xoxo

  • Dearest Icy,

    I plan on winning our lotto, the big jackpot, of course. Do you think that will be enough or do I have to win it twice?? (hehe). The moonbeam Hotel, is one place I would really like to go. I will give it all to you to build that place if you let me in free, cause you know I'll be broke again as soon as I give you all my winnings.

    It's 7:00 A.M. here, still to dark to walk, still windy thou, had violent winds yesterday, and supposed to be the same today, power was out for over 14 hours, thank-God I have a power back up generator system, runs my whole house so my life goes on as usual. Now that's what I call roughing it in the country..

    Have A great Day Icy, will let you know if we make it back from out walk or the wind blows us to, never, never land.

    Love, hugs and blessings


  • Cactuss,

    Our weather high is still holding in at around 50 high's. But I did see this morning that the upper Mich. is getting snow and rain and I heard that we are to get it a little later today, they said the wind is so bad thou that there would be no accumulation, so that must mean a temperature drop too. Every station seems to have their own interpertation of what is going to happen, as far as i'm concerned, bring it on. All I know is the wind is still kicking us around this morning. We have so many trees around here, my son moved the cars to spots where they were safe from falling trees just in case, and we had to move every last thing we could last night to keep anything from blowing at the house. I only hope I can keep my feet on the ground during my walk or I might be close up and personal with the animals of the forest this morning.

    I am happy that your picses brings some happiness into your life. As the Virgo does to mine. I know someday things will change for me, but it's another chapter in our books cactuss. Sad and happy at the same time. I am still taking it one day at a time and thankful that God has let my light shine again and that I can feel it's warmth.

    Hugs and blessings


  • Sunshine,

    I love music, I taught myself to play the organ, of all things, was getting pretty good at it but when we moved back to MIchigan, I gave it to my grandkids to play on. But, I have over a thousand songs downloaded on my computer now, and have over a thousand cd's. So music is me also. I would love to hear you play the piano. I now whished I had learned to play that too. Did play the clarinet in school. My grandson is really good on the guitar, taught himself to play. Hears a song a couple of times and he can figure it out and play it. Always wished I could do that too. Oh well, maybe in the next life. I have to add thou, that his kind of music is not really my taste.

    There is such solitude in music. It seems to bring such peace. Keep playing, it's a place to go when all else fails. Love your family pictures, beautiful children.

    Hugs and blessings to you this great windy day.


  • Morning Gem!

    I too love to hear that Sunshine has been able to find time to play. I'm happy to read that you too have a talent and love for music. I hear people say all the time that they don't have a green thumb, but what is it called when one hasn't a talent for instruments? For thats me! lol!

    Three of my children are naturally attuned to music and took to playing easily. Thankfully, they inherited their fathers' ear. My youngest is like your grandson, hears something once and can play it back --- keyboard and guitar. I wish he'd develope it! I always sang in choir and chorus, but having a wide vocal range with no ear ..... well, good thing someone was in charge and reined me in!! LOL !

    Like Bloom, I thought maybe you had a bit of the white yesterday too. Glad to hear you have a generator! When you write of where you live, it sounds a bit isolated so a generator sounds like a neccesity. I hope the storm didn't do much damage where you're at! Something you wrote, brought to mind the Wizard of Oz --- I know, wacky, right? LOL! It began to lightly rain here about an hour ago. Its about 70*, ripe for T-storms! I love a good storm, but am not looking forward to my female dog whining and trying to climb up my leg like a cat!! : > )))

    Yes, The Prince ( his name given by sweet Icey!) and I are very lucky and thankful daily that we've been so blessed. Individually, we've been through H E double hockey sticks and back so our finding each other is all that sweeter. We both wish it could've happened earlier in our lives, but the universe has its own timing and moment of equilibrium where soulmates are concerned.

    Gem, its understandable that you long for the same…. to have that back or to find it again. (brings DD to mind also) I'm a big believer in living life passionately and with laughter and joy for every single moment!! I've found when I do, good things happen; they're drawn in. Precious Gem, Keep doing what you do… playing cards, walking, creating your framed picture ….. Remember as you move forward in Spirit, Spirit gathers around you to help!

    Much Love,


  • Helloooooooooooooooooooooo, to all the enchanted ones...

    Bloom yippee for your daughter,yep I sure needed that "rejuvenation" TIME!!!!!!!!!!!

    just about changed my

    Gem, my dear hand holder of mine...Love will come in time, you'll see:)

    Sunshineeeeeeeee, hope the kidlets are feeling better, my daughter is finally finished every Kleenex box in Canada and Sag used up the ones in the USA...haha

    Lady Laie, I do not have a green thumb, nor do i have musical notes,

    nor fingers to play music,nor a singing voice,but I do draw stick people quite well lol..

    But my Children do, and they never got it from their father's. On My mothers side her family are quite musical and artistic so i am assuming thats where they received their gifts...Oh by the way I do have fingers though.:)

    Iceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey moonbeammmmmmmmmmm,

    I would like to also book a room!!!??? Oh wait I did hehe...

    I'm going to camp "Lady Laies place also" I'm pitch en a tent with Otis

    ...Its a beautiful sun shining day in Vancouver, Icey. A light dusting of snow has hit our mountains, just breath taking...

    Not sure when you will be back but I am hoping it is NOW!!!!!!

    I have some pictures I wanted to share on my 100 mile bike ride I went on with Sag, actually it was probably a couple of miles ,but it sure felt that way.hehe...We went to a place called the Old Growth Forest, talk about enchanting..I love it there. I think I wrote about it on one of the posts.

    Thinking lots about you Moonbeam, I just wanted to send you some peace,hope,light,love and laughter from me to you and your family...

    Sag and I are walking as one, its a beautiful feeling in my heart..

    DD sending you lots of hugs...

    QUEEN QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, my feisty siesta, how have you been, we haven't played together at the pond for ages...I would like to set up a play date, but Otis is staying home!

    OK my dearest ones I shall sign off but not before I thank each and everyone of you, for playing a big part in my life today..You have a piece of my heart always. Now I have been spreading this Picture all over the threads, now I can finally post it here hehehehe lol



    sending all of us peace,light,love,hope,abundance and laughter

  • 🙂

  • My Journey,

    Still holding on girl, I had that picture sent to me in an email, I laughed so hard, but I can't imagine anyone doing that, and letting someone take a picture to top it off. Funny, do have a talent dear girl, cheering people up, that is a God given talent. And I can't draw stick people cause I can't draw a straight line, so there. I am better at listening to music then playing it.

    It seems this weather is never going to straighten out, wind damage up here has really been awful, so many trees down, all you hear are chain saws. I guess that is the price you pay when you live amongst the trees. Windy and rainy, hard to walk between the raindrops, but I'm gonna give it a good try.

    Have a good day friend

    Blessings and hugs.


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