Any one here could send strong healing ?

  • I'm afraid it's me again asking for help, this time for a friend with whom I was out of contact with for a while, and now I've found out why

    My friend Sally broke her right wrist in a fall, helping one of our feline friends, around christmastime, unfortunately when she went to hospital they set it badly and she has lost the majority of the use in that hand, she's not a youngster like me, and is also taking the loss of her independence badly, as if the wrist had been set correctly she would have been back to normal in weeks, now she has crps, and you can guess what she calls it!!, She tends to pull into herself if she feels down and won't answer calls or callers so could anyone send healing energies to her please



  • ahhhhh :0( I will put her in my thoughts and prayers. You are a good friend for passing this along.

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  • poor her I will send energy vibes her way.

  • remember that the strongest healing comes to those who can look outside of themselves and reach out to others. Our pain is great but there is always someone else who suffers more. Peace and Blessings

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  • Chrissicat get your malachite hold it in each had and concentrate on your friend and see the white light healing and hold it. Surround her with the white light and ask for the healing energy to take away the pain and to heal it so she is able to function again. Keep doing this when you think about her. And I will push healing energy to her also. I hope that she could get a second opinion and have the damage repaired. But we can work on it.

  • thankyou Libraslair

    Will a malachite egg be ok, it was part of a set egg and nest but the nest cracked and is repaired, so I don't know if the repair may change it's properties as I used superglue. she is getting therapy but has only regained 3% movement so far, and unfortunately she had private insurance but used it up on another thing that went wrong as she damaged her back when she fell while feeding her wild bird friends

    why do nice people always seem to get such lousy luck ?

    thankyou again

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Chrissicat malachite anything is ok. But she probably need surgery to right the wrong. We may only be able to help the pain of using her wrist. I would suggest a different doctor if you can talk to her. But we will try to help her. Blessing to her and you.

  • Chrissicat, forgive me for intruding on your thread, but I wanted to try and get a hold of LibrasLair.

    LL, I have some difficulties this past month which have led me to introspection and guied me to past lives. I need your help and advice, I have posted a new thread, so you can answer there so as to not interrupt Chrissi's thread anymore. Thanks.

    My apologies, Chrissi



  • don't worry Summer, if the answer is posted here I don't mind, if someone needs help they can post here after all trhis thread was asking for help too

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be


  • Chrissicat I have been working very hard in your friends behalf and I just have a feeling that after 6 months she may get back some use of her wrist and hand but she needs to have surgery so I am asking for the means for her to find another doctor and a way of paying for this. I will keep trying but I feel that the latter is the answer if she will just keep working to get the ability to take care of it. Keep working on her getting use of it like I am trying to do. And I wish her the very best and for you also.

  • Thankyou LibrasLair,

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • I wish your friend Sally was more open to receiving the good healing vibes. If she bogs down in negativity she may bring on other maladies of poor health upon herself, now wouldn't that be sad...

    I'm a bit worried about her 'attitude'. Does she believe healing is possible? No, I know it won't stop the strength of healing power and prayers to get through but her own outlook also plays an important role in her healing. The power of the mind/body relationship is awesome!!! She needs faith and good for you for bringing good loving vibes her way.

  • Chrissicat while I was meditating in my bath it came to me that maybe Sally got hurt so that she wouldn't have to take care of the 4 leggeds by herself any longer. That this happened so others will come forward and take up the cause and that it will have a ripple effect in her community to help her by taking up where she left off. I don't know if this is factual but this came to me as I was sending healing to her and others and for us to try and take better care of our home and that this oil in the gulf will be cleaned up quickly for we are all ready seeing dead fish and birds and this will take a very long time to replish and have safe waters again. This effects everyone. I hope what I felt and have past to you will happen if it hasn't already started because of Sally's love for animals.

  • I misspelled replenished. Sorry

  • that's ok Libraslair,I do that if I type too fast. It's not the first time she hurt herself this year, she's not in the best of health anyway they've had her on Warfarin for years, and I think it'smaking her bones brittle, she fell while feeding the birds and damaged her back, because she was on too high a dose of her blood pressure meds, her Gp doesnt seem to want to change her medication even if she gets side effects, and she's taking so many she feels as if she would rattle, but whenever she gets ill or has problems she always retreats into herself and doesn't contact or see anyone at all until she's well again, normally she's a very positive person with a very much can do attitude to life, and yes she is open to healing Stefin, and has even unconsciously brought me upbeat when I was down about a feline friend being killed

    Thankyou for your help

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

  • Hi Chrissicat, based on your last post I would also urge your friend to get a second opinion if possible. Sometimes GP's are so busy trying to fix our bodies that they forget to LISTEN to us. If the medication is making her lightheaded and spacy, then different dosages are required or different meds. Imagine if she got lightheaded whilst driving a car, thus endangering someone else.

    Since she hides when she is sick, I would guess she does not want to burden anyone else and doesn't accept help easily. Unfortunately, life is give and take. She needs to relax and let loved ones take care of her for a while.

    Keeping her in my prayers, Fan.

  • Chrissicat so she hides till she is better. Does this mean that if you go to her home she won't answer the door? I suppose she is taking something to strengthen her bones? You know when I was having brittle bones last year caused from chemo they did a bone density test on me and I had no osteoporosis. I was taking in my daily doses of vitamins about 1000 mg. over the recommended daily allowance. But your talking about her age so I would guess she is in that age bracket where this is a concern for women. Are they giving her one of those pills for that? You know the ones where your not suppose to lay down for 30 min. I think it is after taking it? Well they have found out just recently here that women who have taken some of these are more prone to stress fractures now if they have taken them for several years. I would hope if that is the case, her GP took her off of them and she is taking Calcium/mag. everyday. Well still sending healing for her. Try giving her a malachite to use on herself for healing too. Hope she will allow you in.

  • that's something I have tried but she doesn't seem to answer the door either I tend to have to leave stuff outside for her. I know she's vegetarian too so calcium is a problem and I have an awful feeling that her current meds are what are causing all her problems she's on ativan, warfarin and whatever the blood pressure meds are, as she's had irregular heartbeat, nerve problems and high blood pressure with now knee and back problems added to this list , but I really feel that no-one should be on warfarrin as long as she has been, but my knowlege is based on the fact I'd been a dr's receptionist and still know where to get some info but I know some gps are not as good as they should be, one I had gave my 1st hubby phenobarbitone before he'd even tested that he was epileptic,( he was but didn't need that drug at all.)

    normally she's so feisty too, this set of downers really got to her and I am thinking I will have to do something I would never normally do and push myself on her but I don't want to presume on our friendship or upset her either, if I go to her house she knows it's me as she can see me with her cctv cameras.Thankyou for all the work you are doing

    Love and Light

    Blessed Be

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