The Enchanted Pond

  • Dear Rooster 5,

    How lovely lovely lovely!! You have made such a great journey, blessings on you way!!

    Sending you both lots of love.

    Gemmy, jeepers why would I be angry with you? You are asking out of concern! I hope you continue to do well.

    Shatz, enjoy the Shack. I have seen the video on the Secret. I would be interested in hearing your opinion. And YES! I also hollered probably embarrassing loudly at all of my kid's sporting events. fun!

    Icey, keeping you in my thoughts!

    Hugs from

    Cactuss/Bloom/ Fairy Goblinglitter/ and sometimes I AM Sorceress of the Arctic

  • My heart is sad but full today, my Sistas and Pond family!!!

    Today, I am the proud mother of a newly minted 21 yr old daughter. It's been quite a ride getting her to adulthood, but we got there, and now Mom can only sit back and hope like every other Mom has ever done, that I did the best I could in raising her so that she can "ease on down the road" and that I taught her how to get where and what she wants in life.... Good luck Kiddo!! Happy 21st birthday.

    Love Mom

  • Congratulations Sunshine7959! Happy 21st Birthday to your daughter:)! I'm sure you have done a fine job in raising her and I hope you two will only grow closer as the years of adulthood continue to pass. May God Bless you both. Sending you both lots of LOVE!


    P.S. Save us some Birthday Cake 😉 !

  • Dear Sunshine,

    That is a big day for both of you! Congratulations!

    When I was 21, I thought I knew so much...I even got married, lol When my kids turned 21, I thought, wow, they are babies! Just the difference in the point of view.

    Being 21 is a magical age, and you are right, she will ease on down the road. She has her wings 🙂

    Love from

    Bloom xoxo

  • May every rainbow bless your skies

    and bring your home riches wherever it lies.

    May angels sing their song for you

    and hold you close in all you do.

    May love be the star you always wish upon

    and your troubles diminish till they be gone.

    May you always find your peace in here

    where the enchanted waters heal all fear.

    And may you always remember, wherever you go

    that my heart is linked to yours you know.

    Sending my beautiful soul friends all the love in the Universe.

    Will be back properly soon ...

    Ice - eeeeeeee Moonbeams for everyone!!!!!

  • This is a painting I own ... by an Australian artist. Every time I pass it by, I think of enchantment and love and hence ... all of you.

    Angel Hugs.

  • Hi all you beautiful Angels, I am recharged, and on a roll hehe, Fist if I am missing any J’s or D’s my daughter had the computer on the weekend…

    Laie, I was tired also, Just a response to your German, I said it to Sag and he said "did you just say what i think you said" hehehehe...He said i never taught you that. He thought it was great that someone from cyber world knew German. I hope you are feeling better… I have a picture for all of you at the en, I can see pink, now always white. However, I will work on one color at a time.Football, Laie you keep amazing me, I loved baseball that was my sport…Your Girls remin me of my sons…I love when all my children are together they have such fun throwing shots at each other now they have their sister to have fun with also…They have such a close bond with the three of them and for that, “what more can a mommy want.”

    Sunshine happy Birthday to your 21 year old...and a big hug…

    Bloom I didn't get my books they are still not in, they are going to see if another library has them...A welder you go Bloom, I tried it once but it scare the blank out of me hehe.

    Rooster a pleasure to meet you I am so happy for your knew journey, Bless you.

    Gem; be careful of those Jell-O shots you might get the wrong pool boy. lol!

    QQQQQQQQQQQQ siesta where are you, missing you sending you a big hug…

    Tanya I had some blessings today it was too cool, it is amazing that I am able to send, receive, and really Believe. Thank you for your words of encouragement always.

    Moonbeammmm iceeeeeeeeeee beautiful post, and that picture, I felt I could reach out and touch it…Its soo mesmerizing, such beautiful colors.

    Its so good to hear you flying around. Haha

    Love to all of you…

    Peace,light and love


  • Dear Icey,

    Beautiful poem and wow, a powerful picture! Thanks for posting and for thinking of all of us!

    To all, I had a wonderful day yesterday listening to Bach and Beethoven on a sunny lawn with friends. What a great way to end the summer!!

    Back to work tomorrow, and one more long bike ride this morning. I have to weigh in for Weight Watchers this evening with my hubby, now isn't THAT a good motivator for watching what you eat on the weekends...or for exercising like crazy to make up for your weekend, LOL

    Fairy hugs to all,

    Bloom xoxo

  • Good Morning !

    I've quickly skimmed the recent posts, but gotta get moving. Will stop by later. Have a wonderful day/night! Peace & Love, Laie

  • Glorious Greetings One and All ...

    And speaking of beautiful pictures Dear Shatz ... surrounding the Earth in the heart colour and rainbows ... beautiful healing, loving image. Fabulous thing to manifest too! Love how you are flying along and there will always be room upon my lear broom jet for you ... our starry skies await you!

    Happy back to work day Dear Bloom ... wow ... another Summer over huh? Today is our last day of Winter; the sky is grey, welcomed drizzle hits the ground and all is quiet for I am finally ALONE in my home (well, except for the cats and birds). It would be the perfect day to 'write' but, I have stuff to get through first. Always the way! I think your biking has been the catalyst for such a deeply rewarding transformation for you and it has been such a privilege to have been a part of your sacred journey. Thanks so much for that! It is one of the loveliest things about the enchanted pond ... this space to 'be' and to connect with the true 'elf'. (Not a typo!) Just LOVE it! Hope your day has been super!

    Hey Gorgeous Sunshine ... 21 is a magickal age. I'm almost like Bloom; I was engaged at 21 and I look at my daughter who will be 21 next June and think there's no way known she could do something like that. But, I also think that each generation is so very different than the one before them. And this is a good thing and a needed thing. Your daughter will walk the path that is right for her and she will come to understand you and all you are when that time is right also. One never doubts themselves when one knows that one has done the best they could, right? You are guided by love Sunshine. Everything you speak of shows me that. If love is what motivates and comes from you, then you have given each of your children everything they need in life. Hold the faith in YOU my friend then repeat after me ... I am a loving parent. I am a loving being. I give and receive love. Now you're on your way!!!! Happiest of celebrations for L & L and school!!!!! What an exciting time for ALL of you. May your Angels surround you all and bless this special time for each of you!

    Queenie QuenKath?????? Lear broom jet hovering above your house. Come out, Come out, wherever you are!!!!! LOL

    Hey Sweet Gem ... Firstly ... make mine a double! Jello shots huh? Loving it! Go YOU! Glad someone's thinking about our poor pool boys' health ... lord knows I was distracted enough by Triple 3 Tanya's photos of them all. LOL Where the mind could go ....

    Now; Merc the jerk is responsible for so much but, so are we. I never lose sight of my own accountability in life and learning that it is ok to acknowledge how we feel is paramount. It is OK to have bad days, to feel frazzled, to be overwhelmed, to hold fear inside us, to want to scream till our lungs are empty and even to feel 'off'. Once we acknowledge things, we OWN them. Then, well ... the real work can begin. Part of being here, for me, is in living and having as authentic and genuine an experience as we can. I could never truly know myself if I fobbed off / ignored and suppressed what is genuinely inside me. Sometimes though, I need to learn to distinguish which of these feelings are actually mine and those that belong to people around me. Sometimes intuitive beings absorb (not just take on) the dominant emotions / feelings of those around them. If you suddenly feel angry for no apparent reason, or if you want to hide and you don't know why ... it's a good bet these things come from elsewhere. I am NOT good in shopping centres (you guys call them malls) or anywhere there are lots of people. I have to close my chakras down completely or else I hit overload very quickly. Part of being an intuitive spiritual being is in learning that you are one. This, I think, is one of those times for you.

    I applaud your going with the gut Gem. Asking Bloom about her sadness is not prying, it is concern and concern borne from intuition. Asking anyone something in here is always done with the purest of intent and that is the difference between prying and love. I too sense a wistfulness in our beloved Bloom. Luv ya Bloom!!!!!

    And so ... I encourage you with open loving arms to continue pursuing your intuitive self. This is just fabulous and deeply 'right' for you to be doing. Your confirmation will come from the animal kingdom just as much as from those with whom you ask questions of. Each animal that you have had contact with is both a connection to your very soul and the world around you. The more you understand the signs and messages they are bringing you, the more your intuitive 'elf' takes flight. There is nothing more beautiful than witnessing and sharing in that. I am in awe of you Gem ... for animals only ever show themselves to very special souls! Please remember that! I LOVE your walks in nature and I especially love the way you FEEL whilst you are there! Wish you could bottle that and pass it round ... you'd make squillions! Keep that spirit alive ok! Know that every being you share your self with walks away touched inside their soul with that very spirit. Gosh I'm loving that!

    Whisper hello to your natural kingdom for me! I am always walking beside you from here!

    Tanya x 3 ... woohoo girlie!!!!! I like your style! You have a very good eye for pool boys! Thanks for sharing!!!!!! Loving that your 'life' is coming together and more so that you are finding your 'peace' within it all. Go you ... big brava lady! Sometimes, once we have met life half way, we just have to be patient and wait for the other half way to step forward. It will. Keep walking in abundance dear one!

    Lady Laie ... hugs and love and hello beautiful! Hoping your Prince Charming has shared the remote with you from time to time and that he has had fun unwinding and just being too. I woke up thinking about you today and the colour 'orange' ... art thou being creative today? Strange I know but hey ... I don't pretend to be 'normal'! ROFL! LOL! I have LOVED your posts and totally get why you are a Mom and GrandMom (let me tell you that is sooooooo weird to write .... even saying it in my head seems weirdo ... you Americans are funny LOL). At times, I have questioned ... ok ... make that forever and a day I question myself and why I am a parent but when I read your posts (and all the things between the lines) I know instinctively what a Mom (oooohhhh here we go again LOL) IS ALL ABOUT! You personify the all encompassing aspect of love, compassion and delight. You take enormous delight in the souls of your brood. That is something to be revered I think. What I also love the most is how reciprocated it is ... your children and grand children hold the SAME beliefs as you do and redirect all your love right back to you and each other. WOW! What else can one say but WOW! I am so very grateful that I have met YOU ... you the wonder FULL and FILLED soul! Sending you love Laie!

    Oh ... a trip to Germany? Like in mere months???? I am jumping up and down and clapping my hands for you BOTH! Big excitement. Keep me posted ok?

    Shatz ... I forgot to add that a name change is quite normal within this pond also ... I feel you are evolving at quite a rapid rate (and I know that can sound odd too ... I do odd very well as you all know LOL) and you will soon be leaving behind many things that no longer serve your soul's development. Giving oneself a new name is a very big deal. You will be rebirthing the soul and giving the self a new expression entirely. What a precious gift, hey? I sure think so! I wish you magick in your new naming moment! We at the pond shall look forward it ... especially me ... names excite me for they hold life and energy and deep meaning that the soul creates with too. Tingly times.

    Hey Mr. Poet ... sending you mountains of happy thoughts and dreams and wishing all to be well where you are! Huggggggs!

    And so, it's on to my lear broom jet and off to my many tasks for me.

    May you all shine brightly.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice - eeeeeeeee Moonbeams!

  • Good Afternoon Enchanted Angels, just sending some love,hugs and Light into your worlds...

    I hope everyone is happy and healthy...

    Moon Beammmmmmmmmmmmmm it would be an honour to fly into the beautiful sky with you...We could put Laie in front because of her sport back ground in football lol..hehehehe

    Now the preasure is on with my name change, you think I was buying a wedding gown hahaha ROTFL , Now that would turn Sag man Green hehehehe...

    I am down to three names High Preistess has helpe me, with my list i gave her, but she added two...Decissions, has this Leo very confused hehehe...

    It has to be purrrrrrrrrrrrfect..

    QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ, i hope you are okay Fiesty siesta....A big cyber hug...

    Lady Laie i hope you are feeling not so tired sweetie..If you need a shoulder I bet we would all give you one...

    Hugs to,Bloom,Gem,Sunshine,Rooster,Tanya, and DD and to that someone who nees a hug today...

    Namaste Angels,

    I will now light my candle and Thank "GOD" for all of you


  • good morning all!!

    Lots of love wooshing around the skies of the pond, I'm reaching up to catch some, and zoom around myself, lol! Thanks for all of the good energy here!

    My first day was okay, but, like Icey, I have SO much trouble in large gatherings...partly the feeling and understanding of others' emotional states and the other part is the NOISE!! omg....spending all day in one big room with 800 people is not my idea of fun.

    I actually -- Ta-DAAAA!- walked out early and went back to my school because all of the side conversations and chatting felt like knives cutting into my brain. I have never done that before, I had quite an interesting conversation in my mind before I left, lol...the only good thing is that I will have the opportunity to hear the speaker again all day today, so I felt I would be able to catch up on what she had to say today.

    Sending love your way angels!

    Hugs from Bloom xoxox

  • Bloom, I would have walked out also hehe...I have to talk with myself to at times hehe..

    Take care Bloom sending you hugs, love and angels...

    Hellllllooooooo evryone else, i hope you all are healthy and happy

    peace,light and love


  • PERFECT PIC, Shotz!! (name change, lol ! ) Fairy spreading the seeds of love

    PERFECT for the Enchanted Pond!

    I've been very busy the last few days so still keeping up but no time to type. Wishing everyone well and fingers crossed that the hurricane doesn't turn inland ---- Hurricane Bob ( 19991) did enough to this region as did our 100 year Flood this March.

    Love to All !

  • Dear Sisters & Brother of the Loving Winds,

    I am going to be gone from the pond for some time.

    Nobody here is allowed to worry or stress or do anything, ok? You must all promise me that as you read this. There is nothing to fear but fear itself, right? Sooooo ... hold nothing but the joy that experiencing your soul brings and continue to hold each other and send out love whilst I am not around. I know that you will because that is who you all are.

    Not a day shall pass where my love is not sent upon the winds to you and not a moment of your life will be spent in a state other than that of peace when you sit within the enchanted realm for that has always been my dearest wish for you all ... a life of soul filled love and peace in its expression.

    I will be with you all in Spirit and sending angels to hug and hold you close. Please do NOT respond to this post as I will not be here to read it or answer any of your questions (and I can feel those beginning already lol). Know that what will be must be and I am sure that we will all meet again. I am sorry that this seems so cryptic and final but I have never shared my problems with you all so this is not new really is it LOL? This is a time where I have to walk away so please promise me you will all be kind to each other and continue to love and guide each other with your wisdom and soul ... please ... for that is our path to truth and beauty.

    I hold so many dreams for you all. Go out and live yours, ok? Find what your soul is asking you to express and be it in every way. Never look back and never be sad. Take everything you have learnt about you as Spirit and you as human and manifest the very best for YOU! I will be checking ... lol.

    QuenKath ... hold the fun round here; keep it light and teach all of us what it is to be alive. Love YOU!

    Lady Laie ... step into your power and share the depth of wisdom within you. Continue to bring to others that which Spirit moves you to and in so doing, you will see the NEW you. Love YOU and may your homes be protected from all harm. Amen.

    Sunshine ... I had better hear piano keys playing away!!!! Keep showing everyone here what love is all about. It is your love that guides you, teach that to others please. Love YOU!

    Bloom ... Keep blooming you grand miracle of light, you. Show all that you are not afraid of emerging and that this wondrous step you have taken is a guiding light to all women ... and men Double D ... Hold faith in your intuition and inner guidance and continue to discover the truth ... that is you. Love YOU!

    Gem ... with every path you bless, you blaze brighter and brighter. Keep listening to your SELF and to the animal friends you are making as you awaken and shower the world in the beauty that is Gem! Look after those pool boys for me ... ! Love YOU!

    Double D ... change your name darlin' ... please! Start to see the YOU we all do. Don't you dare stop writing poetry and blessing these women with your romantic, gentle ways. I shall miss your words terribly. Keep letting these women show you the good in your world. Love YOU!

    Tanya x3 ... you are teaching all at the pond about abundance and the path to receiving it. Know that what goes around, comes around and please keep sharing your story of love with everyone here ... in that way, there will always be a happily ever after story to tell. Love YOU!

    Shatz ... time for your new name too ... thank you for lviing at the enchanted pond amongst us for you have brought the power of spirit here to all. Your pictures are the very spark of life itself and it is the greatest way that everyone can FEEL your spirit too. Never stop. Continue finding images (draw them too) that inspire and bless YOUR soul and the souls of all who dwell here. Love YOU!

    Boy, that was hard ... for the tears are gracing my eyes. Remember that with every challenge, Ice - eeeee Moonbeam is upon the lear broom jet chasing away the bad and leaving only twinkling stars for you to have.



    Till we meet again ...

    You ARE my heart.

    Icearia x o x

  • Good morning, enchanted ponders!

    Well, that is sobering news that Icey is away for some time...I feel sad but also, boy o boy, did we get our marching orders!!!

    How can you ignore her directions to go live a fabulous life!! So, we will, not only because we love her, but because she is RIGHT!!!

    Hope everyone has a good day...Gemmy, are you out there??

    I have had my two days of 'professional development', the second day was quieter, so I was a happier camper. I will look forward to getting back to my own school and office, and get busy on my work to-do list.

    Hope those of us who along the eastern US sea coast stay safe from Hurricane EArl!! Sending you loving light.

    Hugs from Bloom xoxox

  • cactuss/bloom

    Yes, I am here. Have been trying to keep busy, walking, thinking, and doing a lot of talking to myself. Getting my thoughts in order, ya right, just as I think I have it all sorted out, something new pops in. Oh, well, that's what makes the world go around.

    I just read what icy wrote, it seems, for some reason, she is leaving us for quite awhile. Don't know why, but it made me cry. I somehow knew she might be holding back something, because she kept giving so much, and giving all so quickly. Hope I am wrong, I pray that one day I come on and she is there, and she won't be to long getting back. She picked a wonderful way to say giving and so loving, that's our icy...

    Weather is back down to 60's and 70's again, love it. But a lot of rain, makes for a damp walk.

    Are you all done on the bide for this year? Hope you can squeeze in a few more rides, just to feel the freedom that seems to make you so happy.

    Will be on later or tomorrow, have to get my walking started before the rain.

    We should all have a group hug and prayer for icy, that whatever it is, she will be back soon...



  • Lady Laie

    I know what the hurricanes can do, went thru 5 of them in Florida, the 5th one was Charlie, got out house pretty good. The other 4 just caused minor damage. Charlie went thru our area so quickly and one of the people on our street said they clocked it at 185 miles and hour. Don't know how true that was, but if anyone had seen the neighboorhood, they could believe it was true. Two weeks without power, water and the smell was so bad couldn't even breath, not to mention the heat was in 90's, and in Florida, the humidity was so bad no one could breath.

    Lucky we had a motor home and set up camp in the drive way, ran our generator day and night and had the older people on the street in to cool off during the day. Made coffee for all that wanted it, and did what we could. Most of the men had to patrol the neighborhood at night to keep the looters out, but they got our house and a couple of others anyway, and we were setting in the drive, but they came in from the water side, just walked in, the doors were all blown out and the glass sliders were all broken from debris, so was easy for them, at least until the national guard came in and blocked the street and watched the water side.

    That my dear, was the last experience I ever wanted with a hurricane,,,I said we're going home, back to Michigan, so we got out house back together and got out of there. Never wanted to see another one.

    And Charlie wasn't supposed to hit us, was supposed to go right by, was the fastest moving hurricane on record, but he decided to take a turn and when he did, there we sat...Luckily we wern't home, went up north one day and had to come back the next.

    Other then that Laie, I must tell you that Merc., is still around me, the other day, someone backed into my car at Wal-mart. Haven't left home unless I need to, Got the estimate yesterday and it's a little over a thousand dollars, but not as bad as I expected. And still lucky that it is not a permanent thing, can be fixed...

    Will pary for you and all around you that this hurricane doesn't decide to make a turn.



  • Shatz

    Your are marveloussssss , your pictures are so beautiful, makes one just float right off into space, the quiet peaceful feeling of being all alone but still safe and secure.

    The happiness that radiates from them and you, bless you for shareing it.

    You and I have come a long way baby, (remember that saying),,,and we're gonna keep going, hand and hand, together...we've got the courage to do it....And you've got more then I have, so I'll follow....But you have to promise that once in awhile, we'll stop and set by the pond and rest and have a pool boy or two, whoops, I mean a jello shot or two.

    Blessings shatz,,,,


  • Icy, Icy, Icy

    I know she said not to answer her,

    But I must say, Icy, please come back....

    I am praying that you will


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