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  • Good Evening everyone,

    Sitting down on my rock for a quick minute to wish everyone a peaceful week.

    Rooster 5 I am praying for you to find peace and overcome your grief. I can not honestly say that I know what you are going through but I can feel your pain through your posts. Please remember you are not alone during this difficult time we are all here for you. Take care. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Dearest sisters,

    Sista Iceria is right, it is pretty quiet in here lately. I wonder where are all the rest of the sistas? Laie4 and Queenkath were always pretty active....are they on holiday?? Oh well, wherever everyone is, I am wishing them good health and happiness. I haven't been much in here myself, pretty busy lately with work 😞

    Rooster5, I will never say that I know how you feel because I don't. True, I've lost my younger brother not so long ago...and also my grandparents but you've lost your soul mate. I believe there are different types of pain and grief, with everyone, in everything. I wish I am near you so we can cry our hearts out together. It can be a very good relief for both of us! I still miss my brother very much, it's been 4 months now. Sometimes, I have to tell myself again and again that he is gone, he is at better place now. I know it is better for him but I wish I have been given more time to spend with him. The last time I saw him was in 2005 and last year when I was back home, I saw him only once and it was a very quick meet up. I was supposed to see him again before I left to Europe but he fell sick on the day I left, he couldn't make it to the airport. I never thought that the moment I reached Europe, he'd blew his last breath and I could never see him again. I did catch the flight back home as soon as possible but I was too late for the funeral.

    Anyway, I am still here for you and my offer still stand. Whenever you are ready, whenever you are willing, just let me know. I wish I can do more for you or take away your pain. But you know what, all the sistas here are always here for you and you have many shoulders to lean on. If you are out of Kleenex, you just have to call out to one of us and we will provide you dozens of it 🙂 You are not alone. Keith won't let you be alone. Hugs

    Sending everyone my love, hugs and kisses! Take care everyone 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • the morning sun turns black in my sky, as weeping angels catch my eye, deep in hell the demons are teeming, heaven knows why im always darkly dreaming

    she doesn't talk to me anymore, she has moved on, and all I have left are memories and inertia. I am worse now than before I met her.

    "Abashed the Devil stood, And felt how awful goodness is, and saw Virtue in her own shape how lovely; saw And pined his loss."

  • What is wrong? Darklydreaming- this poem reminds me of the dtory of me and my ex. I will tell youy what I get. This guy, was messing up (he was an alcoholic) He kept doing it til his g-f/wife left. He's not doing it anymore and now he realizes what he lost because he messed up I don't know if that is what it is saying but that's what I got. (or what I want)

  • Do ya know??? A broken heart always creates amazing poetry and linguistic imagery. My dear Mr. Pisces ... although I hold you in my heart as you walk your fiery pits of darkness, you are able to create such soul filled moments of love, aren't you? I told you you were creative!

    I am so very sorry that she was unable to see in you what we all do. I understand that loving someone without being loved back is one of the most difficult things to do. I once desperately wanted one person to love me back too and they just wouldn't ... all these years later I can see why and how the universe supports the union that your soul needs but that doesn't make the pain of being rejected any easier. I am so sad that you are feeling so down ... I had hoped that she was ready to find her knight in darklydreaming armour very much. Know that there is a difference between her not being ready for now and anything you may have said to her. As much as we truly want others to be what we need, unless they have the same thought, need and intention as we do, it doesn't happen in sync. Perhaps she is your future but not your present? All possibility exists. Perhaps she needs to experience something before she can see the man you are for her?

    Please know that you have my love as you go through this and that your morning sun will absolutely come out again and shine as brilliantly as it did before ... yes, it will. Keep talking to me and definitely keep writing ... lordy, you have a beautiful gift Mr. Pisces!!!! Absolutely beautiful. Because you feel so deeply, you write so from the soul and the test of great words is in the feeling it evokes in others. You touched my heart with your words my creative friend ... I want the sun to shine for you again so badly. Never stop writing such beauty, ok? Write of the love she was to you and write of the love YOU ARE!

    Every tomorrow is a new day and with it is the promise of a new everything. Never close yourself off from what has yet to find you. Remain in your present moment Mr. Pisces for when we only look back, we miss today and when we only look forward, we also miss today and we never know what, or whom, will become a part of our today.

    Big squeezy hugs to my creative knight in darklydreaming piscean armour across the pond.

    Icearia x

  • beautiful.

  • HI Rooster,

    It's me, 10gemini06....I know just how your are feeling, I wished I could give you some conforting words, but as you know, I am not comforted by much myself. I don't write much in here because everyone seems so happy and content most of the time, so I don't feel I really belong, but I do read a lot of what is posted. I am still in limbo, and can't shake it, can't let go, so to speak. I am trying thou. It seems I've been trying forever. I just wanted to check in with you and see how you are doing, I think the doom and gloom of the world right now has an effect on us. More so me then you. You will get better, I know you will, your already ahead of me. I too, relieve my husband death, there was so much happened that night that I can't talk about yet. But believe me, it's in my mind. And to tell you the truth, I still feel that half of me went with him, I still can't find that half. I will pray for you to feel better. I know you will. I still wished that someone could tell me what it is that he wants me to know, I am still bothered by that nagging feeling that he has a message for me. Maybe if I could get that, I could go on, until then, I feel I stay where I am.

    Blessings to you and your family


  • Dear Tanya333,

    Thanks for your positive energy that I so desparately needed to enlighten my broken spirit. I know that I will be with my husband one day in heaven but it is very hard to be without him. I had a very long relationship with him and then one day he is gone.

    There are somedays when you just can't be light hearted because you miss your partner in life.



  • Dear Emergence,

    Thanks for helping me lean on your shoulder during this time of pain and uncertainty. I think I have to start buying tissues in bulk because I am running out of kleenex. I guess I am going through a relapse because I was doing okay for a while then I saw my husband's twin.

    Then the rush of all the emotions came and my tears I could no longer hold back. It was like a river that had just broke the dam.

    I know my husband is waiting for me at heaven's gates but it is the time being apart from him because we were always together as a couple and now we are single one again.

    Icearia has told me to take you up on your offer. Maybe this will help me to heal my broken heart and spirit.

    My first name is Yvonne.



  • Dear 10gemini06,

    Hello again. I haven't seen you in a while. The dwellers of the Pond wishes that you would visit us more regularly and not shy away. We are all here to help everyone out in sad times as well as happy times.

    I think you are right that your husband is trying to tell you something. Does your husband's spirit leave things in the house for you to notice. This could be in a form of coins or his scent?

    This has happened to me on several occassions that I can smell his scent as I go towards the bedroom.

    I think I had gone through a relapse of grief because I ran into my husband's twin one day at the store. It just brougnt me back to the thoughts of the funeral and my last kiss that I shared with my husband.

    All the friends from the Pond are here to give me comfort when my husband can't and they can do the same for you. So please don't be afraid to visit us for some comfort or conversation.


  • Dear Rooster,

    You are welcome. Each time I read your post, I can't keep my eyes dried. Although our pain might not be similar, but I can understand the feeling. I totally understand how difficult it is for you to look at Keith's twin. My cousin, he looked exactly like my late brother. Most people think they were brothers. Whenever I'm at my cousin's Facebook and read his post, it is like seeing my brother. They have so much things in common. And my brother eldest son, gosh...he looks like his dad and he is only 4 years old now.

    I will start with your healing tomorrow, first thing in the morning. I have about 30 people in my list and I break them up in 3 groups. I send out 3 separate sessions each day. As for you, I will do it individually, for a start. Not that it make be more powerful but I want to focus more on main chakras, emotional and general healing. I will use a teddy bear as proxy. This might go on for few weeks but we will both 'know' when to stop. I have your first name, thank you for that. All I need you to do for me is to say this in your mind or aloud - The healing send to me is for the highest good and I am open to receive it.

    You might feel the energy whenever I send out the healing. Nothing to worry about if you don't feel the rush of energy, some people don't but you'll see the improvement after a few sessions. .

    Thank you for letting me practice on you 😉

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hi Pond Peeps!

    I've been physically active and this activity alternates between giving my thoughts free rein and giving them rest. Guess what I'm trying to say is: there just has been a lot of messages coming my way and I've been lost in another world. Lot of happenings here, lot of emotions .... Please, please stay positive and keep a healthy perspective .... Holding you all close.

    Peace, Laie

  • Rooster & Gem,

    You would serve yourselves well and others by starting a new topic on grief. I believe somewhere Gem, that you had one going at one time to try and help yourself. The two of you, Together, could get this off the ground

    an open topic like the Pond, where everyone can share their stories, their heartache, and really assist each other. You've seen it in action here ... reach out ..... So many need to unburden with like minded people ....... think about it.



  • Gem,

    I do oil paintings and a simple rule is that light is brighter against dark, and dark is darker against light. The true value of the colors do not change. It is only their Appearance to the viewer. Please don't measure your mood against anyone else. You feel what you feel. My hope is you will one day realize the true value of 'the light'.

  • Hi all! Just checking in and making sure that everyone is ok. I am worried about Darklydreaming but everyone else seems to be doing good. They always say that my sign is creative. But I'm not! Whatever the sign is on the last page, they're creative! That is pretty much the only part of the details (basically) of my sign I don't agree with but you really can't put a generalization on a large group of people. Although, the rest is accurate but there are certain traits that I have that are not included. But every individual is unique so you really can't classify any of them. Even identical twins are different. I always though that bad spelling was a guy thing but I have seen alot of female bad spellers. I have always been a sticklar about spelling. Even though I probably mispell. Just not as often as most. That's when you can tell if I'm tired. I'll start mispelling. lol I suck at math though. Except whre money is concerned as I was a cashier for 22 years but that is also why I kept my last job. I am super great at customer service and I am just good at my job but now, they would rather hire 1500 people with no experience than me, with tons of experience but also, tons of limitatins. I am seen as a lawsuit waiting to happen. So, I have a goal now. I want to open an animal rescue. I have a reason I am here. It might be just to get this open or I am going to help someone specic. (or an animal) or maybe all of it. But anyways, that is what I want to do. The hard part is getting the motivation to do it. I am overwhelmed. I am not sure where to start. Any suggestions? Maybe someone can help me get started. TTFN

  • I wish I had not got so close

    And felt the warmth of you body

    I wish to God that I did not know

    That all that you want is not me

    But now that I know

    My heart is but woe

    And my soul is naught

    But empty

  • As I sleepwalk

    through my day

    thinking thoughts I

    dare not say

    my heart is still

    it could not stay

    as dancing angels

    all fly away

    its time I go

    to bitter fields to play

    I know that you know

    That I wish you would stay

    But I just don't know the

    right words to say

  • I know that I may never be

    exactly what you want or need

    I know that you may never see

    the things inside you want to see

    cause all that I can ever be

    is what my life has made of me

    a straight arrow

    gone astray

    I aimed for your heart

    but I lost my way

  • You sound so depressed but you do have a wonderful gift. It is her loss, not yours. We will all work on bringing you light. Get a large dog and a hobby. Which writing a bunch of poems sounds like a good start. Turn this negative to a positive. Write all of these poems in a book. Maybe she will buy it and then she will see what she has lost. You can make lots of people envious. TTFN

  • there are oceans I will never swim

    there are mountains I will never climb

    things I'll never do,with all the rest of my time

    lands I won't see, fields I won't cross

    time I can't get back, friends I have lost

    but the only regret that I'll have, it is true

    is if I never get to say,how much I love you

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