The Enchanted Pond

  • Dearest Sista Queens of the Loving Winds, Queenies, Sistas and new Pond Visitors ...

    We are a group of souls joined and brought together by LOVE. We discuss soul mates, life and all things romantic and joyous. We have become an extremely close heart-filled group and it is my absolute honour to know people such as my enchanted pond friends.

    Our previous homes were "Soul Mates" and "Soul Mates Part 2". If you are new, I highly recommend you look through these to see what we are all about firstly but, to gather the wisdom and astounding wealth of knowledge and love, most importantly.

    So, welcome back one and all to the pond's new home and my warm welcome to all who find their journey brings them here too.

    Celebrating YOU is the greatest joy ... you are amazing, your life is incredible and each of you holds deep wisdom within you to draw upon. May you continue to shine your inner light as brightly as you wish whilst here ...

    Thank you for blessing me with your life and your soul.

    Icearia x x x

  • Sistas --- I thought about this song for my wedding; it delightfully upbeat and can speak to the feeling we get when we meet the One. Sorry didn't look up who sings it nor all the words ...

    I've got a pocket, got a pocketful of sunshine ....

    Take me away, a secret place

    A sweet escape, take me away ........

    The sun is on my side and takes me for a ride

    I smile up to the sky, I know I'll be alright ....

    I've got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine .....

    The song also speaks to the enchanted ponds blessings .......This is THE PLACE to fill up, re-charge, and really connect with loving beings learning as we share ... My connections have taught me much ---- very grateful!

    Have a wonderful night or day!


  • And another weird happening ..... it took a few seconds for my post to register when it did above icearia name where there usually is a pic ( leo symbol, i think) here is what appeared:




    (then below)


    Above is the exact way it was displayed, leaving out paranthesis. Hmmn, Emergence I had hoped we were thru with this nonsense! Guess not .... I had difficulties 2 Sundays ago with getting into Tarot in any form ..... What kept appearing was a clean, white, blank page .... I just chalked it up to the Universe saying.... No need to visit right now---LOL !


  • Love, love, loving our sparkly new home!! Can feel the warm wind gently brushing my face as I see the filtered sunlight reflect off the water.... ahhhhhh.

    Still waiting on the hot pool-boy, fireman to bring my jello-shot tho' - service is slow today 😉

    Sending peace and love to all my favorite pond peeps!

  • Hey Yall!

  • Hi Sistas!

    Poetic555 ---- How is your friend? Your sista soulmate ..... Has the doctor given her any answers to explain the head/ seizure thing? I hope she is doing well !

    Bumping this for more Queenie Sistas!

  • She is doing fine! No more seizure's lately thank God. How are you?

  • Hey sistahs 🙂 Can I join the group?? =]

  • Hey Poetic555!

    That is good to hear I could tell from your posts and thread how very worried you were. Also, what a wonderful human being she must be --- so deserving of all the well wishes and prayers sent her way. All is well with me & mine --- Taking life as it comes and doing the best we can -- aren't we all! : ) Thanks for asking!

    Peace ~ Laie

  • Mestiza !

    Of course, you can join in our discussions ---- You'll bring lots of love & joy like Emergence does ( & Many Others!) Grab a rock to park it, a fireman or lifeguard will be by shortly with whatever beverage you desire, although there is a discount on jell-o shots, and enjoy the beautiful breeze with lovely, sweet company! Share what you feel like!

    How's school? Are you doing well since all that craziness and hospital stay? Has your throat healed? Was it absolutely determined to be some weird allergic reaction? ( okay, tons of questions, lol ! I kept up on the post by your friend to Tarot. Silent prayers were sent ur way!!)

    Glad you found us!


  • Sista Iceria,

    Thank you for this lovely pond. My sweet, sunny escapade. Can't wait to dip my feet in the water!

    Dearest Laie4!

    You got the duct tape with you?? LOL...

    I hope Mercury is backing off a bit now from all of us in here.

    if not, oh well...we'll keep on duckin and see who has the last laugh! 🙂

    Hello Mestiza,

    Pleasure knowing you! Grab a rock and as lady Laie4 have said..a fireman or lifeguard will be by shortly with the jell-o shots! 🙂 We can laugh and share the joy! (Dang....I miss that jell-o thing! We don't have it here where I am at. Last time I had it was last summer when I was visiting a friend in Ohio!)

    Sista Purduemo,

    Hello!!! Pool boy hey?? Service is indeed slow today...You wait, I go and grab him by his cute muscular A S S....that might speed things up a little! 😛

    Got your message about my Taurus, thanks! I believe he will come back again .. once I throw this rock I am sitting on now directly at his wake him up a little! 🙂

    Hiya Poetic555,

    How ya doing? I am doing fine, thanks! Have fun here at the pond, great place to be!

    To all sistas and everyone,

    Hope you are all doing well!! I still need to go back to the old home to read the last few pages. I am not up to date with what is going on. The pages just won't load. Like Laie4 mentioned above, I keep on getting blank page. I will not give up...will go back soon and keep on trying!

    I am doing well....without my Taurus. Since a few weeks ago, I have been involved with Reiki. (Healing courses...not man hehe). I got my attunement for Level 1 and I am on my way to Level 2 now. In between, I am practicing Reiki on myself and my plants :)....

    I've always wanted to get into this direction...therapist etc...but nothing felt right before. Now I believe I have found my calling! Really looking forward to this. I have signed up for many extended courses of Reiki. I guess this year will be a busy year for me....I like it! 🙂

    Be back again soon!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Hello my dear Sistas,

    Happy to be in our lovely new home! Looking for a rock to plant myself in our enchanted place.

    Hi Mestiza, welcome to our lovely place, glad to have you and happy you have recovered, all of us here were praying for you.

    Midterm week for me. Accounting is still my bugaboo, and Mercury is STILL giving me and my computers a hard time! Kids are good and things will be looking up really soon. Love to pop in and talk to you all again. Will be back after I get my midterms completed!!

    Happy day/evening to everyone!!


  • Passing through to see what's going on in our new home. Back to school!!

  • Laie, Sunshine and Emergence thank you!!!!!!! 😉 mmm jello shots, well its cinco de mayo we should have a round of tequila shots!!!!

    Laie, awww thanks!!! Yes I'm doing much better, I have to carry around a epi-pen and benedryl now though, I guess I have some rare allergic thing called Angioedema and its basically a reaction to random combinations..but It doesn't happen often, I had been sick with a cold when I went to the hospital so that had contributed to it too. AHHH FML 😞 I'm okay though just gotta be aware how I feel when I eat certain things now, and I can't have ibuprofen no more lol just tylonel. hmm

    Semester is over practically I got one more final and a paper that I'm procrastinating on due late Friday 😞 so I gotta do that I'm so ready for the summer, I'm taking two summer classes for 1st session so it should be fine 🙂

    Other than that It's been cool, still single cuz these fools out here are blah :-

    How are youuuuuuuuu? 😃

    ~Brianna 🙂

  • Dear Queenies,Sistera, and friends of the Enchanted Pond,

    I come once again to sit on my rock near the cool Enchanted Pond hoping to share my spirit with the rest of my friends from the Pond. I can feel the sunshine spread its warmth from the sky through the layers of the tall birch trees.

    The cool waters is so refreshing and I swirl my feet in the Pond and hope to feel the healing waters swirl up towards my heart.

    I come to tell the company of the Enchanted Pond that I have completed my first business transaction for my baby clothing business.

    I should be happy but I am not...this is the first piece of clothing that I made for someonelse since my beloved, Keith had passed onto the heavens.

    It feels so different not showing Keith what I have made for someonelse. I miss him popping into my sewing room and saying..."Oh, this is where you have been hiding all day. When are we going to eat?" I would reply, " What do you want to eat?" Keith would say, " What do you got?"

    Then I would say a list of food items from the refrigerator to Keith. I would then stop my creative sewing and go into the kitchen to make another creation...a variety of tasty tidbit of foods.

    So I am happy to complete my first creation for a new baby but I am sad because Keith can't share this moment with me.

    As I sip from the tall crystal glass that contains the delectable nectar a tear is shed from my eyes and rolls down my face and into the crystal glass. Today it is both joy and sadness I share at the same time.

    I see my reflection in the Pond, will my spirit be comforted ?


  • Hello Sisters,

    Yes this is me A.K.A Dana2 and Scully1

    I dont know why, but first the site changed and would'nt except Dana, then i had to change my anti virus for new pc, and blow me i could'nt get here again with old user name. so sorry to confuse you ladys lol.. but you semed to get it was me. So now im scully hope dont have to change that again.

    Thankyou Quenkatn And Icearia and Leie4..

    For you words, you know you both helped me along the way,

    No leie4 i havent taken anything, lol.. in reality i've just taken hold of my higher self,

    i know myself, no more second guessing to what others say about oneself know and believe in one's own intuition. no more be told im too strong, so i went and secon guessed myself through listening to those words then, Dont get me wrong i know i needed to go through that to get me here in my life.

    I needed to feel and be felt, the raw passion of that need took over my self cause it been so long, i am a passionate woman, and it was awakened again. I see now that i just needed to get that out of the way.

    It was like i was harbouring two personalities, the despreate and needy, but i was so freeking getting frustrated cause deep down i knew i wasn't being who i am,i not the type who would hassle a man to keep txting ect, but it was the nice to have someone else to talk too.

    I see it now as a mix up of different emotions, i wanted to have friends at the same time i wanted a man, and both got confuggled.. if that a word... no wonder i scared the poor men off i just too much then,

    Since this laid back care-free, i have being doing my dancing and a simple thing, most wont think much, but i have been having people come up and say hi ( i do first) just want to know me, i dont have anymore what i look like or self

    I explain, i waer a hearing and have a lazy eye, now that never bother too much as a child i learnt to say . what you looking at or just star people out, , somewhere i lost myself, tho be truthful there is more but i 'm not or think it right now to say.

    I have done a lot of self anylising sonce i was twlve and pin#pointing, very interesting a little painful.

    I do beleive now in learning more about my spiritual life aka why meditation and not just to chill..

    it late bed time..

    I sorry i havent parcipated in your discussions,i will try and pop in and join in

    Thanks lele4, decided to paste my post from sm-p2, here, great idea as we do stray away from just soul mate discussion lol x

  • Dear enchanted pond people,

    Yeay, I found you! Hope you all have a wonderful day or night. It's fun to come by and see new people! Thank you Icey for setting it all up!!



  • Dearest Sista Sunshine,

    My laptop is being silly too nowadays. Glad to hear that the kids are okay and things are looking up well for you! Wishing you all the best of luck with your mid terms!!! You will score with flying colors, I am sure of that! 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

    Dearest sista Rooster5,

    Congrats on your first business transaction. Baby! I am so sorry to hear that you are sad, I know it must be hard for you, without Keith to share this special moment with. Sister, he might not be there physically but I am sure he is with you all the time. He watches you measuring, cutting,sewing etc...with so much love and compassion. He is proud of the woman who he loves unconditionally and who loves him unconditionally too. Whenever you feel the warmth around you or the slow breeze brushing your face, know that Keith is there, comforting you...

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Dearest sisters,

    Today is a very special day for me....May 06th. Today I am celebrating the 2 special people in my life. Tears and Laughter...that is my appropriate description of today.

    May 06th, 1997, that's 13 years ago...time really flies. No matter how long ago it was, the memories of that day still stay fresh in my mind. That was the day I said goodbye to my beloved cousin, who was like a brother to me. His departure from this world was a sudden one. Driving back home from work, just a few minutes away from his destination when his heart finally gave up. Respiratory failure...we were told by the hospital. A healthy young man, who had no record of any illnesses at all, who cherished life and whom was at the point of starting a family with his soul mate. At the age of 26, he left us, it was his time to go...and I know he is up there watching over all the time. Today, I will take a moment to send him my love, to cherish him and to tell him that he is always in our heart, not forgotten...never. God blessed him. Rest in peace, brother.

    May 06th....34 years ago, a baby boy was born into this world. The first child for a happy husband and wife and the first grandchild for the adorable grandparents. All of his life, he's showered with love and given the education to make him the best person he can be. His life was not always a bed of roses, there were thorns along the way. He stumbled and fell but he got up each time and face the world, aiming for the perfect life he always wanted for himself. During this journey in life, he fell in love, only to find out later that love could hurt and shattered his world. He was left broken and afraid. He made a promise to himself not to love again, he sealed his heart and lets no one in. Years went by and he was happy being alone but he forgotten one thing...he has no control of the Universe. Two lonely souls from different parts of the world were brought together into each other's life. Neither one was searching or hoping for this but the connection was too strong for them to retaliate. They gave in and brought in new meanings to each other's life. Right now, he is confused and feel beaten. He don't know what to do or how to handle this emotions. He don't know how he could be in love again or let this special someone into his life. A message he sent to this special someone just a few days ago, is to leave him alone for a little while. Well.....that someone is ME and no I was not mad...I wish him all the best and told him that I respect his wish to be alone. Plain and simple. I know better than to get into a discussion. Furthermore, I strongly believe that when you love someone, you set them free. If they comes back, then you know it's meant to be. My love is unconditional..I don't expect anything in return. I sincerely hope that he will be free from all the pain and fear that has been keeping him a prisoner. I hope he will understand how powerful love is. Today, it is his birthday.....I will think of him lovingly and wishing him a joyous, happy day. No cards or phone call from me as I am respecting his wish.....Happy Birthday, my Taurus 🙂

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • Ahhh, My sister we feel you and your emotions so much! We hope and pray with you that you continue to have the courage to be strong and know that you have made the right decision for yourself. Your cousin was called "home" The Lord had work for him to do there and he knows that you love him and you will probably dream about him from time to time.

    I agree with you 100% about setting the bf Free, he has to decide what he wants, be careful of emotional rollercoasters. I know you are strong as you are beautiful. Don't sit around waiting for the phone to ring either, go out have fun and enjoy life because each day is precious. I too am often unlucky with love. hmmmm. "Still you will rise." Love ya! 🙂

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