The Enchanted Pond

  • Sunshine! My how the Little L's have grown!!!!! Very cute my dear ... eyes filled with love and the wonder of just being. So much to learn from them isn't there? It's what I admire most about our smaller folk ... they know what's REAL!

    Angel Hugs to them ...

    and you! Hope that vertical double vision goes away ... being that tired is bad stuff. Wishing you peace ... and happy eyes once more!

    Icey x

  • That's really precious Mr. Pisces! My sons have a photo of them, Batman, Robin and the CAR taken when they were VERY small in Movieworld on our Gold Coast in Queensland. It remains, to this day, one of my eldest son's happiest memories. You will probably be that for these kids too ... how cool is that? What a wonderful thing to do. Thanks for sharing that. Always nice to have a caped crusader around!

  • Hey My Journey,

    Your happiness is so real it reaches right across the pond to all of us. Hoping the healing goes very quickly for your daughter and Saggi man ... nothing worst than sickies. It's a Leo thing I have discovered ... I have lots of compassion for the sick but cannot hang with them ... would make the worst nurse in the world I swear! Only the strong survive right? Sooooooo Lion like!!!!! Must be a past life thing, I see illness and run! Oh dear! Not good huh? Oh well.

    You know that the best way to continue seeing this much love around you is to continue believing it is there ... just as you are now! Love always creates more love. May an abundance be yours!


  • Oh Gem ... you are such a love. You just beam with wisdom, grand humour and LIFE! You have me hook, line and sinker every time. Your posts ARE so heart-filled that you open up everyone's feeling centre. Can't thank you enough for all of that ... it's like the medicine we all need.

    I truly appreciate the better alone journey you are on my friend. It's probably why I long for a stone home in the mountains ... where it's me, the trees, the earth in all her beauty and the animals. paradise my lovely friend ... paradise. When my life gets tough, it's where I go to inside myself ... it's the vision of White Christmases, a fireplace (positively almost unheard of in Australia) and tall noble wise trees that holds me together. Today, I was in a department store with my two eldest kids and happily skipped off to the Christmas department (I could spend forever looking at Christmas stuff) and hugged their trees. My kids were soooooooo embarrassed but the sales assistant saw me doing it and just smiled. He asked me if that was the tree I wanted? Like DUH! Thinking so! It was gorgeous ... an Oregon Pine complete with snowy tips ... would look AMAZING at my place but alas, out of my price range! Sucks huh? Still, I'm happy to go hug the artificial trees - wow - now that I read that, I seem like some sad, crazy lady don't I? LOL

    Yes, nature above people any day!

    Though ... the one thing I do LOVE about people is their STORIES! People have the most amazing stories to tell ... listening to someone's memories are fabulous ... you can almost feel them. Oh! As you know from earlier episodes in here, I don't do well physically round crowds of folk either, upsets my auric field badly. I have learnt some techniques to help me through those times, Gem ... might I suggest you find some that work for you, too? You can search online for lots of difefrent techniques but, by far away the two that work for me all the time are: 1) Tucking my thumbs inside my hands and 2) singing. These actions block any psychic overflow every time. I also do a mental and very deliberate shutting down of all my chakras. But, even visualizing yourself within a pink, white or any coloured orb works well too. Very protective. Hope you find something to help you too.

    And yes Gem ... we are all exactly where we are meant to be at any given point in our lives! Sounds bizarre I know and, at times, unfathomable that we ought to be suffering the way we do. Yet, our soul learns from every single experience and that is what we are for ... TO EXPERIENCE WHAT IT IS FOR US TO BE US, HERE IN THE HERE AND NOW. Everything about our lives was planned beforehand though I will go down fighting over why some things have to happen and how the h e l l I managed to think it was a good idea to experience either! There is truth and purpose all around us, in everything we do, it adds to the consciousness we hold of why we are here. Our experiences are ours alone, even when shared with others and to all things is a message. I know you know this but it changes things when we start living it. Your here and now is like mine; filled with the enchanted pond and the most precious souls so I'd say we won big time huh?

    Have a wonderful walk. I do better in cooler weather also ... hate the heat! I would happily pull up a park bench beside you any day in my life!

    Cheers Gem!


    AHA!! Found you!! Just happened to be struggling with my phone, stupid thing, decided to jump in, here you are!! Giving us a bit of your wonderful wisdom!!

    Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

  • Hey Sunshine! Art thou asleep yet?

  • So weird seeing I posted on Sunday when it's Monday like 2pm here!!!!

  • ICEY!

    I know!! My two sweeties are so nice to be around, their enthusiasm is contagious. Logan is developing at leaps and bounds, He is actually beginning to use words and imitates what you say a lot!! He loves the story "the Adventures of Isabel" by Ogden Nash. I read it every night to him, now he runs around saying, "Isabel,Isabel didn't care"! Oh so cute!!

    I have always believed he is Lauren's lost twin. She was a twin pregnancy,I was 4 1/2 mos along when I lost her twin, but the little fighter she was,she stayed in and has never stopped fighting. She and Logan talk and no one understands them, when he jabbers she knows what he is saying. It's so funny, and people swear to me that they have to be twins even though she is 4 years older than he is. LOL

    OHOH!!Sunshine is in a talking mood when she should be sleeping getting up for work in 4 hours!! Taking my crazy bum to bed so I won't sleep at work!

  • No, I oughta be though, it is 2am here in Eastern standard time, and I am wide awake!!

  • LOL we are about 12 hrs apart eh?

  • Dearest Bloom,

    I have had to read and re-read your posts several times to make sure that I integrated all you said. Phew! Took some doing let me tell you!!!! ROFL 🙂

    Your honesty is a very precious gift. Your ability to ACCEPT your life is truly something else. I only really know one other person like that and I feel somewhat insignificant around them to be sure ... they have a capacity to just 'be' that defies all logic. One to aspire to! So beautiful to be around another such soul! That is what you teach!

    You are too funny ... eating fish but not being good with fish ... lol ... had me rolling. I don't eat fish, don't overly like fish and never go fishing ... luckily I'm not paired up with a Pisces for the Pisces isn't it? My 3rd child is a Pisces though and I have sung the praises of many a Pisces in my time and interestingly, he is the only one here that will eat fish; so weird are we all. Oh ... our galah is a bird. I posted a picture of Bob back in here actually ... he's an Australian pink and grey parrot. They live forever also!

    Now, I do not care about Horoscopes for when it comes to rudeness and inconsideration and really, in the wide world of manners, anyone who dominates another as he does, well ... needs to be taught a lesson. You must be a saint Bloom for I would not tolerate anyone who wouldn't give me the respect I deserved. And I simply do not suffer bad manners either ... selfish behaviour is not endearing ... in any one. I believe in equality and a mutual understanding that in any relationship, two parties are worthy of respect. Not sure I would let your Pisces off the hook so easily. No pun intended but funny how that came out huh???? LOL I see myself as worthy of being listened to not spoken at. I would not do what you do and I would not allow myself to be treated in such an inconsiderate manner either. Your attraction to him must be something else ... and I knew he was batting for the other team but I had friends like him at Uni and we would lie all over each other and speak so freely together it was, in many ways, like an extension of the self. Often, we thought about trying a physical thing but knew that would never work so didn't. Are you playing a mother type figure for him do you think? He doesn't sound nice at all I'm sorry and I do wonder why you would let someone be so mean to you ... you are way too nice for that ... so deserving of so much more too and really, I guess soul mates aren't always the lovey-dovey types are they?

    I have emntioned more than once that there is LOTS he will learn from you. Most definitely and, stuff only YOU can make him see, too. I hope he opens his eyes one day and I hope he sees what stands before him! I really do!

    I know that you are experiencing your life with your choices and I respect that immensely. Free will is everything but sometimes, we don't always see the forest for the trees as it were and, sometimes what is unhealthy takes a long time to see. Bit like the way marriages can become so day to day after moons and moons go by and one day you discover a stranger in the other person and often, this is just a sign that each has developed differently and when one sees this, one works towards bridging the gap. I think your daughter's wedding is a catalyst. Carpe Diem Bloom! Your new in-laws (out-laws is what I say LOL) sound gorgeous and what fun to just feel so connected ... your daughter has found the one.

    Oh .. and of course my love goes Paris bound with her and here's to her wonderful cruise-ship adventure. Joy be hers!

    We co-create our lives and hence, are responsible for what unfolds. You truly are an amazing lady Bloom. Teaching us lots!

    I am not a tv person either (and yes, Tivo has just hit Oz but we have Foxtel in our house) but I LURRRRRV films! I love stories. Good stories. Ones with heart! Glee is fabulous. We are so hooked here ... obviously, right? I find your visual enhancement incredible and it is a gift ... retaining what you see is remarkable. I would be quite discerning too if that was my talent. Find what you do like by way of movies and just do those ... it's a whole other world the world of cinema. The only tv I religiously watch are design shows ... am such an interior design junkie!

    I know that yours will be a beautiful journey Bloom - you are alive to all possibility already. Thanks for letting me watch from my broomstick!

    Oh again ... and to Gem ... I promise to invite you to my forest ceremony when I live where forests are.

    And Bloom ... no worries about mentioning anything ... Perth is hot and dry and that's just how it is ... my thoughts are always elsewhere and it's why we created the backyard with as much water as possible ... our sanctuary. I love you lots Bloom, you may say anything at all ... of course!

    Holding you close!

    Icey x

  • Sunshine!!!! Missed your posts till now ... hoping you are having peaceful dreams in the land of hot men and jello shots!

    Your kids are just gorgeous. So sad that you lost a child like that you amazing woman but how totally fantastic that the two L's are so close. You couldn't wish for better huh? Perfecto!

    Now, get thy butt to bed Oh fabulous lady. I will catch you soon.

    Angel Hugs x x x

  • Oh Sunshine Sistah! You have two real cuties there!! thanks for posting their pictures. I love your stories about them, so special. I didn't know that Lauren was a twin, that is really an amazing story.

    Hope your day goes well after having such little sleep!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxo

  • My Journey, mama - Shatz,

    Wow, glad that your family is feeling a little better, sounds like a long couple of days for you. How fun that you are enjoying your family!! Do you celebrate Hallo'een where you live? Wonder what might happen in the costume department for you! Might be a gorgeous little fairy girl there somewhere...maybe for Sunshine too!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxox

  • Hi Icey!

    Thanks again for your reflections...they are always meaningful to me. I will think of you sitting amongst your ponds. Do you have a fountain in one so you can hear the water falling? I understand about the son is a big independent film person so he gives me hints every once in a while!

    Yikes, you have me so pegged with my Pisces...yes, I think I have assumed the 'mother-ish' role with that family. I actually very seldom actually see him, although he calls sometimes twice a day. If I think about it too much, I begin to feel very confused!! If I just accept that I care for him, I do okay.

    I know that he does listen to me. A few times lately, he has said something like "I felt defensive when you said ______ before, but now I totally agree with you", so there you are. I have some power in his life, and I think it might be confusing for him too, as he definitely does not believe in making himself emotionally vulnerable. An 8 with a 7 wing...hardly anyone else with that much energy out there! He is very 'in his head'...the fact that I inspired him to garden and get his hands dirty in the soil is something he is very grateful for.

    Well, off to my day. A busy one for me. I did do a long ride yesterday although I had cold feet...the only part of me that was cold 🙂 I have to stay in shape for my bike race/ ride in Arizona in a few weeks...yikes! Thank you always Icey, love and light to you! ❤

    Bloom xoxox

  • DD,

    Wow, how awsome, that is just so great, I would have loved to been there to see that. I love it when little children look in awe as they must have looked at you. Is this something you do every year? Are you just batman or do you have other ones that you do.

    Thank-you for sharing that with us DD. I just knew deep down inside you are one of the best. Even if you don't want to admit it.

    Many Hugs and blessings to you


  • Hi Everyone, I know long long long time no speak. A lot has been happening the past month and a half and honestly I haven't found the time to read what has been going on here. I hope all are doing fine and hopefully it won't be much longer before I can finally catch up on this thread. I just wanted you to know I have not forgotten about you all and you all are still safe in my heart. Sending you all lots of LOVE!


  • No Icy,

    You are the wise one, I'm afraid I've put myself in a bad place for a little while. I will work it out thou.

    The walk was really great today, until the guns started going off. It's deer hunting season. In the state I'm in right now, I dare not let my imagination work overtime.

    Yes, I agree about the peoples stories, some people really have tales to tell, and as usual, there is a message in every one. Pretty soon thou, at my age, it's going to be me that will be telling the stories, and they will be saying "listen to that old women talk" . hehe

    I truly believe that our life it written down for us, fate is our future. we can only go along and hope for the best. And there are sad times and happy times, times of turmoil and times of peace. And it's how we handle it that makes us strong or weak. The end is not ours to choose and we can not ever change what is going to happen or what has happened. We sometimes think we can, but we can't. Not really.

    When I'm in a crowd, I put my thunbs in the palm of my hands and humm a tune. Have done this all my life. Strange that you do the same thing. People have noticed, my husband used to and he would ask me why I did that, and I would tell him, so people will stay out of my head.he used to like that answer because he always said he wanted to be the only one in there.

    Love you Icy,

    Hugs and Blessings


  • Dear Sunshine7959,

    I am getting adjusted to my new life in the South. It feels so great down here. My husband, Nate is doing very well in his career... special education.

    I am still coordinating the furniture, hanging paintings on the wall, accepting my spiritual environment, and put new photographs in the album.

    The spiritual environment is letting me open a part of me that has been closed since Keith died and it really starts moving every time I visit Gulfport. The image of the Pond comes back to me with a my dear friends hugging me. I think it is the water and ocean that draws my spirit back to the scerenity and tranquality. I feel so connected when I am by the ocean. It is like a salmon going back to spawn.

    It was hard to go back to church after Keith died but I feel so much at peace. I can now feel at ease in the new church. It is like revisiting an old friend. It seems that my third eye I have is so much more active.I don't know what to expect on the next horizon but I am on this new journey that has brought me new experiences that could last a lifetime.

    I think I will surely miss the snowy days when the holidays start to roll around this year. I probably won't miss the ice. I am starting to look for duck for the holidays but I haven't located any yet.

    It looks like everything seems good from your posts. You keep plugging away at school. I might begin to start next Spring in gerentology health administration.

    Reflecting from the South,


  • 333Tanya!!!!

    I'm so glad you found a moment to pop on and let us know you're still with us! MyJourney was vigilant and posted that you were going through a bad time...... I thought of you, sent prayers your way and wondered since then.


    ~ Laie4

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