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  • DD!!! What a lovely picture of you and the children!! That is so heartwarming and thank you for sharing it with us. You are so much more than you think, you know....A lot of people wouldn't even have or make time to be with their own children, much less make time to be with a bunch of little kids, and yet, there you are...... Thank you again for sharing such a special shot of your life.

  • Hi Quenkath,

    Looks like you are busy too, dear sista!!! I sure miss you around here, You keep the place jumpin!!!

    Y'all come on back now, y'hear? LOL

  • ICEY!!!!

    YOu ran off before I could talk to you, LOL. YOu are too fast on that learjet broom, guess I'll have to jump on as you dash by next time.........

    I really appreciate your words of wisdom, I take everything you say to heart. I look forward to talking to you soon.

  • MyJourney!!! I am so glad to find you at the Pond, you add a breath of fresh air everytime you dash in, and fill the world with your sparkling personality.

    What a Motley Crue we make in here, LOL!!!

  • TANYA!!!!!!

    Been missing you!!!! I have been sending you good thoughts to help you find your way back here.

    How are your little ones?? Hoping all is well with you, HAPPY to see you back at last!!!!

  • Hi Gem,

    reading your postings is always so refreshing for me, you are someone that I learn from too, you help me more than you know.........

  • Cactuss!!

    You are another that I learn a lot from. I said this on another thread, and it is true: We didn't just blunder into this place by accident. i firmly believe that Lightworkers and Earth Angels are being brought together in places such as this because together we can help each other's progression and support each other as we concentrate all our power and energy in one place. You have a lot of wisdom and like me, you may be discovering bit by bit just how wise you really are. Lots of OLLLLDDDDD Souls in this place!!!! Look around.......

  • DD ---

    Thats awesome! I love that you did that for the kids and in doing something for them you shared what you love!

    Oh it is so wonderful to have you participate at the Pond! Glad Gem kept teasing you and Icey encouraged you! We need a male perspective or at least a differing point of view : > )

    Being married to a Pisces, I'd love to pick your brain about stuff, if your game. ??? Its seems tough to get a straight answer from him. I forget .... isn't your b-day in March?

  • Rooster!!

    I grew up in Pass Christian, and Gulfport was my favorite place to go.... I am planning to be down there for Christmas, if all goes as planned up here, maybe we can "bump" into each other down there.........I am so happy to know you are happy, don't be a stranger........

  • LAIE!!!

    YOu're here!! happy to see you.....

  • HI Sunshine!

    My cursor just froze as I started this .... I started posting to DD and saw you've been typing merrily away, much quicker than I ! LOL !

    I hope you had a beautiful day and you are able to get to bed early tonight!

  • LOL! Early?!? What is early, I should be doing homework, but am here talking with my Enchanted friends and family, what could be better than that??

  • True, so very true! But then homework can wait--- not! heehee. Well, all things in due time .... we all need re-fueling and here is where its at!!

    I love that Icey popped in and shared some wisdom, doesn't the pond always feel more vibrant when she does that?

    I also love that Gem stayed around. For a while there we were going to loose her. And even if she doesn't think she's come a long way, She Most Certainly has. I love what she contributes! Its born of soul and the wisdom of a life of learning.

    I also love, yes, I'm just in love with the world tonight, : > ), what you wrote about Lightworkers. Although, I don't hold the same language to call some that, I understand what you feel. WE NEED TO BE THE LIGHT! On that, most here ( Tarot) agree!

    Okay, you got me started ..... Love. Need to explore why some only see that in a certain way, when it is around us always. It is the entire world. Isn't it?

  • Uh-oh, I hope you aren't typing merrily away as I need to get my tush off to bed. This cold is kicking my system something fierce and it feels like I'm running a temp. Could be the dreaded, M word though! For someone so attuned to others ailments, you'd think I'd get a clue about my own body --- ROFL! Ain't that always the way ...

    I hope you have sweet dreams and aren't disturbed until you absolutely need to get up!

  • LOL get to bedand shake that terrible plague that is running over the place, my kids STILL have colds even after 2 months!!!Feel better, LAIE!

  • Good morning to all the wonderful souls that you are!!

    DD, that is a GREAT photo...I'm glad you kept trying to post. How fun for you and for the children. You are a handsome masked crusader!

    I liked what Icey said about her boys' memories of posing with a costumed crusader as younger she says (or Laie...?) children know what's real!

    Triple T Tanya and Rooster, so glad that you have dropped in and given us updates. Rooster, it is so wonderful to hear that you are happy and finding the places that feed your soul.

    Tanya, hope that you will keep us pond-posted on your journey! Lifting you up to the light.

    Queen Q , hope that you are enjoying your busy life...children sure seem to keep us busy!

    Laie, hope that you are feeling better. I think I am coming down with some kind of germ myself...I held out pretty well so far being around little kids, but I might be folding, lol

    Icey and Gem, I love the stories too! I'm not sure age has anything to do with it, BUT, of course, the older we are, the more years of stories we have.

    Icey, I got a very sweet email from my Picses thanking me for the food I brought over for him and his boys. Luckily for me, I have been fortified by your words and was able to see it as true gratefulness (not that you recommended that ROFL)...just that I have been reflecting on that relationship a lot....and that has given me a better, and less emotional, perspective.

    Well, we are in a 'heat' wave here...unusual for late October, but I will be happy to break out the sandals again 🙂 YES!!

    Love to all, I so enjoy coming here in the morning and getting my 'light fix" for the day! Send light to my daughter as she hopefully completes the last *&^%$ hurdle to getting on her cruise ship and beginning the life of the employed musician at last....

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

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