Help with Gemini relationship

  • I been with a Gemini guy for 4 years and he broke up with me o stopped talking to him for 3 days and. Then I sent him text and apologize..he dusent respond back..should I give up or ignore him or keep apologizing..How do I get a Gemini guy back ..


  • If you be still and quiet with no contact or any kind of persuing pressure tactics for two weeks. No contact at all be still don't even ask anyone concerning his whereabout or his activities. If you can do this for two weeks without you making any moves at all, then you can rest asured if you have not heard from him you had better consider a new relationship. Gemini 6/18/44

    Remember the only thing we control in life is ourselves, no one has control over others to believe otherwise is foolish.

  • Thermalze I thought you where going to give Aqua2222 good advice. You are right we control nobody but our own. Gemini's are just difficult and drama. I would like to say that they are scared of committment, I say they need to get over it.

  • Are u saying ignore him or give up ?

  • Aqua this is the trait of a Gemini man, sorry to tell you this,but hot and cold. What does your heart tell you?

  • Not to give up

  • Ok Aqua don't give up if you think that it is worth it. I love my Gemini friend and it's a struggle sometimes. It's always somrthing with him. But it goes along wjth the territory in dealing with a Gemini male.

  • One of the major keys to success in a Gemini/Aquarius relationship is space from each other occaisionally. You love each others' company and love to debate and discuss things, but spending too much time together can cause you to argue. The two of you are probably very compatible in general, so you are wise not to give up. It's true what worthy1248 said about Gemini men running hot and cold sometimes, also. As an Aquarius, you are easygoing and tend not to get super upset over little things like Gemini sometimes can (I have a Gemini friend who's super nice and whom I like a lot, but she always has some thing she thinks is a crisis going on and worries over it unnecessarily--I've learned the best I can do is to try and distract her--NOT tell her not to worry). Being an Aquarius, you have a natural talent for soothing people, and this is beneficial to your relationship.

    Instead of just texting him an apology, go and apologize in person. He will see how sincere you are this way and that you truly want to repair your relationship. I have a feeling he will accept your apology, but if he doesn't, you will at least know you've done all you could. Good luck!

  • Yesterday was our anniversary he told me to get my own ride back..were in college..he told me he won't be notifying me when he leaves either..then he put up on his blog that Keri H was sexy..I guess to make me jealous..idk..but he told me someone died in his family Sunday..but on Fb he seemed so happy and was adding alot of females..should I ask for my stuff back?bc to me if someone died you wouldent be on FB laughing,adding chicks and other stuff...should I ask for my stuff back bc i have things over there that's mines that he uses

  • I meant to say he called her sexy I guess to make me jealous

  • Cute

  • Aqua2222, it is such a game with Gemini's.

  • What should I do

  • Aqua22222, decide if he's worth waiting for or not.

  • Good advice. Just ask yourself rather or not he is worth those roller coaster moments. Some Gemini's are not that stable. Just take your time and give it some thought.

  • My dad's a gemini and he was always there for us his family, never left my mom although they fought a lot; has one vice--alcohol. Eventually, he overcame it. He died 13 yrs. ago and I still miss him especially when there's good news to share with him. Very kind person who was devoted to my mom.

  • I think that is so odd thta most Gemini's do Drink. I have a brother that is aso a Gemini and he drinks. I also now other people that is a Gem and they too drink.

  • My male friend does not think he's alcoholic but drinks a lot - depends on one's definition. My sis is another gemini but doesn't like alcohol. Don't know if this is a male gemini thing or simply male thing.

  • Most ppl do not think that they are alcoholic but we know that they are. My female friend is a Gemini and is nothing like that totally different. I really think that is is both. I do know for sure that there is a lot of Geminin's that do drink. Maybe that a way of calming the other personality. You know that they are two ppl. Dang I wish they where just normal as we are. 🙂

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