Naming my baby

  • Hey everyone.

    Im new on here as of tonight. Im really hoping someone can help me with the names i have in mind for my baby girl that was born on mar 13. I have only 1 week left to register her birth and its been driving me crazy , as ive been trying to link the astrology birthchart to the numbers of the names, i have attached my name list (its only between 2 now) she has a stellium in house 6 of pisces with moon conjuct neptune in house 5 ( i can post the chart if you like) ? anyway im quite new to all this, which i love by the way !! im just running out of time now . I dont think she needs anymore virgo or 6th house influence , i just really want to piece it all together. thanx so much x

  • sorry here it is

  • Why arnt my attachments attached !!!

  • sorry i forgot to add, that any feedback would be really appreciated x

  • Hello Number 33,

    Congrats on your new sweet baby!!! I know this will be a name you have never heard of for a person but I know someone named Symphony. At first I was not so sure what I thought of it but over the years I now think it is extremely beautiful and of course melodic. It fits who she is, strong, passionate and classic. Be interesting to see what other names are suggested. Best of luck, I am sure you wil come up with the perfect one!

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