I am thankful for

  • I am thankful to God for my family, roof over our head, the hot meals we eat. Most important of all I thank God to give me the strength to look after my sick dog who underwent major surgery and now is up and about. I thank God for helping me look a pup who was disowned, born immature and in intensive care. I thank God to give me the strength and the patience to look after her and be by her side in time of need. Michelle is now 9 months and has grown up to be a bundle of joy to one and all.

  • A lovely post, Kay. Thanks for sharing that and may you continue to enjoy those "new every morning mercies" that enable us to bring care and healthiness into situations that would more naturally be a drain.

    I am thankful for the fact that, no matter how much I mess up, there is forgiveness and a fresh start waiting and all I have to do is be honest and ask. I'm thankful for having our boys visit us over Christmas. Even the extra chaos is a reminder that life is full of surprises that can be good if we embrace them as such.

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