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  • Bloom

    Remember, a long time ago, you said if you could do it, I could. That was an inspiration to me sweet bloom.....My heart is very heavy at times thinking of my internet friend, seems so strange that after 50 years we found each other again, I don't know why, but after all that time it happened, and I still can't figure out the purpose of it. To be only friends have proven to be a failure, and the fact that he lives 300 miles away has been the only thing to save us both. I do want to meet someone else, so the whole thing doesn't blow up in both our faces.

    I walk and I think and I walk and I think, as shatz said, I am on a journey with me right now, and I'm trying to stick to that routine, I don't need another complication in my life.

    I know when you ride, you think also, but at least your intentions are good, riding for charilty, and your heart is pure, I hope I can keep mine that way also.

    I haven't even began to catch up with you beautiful bloom, but I'm still on the right path.


  • 10 Gem,

    LOL! Give Shatz a double milk shake and Quen a double Jell-o shot to slow them down! I'll help u get them to a lounging chair around the pool and wake them After u locate a nice ( wink, wink) pool boy! : > )))

    Sorry to hear about the ( glass??) things being broken, but glad you didn't need an emergency room visit. My oldest Gem had a window busted out of her car, vandalism. My next Gem put in an offer on a house then got creeped out for some reason and rescinded the offer the following day. Just from what I know they are going through, I think you have the right idea. Be cautious and do things needed at home.

    Under this Virgonian influence, I've vowed to buckle down and hit those projects I've been putting off also …. well, after I tackle my pool uh, ocean boy, Prince … heehee…. we haven't spent enough time together and he has just gone on vacation for two weeks. Priorities are good, lol ! THAT first, heeehee then the overdue projects!

    PS. Just saw your mornings post …. when you sell & move, I bet that'll be the release for someone new to enter your life.

  • Bloomin Cactuss,

    Maybe that is the reason I can't post other items well like Shatz &Tanya too. I use a Mac also. Hubby has been drinking the Apple Kool-Aid forever and is slowly, user by user, working on world domination --- R O F L ! I have never had any use for tech gadgets but he slowly worked on me …. first with a computer then with a cell phone. Now, I bite his hand off if he tries to get me to 'step away from the computer' LOL ! He created the monster --- he has to live with it now!

    " God's Frozen Chosen" : > )) In a way, This is the other side of my family : ) Eventually, my personality rebelled against staying stony faced and sucking it up. I am still working on relaxing around them, but don't think it'll ever happen fully. I always get the under currents and try to withdraw.

    Weather wasn't good for the air show ---Hope you stayed in with a good read!

  • Moonbeaming Ice Queen,

    I'm with you ---- NO Photos! As the saying goes, " What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" ….. Especially when the Jell-o shots come out! As our lovely Gem has discovered, the shots are sneaky little delights that then strike with the hammer of the gods! Upside ---- : > ) ---- "Depends" aren't necessary -- ROFL -- only aspirin!

    Glad you liked the paragraphs taken from the story. It is a tear-jerker and others whom I shared it with at the time, cried or couldn't continue reading it because of strong emotional connections. I always thought one day I'd re-work it, removing the literary references and keep all the personal elements. I thought after all this time, it wouldn't have me in tears, but it still does. Such a softie.

    LOL !!! "Yes, I said VERY WELL ... so there! One can never doubt what others see so clearly. OK?"…." Fear not, for I shall always remind you ... hee hee ... if you do." Made me light up! Thanks for the reminder of what a true friend does and why I hold you so dearly!!!

    Your loving NINNY of a Friend!

  • Shatz,

    Love the posted pics and your new avatar! Consider a name change ??

    This has always come up for me ever since we first encountered each other .... Now that you've been around for a while and witness the crazy happenings on the Pond .... I gotta say it ..... Schatz Schatzi, Shatzie or Shotzie ..... Fits U !!

    The Shack? Haven't heard of it ........You & Bloom have my attention, will google it!

  • Ok. Just so you know, I wanted to post this picture of my proposed pool boy a couple of days ago but was hesitant because I was not sure if it is against the rules here but after all this talk and Shatz's post I will go ahead and do it anyway ;)! Hope you all enjoy.

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    Laie, my name shatz has a meaning, my sag man is German and "SHATZ" means "treasure" he calls me that all the time...I used that name to give me a reminder of who i am, sort of like a affirmation embarrassed smiley lol...

    some people on tarot call me shatzy, so you can call me...?

    Gem, this book is open hehe..I live in Vancouver,Canada...I have been as far as California (Disney World) Reno, longggggggggggg time ago...One place that I have felt like I need to go one day is NewYork...Funny I have been there before, in another life...It must be that because since I was a little girl, i have thought about New York.

    Tanya, BAMMMMMMMMMMM HAHA LOL..i'M not even going to touch that one hahah

    that came out the wrong way and i'm sure it will give queen QQQQQQ an opening...

    Bloom, you will find the most beautiful out fit to match your

    SUNSHINE , hope you are okay...a big cyber hug to you...

    Moonbeammmmmmmmmmmmmm ((((((hello)))))

    DD still haven't had the pleasure of meeting you, i hope your heart is finding some peace..

    Now lets see what picture I can ENCHANT all of you today....


    i feel like I have forgotten someone, okay Someone I hope you are doing well, wishing you peace,light,love and manny blessings, because you are here at the pond and we are all very Blessed.

    hugs Shatzy lol

  • Laie, Just encase you didn't have time to look up the "SHACK" heres the link, something tells me you will love the book..:)

    Hugs Sheila

  • Hey Shatz/ Schatzi!

    I lived in Germany ..... that was my exact meaning ---- heehee. Spelling for my German friends is schatzi, I believe ...... I always write shotzie in my letters to them as this is how it almost sounds to my american ears! So, I meant what your Sag Shotzi intended ---too funny! Luv ya!

  • oops, thanks for the link will look it up!

  • Laie, small world we live in hehe..I was going to post that I think the spelling of my name shatz was wrong heheh.

    Wie geht's?

    You should see my spelling on that one..Sag trys to teach me some easy words, but The German Language has to be the hardest language to speak,for me anyways....Sometimes I can't even speak English...hahahah lol.

    Hugs Laie


    What is the Prince going to do without his Princess 🙂 ?

  • Tanya,

    OOO OOOOOO, now that a pool boy, a little better then the one shatz gave us, oh, who am I kidding, a lot better, I'll jello shot to that.............


  • Quen

    Thank-you, need some hugs, been a little down the last couple of days, might be this Merc RX thing, don't know. Hugs always helps the downers...


  • Laie

    If I sell, seems still nothing is selling up here and no one is looking, maybe I'm just anxious to move on with my life, don't know why I'm so down these last couple of days, it's got to be this Merc. RX thing, seems things are going true south for me these last couple of days, I'm trying to ignore it and just do the normal, but it seems like fighting a ghost, keep punching but no one there but air. Oh well, it will be alright. Been walking more, just trying to keep things in some kind of normal.

    I feel you are right about selling, I feel that will be my release into a new freedom, a new beginning, something to really look forward to. Maybe a new relationship...

    "Sorry your gem's are haveing a hard time with this whole thing also. Tell them to just wait until it is over, boy are we multibles gonna cut loose......Look out world...

    Hugs and blessings Laie,


  • They say it's always darkest before the light

    But this darkness seems to have no end in sight

    I guess I'll just have to use my darkness to do whats right

    I suppose it's just destiny that's made me a Dark Knight

  • Hello all my sweet pond sistas and Darkly Dreaming!!

    Shatz, you are really cracking me up! You really brighten up my day! Big hugs to you and hope you are having a great day.

    Laie, miss talking to you! You have been busy too, I see, glad to see you here at the pond! I can hear your laughter along with everyone else, LOL. We have to meet on our rocks soon and chat!

    IceeeMoonbeam, you keep this Pond filled with the enchantment of love and friendship, you brought this lovely group of people together in this place, and it isn't just coincidental, there is purpose in this, and in our way, the positive vibes and the genuine love and caring flows out and helps heal the universe. Perfect place to send out healing energy to the Earth and the people in it.

    333Tanya, you are so sweet, I thank you for your thoughts of me. You have such a good heart! I have a lot of postings to catch up on, and I have really been remiss in keeping up. Sending you Blessings and hugs.

    Hi Gem, Hope all is well with you and I am happy to see that you are healing in this wonderful place. Stick with us, all this positive energy can only do good, listen whose talking, I need to get back in here more often.

    Cactuss!! I am so thrilled about your riding, you are really inspiring to me to have watched you gain success with it. Keep it up and pass that positive energy through here.

    DD, we have been worried about you, glad you have surfaced for a while at the Pond! Bask in the cameraderie and the merriment in here, let it lift your soul and brighten your countenance, even for a few minutes. Sending you much light and positive energy.

    Quenkath, you keep me ROTFL you are the life of the party! You contribute so much fun and lightness along with the positive energy, you never fail to lift my spirits when i come in here. Eventually we will have to have a coupla jello shots together.

    I know I missed some of you, not intentionally.

    But everyone in the Pond makes this place the wonder that it is....I enjoy the presence of everyone in here, and send all of you the deepest hugs and the greatest Blessings!!

    Well, back to school again, I will come back to the Pond again, but much sooner than i have!!



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