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  • Thanks Tanya, I'll try the website Shatz mentioned, and then will try to email you one and you can tell me what to do!!

    Gracie triple 3 Tanya,

    Bloom xoxoxoxoxox

  • Sunshine, love your fairly and vampire names!! This has been fun, THANKS ICEY!!


    Bloom xoxoxo

  • Shatzy, love your pics...what a show off you are!!! 🙂

    Yes, thanks. I have been checking out the moon too, maybe we were gazing at it at the same time! I do love the sky, day or night!

    Sending you some Shack love (( (-) ))

    Bloom xox

  • Lady Laie,

    too funny about your hubby! The rain was very relaxing. My hubby has his special chair, but also specializes in keeping the couch planted on the floor!

    I don't think copper would be a color for me, as my skin has kind of a yellowish undertone...but I promise to try on a lot of colors that go with pink (the bridesmaid's dresses) and see which one is most becoming on me.

    Loved your story about your girls and their texts!! Sounds like you all have a great sense of humor, a sign of intelligence 🙂

    Love from Bloom xoxox

  • Hi Shatz,

    I looked up the Shack yesterday and it seems to be the kind of book I would like. I read a lot of Max lucado, every heard of him. His books hold my interest and really enjoy them.

    Will order it today, looks like your spirits are high and you are happy. Keep it up girl.


  • Hey cactuss!

    Well, Sunshine's was the last post I saw 2 hours ago; I've been typing replies to everyone & here you are --- G'Mornin! I'm going to miss your early morning posts when you head back to school! I can't believe summer had passed so quickly! We keep losing track of time because it gets dark so much earlier now.

    As for the dress, you're coloring is 'Spring' then? Like with any color, as you know: ), you just need the right hue so you might consider a golden brown to play up your coloring and glow! A camel would look elegant, especially if you have a bit of a tan leftover and play it up with pink lipstick/blush. Of course, if your a Sping then any clear color like green would look great, but with the pink bridesmaids ..... don't know. Doesn't it always come down to finding something? Ugh! I hate shopping and won't even think about it Yet! Thankfully, daughter's wedding is October 1st and she has chosen Fall colors. Good grief, now I'm worried!! I was always and Autumn

    don't know now, with this white hair! LOL !

    The kids always make me laugh, especially when they ' regress' and do things from childhood! All the kids are quick witted --- unlike their Mom! They get that from their Dad and can turn any phrase around, especially child numbers 2&4 --- boy are they quick with words! I admire this so much! But, even more than that, I'm thankful they really like and support one another -- always!

    Good luck with shopping! Get in all the riding you can before snowmobile gloves are needed!!

  • 333Tanya,

    I wish the SM business was resolved, one way or another for your sake. I remember his & your situation, sigh, ….I don't know how you do it, by now I would've had enough and chalked it up to something that will never be. ((hugs!!))

    Its great to read that there is some improvement on the financial level. I can't help but relate to your situation; we were the 'working poor', too many mouths to feed and never rec'd any aid. I'm glad you made your way here and to the other place! There's so much to be found to lift you up ---- wish I had Tarot way back when!

  • Cactuss/Bloom

    Yes, the walks are so great now, it's really colder here then I think it should be this time of year, it's almost like fall is already here, instead of the dog days of summer. But not complaining, I'm a cool weather person...I also have to wear more clothes now, into track pants and sweatshirt, but a t-shirt under the sweatshirt, I still usually get warm.

    I forgot, the cold weather will eventually having you put your bike away for a few months won't it.

    But, sounds like you'll be busy anyway, so your mind will still be occupied with school.

    I've been buying books too, but I think I'll take your suggestion and try the library first. like you, I'm not able to just go out and spend as much, since my husband has been gone, things have changed and I have to play it pretty close to home. But I don't need much so it's not to bad.

    I would like to ask you something and you can tell me to Mind my own business and I won't get mad. I sense that there is a sadness in you, I don't know why I get this, maybe because it's really in me and I feel it so much more when I read what you write or it is in both of us. I'm sorry if I'm over stepping my boundaries here, I don't mean to, but I've been trying to hone in, so to speak, on some of my intuitive feelings lately and if I just ignore them,they don't just go away.Please don't be offended, and you can ignore this or just tell me you would rather not acknowledge it to me anyway. I don't really want to talk about it either, but I would just like to know if I'm right or wrong. I know you have reason enough to have this feeling, but the turmoil inside is whats hard to deal with.

    Sorry Cactuss, as usual I have probably put big foor in mouth, please don't be upset with me for asking.

    Hugs and blessings


  • Queenie,

    The weather has broken and yesterday was beautiful, especially last night. Hubby left the couch, heehee!, and went out to pick up all the broken limbs laying on the ground with Katy trailing behind. She thought a good game of fetch might be involved! : )) The temps are projected to be hovering around 90* here and clear for the next 7 days.

    Hopefully, your temps will break for the game by Saturday. Can't even begin to imagine Your Heat --- Ugh! Did I ever say I played football on a boys team? LOL ! I know exactly what its like to suit up and play in this weather, even softball wasn't fun! Well, I actually noticed the heat when I stopped for a moment like changing sides, offense/defense or up to bat. : )) Anyway, its part of the reason why I'm against 8 yr.old grandson practicing/scrimmaging in the heat!

    LOL ! I can picture the babies looks!!!! And I have to ask ---- R U nuts? ROFL! No way would I have put the snake into a container!!! I found one years ago in our basement curled up on the floor below the electrical box. We lost power during a day time storm and I went downstairs to flip the switches and there it was. I ran back upstairs and waited until hubby came home ---- no electricity for hours! : > )Snake was gone by then and I had the heebie-jeebies whenever I did laundry for a week!

    Oh I hope you didn't miss the turtles! I imagine watching them hatch would be so sweet! Swimming with sea turtles is one of those amazing 'Kodak moments' eternally captured in my mind!

  • Shatz,

    I barely remember the German language, had gotten enough to survive and understood more than I could speak around the time I returned to the States. We're planning a trip back, possibly in October. Hubby will spend our anniversary with me visiting my friends, poor idjit!, : )) then go off on business. I'll stay there (probably) and then we will fly back together. Guess, I better re-learn! : )

    I read a chapter of "The Shack" and stumbled into one called "Bo's Cafe" yesterday. I've ordered both. I am in the middle of reading 2 other books right now, maybe these will come with me on the trip. I rarely get books back from the kids, Good Luck! ; 0

    Name change ….. Good! Let it reflect You! Your soul is trying to take off ---- Grab a Lear Broom and let it soar to the tune of Weeeeeeee!!!!

  • Gem,

    Just saw your post, will look into that author. I 've gotta run and make oatmeal --- yes, its a nice cool morning : )

    A tree trimmer guy is coming to remove dead limbs and prune before winter sets in, talk later! have a great day!!

  • Morning Lady Laie,

    It's so nice to hear how happy your girls make you and the little child like things they do, as you know, they say us geminis never grow up, and that is so true, we are always like to have fun in our days and life. But, I must tell you that right now I am more like your "cranky one", for some reason, I have an overwelming sadness right now, can't figure it out, unless it is 'Merc. the Jerk" to quote a famous person on here. I know it's not lossing my husband now, I have come to terms with that. I'm not sure, it's almost like an intuitive thing rising up inside of me, seems lately when I've been around people, I don't hear a lot of what they are saying, but feel more of what they aren't saying. NOt sure I like it either.

    Like I told Cactuss, the weather here is colder here then normal this time of year, so the walks are faster, but I am a cold weather person, so I really love it like this. The air is so crisp and smells so good, and the animals are frisky, scurrying all over the place, like they really have some place to go. It seems to mirror me right now, scurrying all over but no real place to go.

    I've been reading my Indian Books, and I've started re-reading the Max Lucado book, "And the Angels Were Silent", it's an old one. But he makes it simple to understand, and I have a simple mind.

    Have to get ready for my walk, which I do look forward to.

    Have a great day,


  • Dear Laie4,

    Yes, I too wish the SM business was resolved also but the way I see it is I have plenty of time to wait for him to straighten out his own life first and really my children and myself should be my first priority at this time in my life. As much as I would like to have a man here with me helping me through these times and to be a decent role model for my sons in reality my kids are not ready to accept any other man to- as they see it - "try to replace their father". I have also come to believe that I do not and should not have to accept anything less than what my heart wants and for these reasons I am content in being alone for now. Perhaps in a few more years my children will all be old enough to be ready to fully accept another man in our lives and I also believe if I am really meant to be with my SM it will eventually happen when the time is right for both of us and there will be nothing to stop it at that point and if not there is nothing I can do to stop that either so I am just living for my kids and myself and leaving the rest up to God. Sending you lots of LOVE!


  • Icy

    Gonna make one last tray of jello shots, before the real cold weather sets in, and I have learned my lesson on not trying to eat the whole tray by myself, so you grab Quenkath and that beautiful pool boy Shatz sent us, and we will spend the day at the pond, now you and Quen can have most of the shots, cause I think I'll be busy keeping tanning lotion on that poor boy, we don't want to have him burn up right before our eyes, do we.

    Might take my mind off of whatever the heck this is that's going on. I know one thing, I'll be darn glad when it's over.

    Have a good day, keep smiling.


  • Here is Bloom, who officially signed up for her library card today, woo hoo!

    Too funny though - there was a flyer in the newspaper saying that starting in September, if you brought in an I D, you could get a card that same day. We brought the flyer in when we signed up, and I asked if I could get mine the same day, and the clerk looked at me and dead-panned...yup, you got it! "That's only in September..." Ooh, I was irritated and realized that was probably the attitude that sent me off to Barnes and Noble in the first place, ROFL

    Now we have to wait until next week, and receive a card in the mail and THEN we can go down and get the cards. She said we could take out ONE book each today, but I said I am definitely more than a one book girl. So I will continue re-reading my Brother Cadfael mysteries. I have been reading so much of them that I am amazed that I am not sauntering around my garden wearing a soft homespun gown or a brown cotte (whatever that is, I do not know!!) looking for broken reeds and mossy footprints in the soil...and riding horseback through the woods.

    Got a lot done cleaning my house today, the floors are shiny and some of the woodwork is tomorrow I get to do a long bike ride with no guilty conscience. On Sunday, we are going to an outdoor concert venue (Tanglewood) to hear Beethoven's Ninth love love it...and I am going to try to Skype with a friend just before the concert. That will be a first for me, I hope I don't blow it!! Any tips gratefully accepted.

    Laie, I will try to keep up with the postings even back to work. I tend to spend too long on here though, so I will have to discipline myself! I was picking up tree limbs yesterday also, still a few more to get, which are hanging up in another tree!!

    Gemmy, I am doing okay on the sadness front. I think I have my stuff in perspective, but it IS 'just for today' for sure....I can keel over the cliff pretty easily with a few prods in the right direction. Hope you had a great walk and are enjoying the cooler weather.

    Tanya, it sounds like your SM thoughts are just in the right place. Kids tend to keep us grounded, huh??

    Quenkath, hope that your weather cools down a bit. Laie, you PLAYED football??, yikes...way to GO!! How safe is football for younger players, btw...??

    Hope that all the ponders have a great evening, jello shots or no!!

    Hugs to all,

    Fairy Feather Goblinglitter/ aka Bloom/ Cactuss/ Sorceress of the ARTIC!!!!!! woooooohooooxo

    ps Bali???where are people with that?? sounds good to ME 🙂

  • ooops...ARC-TIC that is....need more practice with that one 🙂

  • Cactuss

    Thanks for not getting upset with me for asking, I to could go over real easily, specially now, has to be this Merc. thing. Glad when it's over....

    Hugs and blessings


  • Bloom love your names hehe, I'm going to the library on Sunday...My books will be the "Shack" to read again, because I got a feeling I won't be getting it back. Also I will be picking up the Secret, I have been told many times to read it,, so know is a good time.Hugs to you Bloom

    Gem, I'm feeling a little off myself..So if I'm not going to be here on the weekend, I'm going to take the advice I gave Lady Laie, "time to recharge..."

    ICEEEEEEEEEEEEE, moon beammmmmmmmm thinking of you...and your hippy husband hahahahaha.

    QQQQQQQQQQQQ, hugs to you my sista...Enjoy the football game,and if you are anything like me when My sons were in sports I had no voice

    Tanya, very happy for you sweetie..i read your post on F&L

    Sunshine thinking of you, Hope the kids had a good week at school.

    Laie, its time for you to take the throne from the

    DD I hope you will get your peace in your heart again...

    Oh and to someone again Hugs to you hehe.

    Hugs to all of you,


    and of course you all know there will be a picture to follow.


  • Dear Queenies and Pond peeps,

    It is me ...Rooster5. I had a chance to come by the Pond today. I am sitting on my rock by the Pond. I can feel the warmth from the sunshine beaming into my heart and spirit. I hear the rush of the breeze blowing on my face. I can see the crystal clear waters hugging the edge of the Pond.

    I have come back from Mississippi for a small visit. I have found that the people there has open their hearts and arms to accept me as a new comer to the South.

    I wanted to tell all my Pond friends that I have completed the move to the South. I have adjusted to the hot weather.

    I have seen all the fields of rice, cotton , corn and soybean. It seems they go for miles and miles. I have seen the mighty Mississippi river in all its beauty and splendor.

    But the best news to tell my friends is that I have married a man that I fell in love and I have felt that my deceased husband, Keith has smiled upon me.It is like he has approved of my new life with my new spouse.

    I can feel his spirit move from the crypts of death and arise like the Great Phoenix to the Universe. I have seen him in a dream and his spirit tell me that it is okay, be happy, and I will see you at the pearlie gates one day.

    I sit on my rock being very still, deep in thought, and my heart is at peace. I have made the transformation. I have no more tears and I have no pain. The beautiful sunshine has comforted my spirit and the light from within is now radiating outward from me.

    In Reflection,


  • Hi Rooster5! So happy to hear from you!

    Thanks Shatz 🙂 !

    Bloom, yes, kids keep you grounded 🙂 !

    Enchanted Ponders I found some more pool boys for us 😉 ! ENJOY!!!

    Sending you all lots of LOVE!


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