I need Leo advice. Please help!!!!

  • Hi everybody.

    I am, or shall I rather say was involved with a wonderful Leo man. We broke up about 5 weeks ago and I feel devastated because this man is all I ever envisioned for myself. He got terribly hurt by his ex wife and is now suffering with commitment issues. Everything was going so very well for us, but then he started distancing himself sexually from me. When I ask him what the matter was he told me that he can't offer me anything, seeing that he was out of work at that time. Everywhere he was looking for a job, doors would just close in front of his face. I tried my best to be supportive and building him up, but what was getting me down was the fact that I felt sexually unattractive. He told me that he loved me and showed me in the most charming ways by holding and kissing me during the day, but when we went to bed at night, there was nothing. The night before I left, I tried to talk to him about it again and he just told me again, that there is nothing he can offer me because he doesn't have a job. I got upset and told him that all I'm asking for is his love and that doesn’t require a job. The next morning he wanted to make love to me but I turned my back on him, still being upset about the previous night. We didn't fight or nothing but when I walked into the bathroom I saw he had taken all my belongings and packed them nicely on the counter for me, as to say "it’s time, pack your things and go" which I did. He held me close just before I left and said we should remain friends but that I must go on with my life. Like I said. this was 5 weeks ago, and I haven't seen him since. I have spoken to him on the phone once or twice, but it was only about mundane everyday things. He did manage to get a job in the mean time and went to my daughter to find out how I was and if I am ok. There he told her that he just want to find his feet and that things aren't over between us. I feel so confused, why doesn’t he come and see me? I know that there isn't someone else. So what must I do? Just wait it out until he makes up his mind. Or shall I forget about him and go on with my life, as he suggested. I truly love this man and going on without him is unthinkable. Please help me, you Leo's out there. How can I capture this wild beast’s heart again........

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  • Hello there Scorpiann, I am sorry for your relationship trouble with your Leo man. I think you should move on like he suggested because both of you dont share the same energy to make a relationship going. You see, scorpio is a water sign that doesnt mix well with a leo who is a fire sign. Leo might find a Scorpio too possessive. Love, passion, romance and nurturing are important in a Scorpio's life and you should try to give other water signs men a chance to date you. Water signs men are: Pisces( February 19-March 21) and Cancer (June 22-July 22)

  • Hey Scorpiann,

    I have a different view than natapier, but I have never dated a Scorpio, so my opinion here could very well be different if I had....but going in Scorpio-blind and myself being an extremely true-to-heart Leo, here is how I see the situation...

    Leos are giving...more than you know. It can crush us if our ability to give is taken from us. In his case, he lost his job. So throw in the major ego-crush of now being a man without employment and all of a sudden he can't stop thinking about how inferior he must appear to his buddies, his family....and most of all, to you. He will never ask you if that is how you view him; with a Leo there is always that fear in the back of their mind that their hunch could be right and how devastating to hear a confirmation of our fears!!!!

    As for the lack of intimacy in the bedroom...trust me when I say it was purely due to his stress...a Leo has an almost impossible time turning off their thoughts at bedtime...if there is something stressful going on, then you can trust that laying down for the night means tossing, turning, and constant mental-nagging over the issue. The reason he is affectionate during the day I'm sure is so that he can show you he still loves you...he's just at a rough point.

    Him packing your things....in his head he figured you wouldn't want someone like him, you could do better than a guy who can't even nail a job (not a big deal to anyone else, right? But this is the sort of self-pity stuff that goes through a Leo's head). So, in the fog of that very self-pity and depression, he shut you out b/c he in a way felt he deserved it.

    Now, what do you do? You let him know you still love him. Leo's are suckers for romance and loving words, and especially in this situation, where you know he still cares b/c of him going to see your daughter....go for it! Approach him without notice, confess that you love him, always will love him, and job or no job or whatever transition he ever finds himself in, you will always be there to love him and stand by his side. Grab him, give him a kiss to show him you mean it, and he's yours.

    Let me know what happens!!!

  • Hi Woude

    Thank you so very much, I can't tell you what it mean to me reading your reply. It does make so much more sense to me now, because there was so many things that I just couldn’t understand and thanks to you, I now do.

    I saw him on Wednesday, he came over for a cup of tea, when he saw me I knew that he still loves me. He me kissed hallo and we talked about the weather etc, but nothing about what had happened between us. When he left, he kissed me again and gave me a hug. I then asked him (quite casually) if he would be my date at my brother’s wedding coming in 2 weeks time and he said YES. He also thanked me for asking him, which I, in return, thanked him again for accepting,

    This is the man of my dreams and I truly love him, I was alone for 3 years and prayed for someone like him. I also do believe that he was send to me by destiny as my Tarot cards had shown his arrival. I am just afraid that if I confess my feelings for him too soon or too passionately (scorpio trademark) I might scare him away. I don’t want him to feel crowded but I also don’t want him to think I don’t care.

    He does have a lot of personal issues on his mind to cope with and all I want to do is help him through it, without him feeling that I am touching or harming his pride.

    I would love to hear your views and advice on this. Like I said before, this man is very special to my heart.

    Thank you again for the reply and will definitely keep you up to date.

    Stay blessed Scorpiann

  • Hey Scorpiann,

    See? He's crazy about you and he's not going to stay away from someone he feels a definite connection to. He's definitely going through some things, and him knowing that you are there behind him every step of the way will make him so much stronger through it all.

    If you don't feel comfortable telling him your deepest feelings, then don't. A Leo doesn't necessarily need to hear it...but he will need to feel it. So be affectionate and he'll know without you having to say a word. 🙂

    Next time you see him, secretly throw a little note into his pocket or briefcase that he will find later. Keep it brief and simple; just write something to the effect that you hope he has a great day and that you are thinking of him. He may be a man, but he's a Leo...and Leo's (male and female) appreciate that stuff...it will again confirm to him that you are supportive of him and what he's going through. Little things like this pretty much guarantee that you will be solid as a couple in a very short time... 🙂

  • Hi Woude

    You are a star! That is a great idea, and something I am definitely going to do. Thank you so much for helping me, I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it. I think it’s high time; I myself get over my own insecurities and start believing in the power of love.

    I will keep you up to date with how things are progressing.

    Stay blessed, Scorpiann.

  • Good luck!! (Not that I think you need it...)


  • Hi Woude.

    It happened, I am so happy. Today I went out to his place and he was all over me. He couldn't keep his hands of me and kept on telling me how sexy I was. We also talked about the day I left and I understand why he did what he did. The night before I left I told him I think I should leave and he got hurt by that, so he thought if that’s what I want then he will help me pack etc, You were also right when you said that he thought he wasn't good enough for me. So we talked things out and I assured him of my feelings and what he means to me, as a friend, a lover and a partner. Thanks again for your help girl...(",)

    I saw you also having trouble with your Aries man. I am truly sorry about that and I do wish I could help you out, but I don't know anything about an Aries. The only advice I do have though is don't crawl girl, Leave him be for a few weeks. Two at the least. Don't text him, phone or email or anything. Then think of something you know that he is really interested in, example maybe he loves to read, Then you text him or better yet phone him and tell him ever so casually that you saw his favorite writer has released a new book does he know about it, has he read it, etc. become his friend again very casually, Don't talk about what happened between u 2 just yet, let him bring it up if he wants to. You must portray a lot of confidence that is the key, don't seem to be needy or depressed. He must think that you have moved on with your life. He will soon realize what he is missing and he will want it back. Believe me, this is what worked for me and my Leo.

    We are women girl and we must use all our womanly power to get what we want. I hope this will work for you as it did for me.

    Love and blessings

  • Oh yay!!!! I'm sooo happy it all worked out!! I knew it would! I'm sure this whole situation the two of you experienced will only bring you closer b/c you got the opportunity to learn so much about what makes the other person tick. Truly valuable. 🙂

    As for me, yes, it is definitely time for me to back off and let him do his thing. If I am in his heart, he will find me again. 🙂

  • True words girl, not so easy done than said but true. Just keep on believing in yourself, you are one amazing woman with a great heart, if he can't relize that, then he is the one losing. big time. You are a star, so keep on shining.

    Love and blessings Scorpiann .....(",)

  • You are a sweetheart...thank you for making me smile! 🙂

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