The Enchanted Pond

  • As I mentioned, so many pages have passed by here and, whilst I have read them, I don't remember everything within them, sooooo .... please forgive me if I have overlooked something and, if it was specifically directed at me, could you please be so kind as to re-post it? (Do a cut and paste thing). I am in a bit of a fog ... from all that moonbeam flying whilst sprinkling stardust upon you all.

    Bloom ... there is no value we hold worth compromising for another. Never! The moment we allow our point of power to be taken over by another; we lose our self empowerment and truth. I completely understand that this is a truly difficult time for you because of what this person means to you BUT, inappropriate behaviour is never excused and when someone crosses a personal boundary, or is just plain mean and uncalled for, it is your soul's right to stand within its truth. That, really, is the complete meaning behind the term 'stand in one's truth'. It is the soul's expression of itself. The soul only knows truth ... for it holds your divine essence within it. I know you know what you should be doing, the trained professional within you speaking there, but this is all about YOU and the feeling being you are. What does that being want to say? I, as will all your enchanted friends, will be standing right beside you ... only in support and in love. You will do what is right for you; not what I think or believe ... it is YOUR belief system here.

    As for the ride ... may there always be wind in your hair, laughter in your heart and a star twinkling its praise above you.

    Go Bloom!

    Dear Sunshine ... let go to let in. Stand aside now and love her from a distance. Tell the hospital staff that you are NOT to be contacted, her family are. It is only when we give others permission to take us for granted that the doors swing wide open and a doormat we become. When one needs to learn the life lesson of selfishness, it appears. Help them to learn it now. Stand empowered by your decisions and keep loving her from within your heart space. Visit her AFTER.

    Pianos, like CD players, wait patiently until the soul's cal to hear something is made once more. Carry the meody within you until the timing is right.

    Hugs Sunshine!

    Queeie QuenKath who has wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'd off to the beach with teenage lads ... LOVE YOU! Come back soon. Miss you!

    Good-bye and Good Luck Rooster.

    Dearest Shatz ... you can read anything you like my lovely ... I know ... the hippie thing was b l o o d y hilarious actually ... especially if you know my hubby!!!!!!! Mighty hilarious!!!!!!!!! I think he'd blow them up if he had the chance; thinks they're ALL a joke!!!!! Ahhh, the ironies of life hey????

    I remembe eading a little bit about the confusion you have with your dream / intuitive / psychic side of self. May I add something to that please? Dear friend ... this is a trust issue you are working with on one huge level. When we awaken to our spiritual gift and talents, no matter what they may be, we are awakening to the connection we have with Spirit ... that being; we are spirtual beings first and foremost who happen to have volunteered for some ridiculous journey down here at this time. Recognizing a gift is a sign of remembering you are a spiritual being and, as such, you hold a direct and divine connection to Spirit. Not understanding how to use a gift happens becuase of a lack of remembrance ... of literally being away from it for so long. The best way to reclaim what is yours, and all gifts are rightfully yours because they are something you come here with in order to help not only your life, but the lives of others, is to try USING it. Meditation is paramount. It is the best way to silence the mind for it is the mind that creates the confusion; not the soul. Meditation can come in any form too ... the traditional sitting still is only one, painting, drawing, colouring in, sewing, reading poetry, listening to music, writing, knitting, playing an instrument ... being CREATIVE in some way will also recreate this necessary stillness and space for you to just BE. Once the mind is out of the picture ... you are open to freely communicate with your higher aspected self, or those guides and guardians in Spirit. That is totally dependant upon your ability to TRUST and ALLOW! Leo's are a little too good at control and find relinquishing the power centre for them (which is the mind) quite a challenge. However, the irony rests in that leo's have enormous HEARTS and that is where we draw energy from and forth when communicating with Spirit.

    Sooooo ... the saying ... 'imagine what you could do if you coul not fail' springs to mind here. I would, if I was you, write down your dreams in a gorgeous journal. Although what your notes are kept in really is of little consequence to the substance of your writing, I like to think that one affords their dreams the highest respect when one puts them down upon something equally as beautiful. Very Leo I know 🙂 For dream analysis, journalling, or any memory recording to work, it must be done before one does anything else upon waking. It must be silent, you must be sleepy and it must flow from within you. Straining to remember anything does not work. Being sleepy keeps your being in that dream like state and allows you to feel the visions just as much as recalling them. The feelings are what you want to focus on.

    There are a plethora of new age sites and people upon this fair Earth who will happily tell you all kinds of things. Be very discerning. Sit with whatever information you find or are given until you can feel whether or not it is right for you. To discern is not to decide ... the mind does that. I am kind of anti labelling people and will never refer to myself as an empath or a channel or anything else, only that I hold that vibration or gift, not that I AM those things. That is ego calling the self in. If you hold the gift of clairvoyance; (or clair-anything) find a mentor to work with. Find someone you trust and open your soul to them. They will guide and nourish your gift and help teach you that all this guidance (which is what the gifts and talents are) is actually coming from within you. Nothing of value is external in the spiritual world. They will explain that you need to spend infinitely more time LISTENING to the self than talking. Grab some good books (or just go online to source some) on SYMBOLS and SYMBOLOGY. They will teach you what some of what you are seeing is all about. Sometimes, seeing circles everywhere (for example) actually means something ... especially if it is provoking a feeling response from you. Ask lots of questions and keep asking ... an inquiring mind is your friend here because you are allowing yourself to use your mind and not it, you.

    My other piece of advice is to go outside ... a lot. Nature is everything ... healer, teacher, mentor, guide, spirit, beautician, friend ... you name it and nature holds it ... and in abundance. The quickest way to have a deep meditation is to sit with your back against the trunk of a tree and have the rest of you touching the Earth; even placing your hands upon the Earth works. I, personally, love nothing more than to lie down upon the Earth, arms spread, palms touching the Earth. God it's beautiful! Notice the difference. Lots of people love many different places, just go where it works best for you. How do you know you've found it? When you smile. If you can smile where you are; it's so for you. Then, make a habit of going there. The best thing you will ever do for you is to allow yourself the oportunity to feel who you are.

    I was only going to say a little bit dear one ... oops. Must be all that fresh moon air I swallowed saying wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee across the skies!!!!!! Best wishes Shatz. Like Bloom, your journey into self discovery fills my soul with joy. I cannot thank you enough for sharing that with me. It is remarkable how much we all learn from the paths of others.

    Hugging you,

    Ice eeeeeeeeeee x x x

    Hey Gem ... your days are infinitely brighter because your words are. I am proud beyond words of the courage your soul has. I admire your beauty and your ability to see the beauty around you. Hope the white deer (was that right?) greets you. What a sacred moment that will be. I had this happen to me once, also. In Canada, of course ... no deer in Oz. It will silence you. It did me. You see, deer are all about innocence and trust and the wonder and promise of new life. It is a huge sign that newness has arrived for you.

    Love your mate the hawk. Keep talking to him and then, stop and listen. Follow his gaze. Feel him. I am wishing you many happy hours of reading and discovery too.

    You got through the 1st with the spirit I knew you would. Be proud. Stand tall and keep affirming your self. You are good and good things happen. TO YOU!

    Annnd ... just a little sssshhhhhh moment between you and me .... to have a physical relationship with another, one must leave one's home. It doesn't quite rain men thank you Aretha but hey ... we can go out and find them!!!!! LOL Huggggggggs!!!!!!! Then it can rain as much as we like, right!

    Go sista Gem!

    Where are you Double D???????? What are you writing about?????? Missing you too.

    And to all of you, my enchanted pond dreamers ... the road to a friend's home is never long.

    Angel Hugs, Blessings and Love,

    Ice - eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x x x

  • Thanks 3 x Tanya!

    You are so very welcome.

    Keep believing in yourself and in all the goodness you deserve. Then, it will know how to find you!

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x x x

  • Dear Icearia,

    Happy Birthday to you!! Wishing you many blessings of abundance on your day and may you celebrate for at least a MONTH!!

    Thank you for your encouragement re: the RIDE and the FRIEND 🙂 Yes, I am learning about living in the present moment, and that has helped me to keep things in perspective.

    My son and I drove to the opening ceremonies last night for the Pan Mass Challenge...there might be a link on NECN news on the internet about it if anyone is interested. It was very moving and fun to consider we are a part of that whole thing. So we will be riding tomorrow, an early departure around 4 am to get to the college near Boston where we will be riding. It's a long ride but I am looking forward to seeing all the cheering that accompanies this whole thing...better than crows, lol...although I will take their calls as well.

    Yes, I am working on the inner part of me that is whole without my friend...or anyone...and trying to let her speak. Having an appointment the next day with my non-traditional therapist will be very helpful to any future encounters with my friend.

    I also am thinking of signing up for another charity ride in Arizona in November, where one of my high school classmates lives...who has promised to meet me at the 1/2 way point with a latte. WOW!! This is where I see what real friends do for each other, right?? And we don't even know each other that well in the traditional sense, just have respect and mutual admiration for the lives we have lived. So I am concentrating on my ride as well as doing an internal inventory to see where I need to change, and what I need to change. Have pulled a number of interesting cards from my animal deck, all of which echo your words to a "T".

    Glad that you are back and hope that things are going well for you. We have heard your helpful words to all of us, but we don't know how things are with you...hope that you are doing well!

    Love to you and hugs,



  • Icy

    You are the greatest, One of the rocks that my mind depends on when I'm in need the most. I don't know if you really know how much your words do for me, but your faith in me and all of us here, makes us automatically want to do so much better. Even in your times of sorrow, you still have the strength to give to all of us. Bless you dear lady, your a very precious being on this plane that we live on.

    I know I will see my white baby deer, and as far as my hawk, I have already stopped and talked to him, I'm also getting his message.He knows I'm heading in the right direction. The peace and tranquility that I find in nature means so much to me now.

    I know that if I am to ever meet anyone I will have to go outside of my realm here, hard thing for me to do as of yet. I guess I was just hoping that it would happen one day on one of my nature walks so I would know he loved the same things I do. But, if I don't meet him, then I guess I don't, everything in it's own time. It would be nice thou to have a companion to enjoy things with. I think that's what I miss the most.

    Thank-You Icy, and thank God for the gift of you, that he gave us that go by the name Icy.


  • Laie,

    Am so very sorry to hear of your friends passing, I know the heartach all to well , sometimes even now, when I have my weak moments, my mind goes thru the sadness and turmoil that hit me during that period.

    Even thou I still don't know the reason why, I do know that someday I will see him again, as will you and your friends family and loved ones. And all the sadness will be replaced with happiness.

    My prayers go out to all


  • Mornin' Gem,

    I was just trying to compose something to send to her family and got hung up. Words seem so useless at times. I jumped to my happy place, here, and read through the recent posts. I really appreciate your thoughts and prayers. ( and everyone else's too.)


  • Cactuss,

    Have a great ride! I will try & catch it on NECN.


  • Icearia,

    Glad you found a moment to pull up a rock around the pond. It must've been a nice moss-cushioned rock by the likes of you words, flowing gently in on the wind of your spirit, touching us all. Missed you bunches! Happy Birthday, Dear One! I'm celebrating You!

    Ahh, pool boy .... another round, please. weeeeeeeeee


  • you wouldn't recognize my face

    in my heart, a change has taken place

    for all thats fair and pretty dies

    love falls before my very eyes

    and though I dream of love, so fair

    I know of little, save despair

    and so now I must begin anew,

    but in truth, I feel evil, through and through

    So now I must lock up my heart,

    give wickedness a place to start

    for on my soul has been left a stain

    And now I am but a Prince of Pain,

    where dreams all rot, and nightmares reign

  • .........and never shall I feel love again.....

  • Thanks, Laie,

    I am sorry too that a friend of yours has passed- I'm sorry I didn't respond to that earlier. It is so difficult to lose the people we care for. LIfting you up!

    There was a special last night on NECN, that they will probably repeat over and over, you will probably be able to see it at some point this weekend.

    Sending you hugs,

    Cactuss/ Bloom xoxox

  • Dear DD,

    That is a rich and many layered powerful like something has shifted for you...You write very beautifully! Hope that you will keep putting one foot in front of the other!


  • Laie

    You are right, there are no words that can make a difference right now, just that you loved her too and you will miss her friendship. Other then that, no one will remember, for awhile, what was said or done. I didn't, for a long, long time. But, when they read how you felt at this time later on, it will make a difference. I wished I could come up with something to help, but it takes time for everyone to get their head on straight, and even then, the pain of loosing is so great for such a long time.

    My prayers are with you too dear lady, it is a time when hurting is not limited to family only, but also to friends. I can feel you are having such a hard time right now, wished I could help you more, as you have helped me in the past.

    This is the part of life that really "sucks" to put it bluntly, On my walks every day, I still think of you and your strength and courage, I will and you will forge on, because that's what we are supposed to do. Like it or not, no choice is there.

    Love to you Lady Laie, wishing you strength and courage and blessing in your time of need


  • Dear sistas,

    It's me! Back again. Not sure for how long but I am here now 🙂

    Life's been hectic since a few months ago and I haven't been in this forum for a while.

    I do have everyone in my mind every now and then and keep wishing everyone love, joy, peace and happiness.

    I am missing so much in here! Looks like I am in need of some break from my "life" and take a sit in my garden, sipping margarita in between and enjoy reading back all the posts from everyone! I managed to glance through a little for now. I've missed Birthdays (Happy belated, Birthday, Icearia!), Best Wishes ( Wishing you much love in your new journey,Rooster) Condolences ( I am so sorry to hear about your friend, my prayers and thoughts are with you!)

    I hope everyone is doing well. Sista Cactuss? Queenkath?

    My life has been a wild roller coaster ride! I keep on having faith that things are getting better, little better than 7 months ago. I was a train wreck back then! Although I still need to see and witness the fruit of my labor, I believe the hard times are lessening now. Good time ahead, just a few more steps I have to take and I will get there. All the past experiences didn't break me or keep me from moving forward months ago, don't think they will now. I will do my best to keep on moving forward and reach for my dreams. Faith, faith, faith. Trust, trust, trust!!

    It is 3.09am right now and my eyes are slowly closing on me. I keep on breaking the promise I make to myself ( that I would go to bed early on Friday and Saturday). Being a trader it is pretty tough for me to go to bed early during weekdays, when the market opens. Asian market starts at 11pm (Sydney) and 1am (Japan) my time. So I would normally stay awake and watch my charts till about 3-4 am. Oh well, this is the time for me to work as hard as I possibly can so no complains on lacking of sleep though. 🙂 In a few years ( I hope), I can go to bed early every night and hope not alone!!!! 😄

    Sorry for making this post a short one. I just want to drop by to say Hello to everyone and to wish everyone well. I will come back again soon, save a place by the pond for me. Can't wait to sit on the rock, by the pond, drinking champagne and have my toes in the water! Sooonnnnn!!!

    Hugs, Kisses to all!!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Double D ... what is this stuff about being evil and locking up your heart and things rotting???? What is this nonsense honey? LOL You have been wrapped in a shawl of love since you arrived here and love is all around you no matter where you are. In here, we love YOU .. yes, YOU ... the soul filled with beauty and presence and life! We love your words and feelings and that you are a Prince Charming ... yes, charming. We love that you were guided to us and we love that you guide us in your dream of love.

    You see ... you are positively surrounded by love.

    Feel this love we have.

    There is nothing in your soul that is as evil as you speak of so please ... refer only to yourself in special and sacred terms ... as we do of you. Remember; one can only attract that which one feels about the self. Lordy Lordy babe ... we aren't attracting that, ok? 🙂

    Orrrrrrrr ... was this NOT about YOU?

    Holding you close to my heart so you can feel that you are loved.

    Your friend always,

    Ice - eeeeeeeeeeeee xox

  • Happy Birthday, Icearia!!

    I hope your day was wonderful and you got to be with all your favorite loved ones. I miss seeing you around the pond.

    Laie, I am so sorry to hear about your friend, I have you and your friend and her family in my prayers. (((((HUGS)))))

    Rooster, dpon't forget to visit us soon ib dYou are all right about what you say. Sometimes, I wish I wasn't so softhearted my Mother brought me up to be too nice. It is so hard to shake the kind and be cold. I spoke to the daughter at length, she isn't remotely interested in dealing with her mother, she got angry. It saddens me to see children behave so,

    Miss you all, this is midterm week, for me!!! c you all soon!! xoxoxoxxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxxxoxxxxxxx

  • Dearest DD

    I have never written to you before as I really don't know what to tell you that Icy hasn't, and I hope I'm not over stepping my bounds by doing it now.

    When I read your last post, it seems that you are just about as far down as one can get, to let evil and darkness take over your life and soul, wow, that's pretty powerful stuff. I think each and every one of us sinks as low as we let outselves. When I lost my husband, it totally destroyed my existance for a long time, I had no friends, no family around me then, no one to talk to and no one to just spend time with. Then when I was lead to this place, these beautiful people listened to me and talked to me and helped me see something that I would have never seen. I seen that I had been given the most beautiful gift in the world, someone to love and someone to love back. I had it for many more years then you did, and it almost killed me to lose it. But it was such a good feeling to belong to someone everyday, and I didn't realize that for so long. Now that I know what it is, I want that back also. I don't want my life to be dark and evil, I want to stand out in the sunlight and walk beside someone I can fee love for again. It will never be the same thing, I know that, no two loves are ever the same, but it will be a good one none the less, because love is good. Love is special.

    I am willing to wait until the time is right, yes, I am lonely, so very lonely, but right now I am my own best friend, and taking care of me, and I will not settle for anything less then what I want and need.

    You are much younger then I, and if I can climb back up and fight off the evil, then so can you. One day and one step at a time.Every day we get out of bed is a journey, a lesson in life. I write poems also, now when I go back over some of them I realize how sad I have been, never give up hope DD. Please fight back, I do not know you and I hope that it will help you to know that even strangers care about you. As foolish as it sounds, when you get up in the morning look in the mirror and smile at your self. It is the best smile in the world to you. Realize that you have a special gift, the ability to write such beautiful poems and you've probably even written other things by now. I know you feel she used you, and you blame yourself, she didn't really use you, if it wasn't ment to be, then it wasn't, but you do have a lot to give some lucky girl out there, and when the time comes, she will walk into your life and you into hers. You will never see it if you don't stand tall and proud.

    Sorry this so long, and sorry if I went to far, I just felt that I wanted to write you and tell you that we all care, we really do. Keep reading and writing on here, they will help you thru it but only you can really do it.


  • Icy,

    I just got home from my walk, and I had to tell you this, I seen the white baby deer, walked right up on it before we both new each other was there, what an awsom sight, I stopped to look at it as long as I could, then hurried away, didn't know where the momma was, didn't see her and wasn't sure how she would take me being so close to it. I think not to kindly..


  • Oh Gem ... that's soooooooooo priceless!!!!!!!! How do you FEEL?????? I think your meeting was no accident and such a beautiful reflection of spirit ... the spirit in both of you. Thank you so very much for sharing that with me because I truly understand what a private and sacred moment that was.

    Let the NEWNESS and innocence of fresh beginnings be with you.

    And ... wise move re the mother deer. I wouldn't push my luck either.


    Ice x

  • Oh, I really wanted to tell you how much I appreciated your other post. I was so moved (& yes, I cried ... again 🙂 ) by what you wrote that I could hardly believe you were writing about me. You said the loveliest of things and the feeling within your words, well ... I was stunned.

    Thank YOU Gem for such a wonderful look at YOU! You see, everything we see is but a reflection of ourselves. So, when we find love, it is because we are love. When we feel brave, we see acts of courage everywhere and when we hold each other up, we are truly lifting our own spirits too. Within our life are mirrors ... the deer, the hawk, those around the enchanted pond and yes, even those whom we prefer to not be with ... all reflect back to us that which we hold. Within us is the potential for everything. We are dual natured and often, like least in others that which we like least about ourselves as well.

    So, if you found hope, support, wisdom and love within anything here at the pond, it is because you have been gifted back a reflection of what is contained within your own being. Pretty wonderful isn't it?

    In you dear Gem ... I see the sparks of new life. I see a strong, courageous and alive individual who is beginning to see her world within as she discovers her world outside. I see love in abundance being both given and returned to her. I see a soul who cares from the core and that is never unrewarded by Spirit ... they will always surround you with what you need and, whilst this is not always the same as what we want, it is perfect for where we are in our journey right now. I see a soul who is learning to accept truth and who is opening to all possibilities and that is amazing. In you Gem is LOVE and nothing is greater than that gift.

    Keep being YOU for we are all celebrating your Spirit in here.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x

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