Any one here could send strong healing ?

  • We Chrissicat you know her and if you think she could be in trouble then sometimes as a friend you just have to act on it. You say your friends but now no contact well you seem to have lost that friendship so if you push now to see her what have you really lost? She may really need a friend right now and is too embarrassed or sick to contact someone. Medicine, one man's cure another man's poison.

  • you said it

  • chrissicat don't give up on her just keep sending healing energy to her. It will push her energy to start working on her. Sooner or later she will come out.

  • I certainly hope so I must admit that if I don't see her I really only socialise online, most of my other friends aren't that sociable when I'm broke


    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • You are so right! I have been feeling lowley because I am being Divorced. Now, I have just found out that my sister in law who just turned 50 YO has a brain tumor and is having surgery this coming Thursday. This has all taken place in the last 4 weeks for her, Please pray for Tammy.

    Bless you all,

  • Of course donnamae92 I will ask for help for the greater good. And for the doctors as well as Tammy. And for you also.

  • Chrissicat I understand what you mean. I have pointed out to both of my children that they have been there for their friends when they needed help but when their money ran out there wasn't anyone there for them. Sad but true. So it just goes to show you that they couldn't have been very good friends to begin with if that's what it was based on. Look for some that aren't so shallow and that are there now for what you have emotionally to offer. It's all about the warts and all. LOL

  • Libraslair we all see things like that far too often though, people only seem to want others when they can get something out of it, it's not actually something I understand, it's like vandalism, I just don't get it

    Donnamae, wishing your sister good luck with her surgery, and hope they get it all out strangely Hubby is going to the Royal Marsden the same day for the results of his scan. he had cancer in his leg a while ago and had the nerveand somemuscles removed and he's been getting pains in the dead part of his leg sending you some cyberhugs too

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • chrissicat you seem to have a lot going on around you at this time. I hope your looking after yourself so that your in good health to help the ones who need you. Thinking about you often and you friend and now your husband. Bloodstones are another good stone for healing. Peace and working in your behalf.

  • when she's in a receptive mood bring over a bag of Epsom Salts and have her soak her hand and wrist in a warm bowl or pot of water with at least a cup. This with good company (you) will help or if she's alone she should watch a funny movie while soaking. She needs mind body spirit healing and this will address all the above. Blessings.

  • Blmoon

    Hey! Hav'ent seen you around as much

    just wanted to Hey, & hope all is good.


  • Thanks Blmoon, I'll try that, it's her birthday soon, she's Gemini, so might do a sneaky to get into her

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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